How Iran became a free country II - The Caviar Republic


How Iran became a free country II - The Caviar Republic
by Q

In part I, we followed a small group of courageous Iranian freedom fighters living in the Western countries and doing most of their activism on These precious sons of Iran-zamin devised a perfect foolproof plan to bring down the IRI, and establish freedom, democracy and eternal happiness for their fellow Iranians and the rest of the world.

This plan was devised by this very small group of Iranians possessing superior courage, foresight and advanced planning skills. The self-recognized value of these individuals to the rest of Iran was not unlike the precious seafood export that Iran is world famous for. The theme of Caviar was thus appropriated accordingly. The activists had used a line art symbol of an oval-shaped tin can with a fish symbol on it. This Caviar graphic became the official insignia of the revolution and was soon copied by all Iranian freedom seekers and freedom loving people all over the world. By the time the election came around, millions of Iranians were placing the symbol on their walls, clothing, cars and websites.

The cracks in the house of lies

In the week after the elections, there was panick all over Tehran and other big cities. Even though IRI had refused to release the raw numbers, word was leaked that only 47% of the people had voted. Just knowing that less than half of the people had voted, enticed almost every Iranian to start challenging the legitimacy of the IRI in small ways. Even the 47% joined in the revolution because even though they were Islamists, they did not want to live in a country that disrespects the majority. The number "47" together with the can of Caviar was printed everywhere.

Back in the Supreme Leader's compound, a top secret national emergency meeting was being held. Many of the top Mullahs had fled the country, because they had correctly deduced what would happen if there was ever a successful boycott. When Khamenei entered the room, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by his side, the other attendees collectively gasped and looked at each other with a mix of curiosity and nervousness. The President had never been allowed to attend the meetings of the people who really run the country.

The room was a large, modern gray conference room with state of the art video surveilance and conferencing technology. The monocolored barren walls were windowless. The room distinctly lacked any of the usual decorations normally displayed in IRI buildings. There was no pictures of Khomeini, no maps of Iran, no Islamic calligraphy, no Hezbollah insignia, nothing except the giant British flag attached to a golden stand in the corner of the room.

The supreme leader took his seat. Ahmadinejad also found a seat to the left of the leader. To his left was Ahmad Bin Mansour, the Kuwaiti-born clandestine minister of Arabization of Iran. To his left was the secret head of all military and intelligence, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. Accross from him sat Tony Blair, the Queen's secret envoy to Iran. Between him and Ahmadinejad sat a still jetlagged Jahanshah Javid.

After the customery "God save the Queen", Blair got up and pointed directly at Khamenei. "You've bloody done it now, haven't you?" Said Blair. Khamenei fired back in perfect working class accent: "This wa'ent my bloody depar'ment! Why don' you bug this bloak?" pointing to Javid. At this point Rafsanjani got up and took a short walk.

Yes, Please! Explain to us how a couple of pesky Internet commenters are endangering everything we have fought for in the past 40 years?

I don't know! They outsmarted my staff by creating fake accounts!

"But how did this happen," said Mansour. "The Arabization process was supposed to ensure that these thoughts couldn't occur to people."

Khamenei, visibly stressed, looked down on the table while holding his forehead with both hands. Rafsanjani answered Mansour:

These people were part of the brain drain, Mansour, they obviously escaped Arabization. They are smart! But all is not lost, we still have the Revolutionary Guards. They might have deligitimized us, but we still have the power.

Ahmadinejad was confused but he kept his mouth shut.
The whole group was acutely aware of the faintly audible cries and slogans being chanted in the streets outside. But none of them wanted to appear as though they are actively trying to decipher the words. To the Iranian nation, these chants were loud and clear however.

khaviar, khaviar,
montazar-eh to hasteem,
khaviar, khaviar,
sang-o be del bebasteem
gorosne-ye to hasteem

The next phase of the revolution

A minivan was waiting outside the banquet hall where the committee for the Caviar Revoution (CCR) was holding their festivities. Gradually the partiers moved outside the hall on the busy Paris street curb. Friends and family were at hand and supporters helped to fill the back of the van with all the suitcases and laptop carriers. Hugs and kisses were dispensed liberally as the committee members took their seats inside the 8 passenger van. The vehicle began moving, the young driver keenly aware that he was literally carrying the Caviar Revolution toward its next destination in history.

