How Iran became a free country II - The Caviar Republic


How Iran became a free country II - The Caviar Republic
by Q

In part I, we followed a small group of courageous Iranian freedom fighters living in the Western countries and doing most of their activism on These precious sons of Iran-zamin devised a perfect foolproof plan to bring down the IRI, and establish freedom, democracy and eternal happiness for their fellow Iranians and the rest of the world.

This plan was devised by this very small group of Iranians possessing superior courage, foresight and advanced planning skills. The self-recognized value of these individuals to the rest of Iran was not unlike the precious seafood export that Iran is world famous for. The theme of Caviar was thus appropriated accordingly. The activists had used a line art symbol of an oval-shaped tin can with a fish symbol on it. This Caviar graphic became the official insignia of the revolution and was soon copied by all Iranian freedom seekers and freedom loving people all over the world. By the time the election came around, millions of Iranians were placing the symbol on their walls, clothing, cars and websites.

The cracks in the house of lies

In the week after the elections, there was panick all over Tehran and other big cities. Even though IRI had refused to release the raw numbers, word was leaked that only 47% of the people had voted. Just knowing that less than half of the people had voted, enticed almost every Iranian to start challenging the legitimacy of the IRI in small ways. Even the 47% joined in the revolution because even though they were Islamists, they did not want to live in a country that disrespects the majority. The number "47" together with the can of Caviar was printed everywhere.

Back in the Supreme Leader's compound, a top secret national emergency meeting was being held. Many of the top Mullahs had fled the country, because they had correctly deduced what would happen if there was ever a successful boycott. When Khamenei entered the room, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by his side, the other attendees collectively gasped and looked at each other with a mix of curiosity and nervousness. The President had never been allowed to attend the meetings of the people who really run the country.

The room was a large, modern gray conference room with state of the art video surveilance and conferencing technology. The monocolored barren walls were windowless. The room distinctly lacked any of the usual decorations normally displayed in IRI buildings. There was no pictures of Khomeini, no maps of Iran, no Islamic calligraphy, no Hezbollah insignia, nothing except the giant British flag attached to a golden stand in the corner of the room.

The supreme leader took his seat. Ahmadinejad also found a seat to the left of the leader. To his left was Ahmad Bin Mansour, the Kuwaiti-born clandestine minister of Arabization of Iran. To his left was the secret head of all military and intelligence, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. Accross from him sat Tony Blair, the Queen's secret envoy to Iran. Between him and Ahmadinejad sat a still jetlagged Jahanshah Javid.

After the customery "God save the Queen", Blair got up and pointed directly at Khamenei. "You've bloody done it now, haven't you?" Said Blair. Khamenei fired back in perfect working class accent: "This wa'ent my bloody depar'ment! Why don' you bug this bloak?" pointing to Javid. At this point Rafsanjani got up and took a short walk.

Yes, Please! Explain to us how a couple of pesky Internet commenters are endangering everything we have fought for in the past 40 years?

I don't know! They outsmarted my staff by creating fake accounts!

"But how did this happen," said Mansour. "The Arabization process was supposed to ensure that these thoughts couldn't occur to people."

Khamenei, visibly stressed, looked down on the table while holding his forehead with both hands. Rafsanjani answered Mansour:

These people were part of the brain drain, Mansour, they obviously escaped Arabization. They are smart! But all is not lost, we still have the Revolutionary Guards. They might have deligitimized us, but we still have the power.

Ahmadinejad was confused but he kept his mouth shut.
The whole group was acutely aware of the faintly audible cries and slogans being chanted in the streets outside. But none of them wanted to appear as though they are actively trying to decipher the words. To the Iranian nation, these chants were loud and clear however.

khaviar, khaviar,
montazar-eh to hasteem,
khaviar, khaviar,
sang-o be del bebasteem
gorosne-ye to hasteem

The next phase of the revolution

A minivan was waiting outside the banquet hall where the committee for the Caviar Revoution (CCR) was holding their festivities. Gradually the partiers moved outside the hall on the busy Paris street curb. Friends and family were at hand and supporters helped to fill the back of the van with all the suitcases and laptop carriers. Hugs and kisses were dispensed liberally as the committee members took their seats inside the 8 passenger van. The vehicle began moving, the young driver keenly aware that he was literally carrying the Caviar Revolution toward its next destination in history.

