Heading back home

Jahanshah Javid
by Jahanshah Javid

I arrived in Berlin this afternoon from London. My flight to San Francisco via Amsterdam is at 6 in the morning, about 7 hours from now. I'm staying at a youth hostel. It's 15 Euros ($22?) a night for a bed in a room shared with six others -- plus 3 Euros for blankets!

It was a really nice trip: three weeks in Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Nice and London. I have a new appreciation for Europe and I will definitely be back. I have thought about moving here, but I'm a little worried that I might regret it.

My place in Albany, half an hour from San Francisco, is comfortable and I'm surrounded by good friends in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Still the thought of going to another country for a year or two is tempting. Bebeenam chi misheh...

I'll be awake for a few more hours, sitting in the hostel bar, drinking a beer and working on the site.

If you have any questions about the site or... I'd be happy to respond.


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Kouroush Sassanian

oh well. . .

by Kouroush Sassanian on

You are losing your sense of you!  I suppose everything has an unseen cost that's ghabe, mehdi, down the well, come for judgement day, antarnejad . . . nonetheless, there are only two things I can't stand in this world people who are intolerant of other people's cultures... and the Dutch. I could dance with you till the cows come home...But I would rather dance with the cows till you come home.

It is time to change the sand in this Sandbox -I have got to find other playmates!

I came here for a party and what do I get? Nothing. Not even Ice cream.

Hahyohm Bracha

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

I don't feel like I haven't been accepted here or part of the virtual community. A lot of [eople go out of their way here to mqke me feel at home. They tell me I'm part of their family. And why do you think the people who are telling me to be careful aren't sincere abou ymy welfare.  You're generalizng and making assumptons without basis, just like everyone else does. You're n o different from them in that way. (Or from me, either).The people who really spoke harshly to me on the Israel blog were the Jewish Zionists, noth the Muslims. The Jewish Zionists felt I'd betrayed them And even they tried not to hurt my feelings.  What hurt on that blog wasn't the way they treated me, it was the way they treated each other. You're really being toxic. 

And some of your last post sounds megamaniacal. And it's kind of scaring me, to tell you the truth.

Look I'm really happy you registered and you said what you said about JJ and the website, but this is starting to go in a direction that's making me very uncomfortable.

En un lugar de La Manch de cuyo nombre no me quiero acordar--I know it. It's the first line of Don Quixote.  It's about madness, Kouroush. Madness.


Kouroush Sassanian

Roise jan . . .

by Kouroush Sassanian on

Good or bad publicity matters not, as it is publicity!  These araboislamist shia loving having being bent over the barrel of Islam still have not figured it out! They will blame the Brits, the Americans, the Nigerians or just about anyone else, but themselves!

It is interesting these same Jew hating Iranians just a few days ago did not want to even engage you in this virtual World, because you are najes, zionist, Israeli - but, now, they are concerned your beads may get mixed up with mine.  They want equal recognition from you in this Sandbox. Please give it to them, so they can feel important, witty, charming - so, they can be me.  But, they are Philistines and are Amadis sin Tiempo!

But, you should remind them the World cannot handle more than one Kouroush Sassanian!

Now, Kenya is burning! Only if they knew that they have not inherited their land from their ancestors; rather they have borrowed it from their children.

On to JJ, surely he is reading these posts - a verbal apology is not needed from him. I suppose this site, his posts are surely enough - ten fold. He has bared his soul, his family's past, his shame and his desires. Perhaps, he was half the man his dog in Abadan thought he was!

I spent one summer in Abadan at the Sherkant naft villas! In fact, looking at his family photos they brought back many memories of my own.  I often wonder if these perceived nemesus[sic] would have been a neighbor, me, you, a friend a classmate . . .ah, live and let live!

de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme . . . the one the only the  undisputable Peroz, Kouroush Sassanian

If you can resist googling or researching what I have said you fit right into Fyodor's realm - watch the systolic! You, you bunch of Petty Demons!




Rosie T.

Thanks, Manoochehr,

by Rosie T. on

I really will look into it tomorrow.  I really will.


Rosie Joon (on Kouroush Sassanian, again)

by Manoochehr Hooshmandi (not verified) on

"Civil" is a relative term. When I used it, I meant it in comparison to the language that he uses under his other names.