"How long will the trip be?" asks Elham, one of the more prominant bloggers from America. "Oh it should be only a few minutes," said Carlos Darivar. Carlos was a Spanish based Iranian intellectual and one of the most active members of the committee. Though Iranian-born, he spent most of his time critiquing theater, and attending plays and operas in the big show houses of the Mediterranian coast. "Singsing is waiting for us there with the new flag design," Carlos continued. FK became interested in the conversation. "Excellent!" he said. FK was short for "Fahme Kah-keshani," a legendary commenter whose reliance on factual evidence and sound logic was respected by all. "I contributed some of the ideas."

About 15 minutes later, the van arrives at the Montparnasse Milk Internet Cafe. Darivar gets out first and gestures over to the driver, "get the bags son." The young man is confused:

What? Is this the final destination? Aren't you going to the Airport?

Haha, no we've got this Internet Cafe all to ourselves this weekend. The next phase of the revolution will be directed from here.

Singsing comes out and helps with the bags. The rest of the committe is ushered inside. "It's perfect Darivar. All thanks to your European connections," says Singsing.

After they get settled in the empty coffee shop and each stake out a favorite Internet terminal, they all gather around the big screen for the unveiling of the flag. Singsing leads the presentation.

We took an online poll and over 90% wanted to keep the basic colors... yea, even the green... but they wanted to drop the IRI sign obviously!

Everyone chuckles.

But there was no concensus on what to replace it with. We wanted something to convey: Secular, secular, secular! We Iranians are secular and have always been. Also Iran's glory.... and rejection of Tazi regime. There were several good ideas, so we went with the top 5, and put them all in. In the middle, you see the sign of the Caviar Revolution. Kids in Tehran are carrying this now on their motorcycles it's all the rage. By the way, I've got the copyright thing done just yesterday... Anyway, the Caviar can in the middle... numeral 47 to tell the world that only 47% of the people voted for the IRI which was the first act of freedom... right smack underneath it.

Then, you got your shir-o-khorshid, a must-have emblem of Iran... YES with a straight sword!... hehe... The big Allah with a red lines through it represents our total and complete rejection of Islam and Arabs. And of course derafshe kaviani goes without saying. This one is not just the derafsh but it also has the "Archangel of Secularism" symbol right on top of it. The last graphic on the left is a map of the great Persian Empire under the Achamenids. We're using this particular version of it because it includes Europe. This way all the children can see that our glory can match theirs! All Europeans see how close we really are. Just like them, we were great rulers and masters of the Universe.

The committee shares a laugh, and then members go back to their stations to start the hard work. Over the next 12 hours, the flag is distributed all over Iran. The team directs thousands of activists on the ground mostly through email, blogs and twitter. Singsing coordinates an eBay purchase of thousands of tons of Caviar arranges DHL to drop ship them in major cities, for young kids to distribute to the crowd of protesters leading to many a memorable Time Magazine cover photo.

During the Fall of 2009, the last pockets of the regime resistence falls. There were many casualties and deaths, which was all acceptable to the revolutionaries. During the constant daily protests and chaos, all neighboring countries and European/American governments were rooting for the revolution to succeed. Not one of them saught to exploit the situation for their own benefit because they knew what would happen to them later, if they did. The Aryans are in charge now, no more fooling around!

Only the British government was on the side of the (former) IRI. Finally after months of struggle the Ayatollah Khamenei was given refuge in the British embassy and was secretly smuggled out of Iran. He now lives in Bristol as a government pigeon feeder.