"How long will the trip be?" asks Elham, one of the more prominant bloggers from America. "Oh it should be only a few minutes," said Carlos Darivar. Carlos was a Spanish based Iranian intellectual and one of the most active members of the committee. Though Iranian-born, he spent most of his time critiquing theater, and attending plays and operas in the big show houses of the Mediterranian coast. "Singsing is waiting for us there with the new flag design," Carlos continued. FK became interested in the conversation. "Excellent!" he said. FK was short for "Fahme Kah-keshani," a legendary commenter whose reliance on factual evidence and sound logic was respected by all. "I contributed some of the ideas."

About 15 minutes later, the van arrives at the Montparnasse Milk Internet Cafe. Darivar gets out first and gestures over to the driver, "get the bags son." The young man is confused:

What? Is this the final destination? Aren't you going to the Airport?

Haha, no we've got this Internet Cafe all to ourselves this weekend. The next phase of the revolution will be directed from here.

Singsing comes out and helps with the bags. The rest of the committe is ushered inside. "It's perfect Darivar. All thanks to your European connections," says Singsing.

After they get settled in the empty coffee shop and each stake out a favorite Internet terminal, they all gather around the big screen for the unveiling of the flag. Singsing leads the presentation.

We took an online poll and over 90% wanted to keep the basic colors... yea, even the green... but they wanted to drop the IRI sign obviously!

Everyone chuckles.

But there was no concensus on what to replace it with. We wanted something to convey: Secular, secular, secular! We Iranians are secular and have always been. Also Iran's glory.... and rejection of Tazi regime. There were several good ideas, so we went with the top 5, and put them all in. In the middle, you see the sign of the Caviar Revolution. Kids in Tehran are carrying this now on their motorcycles it's all the rage. By the way, I've got the copyright thing done just yesterday... Anyway, the Caviar can in the middle... numeral 47 to tell the world that only 47% of the people voted for the IRI which was the first act of freedom... right smack underneath it.

Then, you got your shir-o-khorshid, a must-have emblem of Iran... YES with a straight sword!... hehe... The big Allah with a red lines through it represents our total and complete rejection of Islam and Arabs. And of course derafshe kaviani goes without saying. This one is not just the derafsh but it also has the "Archangel of Secularism" symbol right on top of it. The last graphic on the left is a map of the great Persian Empire under the Achamenids. We're using this particular version of it because it includes Europe. This way all the children can see that our glory can match theirs! All Europeans see how close we really are. Just like them, we were great rulers and masters of the Universe.

The committee shares a laugh, and then members go back to their stations to start the hard work. Over the next 12 hours, the flag is distributed all over Iran. The team directs thousands of activists on the ground mostly through email, blogs and twitter. Singsing coordinates an eBay purchase of thousands of tons of Caviar arranges DHL to drop ship them in major cities, for young kids to distribute to the crowd of protesters leading to many a memorable Time Magazine cover photo.

During the Fall of 2009, the last pockets of the regime resistence falls. There were many casualties and deaths, which was all acceptable to the revolutionaries. During the constant daily protests and chaos, all neighboring countries and European/American governments were rooting for the revolution to succeed. Not one of them saught to exploit the situation for their own benefit because they knew what would happen to them later, if they did. The Aryans are in charge now, no more fooling around!

Only the British government was on the side of the (former) IRI. Finally after months of struggle the Ayatollah Khamenei was given refuge in the British embassy and was secretly smuggled out of Iran. He now lives in Bristol as a government pigeon feeder.

The Caviar Revolution succeeded.

The Caviar Republic

When the CCR held their last press conference from the premises of the Milk Cafe in Paris, the full extent of their brilliance became clear. They were treated as heros by the world community and people clapped for them wherever they went. But one reporter pressed on for the details at the conference.

reporter: How did you guys know the regime would fall if only 47% people come to the polls?

CCR member: Because, 47% is less than 50% and no dictator can stay in power with those low approval ratings. This became obvious with this act.

reporter: So what about all the other elections when much higher numbers went to the polls?

CCR member: Those numbers are faked. Only about 4-5% of people participate in electoins in Iran, the rest are made up numbers and Pakistani shiites who are bussed in from the border

reporter: How did you know this? What is the source of these claims

CCR member: I can tell you understand nothing from the region. We are real Iranians! We understand these things!! It's obvious when things like this happen, we are able to tell with great percision, because we just know.

reporter: OK, but how could you be sure they wouldn't just fake these numbers too. I mean, how can you rely on the regime to provide you with correct turnout numbers which were so crucial for your boycott?