I hope that this explains it. Please let me know if I can be of any further help to you :) Good Luck to you again!!

Rosie T.

Thank you all of you for your concern...

by Rosie T. on

I'm too tired right now to do that kind of research but I'll look into it.  If it's true Kouroush I'm going to be furious that you lied about it. Not furious about the multiple postings, god knows tons of people do that, but that you lied to me and others. I've heard it so many times before and I just never bothered to check it because I've heard all kinds of stuff about all kinds of people here, all kinds of allegations...the Rashidian business was the worst and it all turned out to be nonsense...but you're obviously VERY concerned about me having such a personal dialgoue with this man, so I'll look into it. And I really do appreciate your concern.

 By the way though am I the only one who notices and appreciates that he's registered?


Manoochehr (on KS)

by HassanJU-28 (not verified) on

thank you for your posting
I have also checked some of the comments
I think you're right
this fellow KS: Kourosh Sassanian is all those characters
ahmad bahai, babakoohi, kose sher, etc., etc.
he knows
we know it
I think by now everyone knows it
Poor Rosie

Rosie T.

Manoochehr, I don't understand..

by Rosie T. on

why everyone says he uses the name Kouroush Sassanian when he wants to be civil.  I have seen Kouroush Sassanian be as uncivil as napalm.  I can't quite grasp this.  It eludes me.

Rosie T.

Thank you, Kouroush,

by Rosie T. on

for the beads and the poetry and the registration. You're being a very good boy.

You know my views on Islam. Islam is a word.  It ss al-Hallaj, it is Hafez, it is the Abassid scholars paving the way for the Renaissance, it is Wahabbism, it is Khomeini.  It is whatever any individual practioner or group of practioners in any given point of the time-space continuum say it is.  Beyond the five pillars, it can be almost anything.

You make a mistake when you call the IRI system Islam.  It USES Shia Islam as a tool for statal totalitarian hegemony, it is a POLITICAL system first and forward.  Iranians were duped AND they duped themselves in 1979  It's TRAGIC but it happened and it must be faced and grieved and accepted. By bashing Islam and conflating Islam and the IRI you're not HELPING heal the wounds.  You HAVE to stop.  Iran became Shia in 1501.  Khomeini invented velayate faqui in the 50's.  98% voted for him in '79.  His intentions were not known, they say, but look at the man.  Look at his face.  HE is Ahriman.  He has the charisma of a Hitler with the saturnine grimness of a Robespierre.  His doctrines were not publicized but they were available and there were plenty of Mullahs who detested him--some still under house arrest all these decades later, others killed by him.  Nobody, none of the secular intellectuals who backed him, bothered to find out his background.  Nobody ever ASKED around.  They would've found he was the architect of a 40year old medievalist totalitarian system which he never had renounced.  That was foolish. It's hard, very hard to face such a grave collective mistake. It must be very, very painful. But ultimately it is Iran that must assume responsibility, not blaming the British, the CIA or Islam.  Only  when IRAN accepts responsiblity will Iran have agency to move into the future. In myhumble opinion.

Do you know the end of Bezaie's "Mosaferaan".  When all the different people at the funeral representing all the different class and religious and politcal groups see each other in Mahtaab's mirror?  She comes back from the dead bringing the mirror and they all see each other and themselves as one. And only then can the wedding take place.

You all have to look in the mirror.  I want you to see each other and yourseles in the mirror.  I think this website is a mirror for you.  I've tried very hard to help.  I don't know why I've been called to do it but I think I've helped and I want you, Kouroush, not just to BE others' dark mirror but to see THEM as your mirror too.  Otherwise...otherwise...it's hopeless..

As for JJ's demons...well...we've come full circle you and I Kouroush since JJ wouldn't apologize to you and the others I spoke to you here on his thread and I tried to explain him to you, and well...we've come full circle...and we are on JJ's thread again, and well...we've come full circle.. and so the world spins..we've come full circle...and so the world spins...in its endless dance with dark and light...with Ohrmazd and Ahriman...and so the world spins...and well we've come full circle..