The Caviar Revolution succeeded.

The Caviar Republic

When the CCR held their last press conference from the premises of the Milk Cafe in Paris, the full extent of their brilliance became clear. They were treated as heros by the world community and people clapped for them wherever they went. But one reporter pressed on for the details at the conference.

reporter: How did you guys know the regime would fall if only 47% people come to the polls?

CCR member: Because, 47% is less than 50% and no dictator can stay in power with those low approval ratings. This became obvious with this act.

reporter: So what about all the other elections when much higher numbers went to the polls?

CCR member: Those numbers are faked. Only about 4-5% of people participate in electoins in Iran, the rest are made up numbers and Pakistani shiites who are bussed in from the border

reporter: How did you know this? What is the source of these claims

CCR member: I can tell you understand nothing from the region. We are real Iranians! We understand these things!! It's obvious when things like this happen, we are able to tell with great percision, because we just know.

reporter: OK, but how could you be sure they wouldn't just fake these numbers too. I mean, how can you rely on the regime to provide you with correct turnout numbers which were so crucial for your boycott?

CCR member: Because, some numbers are believable. The regime tends to only make up numbers in such a way as to help the opposition arguments. For example when the young people voted for Khatami in overwhelming numbers in 1997 those results were correct because Khatami's election was a protest against the system. But later when it became clear that he was just another regime decoy, the numbers from the 1997 elections were faked.

reporter: I don't understand, was it faked or was it real numbers?

CCR member: It depends. They are real, if they can be used against the regime.

At this point, the confused reporter was removed from the room by one of the CCR staff members.

The Iranian masses were grateful for the brilliance and leadership of the CCR members, and a great many wished for them to come to Iran themslevs. But none of the committee members went back to Iran permenantly. Most continued their summer visits as tourists. When asked in online forums why they were not coming home to help direct Iran's new revolution, they cited business interests, difficulty in getting time off and tenure-track concerns. Elham once wrote: "we don't want to be the King of Iran, Iran already has a King. We just wanted to bring our expert strategy of freedom to the masses."

To be continued in historical epilogue....


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Truly disgusted

by Disgusted (not verified) on

I am trulye disgusted and amazaed at how some Iranians can turn their back to the miseries and atrocities their very own ancestors suffered at the hands of Arab invaders, even if it was 14 centuries in the past.

As though this is not enough, they even praise it as something beautiful or necessary.

You are truely a disgrace to Iran.

Fouzul Bashi

you're an imposter

by Fouzul Bashi on

Khanoom Mehrban doesn't see anything wrong with the racist ravings of her buddy...

Not so mehraban, are you khanoom? by showing that what this guys says is quite "ok" with you, you have brought yourself to the level of the village idiot himself.

So much for the respect you tried to build up by blending in with the sophisticated crowd. You should just go read samsam's poems and bah bah for them. to raa baa nabardeh bozorgaan cheh kaar?



How many people does it take to justify a foolish remark?

by Mehrban on

The original remark has been appropriately deleted. 




Mehrban & all mehrbans to true Iran

by SamSamIIII on


My views on true Iran , her true culture , language  & psyche is so clear that no amount of propaganda & charges by Ommatie cultural distortionists can make a dent into it and turn it into something it,s not . My usage of the term Taazi or tokhmeh Arab is & has always been in reference to Ajam bardeh inferiority complex & it,s subjugation to pan-arab cause , 1400 yrs old dual identity sufferers and in short the whole status quo Socio-cultural-linguistic machine of Ommatie psyche of hypocracy and shame . 

In the case of Irandokht who is of seyed descent , I am the one who stood up for her when one of the commentators on my own blog in reference to her calling my poetry racist made a generalized comment on her Arab heritage & her defence of Arabs.