CCR member: Because, some numbers are believable. The regime tends to only make up numbers in such a way as to help the opposition arguments. For example when the young people voted for Khatami in overwhelming numbers in 1997 those results were correct because Khatami's election was a protest against the system. But later when it became clear that he was just another regime decoy, the numbers from the 1997 elections were faked.

reporter: I don't understand, was it faked or was it real numbers?

CCR member: It depends. They are real, if they can be used against the regime.

At this point, the confused reporter was removed from the room by one of the CCR staff members.

The Iranian masses were grateful for the brilliance and leadership of the CCR members, and a great many wished for them to come to Iran themslevs. But none of the committee members went back to Iran permenantly. Most continued their summer visits as tourists. When asked in online forums why they were not coming home to help direct Iran's new revolution, they cited business interests, difficulty in getting time off and tenure-track concerns. Elham once wrote: "we don't want to be the King of Iran, Iran already has a King. We just wanted to bring our expert strategy of freedom to the masses."

To be continued in historical epilogue....


more from Q
Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I no longer care what Q has to think or say.

I will always care about the Iranian cause and Iranians.

I have just read enough from Q.

I have read a lot of what Q has written on this web site. Since the beginning of blogging on the web site. I am fully aware of what Q thinks.

This is my last comment on this thread.........................



Please everybody

by Souri on

The only thing I ask everybody here, please please, do not get into the personal attack and accusative battle.

Every single person and every group has a right to state their opinion and get the positive or negtive feedback.

But trying to psycho-analyzing each other or revealing the true motive of each other from the matters going on their personal  lives, is nothing healthy nor worthy of our time and energy. We need more solidarity and consistence especially at this time.

Please guys, be considerate to the memory of our martyrs.

Thank you.


dear Natalia

by Souri on

Maybe you were confused about Q. He voted green and is against Ahmadinejad. He does not support that blood running of the Iranian.




it sounds like you don't care, which is a shame.  I am disappointed by your absence of care which reeks of hypocrisy.  

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Q. frankly I no longer care

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on





by Q on

I'm not sure what you mean. Either you don't understand what you are reading, or you are trying to be deliberately tasteless and provacative. I suspect it's both.

Parkhash joon, You are lame and tasteless. And it's not even deliberate.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

So, Q

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Now that many Iranians are protesting and dying for what they believe in, are you still laughing? Is enough Iranian blood being shed for you?

Perhaps, you can include it in your Part III....The Ultimate Sacrifice

Farah Rusta

Q joon :o))

by Farah Rusta on

I look forward to reading the Epilogue (LoL) - How are you gonna title it: The Return of the Jedi,  or the CBK (comeback kid)LOOOL

Please entertain!


FR (but to you Parviz joon!!!)



by Q on

Rostam, you use the racist term "taazi". Like most racists, you have a lame explanation that convinces no one but yourself. You say it'sjust hte farsi word for "arab". Wrong! "Arab" is the farsi word for arab. And in any case, if they are the same thing, why not just use Arab?

Of course we know, they are not the same thing, and you want to have negative and racist connotations of the word conveyed. Equally, when you keep craying "Arabs raped our ancestors" you are using time-honored racist codewords. All racists are illogically upset about their women being "raped" by the "enemy kind", Nazis and the KKK included.

Finally, you don't seem at all concerned with much bloodier attacks and occupations, such as Mongols, Timorids and Macedonians. Rape and cruelty has and always been a fact of warfare. Yet you're only concerned about childish fantasies of who the "tazi's" raped 1500 years ago.

The evidence is abundent. Don't fool yourself, nobody else is fooled. Go sit down and seriousy rethink your values in life. I gave you some therapy for free, but I can't afford pro bono anymore. Please see the county health center.

I have been told that many times my writings serve as a mirror.

From the sound of things you've been lied to a lot in your life. I would re-evaluate this one as well.

You don't have an argument. You keep repeating racist BS without understanding it. You think you're funny that you have copied my style in a so-called "story" that probably only I gave the courtesy of reading. You made a lame crack about why I'm "wasting time", yet days later you yourself are the one wasting time obsessed with juvenile word games on my blog. Talk about hypocrisy!