Rosie Joon (re: Kouroush Sassanian)

by Manoochehr Hooshmandi (not verified) on

After reading the comments here, I went ahead and read the blog by Bahmani (//iranian.com/main/blog/bahmani/we-certai...) regarding those who use multiple names.

I also read the Comments, and in particular those concerning "Kouroush Sassanian".

The "Allegations" that he uses other names such as "Ahmad Bahai", "Babakoohi", "Kose Sher", "Anonymouspb", "Anonymous2008", and Others.

Just to be fair, I went and looked for comments under these names and also under "Kouroush Sassanian". It is really not that difficult to find them if you look both in the "Articles" and the "Blogs".

In comparison, there is a "Striking Resemblance" between Kouroush Sassanian's Style of Writing and the use of Words and these others. Any person with a reasonable knowledge of English has no alternative but to Conclude that Kouroush Sassanian and these other names are one and the same person.

Finally, there is something to note: When Kouroush Sassanian wants to conduct a Civil Communication, then he uses the name "Kouroush Sassanian". But when he wants to be unflattering and "Nasty", then he uses these other names.

Let me illustrate this to you: when he uses the name "Ahmad Bahai", it is not to make the "Bahai'i's" look good. The sole purpose of using this name is to make Bahai'is look bad by the type of Comments he leaves.

Please check this for yourself. As I said, it is not that difficult to find Comments under these names :) Best of Luck to You!!

Rosie T.

Oh, Minoo, funny you should ask..

by Rosie T. on

Kouroush hasn't duped me...Kouroush is a bastard and you can always trust him to be just that. It's the cute ones, the ones who seem so sweet, who dupe you....and I've just been...well....why should I bore you with my tales of woe?

Thanks for your concern though. It is very timely.

Kouroush Sassanian

I have our beads

by Kouroush Sassanian on

I will provide the beads, your provide the thread, on the beads we agree on we can thread together, on the beads we disagree on I will hold the thread, but you can run her through, the final knot - we will use a tautline!

Islam is  cancer. It may be the death of me, but I will confront Islam whereever it is found. No more promises, no more moderation, push back, no apologies, no sancutary . . .

And the glory of dying, only the cheerful stand side by side with a grin, a persian grin, in the fountain of tears, saying return perhaps you can claim him with tomorrow's sun - perhaps a new moon, perhaps never 

You turn to the Earth  to seek her with the natural glory of a morning, not enough to return him to her

Oh, the lashes of the seas madly
to gain a source of fertility, a distant land, a heart near, half a heart , seeking his body

To become the rain of grace to watch the grin off their faces, to wash the ahreman, I seek and is, am, you the fountain's death, drink from me, drink, drink

To pour water over his body, washing him, embracing him in the morning dew, grave once again, to hear  the crisp crushing snow on the foothills with him

Never again, will never again have those grins . . .

I am not a racist, as Islam is not a race. You have used the lizard eater term not I. I cannot disagree with you, however! I know change will come to Iran.   I believe we have to reconcile our past to shed light on now and the vision of our future.

JJ opened a path here to face his own demons and perhaps a conduit for our own.  Iranians are a wounded people. We, I, him, her have to heal. JJ recent travels, his thought of moving are symbols of his own pain.  A stranger in a planet full of people. My only suggestion is for him to stay and use the tautline, take out a peg and make a home.

Rosie, the IRI must account for its crimes, the people who have taken much must account for their wrongs, before there can be any reconcilation or peace.


Rosie, has he ..

by minooSaba (not verified) on

Duped you? .. I hope I'm wrong :) Best !



by Sherlock Holmes,UK (not verified) on

he is just on an ego trip
everyone knows what he is up to
I hope Rosie doesn't get dooped by him
her last response make me wonder..Cheers


Kourosh (or Kouroush)

by Mahmood_Jenati (not verified) on

Please stop your childish behavior. Be a Man. Listen to what Rosie T. has just said.

You have to understand one thing: People are much smarter than you think. If you continue doing what you used to, they will catch you again. Wise Up :) For your own good !!



by Everyone (not verified) on

So you want to be called Kouroush,(phonetics): kooroosh!!! -- rooye chi?
Either that, or "koo-zir-esh"??
So you are not related to the REAL Kourosh-e Kabir?
How good to know!


