How Iran became a free country II - The Caviar Republic


How Iran became a free country II - The Caviar Republic
by Q

In part I, we followed a small group of courageous Iranian freedom fighters living in the Western countries and doing most of their activism on These precious sons of Iran-zamin devised a perfect foolproof plan to bring down the IRI, and establish freedom, democracy and eternal happiness for their fellow Iranians and the rest of the world.

This plan was devised by this very small group of Iranians possessing superior courage, foresight and advanced planning skills. The self-recognized value of these individuals to the rest of Iran was not unlike the precious seafood export that Iran is world famous for. The theme of Caviar was thus appropriated accordingly. The activists had used a line art symbol of an oval-shaped tin can with a fish symbol on it. This Caviar graphic became the official insignia of the revolution and was soon copied by all Iranian freedom seekers and freedom loving people all over the world. By the time the election came around, millions of Iranians were placing the symbol on their walls, clothing, cars and websites.

The cracks in the house of lies

In the week after the elections, there was panick all over Tehran and other big cities. Even though IRI had refused to release the raw numbers, word was leaked that only 47% of the people had voted. Just knowing that less than half of the people had voted, enticed almost every Iranian to start challenging the legitimacy of the IRI in small ways. Even the 47% joined in the revolution because even though they were Islamists, they did not want to live in a country that disrespects the majority. The number "47" together with the can of Caviar was printed everywhere.

Back in the Supreme Leader's compound, a top secret national emergency meeting was being held. Many of the top Mullahs had fled the country, because they had correctly deduced what would happen if there was ever a successful boycott. When Khamenei entered the room, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by his side, the other attendees collectively gasped and looked at each other with a mix of curiosity and nervousness. The President had never been allowed to attend the meetings of the people who really run the country.

The room was a large, modern gray conference room with state of the art video surveilance and conferencing technology. The monocolored barren walls were windowless. The room distinctly lacked any of the usual decorations normally displayed in IRI buildings. There was no pictures of Khomeini, no maps of Iran, no Islamic calligraphy, no Hezbollah insignia, nothing except the giant British flag attached to a golden stand in the corner of the room.

The supreme leader took his seat. Ahmadinejad also found a seat to the left of the leader. To his left was Ahmad Bin Mansour, the Kuwaiti-born clandestine minister of Arabization of Iran. To his left was the secret head of all military and intelligence, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. Accross from him sat Tony Blair, the Queen's secret envoy to Iran. Between him and Ahmadinejad sat a still jetlagged Jahanshah Javid.

After the customery "God save the Queen", Blair got up and pointed directly at Khamenei. "You've bloody done it now, haven't you?" Said Blair. Khamenei fired back in perfect working class accent: "This wa'ent my bloody depar'ment! Why don' you bug this bloak?" pointing to Javid. At this point Rafsanjani got up and took a short walk.

Yes, Please! Explain to us how a couple of pesky Internet commenters are endangering everything we have fought for in the past 40 years?

I don't know! They outsmarted my staff by creating fake accounts!

"But how did this happen," said Mansour. "The Arabization process was supposed to ensure that these thoughts couldn't occur to people."

Khamenei, visibly stressed, looked down on the table while holding his forehead with both hands. Rafsanjani answered Mansour:

These people were part of the brain drain, Mansour, they obviously escaped Arabization. They are smart! But all is not lost, we still have the Revolutionary Guards. They might have deligitimized us, but we still have the power.

Ahmadinejad was confused but he kept his mouth shut.
The whole group was acutely aware of the faintly audible cries and slogans being chanted in the streets outside. But none of them wanted to appear as though they are actively trying to decipher the words. To the Iranian nation, these chants were loud and clear however.

khaviar, khaviar,
montazar-eh to hasteem,
khaviar, khaviar,
sang-o be del bebasteem
gorosne-ye to hasteem

The next phase of the revolution

A minivan was waiting outside the banquet hall where the committee for the Caviar Revoution (CCR) was holding their festivities. Gradually the partiers moved outside the hall on the busy Paris street curb. Friends and family were at hand and supporters helped to fill the back of the van with all the suitcases and laptop carriers. Hugs and kisses were dispensed liberally as the committee members took their seats inside the 8 passenger van. The vehicle began moving, the young driver keenly aware that he was literally carrying the Caviar Revolution toward its next destination in history.

