On anniversary of murder of Dr.Fatemi the architect of oil nationalization


by aynak

".... We governed this country for 3 years, and did not kill not one of our opponents! Because we did not come to kill our brothers but to stand up with Iraninians to the foreign forces to stop their looting our resources, ..... Shah (Mohmad Reza Pahlavi), must be affriad of the day that he would face the same destiny as the Louis XVI, Tsar, Mohamad Ali Mirza and Reza Khan"

So remarked Hosein Fatemi before he was sentenced to death in military court, helf after 1953 coupe.

Dr.Mossadegh named Dr.Fatemi as the first person who suggested nationalization of ALL of Iranian oil. This, and his resistence to the coupe was the ultimate reason for his murder. There was earilier a terror attempt on his life which was unsuccessful by oneof Seyd Zia's hitmans the known British Petroleum agent.

The true crime of for which Dr.Fatemi was murdered can be summerized as follows:

Nationalizing the Oil Industry: 1940s-50s

National Iranian Oil Company was formed as a result of tensions between the British-owned Anglo-Persian Oil Company--renamed Anglo-Iranian Oil Company in 1935 and British Petroleum Company in 1954--and the Persian and then Iranian government, which came to a head after World War II. The British oil company had found oil in southwest Iran in 1908 and, on the basis of this discovery and the support of the British government, which acquired a 51 percent shareholding in it in 1914, it had grown to become one of the world's largest international oil companies by the 1930s. There was resentment within Iran, however, at the privileged position held by Anglo-Iranian, and its close association with the British government, whose imperialist ambitions were feared. The British invaded and occupied Iran in alliance with the Soviet Union in 1941, which did nothing to reduce suspicion of the oil company. There was particular resentment at the low amount of royalties paid to the government by Anglo-Iranian. In 1948 negotiations began to improve the share of oil income retained by Iran, but these were unsuccessful, and in 1951 the strongly nationalist prime minister, Dr. Muhammad Mussadegh, nationalized the oil industry. The resulting conflict became one of the great causes célèbres in the history of oil-company-host-government relationships in the 20th century.

NIOC was incorporated by the Iranian government on April 30, 1951, as the corporate instrument of the government's nationalization policy. Initially it took over all the employees and physical assets of Anglo-Iranian within Iran, with instructions to set aside 25 percent of its profits to meet compensation claims by the British company. NIOC's attempts to take control of the industry were gravely weakened, however, because the main international oil companies boycotted Iranian oil exports to demonstrate their support for the British company. Iranian production collapsed, as the oil majors replaced Iranian oil with expanded production from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In 1953 Mussadegh was overthrown in a coup. In the following year agreement was reached between the conflicting parties. The result was a new role for NIOC.

In September 1954 an eight-member consortium called the Iranian Oil Participants (IOP) was formed. The arrangement was similar to others in operation in much of the rest of the Middle East. The shareholding was in the hands of the major Western oil majors. British Petroleum Company (BP) held 40 percent, Shell 14 percent, Chevron 8 percent, Exxon 8 percent, Gulf 8 percent, Mobil 8 percent, Texaco 8 percent, and Compagnie Française de Pétroles 6 percent. NIOC was recognized as the owner of Iran's oil deposits and of all installed assets of the Iranian oil industry, but actual control over the industry was placed firmly in the hands of the consortium members. NIOC lacked influence over the production, refining, and export of Iranian crude oil and products. Two companies owned by IOP--the Iranian Oil Exploration and Producing Company and the Iranian Oil Refining Company--operated the assets formally owned by NIOC, to whom they were officially appointed as contractors. They produced oil for NIOC, which was then sold to IOP member companies that were responsible for export marketing.



Looking at the Goal of oil nationalization, which was to get a share more than 3% given by the BP to Iran, and the aftermath of 1953 coupe as stated in the destribution of oil to various oil companies post 53 coupe, as FACTS above, the real reason for murder of the architect of oil nationalization Hossein Fatemi becomes ever more clear.


