Iran-hiker Sara Shourd is singing for Shane and Josh


by Q

A NOTE FROM SARAH: "I wrote "Piece of Time" when I was in prison. The last time I saw Shane and Josh they asked me to use my music to raise support for them and get them out of prison. Every second for the last 2+ months since my release I've been fighting alongside the families and countless others around the world solely for this end. I hope the song and video can bring people closer to our story and give you a glimpse of who Shane, Josh are, why their detention is so completely unjust and why their freedom is so tremendously important to fight for."


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Edited & Directed by Bobby Field
Music Produced & Arranged by Nick Flynt
Song by Sarah Shourd
Violin, Jennifer Argenti
Guitar, Nick Flynt

We walked across hard land
Into a human trap
They took us for one long ride
You're now in Iran, Iran

You with your burnt green eyes
Haven't you said to me?
All they can take from us
Is a piece of time.

You're an American,
What were you doing there?
The truth doesn't matter much
in this political game.


Now inside these four stone walls
All I can think of is you
Put on my black blindfold
Go for a walk outside


The women all know my name
They whisper as they walk by
"Saw your Mom on BBC
Don't worry you'll soon be free."


When I get out of this
I'll never lock anything inside
take all my friends for a walk
Down by the oceanside.

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Suprised at this post

by Escape on

and her singing.But this is how you sing when you're really upset emotionally on the verge of breakdown.You can really hear it in her voice.


Cupcake Invader


Free Shane and Josh: An Urgent Plea for Compassion

by DelilahNY on

This is a recent documentary made on the hikers. It has several interviews and Sarah speaks a lot in it. The full-length film is at the bottom of the article.


Compassion is a two-way street, and so is bitterness. Growth is both an individual and a collective process.

Interesting how one sees the guy in the avatar as a hero and the other as a villain . And then of course the rest is all Cowboys and Indians. Good thing Sarah probably won't see this thread or she might not want to sing anymore.

Mola Nasredeen

"The truth doesn't matter much.."

by Mola Nasredeen on

to ones who are filled with greed, hatred, anger and violence, (to name a few).

Roozbeh_Gilani, for the source of stench check your pants.



Technique #2.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Call anyone who dares to highlight your utter hypocricy and the crimes of the islamist regime against it's own citizens, as "jews", "zionists", "aipac". (Straight from the handbook of islamist regime's etelaat ministry, aka "akhoonds SAVAK" )

Over and out of this blog. The stench of Islamist hypocricy is taking my breath away!


Mola Nasredeen

Technique # 1 "Demonizing your opponent" straight from the

by Mola Nasredeen on

handbook for Zionist activist. So they try to demonize their opponent. These pathetic few on IC who use many different login names to spew their hate.  

Good song Q, thanks for posting it.



by Simorgh5555 on

Nice one! Great hypocricy on the part of Q.


A Fascist islamist's hypocricy knows no bounds.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

This user identifying himself/herself as "Q", (yea, like jame's Bond's controller!!!), is an avid supporter and mouth piece  of the islamist regime on this site. Yet in his/her avatar uses the photo of Mr Mir Hossein Musavi, one of the Green opposition figures to the islamist regime who has been under sever pressure, is stopped from publishing his ideas and words, had constant threats made agaisnt his and his familie's life,  and has had his nephew murdered by non other than the Islamist regime! Now he is  putting up this sob story about this young american lady who was kidnapped by non pther than islamist regime's agents and kept hostage for such a long time. What "Q" fails to mention is that this young lady owes her life and the ability to sing, to being an american citizen. Otherwise as an Iranian woman, she would have been jailed, raped and murdered by the islamist regime a long time ago...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


How touching

by Simorgh5555 on

Is Mr Q going through character reformation after examining his conscience and realising that his support for the rotten lot of mass murderers of the Islamic Republic was wrong?

Maybe Mr Q can remove the picture of the ugly mug used in his profile and burn it. 

13th Legion

At the border......

by 13th Legion on

Magheh dameh marze Iran o Iraq Ann daagh mikardan ke shoma bi kara boland shodeen rafting onja hikeing!!!