"How long will the trip be?" asks Elham, one of the more prominant bloggers from America. "Oh it should be only a few minutes," said Carlos Darivar. Carlos was a Spanish based Iranian intellectual and one of the most active members of the committee. Though Iranian-born, he spent most of his time critiquing theater, and attending plays and operas in the big show houses of the Mediterranian coast. "Singsing is waiting for us there with the new flag design," Carlos continued. FK became interested in the conversation. "Excellent!" he said. FK was short for "Fahme Kah-keshani," a legendary commenter whose reliance on factual evidence and sound logic was respected by all. "I contributed some of the ideas."

About 15 minutes later, the van arrives at the Montparnasse Milk Internet Cafe. Darivar gets out first and gestures over to the driver, "get the bags son." The young man is confused:

What? Is this the final destination? Aren't you going to the Airport?

Haha, no we've got this Internet Cafe all to ourselves this weekend. The next phase of the revolution will be directed from here.

Singsing comes out and helps with the bags. The rest of the committe is ushered inside. "It's perfect Darivar. All thanks to your European connections," says Singsing.

After they get settled in the empty coffee shop and each stake out a favorite Internet terminal, they all gather around the big screen for the unveiling of the flag. Singsing leads the presentation.

We took an online poll and over 90% wanted to keep the basic colors... yea, even the green... but they wanted to drop the IRI sign obviously!

Everyone chuckles.

But there was no concensus on what to replace it with. We wanted something to convey: Secular, secular, secular! We Iranians are secular and have always been. Also Iran's glory.... and rejection of Tazi regime. There were several good ideas, so we went with the top 5, and put them all in. In the middle, you see the sign of the Caviar Revolution. Kids in Tehran are carrying this now on their motorcycles it's all the rage. By the way, I've got the copyright thing done just yesterday... Anyway, the Caviar can in the middle... numeral 47 to tell the world that only 47% of the people voted for the IRI which was the first act of freedom... right smack underneath it.

Then, you got your shir-o-khorshid, a must-have emblem of Iran... YES with a straight sword!... hehe... The big Allah with a red lines through it represents our total and complete rejection of Islam and Arabs. And of course derafshe kaviani goes without saying. This one is not just the derafsh but it also has the "Archangel of Secularism" symbol right on top of it. The last graphic on the left is a map of the great Persian Empire under the Achamenids. We're using this particular version of it because it includes Europe. This way all the children can see that our glory can match theirs! All Europeans see how close we really are. Just like them, we were great rulers and masters of the Universe.

The committee shares a laugh, and then members go back to their stations to start the hard work. Over the next 12 hours, the flag is distributed all over Iran. The team directs thousands of activists on the ground mostly through email, blogs and twitter. Singsing coordinates an eBay purchase of thousands of tons of Caviar arranges DHL to drop ship them in major cities, for young kids to distribute to the crowd of protesters leading to many a memorable Time Magazine cover photo.

During the Fall of 2009, the last pockets of the regime resistence falls. There were many casualties and deaths, which was all acceptable to the revolutionaries. During the constant daily protests and chaos, all neighboring countries and European/American governments were rooting for the revolution to succeed. Not one of them saught to exploit the situation for their own benefit because they knew what would happen to them later, if they did. The Aryans are in charge now, no more fooling around!

Only the British government was on the side of the (former) IRI. Finally after months of struggle the Ayatollah Khamenei was given refuge in the British embassy and was secretly smuggled out of Iran. He now lives in Bristol as a government pigeon feeder.