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Farah Rusta

Maths is not the only thing which needs a little polishing

by Farah Rusta on

 but it is also your memory Aynak jan!

 I stated at the outset that not only did I not try to justify Fatemi's execution, but I condemned with no hesitation. I only explained it based on my own knowledge of the time and the circumstances surrounding that event. Now you can take it or you can leave it.

But you seem to want to pick up a fight and provoke me into an argument. Well, my dear, you have chosen the wrong sparring partner. In the interest of unity among the shadows, I am keeping my peace Aynak Jan otherwsie your arguments are not any better than your maths.



Re:The Murder

by aynak on

"To be clear I did not agree with Forouhars in many way. "

And that is absolutely not a requirement VPK jan.   All we have to do is to be tolerant of opposing views, and their rights to exist.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The Murder

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


of any of these leaders is a tragedy. It does not matter whether they are Nationalist or Marxists or whatever. It does not matter who murders them: Shah; or Islamists or Marxists or anyone.

To be clear I did not agree with Forouhars in many way. But I condemn their murder with all my heart. We must learn to debate; not murder. When any of our leaders are killed it hurts us all. Regardless of our political views or positions. VPK



Re:Murder of Forouhar-ha at the hands of Khamanehey

by aynak on


And you nailed my friend Targol.   The Forouhars were murdered preciesly to leave no alternatives.   That is why they are so scared of even holding a funeral.  

So much parallel exists between the stabbing to death of Parvaneh Forouhar who was also ill and had a fever and the Fatemis.

To have a flower like Jazani, bloom and his views mature and progress takes years. When they step on such flower by assasinating him IN PRISON, they are taking maturity a way from a group that at the time of revolution had no leadership.   Of course same is true for Soltan Pour, Bakhtiarand so many who were murdered either by the Shah or Khamanee so there is no viable competion is left standing.


Hoshang Targol

Ayanak jan, once again you nailed it in the head

by Hoshang Targol on

How true, if Dr.Fatemi was alive during 1977-79, we might have  seen a very different outcome to the insurrection against monarchy. On the same level I think from the left camp, if Jazani wasn't machined gunned to death outside of Evin and had lived, he would have known how to deal with Tudeh party and their machinations. 

The issue of continuity, or  rather a  prolonged and consistent  dis-continutiy in our politcs and culture in Iran is what we're still suffering from even today.Every generation seems to start anew all over again , with no reliable reliance on past expereinces and historical resources.

On this note, let us not forget Parvaneh Eskandari and Daruish Forohar: their assasination by IR, and the continued struggle for keeping their memory alive.


25آبان.اخطار نيروی انتظامی به پرستوفروهر:حق برگزاری مراسم نداريد

جرس: نيروی انتظامی ديروز به پرستو فروهر، فرزند داريوش فروهر هشدار داد
که اجازه برگزاری مراسم چه در اماکن عمومی چه در خانه آزادی را ندارد.

به گزارش جرس،در اين هشدار تاکيد شده است که خانواده اين دو جانباخته
(پروانه اسکندری و داريوش فروهر ) اجازه برگزاری هيچگونه مراسمی را ندارند.

بر طبق دستور ماموران امنيتی فرزندان فروهر حق اعلام مراسم در هيچ نشريه و سايتی را ندارند.

علی رغم تهديدات امنيتی پرستو فروهر اعلام کرده است که در خانه آزادی(
خانه داريوش فروهر) بر روی همه هم ميهنان برای برگزاری مراسم يادمان فروهر
ها باز است.

گفتنی است ، پيش از اين اعلام شده بود که مراسم سالگرد از سوی پرستو و
آرش فرزندان آن مرحومان در منزل فروهرها واقع در خيابان هدايت روز اول
آذرماه سال 89 از ساعت 16: 30 دقيقه برگزار می شود.

همچنين بر اساس گزارش خبرنگار جرس، ماموران وزارت اطلاعات امروز
اعلام کردند که پاسپورت پرستو فروهر که در فرودگاه ضبط گرديده ، همچنان به
وی بازگردانده نخواهد شد.