Because to me the issue of the race is and has long been irrelevent & it,s all about vision & concept that I hold dear for the cause of true Iran and her mission . Now the same omatie gang you see here chase me on different blogs call me racist, sexist, bisavad, bi mokh , laat , pehen , lalallala etc , which I wear as a badge of honor coming from an ignorant one dimensional ommatie whipped crowd who hasn,t seen the world other than thru their spoon fed shaikhist lenz of their bankrupt unIranian Ajam serfdom of self pity, blaming the oppressed & praising the foreign tyrant . 

I pity these petty foot soldiers of Qadesiyeh with their one dimensional perrot like mentality .

Let em fume !!!

Cheers to all free thinkers & true patriots 

btw* why do you gather that hezbollahis are so hyper sensitive every time the discussion turn to Qadesiyeh, Arab conquest of Eran-shahr & in short any criticism of Ommatie pan-Arab whipped psyche?

Very simple , since their beloved Qadesiyeh regime seeks it,s lineage to Pan-Arab glory and genocide on the count of old Iran ;)))








I noticed that my contributions where I had given SamSam his appropriately identifying title have been deleted.  I am surprised because the term 'fascist' is a political term and if disagreed with can be challanged!  Along with those have been deleted, of course, my painstaking correction of his Parsi language which is a shame because unless he has kept a copy, he and his friends could have used the opporunity to learn some Farsi!  I can repost those corrections and lessons later!  Anyhow, for now, I am reposting one of the pieces that I thought was of more significance - minus the title for SamSam, because it was addressed to a larger audience to take note of:

Q jan

by MEHRNAZ SHAHABI on Sun Jun 07, 2009 01:21 PM PDTThe racist rant did not bother me; it served the purpose of exposing not just deep ignorance of the 'Parsi' language and the depth of 'Alayesh' ;) but also the extent of racism, sexism, bigotry and thuggish behaviour.  It demonstrated that Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism is fundamentally from the same genre as anti-Semitism and fascism which savaged and killed millions of Jews.  It exposed clearly, as you see from the alliances around this xenophobic trash, that hiding behind the facade of respect for human rights and women's rights is only a cynical excuse, if this flagrant fascist rant does not alarm and deter some individuals.  Labeling others as Ommati, Taazi and Tokhm-e Arab as words of insult is no different from using terms such as tokhm-e johood, johood-baazi, jew-boy, etc.  Neither is it different from attacking and violating Bahaiis.  If those 'enlightened' people, who lend respect to this dimwit do not see this clear act of racist bigotry and violence, we do see it and witness their duplicity and intellectual and moral bankruptcy.  To address others as Tokhm-e Arab, Tooleh and Sigheh is thuggish and foul under any circumstances, but particularly in the absence of the faintest idea or information about their lives and beliefs and then getting support for this abuse from a tiny and apparently diverse gang, indicates only ONE THING, a pattern is undoubtedly there to see.  This dirty alliance is around hatred and attack on any opposition to atrocities by modern day Israeli fascists against Palestinians. It has nothing to do with what position you and I hold vis-a-vis domestic situation in Iran, whether we are religious or secular, what religion we might have if any, what position we adopt vis a vis human rights, women's right etc.  What makes one the target of attack is first and foremost consistent, able and effective opposition to Israeli atrocities and the awareness of the geopolitical significance of this for the future of Iran.  Add to that, not calling for the overthrow of the regime in Iran (regardless of what chaos would ensue and what thugs would take over) and you are done, "BBQed" and devoured in authentic fascist style.In summary, SamSam got exposed in his violence and bisavadi and bifarhangi, and appropriately deflated.  If you see him continuing his rant, this is a defensive tactic.  I am actually using the encounter, as I have done with similar encounters with myself or others on this site, in my research project ;)Warm regards. 



Khaleh Mooshe


Thank you Khaleh joon and thanks again for your precision detective work in confirming the identity of 'anonymous bugger'!  You must have benefited from a very rich gene pool, hamvatan joon!