The Caviar Revolution succeeded.

The Caviar Republic

When the CCR held their last press conference from the premises of the Milk Cafe in Paris, the full extent of their brilliance became clear. They were treated as heros by the world community and people clapped for them wherever they went. But one reporter pressed on for the details at the conference.

reporter: How did you guys know the regime would fall if only 47% people come to the polls?

CCR member: Because, 47% is less than 50% and no dictator can stay in power with those low approval ratings. This became obvious with this act.

reporter: So what about all the other elections when much higher numbers went to the polls?

CCR member: Those numbers are faked. Only about 4-5% of people participate in electoins in Iran, the rest are made up numbers and Pakistani shiites who are bussed in from the border

reporter: How did you know this? What is the source of these claims

CCR member: I can tell you understand nothing from the region. We are real Iranians! We understand these things!! It's obvious when things like this happen, we are able to tell with great percision, because we just know.

reporter: OK, but how could you be sure they wouldn't just fake these numbers too. I mean, how can you rely on the regime to provide you with correct turnout numbers which were so crucial for your boycott?

CCR member: Because, some numbers are believable. The regime tends to only make up numbers in such a way as to help the opposition arguments. For example when the young people voted for Khatami in overwhelming numbers in 1997 those results were correct because Khatami's election was a protest against the system. But later when it became clear that he was just another regime decoy, the numbers from the 1997 elections were faked.

reporter: I don't understand, was it faked or was it real numbers?

CCR member: It depends. They are real, if they can be used against the regime.

At this point, the confused reporter was removed from the room by one of the CCR staff members.

The Iranian masses were grateful for the brilliance and leadership of the CCR members, and a great many wished for them to come to Iran themslevs. But none of the committee members went back to Iran permenantly. Most continued their summer visits as tourists. When asked in online forums why they were not coming home to help direct Iran's new revolution, they cited business interests, difficulty in getting time off and tenure-track concerns. Elham once wrote: "we don't want to be the King of Iran, Iran already has a King. We just wanted to bring our expert strategy of freedom to the masses."

To be continued in historical epilogue....


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keep fuming :)))

by SamSamIIII on


Arabo ommatie Qadesiyeh regime pimps, and bring more insects , more the merrier...

& all those lol,s shows how hard you crying

Cheers tokhmeh Arabs






I see Mehrnaz jan

by IRANdokht on

Now the reference to rainbowcountry makes more sense. I was wondering where he came from on this blog... ( :) tokhmeh Arab, Talibancountry 1/2 price sigheh)

Now I understand... when Bugger was harrassing me on a different blog, I couldn't make much sense of his comment. I asked someone who speaks and writes better farsi and they were also baffled by the comment and told me whoever it is he's very annoyed by you and doesn't have enough savad to write what he wants to say so he just puts all the words he can come up with next to one another...  some aren't even real words  :o)

it all makes sense now.




by IRANdokht on

As I had promised you before I will not hesitate to flag your comments when I see you're getting out of hand and insulting people. 

1/2 price Sigheh  and tokhm arab be ki migi????  is this the way to show the national pride of Iranians? Are you trying to become the champion of all that's Iranian with such foul mouth and broken logic? Your comments are not only racist but they're childish hateful and sexist.

I tried to flag you but I see it's already been done.


Mehrnaz jan, I am so sorry that some guys think they need to resort to such foul language towards a woman just because they can't match her in logic and eloquence. It's really unfortunate. 


Fouzul Bashi


by Fouzul Bashi on

I had only read the comments before when the numbers kept going up and one person kept spamming your blog under different anonymous IDs...

Now that I finally had the chance to read your blog, and I finally saw why these people are so mad at you! It was hilarious man! You showed how stupid their tokhmi opposition is and they can't take it. I think you should take every single negative comment as a praise for a job well done!