داريوش فروهر، رهبر حزب ملت ايران و همسرش پروانه اسکندرى، در اول
آذرماه سال 1377 در جريان قتل هاى زنجيره اى در منزلشان بر اثر ضربات چاقو
کشته شدند.



Re: Just sad?

by aynak on



" Sadly Dr Fatemi was to be sacrificed to quel another army revolt.  "

Sadly?!  I know killing/torture in the interest of power comes easy to some, but is that the full range of emotion you can muster? they killed an Amir Kabir, so the insecure Shahs, would not have to worry about someone smart to be alive, to question their illigitimate rule.  Tragically, murderously.   In my background a car accidentaly running over a cat is "Sad".   Pulling Fatemi with fever out of a cell and shooting him?     You should get a degree for your mastery of understatements.

Farah Rusta

It was a pleasure Aynak Jan. Ironically ...

by Farah Rusta on

... your math remains your strongest point!!



I know I'm 'gate crashing'

by Simorgh5555 on

I know I'm 'gate crashing' this blog. Just consider this proposition in the most favourable terms for Mossadeq: The Shah was a puppet. Mossadeq threw overthrew the Shah and ejected the British imperialists. The oil belongs to Iran and should be nationalised.

But NOW WHAT? You have the oil rigs? What are you going to do with oil? Who are you going to sell it to? You cannot eat oil. You need to sell it. The oil was lying under the ground for millions of years and the British came and discovered it, built the derricks, to drill it out of the ground. Do you think they will abandon it like that? Do you think you can convince the Brtish to buy their oil which they found and demand they buy it? Who is going to do the rest of the drilling? Who is going to process the oil into gas, plastic and petro chemicals? Who was gouing to build and maintain the rest of the pumps? Did Mossadeq have the money? Did Mossadeq have the know how  or the technology? In Principle should the oil be nationalised? YES Should the British be kicked out of Abadan and Ahwaz? YES. 

Once Mossadeq kicked out the British. What was the contingency plan? Mossadeq had no strategy on how to deal with the oil - which was the lifeblood of the country. And once Mossadeq had no one to but their oil and no one to supply him cash when the state coffers were empty who would he have turned to? You guessed it. Our old 'pals' the Soviets who always had their envious eye on our country. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


We often think, how come in 1979, there were no heavy weights like Razm Ara, Mossadegh, Maleki, even Qhavam ....   

That is right! We had the best of our people murdered. Don't forget Kasravi. With people like them things would have been very different indeed. In fact at many stages things may have been different.

To be fair we did have some good people. However the Islamists overwhelmed them. Now thanks for millions of Iranians in diaspora at least we have plenty of educated people. It will take a lot to kill us all.




by MM on

Some of your questions are answered in the partially published CIA documents at //www.nytimes.com/library/world/mideast/041600iran-cia-index.html including the pressures that were put on the late Shah to execute the coup. 


The NYT article links to the following sections in the original CIA document at //www.nytimes.com/library/world/mideast/iran-cia-intro.pdf

Introduction: How a Plot Convulsed Iran in '53 (and in '79)


I. The roots: Britain Fights Oil Nationalism


II. The pressure: Trying to Persuade a Reluctant Shah


III. The coup: First Few Days Look Disastrous


IV. The success: C.I.A. and Moscow Are Both Surprised


V. The premier: Eccentric Nationalist Begets Strange History


VI. The media: C.I.A. Tried, With Little Success, to Use U.S. Press in Coup


VII. The spy: 'Gentleman Spy' at Helm


The key events:   


The coup period: The key events in the 1953 coup 




Thanks for all the contribution

by aynak on


Looking at some of the justification, now 56 years later (thanks again Ms.Rusta for math correction), it becomes evident that murder of one of our finest was actually not a conicident.    We often think, how come in 1979, there were no heavy weights like Razm Ara, Mossadegh, Maleki, even Qhavam ....  