So... maybe You're right after all, I should not have used "defeated". Because to be "defeated" you have to have something of value, or at least be worth somebodies swift kick in your behind.


Re: Q

by Rostam on

"they say racism is really a sign of self-hatred. I can see that in your case. "

And how did you exactly find out that I am racist? What supporting evidence do you have to back it up? You'll either show it or you are just bullshiting to save face.

"It's so hateful and angry that I can't help but laugh "

I have been told that many times my writings serve as a mirror. Hate drools from your writings, so I am certain you can be comfortable and feel at home.

"You have been defeated in every possible sense of the word."

Show some of these "possible senses". You either show it or are you just bullshiting to save face?

"peforming this function as a public service for your family, the poor badbackht-ha that have to put up with you "

Which one of my family members are you referring to? The ones who died in the Khomeini-imposed war, or the one who were executed by your favorite regime, or the ones who are struggling to make ends meet eventhough they are living in an oil rich country?

They are "bad bakht", but only because they have to put up with YOUR likes on a daily basis in Iran.

As Rostam (that's me) said farther below, your life and entire existance is based solely on your deep rooted complexes. I know you "suffer" from it a lot and so perhaps seeing a shrink could help you.


Irandokht jan


شیر سیرت، نیک بانو، دختر این سرزمین

This is you


Loved it Mehrnaz jan

by IRANdokht on


شیر ما نامش علی، نامش نریمان یا زنی

شیر سیرت، نیک بانو، دختر این سرزمین

شیر ما شیر دلیران، مهر ما چون آفتاب

گسترد گفتار سعدی تا به پردیس برین

مهر آرش بر جبین و شعر مولانا به دل

می بشوییم این ددان از چهره ایران زمین

کو در آن مسلم، یهودی و گبر

اصل خود دانند از نوع بشر



Q jan


I wrote this as a commentary to Manuchehr Avaznia's blog, a couple of days ago, on this same subject

چهری ار دیوان هیاهو می کنند

زخم دارند و غرند از روی کین

لوءلوء ژاله بدّرد پرده شان

 ترس ترسان می کنند آنها کمین

 پشت نام آریا و رستمان

 می درند ضحاک گون گرد آفرین

لیک ما شیران و خورشیدان به مهر

می بسازیم آن زمین راستین

شیر ما نامش علی، نامش نریمان یا زنی

 شیر سیرت، نیک بانو، دختر این سرزمین

 شیر ما شیر دلیران، مهر ما چون آفتاب

 گسترد گفتار سعدی تا به پردیس برین

 مهر آرش بر جبین و شعر مولانا به دل

می بشوییم این ددان از چهره ایران زمین

  کو در آن مسلم، یهودی و گبر

 اصل خود دانند از نوع بشر


it's OK Rostam,

by Q on

they say racism is really a sign of self-hatred. I can see that in your case.

Anyone can read your post and understand who the real oghdehei is. It's so hateful and angry that I can't help but laugh rather than be offended! :)

I fully understand your knee-jerk reaction. You have been defeated in every possible sense of the word. Your ideas are bankrupt and rejected. What else are you going to do?

If it makes you feel better to attack me with your foul mouth, and call me names, if that's how you can give your pathetic life meaning, I don't mind peforming this function as a public service for your family, the poor badbackht-ha that have to put up with you on daily basis.


Re: agha zadeh

by Rostam on

Q, as usual you could not possibly fail in displaying your amazing hypocrisy.

"Well, I'm glad you asked the question. Strictly as a freeloader, I have to say the pay is good, the benefits are fabulous, especially in this economy."

For once our favorite agha zadeh spoke the truth. No further comments on this.

"and contributes to my comment count"

namiri! Aghazadeh wants to increase his comment count! Is that what this is all about? For the first time you have earned my pity Q!

"Not only are you leaving messages under various fake personalities, but you also accuse me of deleting them. This shows a kind of hopeless conspiracy minded personality that frankly we really don't need in Iran anymore."

Aghazadeh! Aren't you being a hypocrite? You yourself are accusing others of conspiracy against you, only to complain about the same? Why? What does that make you?