Mad Clowns (to Q)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Q, I may not agree with many of your views, but I definitely admire your patience and persistence when dealing with this level of bigotry, arrogance, and ignorance.
IRI has definitely driven some people mad inside Iran, but some of these guys (leftover Monarchists, and supremacist "Persians") have definitely gone mad outside Iran!
BTW, Mad Clown is the "evolved" form of the Sad Clown that you had in one of your other comments.

# best regards


Pope, if this is your way of giving up on the argument,

by Q on

then, I totally understand. Fine, you don' thave to answer my points. We can stop now.

I do accept the definition of the word. As I said, "Frog", "Towl head" and other words have definitions too. It has nothing to do with the racist usage of it.

Of course it's possible for people to use the racist term today too. That's why we're havin this discussion now. But I don't know of any poets that do. Please englighten me if you have a contemporary poet (even the last 10 or 20 years) who uses the term.

mesl-e shomaa ahl-e jaro bahs haay-e mandaraavordi neestam...

People who say this, usually have no arguments. If they really believed it, they would not have bothered to start anything to begin with. There's nothing "mandaraavordi" here. My arguments are better supported than yours.

What you talking about?!!! Who called people 'dog'??!

Samsam and others like to call people Taazi in a degrading form. You are arguing this is not racist. Then, you come up with this definition of a dog (which I am well aware of). So, I was just telling you, that it does not help your case.


واژه تازی به معنای تازنده ، چادرنشین و عرب است


Q!You don't even accept the definition of the word!!!

1."You can't hold Ferdowsi responsible for standards of today!" !!!!
(to faghat Ferdowsi ro deedi!!)
And, what about all of our contemporary poets who use that word...?!!! All they all racist too...!

Anyway, never mind,, you ARE right,,, whatever you say Q...

Bahs-e avalet keh een baasheh,
vaay beh haaleh bagheeyash!
GHOLAAMETAM, har chee TO MEEGI,,, hagh baa shomaast, rooz khosh.
(mesl-e shomaa ahl-e jaro bahs haay-e mandaraavordi neestam...


ps   "Calling people "dogs" does not help your case"  What you talking about?!!! Who called people 'dog'??! Haalet khobeh?!  



8. quoting from Aryoo's blog which sums it up great:

by Q on

از آنجا که در زبان فارسی به گونه خاصی از تیره سگ سانان نیز اشاره دارد ، به عنوان تلاشی برای کمرنگ کردن برخی احساسات ضد عربی در میان مردم ایران ، در متون درسی و رسمی استفاده نشده است . ار دیگر سوی ، بیشتر ِکسانی که به دلایلی کینه نژآدی نسبت به اعراب در خود حس میکنند از این واژه ، به صورت پررنگتر سود میبرند .


PS. Calling people "dogs" does not help your case.


Pope, let me show you what "nemidaani" means, OK?

by Q on

1. You can't hold Ferdowsi responsible for standards of today! All great literary figures: Homer, Shakespare, Kipling, Conrad, etc. used words that we would today consider racist. This does not prove a thing.

2. I did not dispute the original language of the word. Why is that important?

3. A dictionary definition does not make judgement if the word has racist connotations. "Kraut", "Frog", "Towl head" or "Beaner" are words that have their own seperate meaning but are used as racist slurs.

4. Next time you want to copy and paste something from the Internet go to the source, don't waste time with Persian Wikipedia.

5. The Dehkhoda dictionary specifically says, Taazi or Tazik comes from Persian word used to describe "outsiders", exactly like Arabic's Ajam and Greek's Berber, which are also considered racist generalizations.

6. You are late to the party. We have had this discussion several times, including here and here.

7. Mr. Samsam and others claim they only want to purify and preserve Persian, and do not mean anything racist. OK, let's accept this for a moment. If this is true, why use these words as insults against people? Why call people like me -- I am not Arab -- these names? It can't be literal description, because I'm not Arab, and they know that. Samsam himself is saying his target are Iranians. Therefore, even according to their own definition which sees "nothing racist" about these words, they are using them as insults. In other words the word which "just means Arab" is an insult. This is the definition of racism!!!


