WORKING CLASS HERO: Lech Walesa, Farah Pahlavi and Shirin Ebadi Et les Autres ...


WORKING CLASS HERO: Lech Walesa, Farah Pahlavi and Shirin Ebadi Et les Autres ...
by Darius Kadivar

Poland's Lech Walesa Meets Iran's former Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi and Shirin Ebadi Iran's Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2003. Medley Songs Montand, Macias, Ferrat, Regianni, Moustaki et les autres ...  

Lech Walesa - Hammer and Cross

Proletariat or Not ... Happy Labors Day to All ...

Richard Burton appeared on the Dick Cavett Show:

In July 1980, Richard Burton appeared on the Dick Cavett Show. Here, a clip of him discussing the glories of mining in Wales -- in the miners' eyes. It is, improbably, one of the most beautiful monologues on the dignity of labor ever recorded.

Yves Montand - Le temps des cerises:

charles aznavour-camarade:

Yves Montand BELLA CIAO:

bella ciao IRAN :

L´Etrangère - Yves Montand:

Enrico Macias - Paris tu m'as pris dans tes bras:

Yves Montand - Planter cafe & Les petits cireurs des souliers de Broadway:

Serge Regianni Ma Liberte:

Georges Moustaki - Ma Solitude:

Georges Moustaki le metéque: 


Yves Montand - Je me souviens & Que reste-t-il & La vie en rose & Quand un soldat & Le megot:


Working class Hero - John Lennon:

Le Chant Des Partisans:

Green Day - Working Class Hero Live:

Yves Montand-Les roses de Picardie:

Jean Ferrat - Camarade:

Yves Montand / Sir Godfrey :

And on the Lighter Side:

Monty Python Communist Quiz sketch:

Monty Python - Rant Against Communists

Monty Python- The Annoying Peasant -The Holy Grail:

John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett:

Recommended Watching:

AN AXIS OF LOVE: A Persian Tribute to Poland's Dignified Grief

HISTORY OF IDEAS: Jean Paul Sartre on Freedom and Existentialism (BBC)

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'chant des partisans' is haunting

by humanbeing on

thanks dk. i don't think sargord got past farah dibah. he missed the really chilling one (as well as the funny ones!).

i don't know the chant des partisans word for word, but i caught a few phrases which i paraphrase "il y a des pays ou\ on va au lit pour re/\ver... ici on va cre/\ve/" i didn't get the exact syntax (sorry i don't know how to do accents within the comment box).

very very relevant.

Darius Kadivar

SPink Olagh ... The Working Class Hero is Walesa !

by Darius Kadivar on

Otherwise I would have written in plural : HEROS ...

But as I can see that was too subtle for you to understand ! ...

As for WORKING Class That is Not Limited to Coal Miners or the Proletariat but anyone who works including Military Idiots Like You Except in the Distorted Communist Interpretation.

How do you IRI Thugs manage to Be So Olagh ? ...



Sargord Pirouz

Darius, you really have a

by Sargord Pirouz on

Darius, you really have a sense of humor. 

Farah Pahlavi a working class hero! (I can't stop laughing...)

Honestly, you must admit when you board a private luxury B-707 and seek exile with billions of dollars of national treasury, you forfeit any pretense (laughing) of being a member of any working class. In fact, this kind of thing is best characterized as criminal thievery on a most colossal scale. And Darius, being a "criminal" does not constitute a legitimate social class.