"a few people living under the rocks in central Africa who don't know about your foul mouthed racist bigotry"

I think there are millions of Africans out there who would not appreciate this bigoted sentence. Why are you belittling them? Does agha zadeh feel that Africans are inferior?

"They still live in the late 70's when their socioeconomic status allowed them to think they are God's gift to humanity."

How in the world do YOU know what their socioeconomic status was, jenaabe mostataab aghazadeh? Not only you people execute god's commands in this world on his behalf, but you run the judgement for him as well. Such is the sorry state of affairs among your likes.

Furthermore, this is clearly indicative of the desease you are suffering from, the desease of "oghdeh", or as Rostam puts it, a deep rooted complex. I wonder how much you must have "suffered" and "hated" when you watched these people have a socioeconmic status you didn't and couldn't possibly have or earn.

"They couldn't give a rats ass about Iranian lives or happiness."

And you agha zadeh, could you? Could you give a rat's ass about Iranian lives or happiness? Well, could you punk?

I seriously doubt you could. In your ideology, happiness and lives can easily be sacrificed for your long term goals. This has been shown again and again by your great leader, evil and disgusting Khomeini.

What we have here is a punk who supports the most murderous, barbaric and ruthless regime in the world, a corrupt regime that has brought only misery to Iranians, and he has the guts to talk about Iranian lives and happiness. You redefine the word "bisharmi".

"Calling someone "tazi" or insulting their religion..."

What insult? Tazi is Farsi's equivalent for Arab. Its negative meanings are long lost in Farsi. Besides why are you so sensitive about this issue? There are Arabs that still call Iranians "mojavas". Just google "Iran mojavas" in Faris letters and see what I mean.

Do you know what a humiliating word "mojavas" is? Can you even begin to compare it with the word "tazi"? I am not surprised at all that you are such a "bighe bi gheyrat".

"because I'm not Arab, and they know that... the word which "just means Arab" is an insult."

God forbid, our Aghazadeh is hurt by the insult!

The difference between you and Samsam and others like him who may call you an Arab lover, is that they may just insult you, but they don't accuse you of being an Iraqi spy (for example during the Iran-Iraq war, or a zionist spy today) and then throw you in the dungeon and later execute you.

You aghazadeh, however, support a regime that just does that to thousands of innocent Iranians on a daily basis. Your hyporcrisy has no limits.

"Why are you people always selective and self-serving in your historical analysis? I never understand this chauvunistic bigotry."

It is only to counter YOU people's self-serving and chauvunistic bigotry against anything that is related to the pre-Islamic history of Iran. Some Iranians just don't want to have your likes shove a bunch of Arabs who raped our ancestors down our throats as our heroes, and to call us "racist" when we complain.

Ironically, thanks to your regime, their numbers are growing.

Q, our agha zadeh writer roams in the US, but can't tolerate going back to Iran and live in the hell that his favorite regime has created for millions of Iranians.

Q, You are a disgrace. You define the word.


dear hypocritye (not :)

by Souri on

This is the name you chose for yourself, while everybody knows you are not one!

Just a little detail not so much related to your text but still I wish you know it. The way  someone call Q (Mon Q) is an insult in French. Please just consider this has a bad meaning and do not use it again, as I know how much respectful you are to everybody, especailly to Q. 

Sorry for this interruption.


Just as expected...

by Q on

Anonymous111: You can't do it can you? Are you concerned people will realize (or that you yourself will realize) that you're using "culture", the way others use "religion" and "purity", as code words for ethnocentric racism?

Or is it that the only culture you can call inferior is Arabs'? What do you really think? The challenge is still open. Just rank the cultures I provided.

I won't bill you this time for the therapy session! :)

Robin: There may be a bloodbath afterall, not necessarily the kind Gillani has in mind, but perhaps much worse... why? Haven't you heard? We akhunds have mastered English!

Run away! Run away!


Ahhhhhhhh, Q

by Anonymous111 on

I guess you got me and won this, you're just a genius...

Also, you should really utilize your superb online detective instincts as they relate to discovering hidden identities to good use...why don't you put in an application here:


on the other hand, though, I think that you would miserably fail the test on three of the seven "values" that they require of their employees.  You guess which ones.



by Hypocrite (not verified) on

I can't stand it anymore, too awful to be true. And sorry for the dots and placement. My space bar is broken but hey, so is this thread.