Aaghaay-e Q, FYI

by ThePope on

"Taazi" is also an Iranian dog...
And it has NOTHING to do with taazi/arab...
(bol nageeri..., dobaareh parto palaa tahveelemoon bedi ;-)

Sag-e Taazi:

In the west it's known as the Afghan-dog(!!):

A pic of Taazi-e aseel-e Iraani (aka Persian greyhound):


ps  they are VERY fast dogs (running),,, the Persian expression: eyn-e sag meedo-e / doeed...


Aaghaay-e Q, az aancheh keh nemidaani, sokhan magoo...

by ThePope on

" تازی واژه ای است از ریشه زبان پهلوی سره که به زبان فارسی رسیده است. واژه تازی به معنای تازنده ، چادرنشین و عرب است. از آن روی عرب‌ها را تازی گویند که در آغاز گسترش اسلام تاخت و تاراج بسيار در ايران کرده اند. در زبان پهلوی سره واژه تازی، تازیک گفته می شده فردوسی، شاعر نامدار ایرانی نیز در بسیاری از شعرها و سروده های خود از همین واژه بهره برده است:

از ایران از ترک از تازیان / نژادی پدید آید اندر میان
نه دهقان نه ترک و نه تازی بود / سخنها به کردار بازی بود "

-از ویکی‌پدیا


Q, so Iran's poets were racist too?!!!!

by ThePope on

ز تازی و هندی و ایرانیان / ببستند پیشش کمر بر میان ( فردوسی )

سر مرد تازی بدام آورید / چنان شد که فرمان او برگزید ( فردوسی )

نباشد یاور ترا تازیان / چو از تو نیابند سود و زیان ( فردوسی )

هرکس به عید خویش کند شادی / چه عبری و چه تازی و چه دهقان ( فرخی )

سواران تازنده را نیک بنگر / درین پهن میدان ز تازی و دهقان ( ناصر خسرو ص 318)

ای ز تیغ تو در سرفرازی / ملک ترک و ملت تازی ( انوری )

دید مرا گرفته لب آتش فارسی ز تب / نطق من آب تازیان برده به نکته دری ( خاقانی )

موی به مویت ز حبش تا طراز / تازی و ترک آمده در ترکتاز ( نظامی )

که سعدی راه و رسم عشقبازی / چنان داند که در بغداد تازی ( گلستان سعدی )

طاما صحاظ به تازیست و می همی / بپارسی کنم اما صحای او ( منوچهری )

به سیم و به می کرد خواهم من امشب / بر آن ترک تازی زبان ترکتازی ( سوزنی )

نخواهد اسب تازی تازیانه ( شبستری )


sorry Samsam, you are an insult, even to 5 yr. olds...

by Q on

Nazi is a follower of a political ideology like Communist. Both of those populations called themselves that.

Taazi says nothing about politics. It is a racist word because it has race-based (i.e. arbitrary) description of a people, who they are and what they do. There's nothing anyone can do to not fit the description. (Again, your BS, self-serving, personal re-definition is irrelevant).

It would be like calling people beaner,nigger, or hook-nose. Actually, in your case it would be calling someone one of those things and then making a lame excuse about "what you really mean" out of it.

These are factual terms of history in regard to German imperialism & Pan-Arab imperialism/genocide post-Qadesiyeh

Bullshit. First of all, racist terms also have some historical truth, that does not excuse them. Second, you're not going around calling anyone "Pan-Arab Imperialist", that would make it clear WTF you are talking about. But you are not interested in conveying the meaning, you are interested in degrading. It's high time someone told that to your face.

No amount of your white wash or your arabo ommatie khaleh sooskeh idiotic kakamainy

Reminds of a 5 year old who is trying to list every word they know. Good Job Samsam jan! Way to show your Persian "class".