Well part of the answer is, the elimination of such people.    Dr.Fatemi lived to be 37 years old!!!

That means at the time of revolution he would have been 62.   Who doesn't think a 62 years old Fatemi, who stood up to Shah and Kashani would let Khomanee run things the way he did?

Can we make the connection?



This is a tremendous blog as

by vildemose on

This is a tremendous blog as HT rightfully mentions in his post downthread.  And like he said every comment is authentic and resourceful. Thank you everyone.



by Monda on

As MM wrote, motives are everything.

Steven Weinberg the Noble winner in Physics said: 


با دین یا بدون آن، انسانهای خوب کارهای خوب می کنند و انسانهای شرور، کارهای شرارت بار. اما برای اینکه انسانهای خوب کارهای شرورانه بکنند، به دین نیاز است. 

Anonymous Observer

P-J, Exactly!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

Saudi Arabia, Pahlavi Iran, or Kuwaitis were/are to buy weapon systems whether they need them or not, can use them or not.   These purchase(s) provide BADLY needed jobs in the West, and has no bearing on Iranian threat.   Soviet Union was used as a BOGGY man before, now it is Iran.  

Exactly!!!  That's my point.  So, how has the IR been bad for the U.S. and the West?  It's the best thing that ever happened to them.

Also, consider this:

Prior to 1979: No permanent U.S. bases in the Persian Gulf.

Post 1979: Permanent U.S. bases in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.  

get the picture?  IR, willingly or unwillingly, has been THE BEST gift to the West.

Read this blog please:


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have come across very interesting information from unlikely sources. Hopefully one day I will be able to get it validated. However according to some Americans "spooks" the Shah initially did NOT want to participate in the coupe. For one he was scared and he also did not think it would work. The "spooks" did major arm twisting . He finally went along. 

IMHO this could have been salvaged if:

  • The Shah had reached out to Mossadegh and his follower. Unfortunately his fear made him clamp down.
  • The JM had tried to keep the good parts of Shahi regime. Things like social freedom; economic ties with the West and son on.
  • Mossadegh had recognized he was targeted by the British. Either made a deal like Dariush says or been prepared to stop them.

All of this is past and best we can do is to learn. No more hurtling insults back and forth. Rather we must realize that a free Iran will have: Nationalists; Monarchists; Communist (not MKO) and Muslims all in politics. If we accept this then there is hope. Sure there may be disagreement and ups and downs. However whoever is in power will NOT throw the rest in Evin. Nor would they shoot; hang; ban; or abuse the other factions. This is the basis for a vibrant democratic and open government. 

Hoshang Targol

A timely reminder and and an excellent discussion

by Hoshang Targol on

dear AYNAK thanks again for your apt interventions. HT is one of my pen names, yes, you were correct, the martyr you mentioned was from Borojerd and belonged to a very small group ( javid arman khalgh) that was in contact with Fadayeian. The real Hoshang Tareh'gol and all other members of that  group were executed  by Shah's military court.

Many thanks to freenet ,for  posting  the  JM's statement, this kind of continuity in our politics and culture is what we need and most often lack.

Almost every singel comment in here, whether I agree with or not , is an original attempt. Hope more blogs were like this.

Ostad Dariush, my humble apologies if I sound a bit angry and impatient, such petulance is probably a symptom of aging,  or me really needing a drink , or both, in any case it's definitely my limitaion more than anything else.

And thanks  for Ghatbeh, Okhtapous is always delightful and refreshing, though this one bordered on child abuse! As long as we're on the topic of maturity, it migh not be a bad idea to recall how Kant defined his notion of Enlightment:

"Enlightenment is man's emergence from his self-imposed immaturity."

Wonder how each of us, in here,  would size up to this crieteria? cheers


An Answer to the Question:

What is Enlightenment? (1784)




by P_J on

I was thinking more along the lines of Iranian Psyche and social resilience, in fighting this out rather that RUNNING!   In other words NONE of these TERRIBLE events have been able to defeat or DAMPEN their ENTHUSIASM or DRIVE to and for freedom.  