Hey guess what, "google Iran elections boycott' and guess where you are here in the most disgust box out of eighty gajillion articles. Number 16. oh, so what, right? Guess where you are if you only count the specifically Iranian sources for people who want to REALLY get the "true voice" of Iran? Number 3. Sad afarin. And guess who wrote that article? Qumars Balourchian.

Good going, people. Yeah, it's me. Am I a hypocrite for talking the same way you're talking to complain about how you're talking? Yep For even BEING here after my excommunication? You bet Hell, at least I know it.

C'mon, all the 'polite' ones, especially the ones who drove me mad asking what side. I'm on every time I didn't toe the party line You are really going to convince anyone on this thread of anything? You don't like the name calling? You should've walked long ago before this thread got anywheres nea most disgust 'Fess up. You are just here for the love of the brawl just as much as the next guy.

Don't you people have anything in common other than a passion for making this thread an embarrasment? What I noticed on some election threads here was that often on both "sides" the ones who did not advocate Laleh Giliani's bloodbath in the streets often talked about building a civil society as the true hope so shouldn't the real question be what would be the optimal conditions under which that civil society could be built and could there be some kind of strategy to usher in a secular parliamentary democracy sooner rather than later? Maybe even incorporating both voting and abstention in due course?

I mean, technically a Reformist is someone who supports an ISLAMiC Republic in PERPETUITY. Here it's just a word. Show me five regulars on this site who do and I will be surprised. And show me one Monarchist here who does not support a secular parliamentary democracy in Iran and I will be stunned. Etc and so on.

You know what I wonder I wonder about so many things. Does anyone who visits Iran or lives in Iran who is against Ahmadinejad ever go and try to talk to his base, in their own language, lots of things I wonder about.

Well, hey you have a bloodbath right here on this thread whether you support Laleh's battle in the streets or not, and you don't, but carry on HEY YOU HAVE FOUR MORE COUNT 'EM FOUR POSTS before you top the I won't vote because I'm bored article and get right under the bloodbath lady for all the world to see.

PS Ah, Mon Q, just saw your post on being in the most disgust box. Personally, if it were mine, I would've requested it be closed long ago except that that would've been a surefire recipe for keeping it open.

No I do not expect anyone to listen to me. I shall walk now. Nice visiting with you


This Isn't Funny Anymore

by eroonman on

The quintessential problem with cynicism, I guess.

Urrp. I feel nauseous.


way to go Sam

by Anonymous haha (not verified) on

tell it like it is!


Back to the Future! (to Anonymous111)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

"A military defeat does not constitute the "collapse" of an empire as sophisticated as the Sassanids."

Think that way, if it makes you feel good. Or better watch Back to the Future ( // ), maybe you can build a time machine, change history, and cleans the "Persian impurities" of Iran!


Anonym 111

by SamSamIIII on


The Ommatie is a graduate of Howzeh mentality & master of mobaheleh, mobaheseh, safsateh & maghlateh don't bother wasting life precious time spoon feeding intelligence & truth to an ommatie programmed mind . Since unlike a free thinker , truth for Ommatie's one dimensional mind act as a catalyst to build more resistance to logic as in wind & fire .Hence  the more you feed logic and truth,the more outta whack they get . 

justiranian; there is no secret scheme:)but a secret mirror & a reactivation key I use to make em fume like robots ;)

Cheers patriots !!!




Anonymous111, can you do something for me?

by Q on

Since then, including now, there may be (and in fact are) cultures that are superior to the Iranian culture.

If you are serious, and can actually do it, please put these cultures in order of "superior" to "inferior" for me.

Iranian, Arab, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Hispanic, Zulu, Jewish, Armenian, Turkish and Berber.

It's only 13 well known world cultures. Again, if you are serious (which means you know what makes a culture better), you should have no problem doing this ranking. If you were just bullshitting, however, you wouldn't be able to do it, and we would all understand that.

PS, I am not "Samsam" or any other character.

That's funny. I didn't accuse you of being Samsam. Why would you make such a percise defensive statement?

PS. You also mentioned that there were cultures that were suprior to Persians at the same time of the invasion, like Egyptians. Please explain why.