:)Twin ommaties with logic of a 5 yr old

by SamSamIIII on


"Taazi is a racist word,'re not dealing with children ."

NO it's not & you just proved I am dealing with one . just as the usage of the term Nazi can not be called an insult to Germans . These are factual terms of history in regard to German imperialism & Pan-Arab imperialism/genocide post-Qadesiyeh . These terms are used to portray an aggressive entity that long ago existed and is in the collective psyche of Iranians & others . No amount of your white wash or your arabo ommatie  khaleh sooskeh idiotic kakamainy can change facts on the ground .

now some one call hassan nasrollah .. we got a foul mouthed , clueless ommatie bride ::)) 





Q jan


The racist rant did not bother me; it served the purpose of exposing not just deep ignorance of the 'Parsi' language and the depth of 'Alayesh' ;) but also the extent of racism, sexism, bigotry and thuggery.  It demonstrated that Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism is fundamentally from the same genre as anti-Semitism and fascism which savaged and killed millions of Jews.  It exposed clearly, as you see from the alliances around this xenophobic trash, that hiding behind the facade of respect for human rights and women's rights is only a cynical excuse, if this flagrant fascist rant does not alarm and deter some individuals.  Labeling others as Ommati, Taazi and Tokhm-e Arab as words of insult is no different from using terms such as tokhm-e johood, johood-baazi, jew-boy, etc.  Neither is it different from attacking and violating Bahaiis.  If those 'enlightened' people, who lend respect to this dimwit do not see this clear act of racist bigotry and violence, we do see it and witness their duplicity and intellectual and moral bankruptcy.  To address someone as Tokhm-e Arab, Tooleh and Sigheh without having the faintest idea or information about their lives and beliefs and then getting support for it from a tiny and apparently diverse gang, indicates only ONE THING, a pattern is undoubtedly there to see.  This dirty alliance is around hatred and attack on any opposition to atrocities by modern day Israeli fascists against Palestinians. It has nothing to do with what position you and I hold vis-a-vis domestic situation in Iran, whether we are religious or secular, what religion we might have if any, what position we adopt vis a vis human rights, women's right etc.  What makes one the target of attack is first and foremost consistent, able and effective opposition to Israeli atrocities and the awareness of the geopolitical significance of this for the future of Iran.  Add to that, not calling for the overthrow of the regime in Iran (regardless of what chaos would ensue and what thugs would take over) and you are done, "BBQed" and devoured in authentic fascist style.

In summary, the joojeh fascist got exposed in his violence and bisavadi and bifarhangi, and appropriately deflated.  If you see him continuing his rant, this is a defensive tactic.  I am actually using the encounter, as I have done with similar encounters with myself or others on this site, in my research project ;)

Warm regards. 


Samsam thanks for the laugh!!!

by Q on

That's all you got?

Once again, someone has called you on your frequent BS, and you have nothing but baseless nonsense to throw at them.

Now how the hell would the genious know about my socioeconomic status to come out with such broad ommatie fatwa

Yes, this is a generalization. Your name wasn't mentioned and it wasn't addressed to you. I am making certain assumptions based on the behavior which Mehrnaz was responding to.

You on the other hand, have called me (and just about everybody else who has crossed your path), Ommati, Taazi and Arab, without the slightest information about the religion, genetic or beliefs of the other person.

You are the one who makes it personal, and then you cry "liar"

So, this category of thing, which did not even involve you is not a lie. Othewise, you would be the King of lies.

& yet another fabrication . Show me a sentence that in it I,ve degraded any religion be it Islam.

Taazi is a racist word, it has racist connotations. Nobody cares that you don't believe this, or you have some BS story about "how" you mean it. If you ask many white supremacist groups, they say they are not racist either, they just want to preserve the purity and independence of their own race (sound familiar?). The perpetrator of racism is not the arbitor of what is racist. You frequently use the term to describe people who you are supposedly against. You use it in the same way as cursing. The same way you use Mullah or to a lesser but visible extent Islam itslef. If you replace your targets with any other group you would be instantly called a biggot. But because of your extreme personal bias, you have internalized this racism, and think you can get away with it. I don't really care about your excuses. These are just about as valid as any racists. The word is racist because it has race connotations.