We, Iranians, have been through this in EXCESS of 120 years!   Iranian PSYCHE and perseverance dictates that one of these days we are BOUND to SUCCEED, no other way around it!


دو پایه سنتی و اصلی باز تولیدفرهنگ استبدادی در ایران


و ارتجاع سلطنتی



درماجرای کودتای ننگین و خائنانه 28 مرداد 1332 پادشاه مملکت دست در دست سازمان های اطلاعاتی و جاسوسی بیگانه همچون « سیا» و « اینتلجنت سرویس» گذاشته و هم پیمان با آنان دولت ملی و معتقد به مردم سالاری دکترمحمد مصدق راساقط نمود و بساطی ازظلم و استبداد و دیکتاتوری برپا کرد که اکنون پس از 57 سال هنوز هم ملت ایران از پی آمد های آن روز سیاه و آن خیانت بزرگ رنج میبرد و تاوان آن را میپردازد و علی التحقیق میتوان گفت که ناکامی ها و مصائب امروزی ملت ایران و عدم تحقق دموکراسی و حاکمیت ملی دراین کشور طی این سالها نیز ریشه درهمان کودتای شوم دارد.

پس از کودتا دکتر مصدق و بسیاری از یاران وهمکارانش به زندان افتادند. امادکتر سیدحسین فاطمی وزیر خارجه شجاع دولت ملی مخفی گردیده و از پناهگاه خود به مبارزه علیه کودتاچیان ادامه داد و بسیاری از نوشته های مهیج و امیدبخش او در نشریات نهضت مقاومت ملی که از فردای کودتا تشکیل یافته بود مورد استفاده قرار گرفت. ولی بالاخره در روز ششم اسفند 1332 دکترفاطمی دستگیر شد و به دست دژخیمان افتاد. در همان روز دستگیری عوامل خود فروخته شاه برنامه رذیلانه ای را برای قتل او طرح وبه اجرا گذاشتند بدین شکل که در هنگام انتقال دکتر فاطمی به داخل شهربانی اراذل و اوباش به سردستگی شعبان بی مخ در جلوی درب شهربانی بر سر اوریخته و کوشیدند تا با ضربات چاقو او را ازپای درآورند و اگر فداکاری خواهر دکتر فاطمی بانو سلطنت فاطمی نمیبود و در آن لحظه خود را سپر چاقوهای آن جنایتکاران مزدور قرار نمیداد به احتمال قوی آنها در نقشه شوم خود موفق میشدند و دکترفاطمی فرصت رسیدن به دادگاه و محاکمه را نمی یافت و آن دفاعیات قهرمانانه از او برجای نمی ماند.

باری دکترفاطمی با ایثار و از خودگذشتگی خواهر فداکارش ازآن مهلکه جان به در برد و با بدنی مجروح که چندین ضربه کارد بر آن اصابت کرده بود به زندان و محاکمه کشیده شد. محاکمات عبرت آموز آن بزرگ مرد درتابستان 1333 صورت گرفت و بیدادگاه نظامی شاه اورا به اعدام محکوم نمود و سرانجام در سحرگاه نوزدهم آبانماه 1333 پیکرتب دار و رنجور اورا با برانکارد به میدانتیرباران لشکر دو زرهی آورده و به جوخه اعدام سپردند. و او در راه آزادی و استقلال ایران برای سومین وآخرین بار درخون خود درغلطید.