Thanks Rosie - Let's hope

by Mahboobeh_N68 (not verified) on

that he mends his ways. It's not fair to others when he continues attacking them using these fictitious names.

I am sure that if he continues that, with these names or other fictitious names, that this saga will continue. Put some sense into him :) You said that you managed to influence him before!!

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

So sorry I've been misspelling your name...

 So they saw Imam's face on the moon, so what? I've seen peculiar things in my day.

 Actually the conspiracy theories have died down considerably since my landmark work "Mozdoor" was published a couple of weeks ago,after the battle for Rashidian's name was won. Progress, not perfection, it is admirable --paranoia being after all the Iranian national disease (as gluttony is the American).  But you see, you, dear, you're the Dark Horse, and so the conspiracy theories will persist longer with you than with others, since obviously the mirror you choose to hold up to them serves a double functon as a toilet bowl.  So you can't really blame them for talking shit, can you?  That would be...unreasonable.

In any case, Ahmad Bahai does not hold a candle to you. Although you are equally disgustingly racist, and if you do not mend your ways, you will be guilty of precipitating the end of the world, which UN predicts should start in 20 years.  Coastal flooding of major cities and massive extinction of species will be attributable to you because serving Ahriman himself, you distracted our collective efforts from Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds  to protect Gaia, our Mother, with your  war-mongering patriarchal spews. Your Muslim-bashing is a disgrace to Shah Ismail and all his seed.

But I like you anyway.  ;D

Kouroush, you know what you need?  You need to go swimming with the dolphins... just once...to purify your tortured soul....save the whales, Kouroush, go snorkeling.  Think Green.  . 


Kourosh Sassanian (Read Carefully)

by Bahare_J1978 (not verified) on

If you want a second chance, we will give it to you. But if you start leaving nasty remarks using these names, or other new ones across this website, we will put your name all across the iranian.com site so that people know what you are up to.

Please don't let us down!


Multiple Names ... Yes, it's

by Kourosh Sassanian (not verified) on

me. I am sorry if others are trying to portray that I am not regretful, but I want all people on this website believe that I am sincerely remorseful.

As Bahmani, Mitra and othrs have exposed me, I have had multiple names throughout this site: Ahmad bahai, Kose Sher, Anonymouspb, Anonymous20078 and others.

I am going to make a sincere effort to stop that. If I relapse and start using other names again, please bring it to my attention. I have used multiple names primarily because of insecurity !

Please understand that. Give me sometime. Thanks !


Multiple names...

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

First off, I do not need to use multiple names mosalmooneh parnoid astar. The only person sharp enough to understand is Rosie, but you muslim khorossuckers will never care enough to understand your own plight. She knows your history and politics more than you. You look for the hidden signs like your imameh 12th ghabe - by the way, I know where is! He is right behind Iran pounding away and has for years!

Rosie jan, these are the same alis, husseins and mohammads that saw that murderer's image on the moon. This is why they deserve steel rain!

Now, I have no need or desire to use multiple names, because I can express my thoughts about "Muslims" in multiple ways - no need for multiple names.

Rosie jan, these people are always trying find a conspiracy, but they always end up with koonspersee. In other words, reedan!

But at the end, I have completely achieved my end - to start a fire under them that will burn hot.

Okay, Ostad Raoofeh, the richard eater separates some of his sentences with a "." - I do not and never have. This richard eater used those forever carved in stone dots to separates the sentences of his post using my name. Look at his posts here under Ostad Raoof and look at my posts. You will see he used the those little dots.

Here is an example from his post:

Rosie Khanom, please don't let Kourosh Confuse my identity with his. This is "Ostad Raoof".
As you Can see, My "Style" of Writing is nothing like Kourosoh Sassanian's.
There are "Notes" all across the site regarding Kourosh having "Multiple" names. Names such as "Ahmad Bahai", "Kose sher", etc.
As I said, he has a tendency to use "Kourosh Sassanian" when he wants to be "Civil", and other names such as "Ahmad Bahai", "Kose Sher", and others when he wants to be "Nasty".