It doesn't take a genius to have substitute words that are meant and used exactly as the same racist terms that everyone knows, just to have a lame argument that you are not a racist. Your substitute words are "Ommati" and "Taazi". Don't think that people don't see though you like clear glass.

If I called someone a jew-slave and then say, "look, I have respect for jews," it's only a "certain category" of "people who .... " , nobody would buy it and rightly so. it is a racist word, doesn't matter who you say it to.

Please.... you're not dealing with children (who apparently are who you have been dealing with before).


As if , but once again

by SamSamIIII on


 "They still live ..... when their socioeconomic status allowed them to think they are God's gift to humanity.."

Now how the hell would the genious know about my socioeconomic status to come out with such broad ommatie fatwa , ha!!!do you ideologues read these pre-made rethoric from a global site or born with it ..

"...Calling someone "tazi" or insulting their religion..."

& yet another fabrication . Show me a sentence that in it I,ve degraded any religion be it Islam. Christianity or Judism , or may be u were talkin about ur yahood o phobic sidekicks below . & as for the term taazi , as you were shir fahmed once & choose to ignore it I say it again genious , it,s not meant in literal genetic form of the word and not reserved for a certain race(Arabs) but in relation to a cultural self inferiority complex (khod bakhtegii farhangii) on the count of  Ommaties  . I treat Arabs or any other race with absolute respect , my beef is not with Arabs but with home brewed ajam serfs who act as cultural agents of a foreign culture/psyche which happens to be of classic Arab origin & funny thing that even contemporary Arab culture is more progressive & way ahead of these ajam bardeh Ommaties .so in some sense Ommaties are better off copying their modern idols than their centuries old shaikhak icons of ommatie literature,philosophy & cultural forgery . kapiish? not!!!






What lies have I told about you Samsam?

by Q on

Do you have any instances? Or are you just making up crap as usual?


2 ways to deal with an Ommatie

by SamSamIIII on


I either ignore it as a general rule %99 of the time or talk down crap to it when it chooses to address me in an indecent & vulgar manner .In this blog I chose latter . my scioeconomics status? heeeh:) you truly deserve the tag of a lying Ommatie trained charlatan like ur tokhmeh arab twins...

Now for this malijak of Qadesiyeh Q to make up lies & charges on bigotry yet be an  active 2nd hand assistant to murder & dictatorship is a hat trick that only a stateless Ommatie can manage to pull .





Thanks Mehrnaz,

by Q on

Almost done with the epilogue. Doing some last minute additions!

Don't mind the racist commenters (all 3 of them!). They still live in the late 70's when their socioeconomic status allowed them to think they are God's gift to humanity.

It never fails. He who labels, attacks and insults other cultures and peoples will do the same to his own culture. If fact he is doing so now. It's all talk. They couldn't give a rats ass about Iranian lives or happiness. These are personal demons tht these people haven't been able to confront in decades. Calling someone "tazi" or insulting their religion, is just a convinient excuse to dehumanize someone to tell yourself you are worth something.


Warning: Damagh soozi on the rise!

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First, I really would like to thank all of you for putting me on the most commented list. This is a great honor that ensures my story would be read for another week! Couldn't have done it without you guys!

"Anonymous Judge": Or should I say Rostam. I really admire your bravery and ethics! You are making Iran so proud by your behavior. A regular model for the kids, you are! Not only are you leaving messages under various fake personalities, (any child can tell) but you also accuse me of deleting them. This shows a kind of hopeless conspiracy minded personality that frankly we really don't need in Iran anymore. So Thank God, the extent of your political activity is writing crude bathroom humor on virtual walls in America. If I have to absorb your psycho-racist ass to save it from the rest of my Iranian brothers and sisters, I'll gladly jump on that gernade!