Anonym7 & Q

by Anonymous111 on

Anonym7--The Sassanids were defeated militarily due to a combination of factors.  However, I wouldn't say that the Empire "collapsed".  A military defeat does not constitute the "collapse" of an empire as sophisticated as the Sassanids.  The Sassanid Empire actually went on to form the integral part of, and the become the organizor of what you, and 1.5 billion others call your religion: Islam and the Islamic Empire.  So, I suggest that you carry on with your zingy (not really) political commentary and not involve yourself in subject matters such as history in which you appear to be utterly ignorant.

Q- You're in idiot.  First, you call yourself a "writer", but (assuming that you are frank in your comment)  you are apparently incapable of reading and comprehending a simple written paragraph.  The topic of discussion was the Arab invasion of Persia.  If I have to spoon feed it to you, I would put it this way: at the time of the invasion, the Persian culture was superior.  At the same time (as I mentioned in that paragraph) there were other cultures that were superior to the Persian culture (again, as I mentioned, the Egyptian culture).  Since then, including now, there may be (and in fact are)  cultures that are superior to the Iranian culture.  It's a fact of life, and it's how the world works.  That being said, today, as 1400 years ago, Semetic cultures remain some of the most racist cultures in the world.  That is why (along with European origin countries) Israel is such a racist country and that is why Arabs are such ethno-centric and racist people.  They also often translate their racism into murder, apartheid and war, such as Israel today (or Iraq's aggression against Iran).  

PS, I am not "Samsam" or any other character.  Unlike your ilk I don't write under various anonymous names.  This is the username that I have always used, first without registration and now as a registered user.     


A number of small corrections,

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for some of our less than "sophisticated" friends.

Mr. Samsam :

chase me on different blogs call me racist, sexist, bisavad, bi mokh , laat , pehen , lalallala etc ,

Hm... wrong. Just racist. But the rest are good suggestions for the future. As you well know, we mad-cow diseased, blind camel fuming, shaikhak parrot Ommati's just love to call people names!

Bijan :

a piece of garbage to ridicule every soul who dreams of a free and democratic Iran, turn into a race issue?

That would be Samsam.

You are an educated anti American akhoond who has mastered English language

Yes, we anti-American akhunds have finally mastered English. It's over. There's no choice but to surrender now.

You call yourself patriot and nationalist just because you hate USA?

Oh Yes, that's exactly what I said.

Shame to all those, who support your doctrine.

Thanks for the title for a future work. Maybe sometime you can provide more of the content as well. I really do enjoy reading what my "doctine" is.

you spit in the face of all those who dream of a day without IRI (no matter how dreamy) and call it Satire?

Hm... NO! Here you are just being unfair. I don't remember calling it Satire. When did I do that?

Is it really a laughing matter?
It matters when you laugh.

The bottom line is, Bijan, your tough-love talk has set me straight. You have really put me in my place logically and rhetorically. In no way is your anger and self-righteous outrage affirming any stereotypes or problems with the expatriote Iranian community!



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Nothing match the smell of a "sophisticated" Ommatie fuming 1st thing in the morning , the symptoms of 1400 ommatie mad cow desease afflicting the baaa baaa crowd & ignorant...reminds me of that blind camel fuming at anything & anyone who doesn,t smell like his shaikh jockey master in Sahra... loool..

What a buncha shaikhak perrots ,  treatment will be short , don,t deny the illness and the ommatie virus :::))





Bijan A M

What happened to the main subject?

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How did a piece of garbage to ridicule every soul who dreams of a free and democratic Iran, turn into a race issue? The Qlown blogger of this piece has never denied being a supporter of the ruling IRI government.

Satire my foot… You are an educated anti American akhoond who has mastered English language, so what? You think by some set of distortions and sophistry you can paint reality to something that it is not? Think again….

Forget about Iranian heritage, culture and history for a minute….Are you suggesting the barbaric rule of velayat-e vaghih is what Iranians deserve? You call yourself patriot and nationalist just because you hate USA? Living like a parasite (zaloo) here and downplaying any comment, any effort, any blog, any whatever against IRI and their rule, under the false cover of nationalism. Shame to all those, who support your doctrine.

Satire,…witty, (tanz), my ass… spit in the face of all those who dream of a day without IRI (no matter how dreamy) and call it Satire? Is it really a laughing matter?

How in the hell did someone inject the subject of race into this bigotry?


Which Bozorgan? You?

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Don't take this seriously, this is just a blog authored by Q. As usual, it is taken lightly and turned into fun by even his own friends!

Just enjoy the show.