This is what he posted using my name:

to all those that I have "offended" in the past couple of weeks. I have had a bad habit of using different names and different postings out of my insecurity. Some comments were rather nasty.
Bahmani (//iranian.com/main/blog/bahmani/we-certai...) and some of the others exposed this, and I am really sorry about that.
I will try not to repeat that. Please be patient with me :) Tks

I never say khanom, only jan. He is sucking on a big fat arab one right now. Yes, Raoof you are an idiot. Typical muslim!

And, I would never misspell my name by leaving out the "u" - it is Kouroush, you, you ali, hussein, mohammad!


sorry Rosie

by horse (not verified) on

sorry Rosie, had to run to meet someone...
now have to run out again...
i'll be back one of these good days.
you ain't far wrong, but i need to read your comment again.
oh forgot I'm a mare!
good thing you thought iwas humorous and not facetious!
See ya soon!

Rosie T.

Thank you , Mitra...

by Rosie T. on

many people agree with you.  If the allegations are true, he must stop.  I've had dialgoues with Ahmad Bahai, a throughly reprehsible creature on this website, which didn't sound at all like Koroush's style. But who knows? The man is brilliant..he could adopt any style he wants.

 And anyway I've seen Koroush be DISGUSTINGLY abusive to Muslims under the name of KS.  And this is why I question whether he's Ahmad Bahai.  Why would he bother to be?  But anyway...

 If the allegations are true, I repeat: he must stop using multiple names. And also register to protect his own cyberidentity, as should all of you.  But be patient.  He's going through a lot.  To tell JJ he'd forgiven him, and this website was a place of peace and hope, and to attempt to explain his previous behavior to JJ was a major, major thing for an Aryan ultra-Shahi to do (if I may be so bold as to pigeonhole you ideolgically, Koroush Azizam, dar in boMbast, dar in sandbaaq, nobody cares about the garden, Forough, freedom fighter, freguent flyer, femme fatale, fartface,...dar in sandbaaq, dar in dakhmah...)

I wish JJ would have responded in kind to Koroush's moving conciliatroy gestures publicly instead of choosing to unfeature this blog.  JJ, are you listening to me?  This is your sister, Iran Javid.  Gush mikoni. baradaram-joon?

 So you see, we ALL have work on ourselves to do...and the work happens in its own time...be patient. Rum wasn't built in a day.  Neither was Rumi, neither was KS, neither JJ, nor you nor I.  Nor Iran, nor America, nor the future. As the saying goes, "Patience, my sweet jackass, patience".  And as Ben Madadi continualy reminds us, we are ALL citizens of  Kharestaan...

 Old Zen Buddhist proverb:  "Oh snail, climb Mount Fuji.  But slowly...slowly.."

Yavaash, yavaash, Iraanzamin...


Rosie T.: A Point

by MitraYaghmaii (not verified) on

You have a good point. You have to understand one thing. All these people who have gone after him is because he lives a "Double" life.

On the one hand, he tries to conduct a "Civil" Discourse with you here. On the other, he goes behind everyone's back, and using different names, tries to attack people.

I have read some of his comments when he uses names such as "Ahmad Bahai", or "Babakoohi", or "Anonymouspb", or "Anonymous2008", or "Kose Sher". If you read these comments, it is obvious that it is him. His style of writing, words used, etc.

What I am trying to say is this: He has brought this upon himself. He is not man enough to have one name, and stand by that :) - Pure and Simple !!

Rosie T.

EGGING Koroush...and Koroush Clones On...

by Rosie T. on

Eggman, I know you're being humorous, but the question of egging KS on should be seriously addressed.  

Koroush and I have a discourse and it is a particular discourse, as I share particular discourses with many others on this website.  I am the one who engaged in a dialog with Koroush that led him to seek reconcilation with JJ and to declare publicly his wounds, which are the wounds of Iran and the world and his pain and his past and his hopes for the future.  I have no apolgoies or regrets for my discourse with Koroush.  I have done my best and he has made lots of progress in healing.  . 

 Koroush is a poet, he's a pig, he's a philosopher, he's a racist, he's he's a satirist, he's violent, he's loving, he's angry, he's compassionate, he's lyrical, he's disgusting, he's erotic, he's porngraphic, he's destructive, he's fertile.  He's thouroughly and completely human.  He embodies ALL our dichotomie, we are both ANIMAL and ANGEL and it our historic task to bridge this dichotomy in the face of the paradox of the glorious scientific achievement of the atom bomb .  And NO ONE on this website most clearly reveals the deep schism of this dichotomy and the deepness of the wound, and how WONDROUS it will be if it can be healed more than Koroush.  His SPLIT is no different from all the other false dichotomies that plague us: relgious/secularist, Aryan/Lizard Eater, male/female, white/black, rich/poor, capitalist/.socialist, East/West, pornography/puritanism, and all the other BULLSHIT categoires of these five thousand years of "civilization" on the brink of whose DISASTER we now stand.  

 I do not distinguish between indivual and political struggles. And this new technology, by allowing individuals to be themselves in a totally PUBLIC arena which becomes by definition political (as in "social") FORCES us to scrutinize this.   This is where the technology has led us and we must face it and HUMANIZE it,   I DON'T EGG KOROUSH ON in negative things.   I ACCEPT him, as I accept EVERYONE else, and Iso I also challenge him when I know he's wrong.  I know his Islam-bashing is WRONG and continually remind him that he is a descendant of Shah Ismail the Shia's Seven Tribes.  I know his eroticism is poetic and nuanced, and I continuallly encourage him to start channeling it into literature which will be more fulfilling than spreading it idly around the website and channeling it into aggression. 

I stand behind my discourse with Koroush as an individual.  But I  insist, again;  that a point has come where the ONLY way he can protect that individual voice is by registering.  And I say the same to everyone here. 

And lalso, without tooting my own horn or meaning to offend anyone, Koroush is one of the few of the "regulars" here voices on this website whose level of discourse in the humanities and the arts I find completely stimulating.  And I have a right to be an intellectual and to have that discourse, and to play with it, to play with language on that level, because it's FUN.    It's our right to do so.  And we do it on the silliest of threads, on this one, under cartoons, etc.  We don't do it on threads about nuclear radiation.  

 I'm telling him to register.  I'm telling him to maintain ONE protected identity, stop Islam-bashing and devote himself to literature so he won't waste time spewing venom.  If I'm egging him on, I'm egging him on in a good way. And I stand by it.  And if he responds to me that I pray with my legs as well as the rest of me, I say thank god SOMEONE here understands that EVERYTHING is sacred, including a permenopausal non-Iranian Jewish intellectual's sexuality.

Egging on...let's see what chicks come out of it.  KS, would you register for godsake's?  This is getting on my nerves. When someone talls me what part of my body I pray with and what rosary beads I use, I'll know it's Koroush...but still..it's getting...ridiculous.



Now regards apology!

by Anonymou s.o.s (not verified) on

Now regards apology!
It takes BIG man(woman) to make apology. little men and women can not do apology, because they are scared and too maghroor.


Rosie Jan

by Mahnaz^1^ (not verified) on

Ostad Raoof is right. Just read the blog. Everyone knows about "KS" and his muliplicity of names. The name du jour depends on whether he wants to be nasty or nice :) Really !!



by horse (not verified) on

you just love egging him on dunt-cha, Rosie?
as if he ain't lost e-nuff already!
whoda thunk youd wanna hurt our cuddly li'le ks?
let 'im beeee! --- oooh let 'im beee!
whisper words of wisdom --- oooh let 'im beee.
there will be an answer .........


Rosie T.

by Ali_J (not verified) on

Ostad Raoof is right. There are notes all across the site about this. Just read the Bahmani's Blog that Ostad Raoof linked.

Kourosh Sassanian is his Mr. Hide. And, his other names are the Dr. Jekyl's. Trust me, I know!


To "Rosie" (regarding Kourosh Sassanian)

by Ostad Raoof (not verified) on

Rosie Khanom, please don't let Kourosh Confuse my identity with his. This is "Ostad Raoof".
As you Can see, My "Style" of Writing is nothing like Kourosoh Sassanian's.
There are "Notes" all across the site regarding Kourosh having "Multiple" names. Names such as "Ahmad Bahai", "Kose sher", etc.
As I said, he has a tendency to use "Kourosh Sassanian" when he wants to be "Civil", and other names such as "Ahmad Bahai", "Kose Sher", and others when he wants to be "Nasty".