Why erase your meaningless crap which is bound to be pushed off in a matter of hours? When I can just wait until you put me on top of the comment list, and then I'll flag all your personal attacks, so they'll be gone after they have served a useful purpose?

Keep up the good work!

Samsam jan: I think there's still a few people living under the rocks in central Africa who don't know about your foul mouthed racist bigotry. I'll be glad to use my blog as the conduit of record. So keep 'em coming if you have the balls.

If you are a coward, do not have the balls, or are simply bending over and bowing to the Islamists, ceding this precious territory, then don't say anything. Just let everyone read this story without any input from you! See if you can do it.



Here comes another

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tokhmeh arab cave man to the rescue :), atleast his sister is semi educated & can spell ...hiih ::)) but as for the caveman with less of IQ than the camel the solitude in the cave won't be of any good unless there is a camel to tutor him & something else ;). But then Even a camel  should not waste his dung on a rag head caveman .  





اخمق نه احمق




a-holes of Tel Aviv can pretend


we know "AKHMAQ" when we see one!

Someone has been pumping this a-hole really good.

"قبل" and "غبل"! 
This is the reason he can not tell the difference between






by SamSamIIII on

heh , Are you done now khaleh? ....ooops meant well done now ?;) . look @ the bright side , u atleast lost a few pounds in the process of being BBQ,ed & trimmed . free diet & a chance to be added to  shaikh nasrollah,s eligible sigheh candidates . Consider it ,compliment of urs untruly ::))






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A better title for our next PinoQ story would be "PinoQ be maktab miravad", not "be madreseh miravad". I doubt he has ever gone to a modern school.

Go ahead delete me again.



by Anonymous judge (not verified) on


You could learn a lot from a "real" man like Kadivar. As you can see, he refrained from joining the "PinoQ" frenzy in this blog. However, if it were you, you would have joined the bandwagon, add some more to it, and belittle and humiliate your target as much as possible.

This is based on your own actions in other blogs.

Thank you Kadivar for keeping your composure. Perhaps our favorite coward has already learnt a thing or two from you.



by Anonymous judge (not verified) on

What's the matter with you Q? Why are you deleting comments? For your information, when you post a blog that is a satire in which you are addressing real people indirectly, then you should be ready for and accept any comment that is similar.

Having said that, one can only conclude that you are not "man" enough to take the same thing that you are willing to give to others.

This speaks volumes about your character.



by SamSamIIII on


So long as it was demostrated to the  untutored & culturally illiterate  auntii soskeh that cyber disguise can't accomodate her ignorance , it's suffice 4 me . So burn like an Ommatie BBQ until eternity , I like it well done ;)






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There are many letters in alphabet . Q has to show its an important one as little his attempt here on might be in the BIG picture which proves how teeny! he really is as little as those who takes the time to address. IF YOU TAKE THE TIME TO ADDRESS THE CAVIAR, I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE TO EVEN BOTHER UNLESS THEY ARE BIGGER THAN YOU CLAIM ? What are you Q, R, S, T ? or ZZZZZ?

Much respect to Mr. Kadivar and pity for Q and his revolving fans who flow with air where it blows without giving a sh... about underlying intentions of these fans of the shame republic.

There are some on this site who can qualify as revolving doors, what comes in rolls out, without worry and they keep rolling and revolving and yes if you promoted this UGLY blog then you know who you are!


RE: Fouzul Bashi

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فضول باشی، فدایت گردم،

میگم چطوریه که شما خودت انقدر بیکارید که نشستید تمام این کامنتهای چرت رو خوندید و تازه بعدش هم حساب کتاب کردید که آیا اینها همه از طرف یه نفر بوده یا که نه؟

مثل این که شما خودت از همهً اینها بیکارتری داداش ...