Fozool Bashi jan, you are absolutely right, but I was being optimistic and thank you for the kind words.  The respect is mutual.

Q, Anonymous 7, and Irandokht aziz khasteh nabashid.  The time is hopefully not wasted because others do read and take note, of facts and of hypocrisies and distortions ... and the old divisive tactics ..

Warm regards to all of you.

khaleh mosheh

Arabs and Iranians- Bringing evidence

by khaleh mosheh on

Dear Mehrban 

Genetic polymorphism in evolutionary biology is well known to confer diversity and hence imparting strength in evolutionarily stressful situations. You may wish to look up genetic polymorphism and heterozygote strength. In any case having semetic and aryan genes I suspect is more beneficial to an individual than to have a less diverse set of genes of only one genetically 'static' population.

In any case in the modern world,with constant migration, the gene pool of a population is dynamis and  is being constantly mixed and remixed. I suspect this is very good for us as a species. 

So I agree with Q- Arabs and Iranians have in all likelihood made each other more 'beautiful' as our notions of beauty are related to features best related to our survival and reproduction.



Fouzul Bashi

Mehrban ghahr nakon

by Fouzul Bashi on

Namikhastam fouzuli konam... but

It seems like Mehrban is over-sensitive about a couple of words. Mehrnaz khanoum I don't think you'll get a mature and logical response from someone who throws a fit when they hear something they don't like.

In Mehrban's world it was ok that samsam called you all those names that were so ugly that JJ had to delete! 

I guess she's proud of him but not you and she doesn't know the only pure Iranians are the pure bred Parsis who now live in India. So the rest of us are half-breeds (as samsam bitarbiat calls us) and women deserve to be put down by someone who carries a Cyrus avatar.

Why do you even care to create communication where there is no reason no logic no pride and a lot of prejudice?

mokhlessim khanoom


These comparisons are childish

by Q on

When are you people going to get past this big hisotrical chip on your shoulder? It's the 21st century.

Do you see the British hate Romans for the invasion over 2000 years ago? There was far more brutality there, than anything Iranians have experienced. Their entire culture, language and religion was wiped out. Is anybody crying about it now?

Whatabout Iranian invasion and subjugations of Greece and Egypt? What about Iranian invasions of Arabia before Islam?

Why are you people always selective and self-serving in your historical analysis? I never understand this chauvunistic bigotry.

Mehrban: How about this "Arabs made Iranians beautiful and vice versa." Do you have a problem with that?

Anonymous111: Your name selection is increadibly creative! Let's say for the sake of argument, we can't tell who you really are. Let's also say you are right that Sassanid Iran was more diverse and inclusive than Arabs. Here's the problem with your (racist) value statements: Right now, Arabs are certainly more diverse than Iranians. Right now, many countries are more inclusive, creative, literary, scientific, artistic, etc, than Iranians. It has been so for hundreds of years -- just in case you blame it all on IRI. Doesn't that mean, we no longer have a "superior culture" (the term you used)?

Are you man enough to admit this? Or will you let us finally know that all of these areguments are JUST talk and the real issue is your bullshit racism?


build a time machine! (to JustIranian)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

"...but you brought out the true faces of these Iranians (?) who in fact take pride in their ancestors being raped by the Arab hordes...
And they call it beautiful too!"

It wasn't just Arabs, there were others too .... you and Samsam should build a time machine, go back and fix the issue, so non-beautiful mixes like me disappear!


No Mehrnaz

by Mehrban on

You bring logic and evidence when you ignorantly claim that Arabs made Iranians brave and beautiful. 




Did I owe you an apology?! So if it was 'ok', then am I to assume that you are in agreement with what I said?  And if not, why not?

Listen Mehrban, if you like to discuss things, then do it politely, saying what point you are making and I would respond to you politely.  If you are throwing poison and venom despite your name, I can correct you! I suggest that you read the larger piece I have written addressed to Q, and tell me what you disagree with.  Also in my response to yourself, I pointed out what I had meant and believe; I expounded on it because you did not SEEM to have understood. Why do you construe that as an apology, as if I had said something differently before?! 