دکترحسین فاطمی درسال 1296 در شهر نائین چشم به جهان گشود و 37 سال زندگانی کوتاه ولی بسیار پر ثمرو پر فراز ونشیبی را پشت سر گذاشت. او ازروز 8 مرداد 1328 روزنامه باختر امروز را شخصا" منتشر نمود که باید آنرا ارگان اصلی نهضت ملی ایران درآن سالها دانست. او قبلا در روزنامه های دیگر از جمله روزنامه باختر مربوط به برادرش افکار آزادیخواهانه و استقلال طلبانه خودرا منتشر میکرد. دکترفاطمی در روز 22 مهر 1328 درزمره همراهان دکترمصدق درتحصن اعتراض به عدم آزادی انتخابات در دوره شانزدهم مجلس شورای ملی بود و هم او بود که پس از آن تحصن فکر تشکیل یک سازمان سیاسی ملی را مطرح نمود و حتی گفته میشود که نام آن سازمان یعنی جبهه ملی ایران را او پیشنهاد کرد و در اولین شورای مرکزی جبهه ملی شرکت جست شورائی که با مبارزات خود توانست انتخابات قلابی انجام شده رادرتهران به ابطال برساند و در انتخابات مجدد هشت نفر نماینده از اعضای جبهه ملی را به مجلس بفرستد تا کار بزرگ ملی شدن نفت را به رهبری دکتر محمدمصدق به انجام برسانند. دکتر فاطمی در روز 25 بهمن 1330 هنگام سخنرانی در سر مزار روزنامه نگار ملی، محمدمسعود به ضرب گلوله ای که از اسلحه « عبدخدائی » یکی از اعضای جمعیت فدائیان اسلام به سوی او شلیک گردید مضروب شد و این بار اولی بود که خون پاکش بر خاک ایران ریخته میشد. پس ازاین سوء قصد فدائیان اسلام هیچگاه توضیح ندادند که ترور دکترحسین فاطمی که در خط اول مبارزه آزادیخواهانه ملت ایران ومبارزه با قدرت استعمار مکار انگلیس قرار داشت چرا و باچه قصد ومنظوری صورت گرفت؟. دکترفاطمی خود در اولین سرمقاله ای که پس از این ترور برای باختر امروز تهیه کرد اینگونه نوشت که: « خدای بزرگ نخواست گلوله ای را که ازطرف یک تروریست دست پرورده اینتلجنت سرویس به طرف من رها شد کارگر افتد.

دکترفاطمی درآن زمان نمیدانست که دیگر دست پروردگان اینتلجنت سرویس در لباسی دیگرودر دو نوبت دیگر خون پاکش رابر زمین ایران خواهند ریخت.

ما در سال روز شهادت آن شهید والامقام جبهه ملی ایران به روان پاکش درود میفرستیم و نسل جوان این مرز وبوم را به آموختن از زندگی پرافتخار دکترفاطمی فرا میخوانیم.


 تهران – جبهه ملی ایران

 18 /8 /

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You say people in Iran are "Thriving" and Fesenjoon posts disagrees. Do you think selling body part is thriving. Wow, some idea of doing well. What a strange way.


VPK and AO!

by P_J on

I have to disagree with you both!   As bad as these folks are, you constantly hear a repeating THEME from inside, discouraging any major violent uprising inside or attack(s) from outside, allowing this TERRIBLE regime to die from natural causes.   They believe and I agree that any such violence would give life to this regime and prolong their miserable existence as did Saddam’s attack, stabilizing Khomeini regime.   



AO:   All you have to do is to OBJECTIVELY look at European golden mansions/castles/palaces built during 17, 18, and 19 century!   That wealth came from their colonies in Asia, Africa, South and Central America, during their colonial rule.      



Saudi Arabia, Pahlavi Iran, or Kuwaitis were/are to buy weapon systems whether they need them or not, can use them or not.   These purchase(s) provide BADLY needed jobs in the West, and has no bearing on Iranian threat.   Soviet Union was used as a BOGGY man before, now it is Iran.   It has something to do with the US support of Saudi family; in other words, if they don’t obey they will have the same future as their other stooge brethren, i.e. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, General Noriega, Marcos and others, simply because, they have no popular GRASS ROOT support at home, and their sole EXISTANCE can depend only on and from outside!     