 MOST IMPORTANTLY, could you clarify what is your problem with me?  Do YOU too believe I am a 'tooleh', 'tokhm-e Arab', 'ommati', 'half price sigheh', etc?  If you do, why do you?  And how do you reconcile that with your MEHRBANI, and going to Mr Avasnia's site and admiring his poems?!  Is that a front or are you confused regarding issues?  Or are you just blindly following some thugs?  I hope not. 

 PS - only respond after reading what I have said and bring reasoning and logic and evidence to your arguments please.  You can also read other things I have written and argued, perhaps you have some information as to who I am and base your assumptions and allegations on that?  Please provide evidence and sound arguments.  Thank you.



Re: Samsam

by JustIranian (not verified) on

I love you man! I don't know if this was your scheme or it just happened that way, but you brought out the true faces of these Iranians (?) who in fact take pride in their ancestors being raped by the Arab hordes...

And they call it beautiful too!


easy Anonymous111!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

I did not call everyone racist. From Samsam I have seen many racist comments though. ..... also FYI I wasn't born yesterday, we have always had bigotry among us, when the Shah was there and now. Your "rich Sassanid Persian culture", was perhaps not all that rich otherwise it would not have collapsed so easily!


Anonym7 and Others Who Call Everyone Racist

by Anonymous111 on

In your haste to call anyone who talks of Iranian culture a "racist", you fail to see that this commentor and others are not talking about a Persian or Iranian "race".  The issue has never been race.  You don't have to tell us how mixed we are with other races.  The issue is culture.  If you dispute that at the time of Islam's expansion (and thereafter) the bedouin Arab culture was equal to that of Persia then you are seriously delusional.  The Sassanid Persian culture was a rich, inter-racial and multi-cultural one that was far superior to a racist Arab culture which was utterly devoid of any meaningful understanding of literature, science or even religion.  The Arab culture had such a void precisely because of its racist and isolationist nature.  It was against inter-marriages outside of Arab society, it valued 'Arab blood" over everything else (i.e., the whole notion of "seyyed" as it continues today), and it even considered the Arab language as being superior to all other languages (i.e, the Quranic verse of "we brought you this book in Arabic...").  Races are not superior.  Cultures, however, are.  Incidentally, in my opinion, the pre-Islam Egyptian culture was far superior than its contemporary Persian culture. 

So, please try to use your heads next time before you start labeling people "racists", etc.  


Mr. Moderator

by Anonymous111 on

Can you please tell us why my comment was deleted when it claimed that mehrnaz Shahabi is the same person as Jaleho when on this same blog, the same person, "Mehrnaz Shahabi", along with others, claim that this Samsam" is another (absent) user?



by Mehrban on


ps : I was not talking about persian but Iranian. 


Listen all

by Souri on

Since couple of days, each time I do a track on my account, I get new updates in this blog and when I come here to read, it's all the insults and childish manners. Please do respect the time and energy of your friends and stop the conversation if you have nothing serious and interesting to say than just calling each other names!

Try to be respectful at least to the third party who come here only to learn something from this debate which is no more a debate now, but mostly a kindergarten!!

And this is valid for all of you here, no exception.


Ok Mehrban!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Technically, sometimes a Persian added beauty to the non-Persian side, and sometimes the non-Persian added beauty to the Persian side .... and in some cases (my case) it appears that beauty contribution from both sides was negative!


Mehrnaz, if this is an apology,

by Mehrban on

okay, otherwise you are not worth one more word out of me. 


Mehrban: be mehrban and open-minded


Be mehrban and not racist.  I did not say Arabs made us brave and beautiful.  If you are familiar with history and have the tinniest familiarity with the science of genes you would understand that no group of people are 'pure' and there ARE no 'races'.  These are ideological constructions.  Furtherfore the mixing of blood and diversity makes people (and animals) healthy and beautiful.  Inbreeding (and insulation) breeds disease, physically and mentally. 

You however, did not elaborate on Sigheh, tooleh, tokh-e-arab, etc.  Are you mehrban, aziz-e del?

With Love!



by Mehrban on

If you are coming to the defense of that brainless comment I must say that in my eyes you will lose all credit as well.  No body is ashamed, I am disgusted by the original comment.  Shame on any Iranian regardless of the combination of their blood that says that it was the Arabs that made Iranians brave and beautiful.



by IRANdokht on

You think that being called "tokhme arab and 1/2 price sigheh" by samsam was not meant as an insult? seriously?  tokhme sag and tokhme jen shenideh boodim...(both insults by the way)

where I come from, people speak with better manners and someone who is from Arab descents is not called "tokhme arab", but then again that's where I come from! I understand people might be used to being called a lot of things that I would take as personal insult.

if being called "tokhme arab" by samsam is not insulting to you then by all means... you're more than welcome to wear that like a badge and I congratulate you for a higher level of understanding that you have compared to me. 

Mehrban aziz,

every disaster that has happened to our nation whether it was the attack of the mongols, the invasion of the Arabs, the destruction caused by Alexander not so great... made us stronger as a nation and added to our beauty. The Arab invasion was the influence behind all the beautiful poetry that we now enjoy even after centuries.  Our nation is resilient and capable of taking the most beautiful aspect of every aggression and transforming it into something we can call our own and be proud of.

It's happened all through the history and there is no reason to be ashamed of that.




by Mehrban on

You have missed the point.  


I am proud of my Semitic ancestory Mehrban!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Mehrban, our Persian ancestors did the right thing mixing with other ethnic groups including Arabs, Jews, Turks, ..., etc, conversely our Arab, Jew, Turk, ... ancestors did the right thing mixing with Persians.
My ancestry has AT LEAST Jewish, and Persian and I am proud of it. BTW as you may know Arabs and Jews are both Semitic people ( // ).


Only bimokhs think

by Mehrban on

that Arabs made Iranians brave and beautiful.  Shame on you.



by khuzestani (not verified) on

How dare you make such racist statement?

"and tokhm arab be ki migi?"

Can you please be kind and tell us, in your racist mind, what is so wrong with being from tokhme arab? Is it so bad as to be offended by it? If so why? If not, why be so offended?

For your information, most Iranians, this includes you "Irandokth", have an arab or mongol or torkman or other kind of bloods running in their veins.

Do you want to challenge this my racist lady?


سام سام جان حیا کن، فحش و کینه رها کن!


What I love about you, samsam is that you always insist on proving whatever is being said about you. Just so there's no doubt in anyone's mind with respect to things like racism, and hypocrisy!

Fouzul bashi: dar khedmate shoma hastim!

Irandokht and Mehrnaz: My hat's off to you ladies for your excellent detective work! I think you are right. If you read the -suddenly absent - anonymous bugger, he purposefully puts more Arabic words, just so there's a contrast with Samsam who purposefully extracts them. The resulting awkward language is remarkably similar!


Damet garm JJ jaan

by SamSamIIII on


I dont mind row after row of insect attacks and lies as long as it,s fair in moderation . you are in control now & that,s why you have such a fair minded & lively site that is not moderated by some 2 face ommatie whose commitment is to hezbollah & ajnabii arabo ommaties . If She was in control she would still practice her viscious deletion tactics to help her hezbollah khahar & bradars for personal gain. 

Clipped her wing & hajieh & hezbollah gang is pissed because the playing ground is flat and fair..






Mad Clowns, I love it!

by Q on

I'll have to work that into a story sometime.

Anonym7 you keep saying we don't agree on many views, I think we would probably get along just fine! Thanks for reading.