Darius Kadivar

Yeh Ho Balegh Shody Haeh ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

To Paraphrase Hoshang Targol in the same way when he gets impatient against us monarchists

"aghar Manam Boodam Yeh Toogooshee ham too oon Sareh Kachalesh Meezadam" 

Iran " مصاحبه قاطبه با شاگرد ممتاز


Darius Kadivar

British & Spaniards Went Back Does that mean they are Stupid ?

by Darius Kadivar on

I am sure 60,003,000 British Subjects appreciate your condescending remark:
HISTORY FORUM: David Starkey - Return Of The King (5 Parts)      
RESTORATION: Britain's 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688 and the 'Bill of Rights'          
FIRST THEOCRACY: Oliver Cromwell the King Killer (BBC)                   Oh and So did and do the 46,030,109 Spanish subjects:        
  HISTORY FORUM: Franco's Ghost- Spain's Painful Road Towards National Reconciliation 


Thank you P_J and Mehman

by aynak on


The goal should be to actively promote the idea for a better Iran.  I think there is a notion here that because Islamic Regime is doing worse to people than Pahlavis, therefore we need to go back to lesser of two evils.  With that menality the French should have gone back to Louis instead of fixing their revolution.

This revolution was hijacked by the most regressive/reactionary forces in our socieity, but the aspiration of our people is looking for far better than we ever had and not the spiral down path between choosing Black or White.

Mehman Jan,  I remember our books had 4 pages of pictures, Shah, Farah and Reza and also Ashraf.   What a waste of paper that was.   One instance I like to share was when Sourod Shah-An_Shahi was played in theaters.  (Notice, it was called Sourd Shah-An-Shahi and not Sourde Melli).   People had to get up as soon as the  song was played, and I remember one time this bald guy sitting in front of us did not get up.   There was this guy sitting right behind that slapped him :) :) to get him off the chair in respect for the Shah.   I started laughing and my father gave me the look!   I knew I should remaind quiet.    Some of the 24/7 Propagandists here are just dreaming of those good old days.   Except as P_J stated, Iran wants more and more than anything else it does not want a Shah or Valeeh.   We are all grown ups now.

Darius Kadivar

Devils Advocate Q&A: How about Freedom Without independence?

by Darius Kadivar on

INDIA is a DEMOCRACY since 1948 ... ( And given it's own former Colony Status is part of the Commonwealth)

IRAN which was NEVER a Colony IS A DICTATORSHIP since 1953 and Specifically a THEOCRACY Since 1979 ...


It seems to me Mossadegh WAS NO Gandhi ! Otherwise he would have subtly tried to find common ground with the British be it on the short term ( 50 - 50 Deal of Sharing Oil Profits ?) in a bid to win on the long term ( Full Nationalization without being toppled on grounds of jeopardizing the nation's stability barely 8 years after the Azerbaijan Crisis) ...


THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?



Well he didn't and we saw the far reaching consequences for the nation at large due to his own stubborness ... 

Video Below in conclusion:

Bob Hope on Zombies and Democrats

  I rest my case !        


Dear Aynak!

by P_J on

I could not agree with you more!       I put democracy on the top of that list, that EXCLUDES the IR form of “so called” democracy resembling the Soviets, or elections during the Pahlavis.   Presently, Iran and Iranians are sophisticated and EDUCATED enough to easily handle and become a great democracy! 


I was watching an Iranian movie, Persian Cats, story of musicians that this DEMONIC regime has forbidden.   What caught my attention more was that despite all OBSTACLES that this inhumane regime has created, there are 120 musical bands in Teheran performing underground!   All signs of a THRIVING nation/people who are trying hard to beat the suffocating strangle hold of dictatorship in our beloved land!   Nothing could have made me feel with more PRIDE!

Thaks again Aynak for your great posts!        

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


First of all the revolution had lots of deep reasons. It was a revolution against dictatorship yes but not against freedom. People ended up losing their freedom. In short people made a giant mistake. I know many deeply regretting it.

How about the value of rial? Or peace: yes while Shah was in power no one dared attack Iran. Thanks to people like you we had a war that brought so much pain to people. But your hate is blinding you. 

Khomeini himself admits that his loyalty is to Islam. He would burn Iran to advance Islam. If that is not treason I don't know what is. The Shah was arrogant and self absorbed. But a patriotic Iranian.

You obviously have a beef with the Shah. But you are in a minority. Most people would gladly take the Shah over this garbage.

Of course it is not going to happen. The milk is spilled. Best we could do is to attempt to get back to where we could have been. Had it not been for people whose eyes are blinded by hate. And the fools who followed them.

The kind of hate you show is exactly what is the problem.

Anonymous Observer

An example of paranoid delusions that lead to talking from

by Anonymous Observer on

both sides of one's mouth:

Today we see EMENSE budget downfalls in the WEST.   In the past 3,4 centuries these  deficits were made up by robbing the third world, employing TRAITORS like Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and his COLABORATORS!

Now, I'm sure that if you ask "P_J", she will tell you that Saudi Arabia and all other Persian Gulf Sheikdoms, along with Egypt, Jordan, etc. are all U.S. puppets who give their nations' wealth away to the evil "West." Also, she will tell you that the U.S. invaded Iraq for oil, and that it has been robbing that country's wealth for the past seven years.  Mind you that Saudi Arabia and Iraq have the No.1 and No.2 oil reserves in the world respectively.

So, by "P_J"'s calculation, the only country that "broke the chain of slavery", blah, blah, blah, and stopped giving "wealth" to the evil "West" was Iran, which, in turn, means that the "West" by not receiving Iran's wealth ALONE, is collapsing.  Wow, didn't know we were so powerful that we could just stop sending checks and the "West" would collapse.:-)

Come off your high horse, set aside your arrogance and do away with your delusions of grandeur.  Your  mighty revolution has so far achieved ONLY two things: Jack and s**t.  Its biggest achievement so far is putting mandatory head scarves on women.  The "West" is laughing its behind off at IR's stupidity.  They just closed the deal for the largest weapons sales in U.S. History to Saudi Arabia...all because IR exists.  Get a clue! 




by P_J on

Iran was not doing GREAT, may be for YOU it was, but not for the Majority of Iranians!   Proof; Iranian REVOLUTION, you may have heard of it, it was real! 

We never had international respect.   The so called “international Respect” came with a very HIGH price and depended on how much they could ROB us, compromising Iran’s sovereign status! 

Shah was west's BIGGEST stooge....but TRAITORS don't get much respect.   Proof is that they did not even allow this INTERNATIONALLY RESPECTED man to set foot in their country, it was Anvar Sadat who felt sorry for this international “GIANT” or he would have been returned to Iran to stand for  crimes he had committed.   



Khomeini, and the rest of these CRIMINALS as bad as they are, are not TRAITORS, in my view.   For one thing, right or wrong they have been fighting everyone…that may be wrong to you and the others, but much different from selling the country to the first or highest BIDDER!     



Dear P_J:

by aynak on


Independence without freedom is meaningless.   The reason I started this post with Dr.Fatemis speech, that said, WE DID NOT KILL ANYONE in our 3 years in power, was to emphasis the direct relations between his great mind set as both a seeker of freedom as well as independence.

Otherwise, the world is full of little dictators who are "indepenent".   Can anyone claim Saddam not to be independent?   Or that lunatic Momar Ghadafi.  Kim Il Sung and his son currently  destroying N.Korea are also other examples of indpendence without freedom.

Of course we need not go that far, Ahmadi Nejad is the perfect example, to the point I can't believe him to even not be an agent.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/ Treason Act 1842 which prevails to this day in the UK

by Darius Kadivar on

The Treason Act 1842 (5 & 6 Vict. c.51) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. It was passed early in the reign of Queen Victoria. It was last used in 1981 to prosecute Marcus Sarjeant. In Northern Ireland intending or causing "any bodily harm" to the Queen remains treason under the Treason Act (Ireland) 1537.

More Here: