On anniversary of murder of Dr.Fatemi the architect of oil nationalization


by aynak

".... We governed this country for 3 years, and did not kill not one of our opponents! Because we did not come to kill our brothers but to stand up with Iraninians to the foreign forces to stop their looting our resources, ..... Shah (Mohmad Reza Pahlavi), must be affriad of the day that he would face the same destiny as the Louis XVI, Tsar, Mohamad Ali Mirza and Reza Khan"

So remarked Hosein Fatemi before he was sentenced to death in military court, helf after 1953 coupe.

Dr.Mossadegh named Dr.Fatemi as the first person who suggested nationalization of ALL of Iranian oil. This, and his resistence to the coupe was the ultimate reason for his murder. There was earilier a terror attempt on his life which was unsuccessful by oneof Seyd Zia's hitmans the known British Petroleum agent.

The true crime of for which Dr.Fatemi was murdered can be summerized as follows:

Nationalizing the Oil Industry: 1940s-50s

National Iranian Oil Company was formed as a result of tensions between the British-owned Anglo-Persian Oil Company--renamed Anglo-Iranian Oil Company in 1935 and British Petroleum Company in 1954--and the Persian and then Iranian government, which came to a head after World War II. The British oil company had found oil in southwest Iran in 1908 and, on the basis of this discovery and the support of the British government, which acquired a 51 percent shareholding in it in 1914, it had grown to become one of the world's largest international oil companies by the 1930s. There was resentment within Iran, however, at the privileged position held by Anglo-Iranian, and its close association with the British government, whose imperialist ambitions were feared. The British invaded and occupied Iran in alliance with the Soviet Union in 1941, which did nothing to reduce suspicion of the oil company. There was particular resentment at the low amount of royalties paid to the government by Anglo-Iranian. In 1948 negotiations began to improve the share of oil income retained by Iran, but these were unsuccessful, and in 1951 the strongly nationalist prime minister, Dr. Muhammad Mussadegh, nationalized the oil industry. The resulting conflict became one of the great causes célèbres in the history of oil-company-host-government relationships in the 20th century.

NIOC was incorporated by the Iranian government on April 30, 1951, as the corporate instrument of the government's nationalization policy. Initially it took over all the employees and physical assets of Anglo-Iranian within Iran, with instructions to set aside 25 percent of its profits to meet compensation claims by the British company. NIOC's attempts to take control of the industry were gravely weakened, however, because the main international oil companies boycotted Iranian oil exports to demonstrate their support for the British company. Iranian production collapsed, as the oil majors replaced Iranian oil with expanded production from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In 1953 Mussadegh was overthrown in a coup. In the following year agreement was reached between the conflicting parties. The result was a new role for NIOC.

In September 1954 an eight-member consortium called the Iranian Oil Participants (IOP) was formed. The arrangement was similar to others in operation in much of the rest of the Middle East. The shareholding was in the hands of the major Western oil majors. British Petroleum Company (BP) held 40 percent, Shell 14 percent, Chevron 8 percent, Exxon 8 percent, Gulf 8 percent, Mobil 8 percent, Texaco 8 percent, and Compagnie Française de Pétroles 6 percent. NIOC was recognized as the owner of Iran's oil deposits and of all installed assets of the Iranian oil industry, but actual control over the industry was placed firmly in the hands of the consortium members. NIOC lacked influence over the production, refining, and export of Iranian crude oil and products. Two companies owned by IOP--the Iranian Oil Exploration and Producing Company and the Iranian Oil Refining Company--operated the assets formally owned by NIOC, to whom they were officially appointed as contractors. They produced oil for NIOC, which was then sold to IOP member companies that were responsible for export marketing.



Looking at the Goal of oil nationalization, which was to get a share more than 3% given by the BP to Iran, and the aftermath of 1953 coupe as stated in the destribution of oil to various oil companies post 53 coupe, as FACTS above, the real reason for murder of the architect of oil nationalization Hossein Fatemi becomes ever more clear.


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Darius Kadivar

FYI/ 5 years prison sentence for man who shot @ QE2 (1981)

by Darius Kadivar on

Even in a Democracy like Great Britain One cannot threaten the Sovereign ( be it with a Fake Shot with Blank Cartridges) without evaluating the consequences of one's irresponsible actions. 

Video Below: 

1981 - Trooping the Colour - Queen Shot At

Marcus Simon Serjeant was jailed for five years under the 1842 Treason Act, a law not used since 1966.

The former air cadet, from Folkestone, Kent, was found guilty of wilfully discharging at the person of Her Majesty the Queen a blank cartridge pistol, with intent to alarm her.

The court was told that Serjeant had at one stage planned to kill the Queen, but had failed to obtain a suitable lethal weapon.

"I wanted to be famous," he said later. "I wanted to be a somebody."

He served more than three years in jail, before being released in October 1984.  


Related News:

BBC ON THIS DAY | 13 | 1981: Queen shot at by youth 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Iran’s long and brilliant history has had ups and downs, competent as well as incompetent rulers, but never in the past has a leader so blatantly betrayed his nation as did Mohammad Reza Pahlavi,

How about Khomeini; Rafsanjani; Khamenei and Ahmadinejad!

Sir, Iran was going great under the Shah. Yes we had political repression. But socially we had freedom; internationally respected. We had a great economy and security. You have such a jaded view of history as to say what you did. Were you on the same planet.


Another TERRIFFIC Post Aynak!

by P_J on

As you mentioned, Fatemi’s patriotism and greatness can’t be disputed.   He and his likes, GREAT man like Mossadegh, would live not only in Iran's GLOURIOUS history, but the heart and mind of every patriotic Iranian forever.


Iran’s long and brilliant history has had ups and downs, competent as well as incompetent rulers, but never in the past has a leader so blatantly betrayed his nation as did Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, by destroying all signs of STRUGGLE, and EXECUTING their GREAT leaders against the IMPERIALISTS who not only were robbing us, but compromising our SOVEREIGNTY.…not only that but by giving them a helping hand!


Today we see EMENSE budget downfalls in the WEST.   In the past 3,4 centuries these  deficits were made up by robbing the third world, employing TRAITORS like Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and his COLABORATORS!


Again THANKS for the remembrance! 


bowing down to kamar

by Mehman on

There are many mistakes committed by defli khan.


Re: Definition of mistakes :)

by aynak on


Dear Hoshang,

Some times I think, either these folks have a low IQ, or they think we have a low IQ.   Granted, I can't subtract dates :) but.....

In a move not too different from Islamic Regimes shuting down of Mosharkat, the last regime could not even stand the "Iran Novin" party!   As you saw, the ex-Shah had that  historic speech:   Whoever does not like it here go abroad!   Not too different than Islamic Regime forcing all its opposition to flee Iran.

The biggest parallel is the collection of brown nosers (Ass wipers or Khayeh Mals).

Today I heard Mesbah Yazdi has said,  his  mind is not capable of evaluating Rahbar!   Those days, I am old enough to remember the same kind of self-not respecting individuals give the king the praise he never deserved, all the time the criticques were jailed and tortured, while he was called shadow of god.   If you let the 24/7 propagandist he will elvate the same Reza Pahlavi I saw at a near by club  in S.F a few years back and altough not a bad kid, but really not the brightest kid you have met, to the level of Einstein.   Now, once you have this collective bottom kissers tell him how good he is,it is a matter of time before he thinks he is the next Khoday-Gan.

Frankly, I don't enjoy discussing the past, but when the past is not letting go of us,  then we have to face it.


Any relation with the Targol the Fadayee, who was also murdered by the last regime?


Hoshang Targol

Definitions of miastakes: an introduction

by Hoshang Targol on

Overthrowing a nationalist government, responsible for nationalization of oil industry, through mobilization of prostitues and thugs ( Shaban Bi-Mokh & his sisters), A MISTAKE.


Execution of main opposition figures and creation of a monstrosity called SAVAK, A MISATKE.


Having SAVAK work hand in glove with groups like Hojatieh , A VERY BIG MISTAKE.


Creation of a single-party sytem under the "leadership" of Hezbe-RastaKhiz, ANOTHER VERY BIG MISTAKE.

Please note: these were only the most outstanding that comes to mind. There were so many other ones, like: 

Donating millions to city of Venice in Italy for restoration, while people in many neighborhoods in south of Tehran at that time had no running water, AN INCREDIBLY INSENSITIVE MISTAKE.

If dear  AYANAk  doesn't mind, if would be intersting to have everyones input on these mistakes. I have a feeling it could fill a 10 volume book! cheers

Darius Kadivar

Question From a Devil's Advocate

by Darius Kadivar on

Why is it OK to Murder in order to Preserve and safeguard a Republic ?: 

VIRTUE IN TERROR: Maximilien Robespierre and the Reign of Terror (BBC)

But it is a Crime when a Monarchy does the same ? ...

Black Friday Massacre - Iran (Sep. 8, 1978)

مصاحبه سانسور نشده دكتر شاپور بختيار


Pro Bakhtiar Demonstrations




Oh Right I suppose that is because Only a Royalist is entitled to be called a Mohareb and treated as such to deadly proportions  ... 


JAVIDAN: Farokhroo Pārsā (1922-1980)


JAVIDAN: Fereydoon Farrokhzad (1935-1992)


ROYAL MARTYR: Prince Shahriar Shafiq Remembered


Which continues to this day ... 

Arash Rahmanipour and Mohammad Reza Alizaman executed for belonging to Monarchist group:




Ali Vakili Rad "Strangled" Shapour Bakhtiar







Re:examining facts (MM)

by aynak on

"That is precisely my point that we should examine the historical/written
records and if there are discrepencies, we need to look at the motives
of folks who supposedly throw crap at the wall and see if it sticks, and
expose them for who they really are.  Otherwise, we will keep seeing
quotations without references to prejudiced writers, given to us as
historical facts.


I absolutely agree MM Jan.  But the intention here of Saltant-Talab ideology is not facts.   Those are clear.   It is not owning up to their crimes.   That is also clear.  It is to justify murder.   Facts are not under dispute here.

If you look at the approch of sciense vs "intelligent design" camp, the former refuses to stoop to the level of the latter, because where do they start?

That earth is not flat?

That earth is not 6000 years old?

That biologically there is a link the correlates all living creatures and we are closer to monkeys and the whales that the creationalists want to see?

These discussions took place and there is no more reason to discuss this from a schientific point of view.

Again, facts of murder, the economics  and the ownership of oil FACTS are clear.   Now why would I let a 24/7 propagandist define discussion:  Instead of focus on the murderer, listen to him/her on why the victim deserved to die?   That my friend is a Marble chasing I am not interested in.


Darius Kadivar

To avoid repeating a "Mistake" might as Well define it First ...

by Darius Kadivar on

But I suppose that indeed the pursuit of "TRUTH" ( if that word means anything when it comes to our understanding of the past and events beyond our reach ), demands "curiosity", an "Imagination" and less "dogmatic" approach towards History ... Three qualities which many of you clearly lack or wish to downplay due to lack of arguments to counter them as you have done here on this thread with Farah Rusta's pertinent comments to which you refuse to respond ...


THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?


YES, PRIME MINISTER: A Step By Step Guide To Mossadegh's Premiership and the Coup of '53 ...


LESSONS IN DEMOCRACY: Shapour Bakhtiar Interview with LA TV (1987)


My Humble Opinion,   DK 


Thank you for writing

by Bavafa on

Thank you for writing about this brave hero of Iran, what can I say that has not been said to honor him and his memory.

Only hope that we will have more Iranians with wisdom and integrity of Dr. Fatemi to help us with a brighter feature for Iranians inside and around the world.

Roohe eyshoon shad bash




by MM on

That is precisely my point that we should examine the historical/written records and if there are discrepencies, we need to look at the motives of folks who supposedly throw crap at the wall and see if it sticks, and expose them for who they really are.  Otherwise, we will keep seeing quotations without references to prejudiced writers, given to us as historical facts.

Many of the myths regarding the 28th of Esfand 1953 revolution were exposed when the CIA/Brits declassified their own documents.  And, as you said, we should also expose these 2nd-tier writers with hidden motives.  Two quotations are noteworthy here:

* Those who forget the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.

* Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it.

Darius Kadivar

Hmm ... I understand your Frustration ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

But If you think that by merely expressing an emotional outburst ( by trying hard to draw artificial and inaccurate parallels with the French Revolution) you can compensate for your Bankrupt Republican arguments ...         Well ...  I'm afraid History and prominent historians ( not necessarily monarchists)  seem to contradict your simplistic conclusions:  


PRAISE FOR REZA SHAH: Adjoudani Slams Lack of Recognition for Pahlavi Dynasty's Founder


As Simone Signoret Would Say :

La nostalgie n'est plus ce qu'elle était


Dear MM

by aynak on

I will not engage with Saltant-Talabs in their distortion of facts.   With MS.Rusta, she has a great imagination.  But that is the wrong Marble to follow.

With the string of 3rd or 4th tier writers like Mirfetroos, who coincidentally has zero credbility, even the coup makers call it a coup but the propaganda machines of Saltant call it the National Uprisng!!? :).   As much as I support the rights of all individuals, including the prostitutes and the thughs to do with *themsevles* as they please, this was no uprsing of the "People".

Here, the focus of our 24/7 Saltant-Talab propagandist is to JUSTIFY the murder, thourgh their twsited imagaination.

My original post has 2 main point that can not be disupted:

1-The murder of legal officials, like Fatemi and Afshar Toush, who did not resort to the same barbaric method when they were in power.

2-The break down of OIL revenue and control of the oil of Iran:




the coup.

Those are FACTS.  We traded a national government for a puppet Shah with Kashani and rest of the traitors.    Plain and simple.

The fact is the architect of Oil Nationalization was murdered.   And this is not under dispute.


Aynak/Hoshang/Mehman: well said. Farah: reference 2ur quotes?

by MM on



History serves as a brutal reminder

by aynak on


No Fear:  Ahmadi Nejad, and his Pasdar Gang were responsible for even more brutal murder of Dariush and Parvaneh Forouhar.   Forouhar and Fatemi are among the closest individuals to the principal of free/independent national government that Fatemi stood for.  

You should read again the statement I attributed to Dr.Fatemi and make the correcetion/addition had he been alive today:

".... We governed this country for 3 years, and did not kill not one of
our opponents! Because we did not come to kill our brothers but to stand
up with Iraninians to the foreign forces to stop their looting our
resources, ..... Shah (Mohmad Reza Pahlavi), must be affriad of the day
that he would face the same destiny as the Louis XVI, Tsar,
Mohamad Ali Mirza and Reza Khan"   Dr.Fatemi.

Had he been alive, he would have added:

Khomanee, Khamanee, Rafsanjani, Ahmadi Nejad to the list as well.

Dear Hoshang Targol: you ask

"What is it about Dr.Fatemi that drives these people nuts?"

Please refer to the same paraghraph as I quoted from Dr.Fatemi to No Fear.  That drives his murderers crazy.

To Saltanta-Talab Propaganda Machine:

No amount of distortion of history can correct the blood that is in your hands, and which you like to  bring back to Iran.   I see the situation of Islamic Regime as not too diferent than 1979.   Then, due to censorship of Shah, people did not know Khomanee for the true reactionary anti-women anti freedom anti human he was.   That is called the coaltion of Black (Clerics) and White (the Saltant-talabs) who brought down the national government in 53.   Your group, stopped all SANE opposition and only allowed the Clerics to operate.   And the result was clear.

But since you think you can get the Iranian to repeat this cycle of black and white, you need to be told there is a rainbow in Iran.

The silent majority.   It wants to bring Iran to 21st century.   Our goal is to bring modern government with modern rights  accepted globally including Accountability of all officials.   WITH NO PERSON ABOVE THE LAW,  No Valeeh Fagheeh No Shah.  Those just belong to our dark past.

That is the bottom line.

Saltanat Talab propaganda machine should stop trying to paint a rosy picture of another criminal regime (Pahlavi).   Please join the rain bow and stop supporting the past. 



Farah Rusta

Second correction and more ...

by Farah Rusta on

In my estimation 2010-1954=56 and not 66 as our good blogger suggests (even after the initial correction).  But allow me to go to the main point. 

Although, as my good friend Darius Kadivar has accurately pointed out, when a member of the ruling government calls for the head of the "Head of the State" an act of treason is said to have been committed which may carry a death penalty, Let me declare first hand that I condemn the execution of Dr Hossien Fatemi unequivocally. He could have been pardonned, and he must have been pardonned, but unfortunately he was arrested at the wrong time (I shall explain shortly).

Out of my utmost respect for my newly found friends with different political views, in particular Dr Masoud Kazemzadeh, and deference to their political beliefs and sensitivities, I shall try to offer an explanation (but certainly not a justification) for this sad and unfortunate episode.

Dr Fatemi who was the last minister of foreign affairs in Dr Mossadegh's cabinet went into hiding in the immediate aftermath of the events that lead to the fall of Mossadegh on 19 August 1953. Almost overnight Fatemi climbed up to the top position in the "most wanted" list.

In between the disappearance of Dr Fatemi and his arrest and subsequent execution more than a year later, a most significant plot to dethrone the Shah was discovered, foiled and its perpetrators were arrested. I am talking about the clandestine Military Organization of Tudeh Party Officers. While hailed as a major triumph for the Shah's military intelligence (SAVAK was yet to be founded two years later) the accidental discovery of this widespread network of officers (and some civilans) who were poised to change the regime through a military takeover, sent shock waves of through the fledgling security systems of the regime and effectively expedited formation of an official intellignece and security apparatus later named SAVAK. Among the officers in the leadership of the military organization were many educated and distinguished members such Colonel Siamak, Colonel Mobasheri (both about to be promoted to Generals), and perhaps the most famous of all, Colonel Khosrow Roozbeh, a chess master and ironically a favorite of the Shah. Out of a total of six or seven hundred member officers from all ranks and in all the five forces (army, navy, air force, gendarmerie and police) who passed through military courts, tewnty six officers and one cilivian (the poet/writer and journalist Morteza Keyvan) were sentenced to death by firing squads. These sentences were carried out before and during the period when Dr Fatemi was being tried for similar charges. It was a sad coincidence that Dr Fatemi's arrest and trial had to happen at the same time when the Tudeh Officers were going through the same process, Had Fatemi been captured and tried before the army officers were put to death his chances of escaping a death sentence and having his sentence commuted to life imprisonment were substantially high.

When the army officers of the Tudeh party were executed, the army was in a serious state disarray and many officers who had lost their fellow officers and friends were seeing the army as being singled out for punishment. These officers were demanding an equal treatment for the non-military personnel who were from other political persuasions.

Sadly Dr Fatemi was to be sacrificed to quel another army revolt.  


G. Rahmanian

My Apologies!

by G. Rahmanian on

My apologies for barging in the way I did. We know Dr. Fatemi is considered a hero by millions of Iranians and his unfortunate execution was not something that could not be avoided. However, Dr. Fatemi was a prominent member of an important political front without the help of which his prominence might have been less manifest in those chaotic days. Since it would be unrealistic to separate the two and one cannot speak of Dr. Fatemi without mentioning the National Front, I thought it would only be appropriate to inquire as to the whereabouts of other prominent members of the organization.

G. Rahmanian

Does Anyone Know?

by G. Rahmanian on

Does anyone know what happened to the members of the National Front(JM) after 1979? I recall how Mr. Bazargan was disgraced. He was called a traitor by the students who occupied the US embassy. Also I know about Mr. and Mrs. Forouhar and Dr. Shahpour Bakhtiar. What happened to the rest? Is JM still active in Iran? Who was their presidential candidate for last year's elections? I would appreciate anyone's response!

Hoshang Targol

نسناس مضلف گه خورد که تسلیت گفت

Hoshang Targol

نسناس مضلف گه  خورد که تسلیت گفت

این پست فطرت حقیر ، قاتل جوانان وطن، از یادش رفت که  چگونه " فدائیان
اسلام"   ( پدر بزرگان این  نسناس مضلف)  با قصد انتحار  به دکتر فاطمی   چاقو زدند و هیچ ابایی از کشتن وی نداشتند . میراث  تاریخی دکتر فاطمی 
بیش از هر چیزی مبارزه برای استقرار و نهادینه کردن مردم سالاری در  ایران
است. درست  همان پدیده ای که   نسناس مضلف و یارانش تا بحال فقط   
نابودیش  رادر سر  دارند . ای   جلاد  ننگت باد ! اگر ننگ و شرم و حیا  سرت میشود، که نمیشه .
پس با سرب داغ  شیر فهمت میکنیم !


No Fear

پیام احمدی نژاد به مناسبت سالگرد "شهادت" وزیر خارجه مصدق

No Fear

به گزارش پارسینه به نقل از پایگاه اطلاع‌رسانی رئیس جمهور، احمدی نژاد با گرامیداشت سالروز شهادت دکتر سید حسین فاطمی از او به عنوان نماد وطن دوستی و غیرتمندی نزد ایرانیان یاد و تصریح کرد: جوانان این سرزمین یاد و نام مردی مبارز را در خاطر دارند که مردانه در برابر پلشتی طاغوتیان ایستاد.
متن پیام رییس جمهور به همسر دکتر فاطمی به این شرح است:

"بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

سرکار خانم پریوش سطوتی
با سلام

سالروز شهادت دکتر سید حسین فاطمی، فرصت تازه ای برای یادآوری حماسه دلیرمردی است که جان خود را در راه آرمان‌های ملت مسلمان و انقلابی فدا کرد.

شهید فاطمی، امروز به عنوان نماد وطن دوستی و غیرتمندی در نزد ایرانی ها شناخته می شود و جوانان این سرزمین یاد و نام مردی مبارز را در خاطر دارند که مردانه در برابر پلشتی طاغوتیان ایستاد.
آن روز که دژخیم ستمشاهی با صحنه گردانی استعمار پیر دکتر فاطمی را به جوخه اعدام سپرد، تصور می کرد با از میان برداشتن یک تهدید بالقوه، ماندگاری خود را تضمین کرده است، غافل از آنکه شهادت فاطمی نیز عاملی برای بیداری نسل حق طلب ایران و خیزش آنها علیه رژیم دست نشانده شاهنشاهی خواهد شد.

یاد شهید سید حسین فاطمی و همه شهدای انقلاب اسلامی و جنگ تحمیلی را گرامی می داریم و از خداوند متعال شادی روح این به معراج رفتگان را خواستاریم.
محمود احمدی نژاد
رییس جمهوری اسلامی ایران

Hoshang Targol

Extremely cheap shots and character assasination, on top of

by Hoshang Targol on

actual stabbing and a firing squad!

What is it about Dr.Fatemi that drives these people nuts?

"Calling for the Head of State's Death is usually called Treason", not unless they're lackys of external forces ( which they were), and had done the same to you! Not exactly a tit for tat but close.

Pity the people that needs hero, pity even more the worshipers ( of any type: religious, nationalist, leftist, secular, modern, post-modern,..) We need to have an objective assesment of all our historical charcters and personalities. All their pluses and their minuses!

Darius Kadivar

No wiser in his Marital Choices than his Political Ones ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Or So it seems ... 

Parivash Fatemi @ Rahimi then Ahmadinejad's Dinner Parties ... 


Rahimi and Parivash Fatemi (Hossein Fatemi's widow, Manijeh Rahimi's sister) at garden party at Hotel Darband - Tehran, June 15th, 1978.



And some 30 years later ... 


Dr Mossadegh, Dr Fatemi & General Rahimi would turn in their Graves!! by Kaveh Parsa

Darius Kadivar

Calling for the Head of State's Death is usually called Treason

by Darius Kadivar on


A True Iranian and Mihanparast

by Mehman on

We need heroes, true heroes... Who said we don't?

Every nation needs heroes, every nation has heroes... human spirit needs heroes. Heroes have existed from the dawn of history and every tribe and nation has possessed national heroes in a form or another throughout human history...

The thing is to find the true heroes and to worship their values. I said values not the person... Those who keep saying we don't need heroes are wrong, a nation without true heroes is a lost nation!


Re: Thanks

by aynak on


You are welcome dear MM.   The idea of oil nationalization apparently was circulating around as early as 1948.   The problem was that in one case, and as suggested by some Tudeh Party supporter, it included giving concessions to Russia!  

If you look back at the page I posted and see, during the 3 years 1950-1953 Iran had full control over her oil, although Brits did all they could to avert that.   The result of coup is also very clear:  The reversal of the achievement as evident by the distribution of oil now among several other oil companys with Iran controlling less than 20% of the oil as late as the 1970'es.

You are correct that this *initially* gave a lot of countries high hope.  Unfortunately, the other side also realized the same and the coup in Iran was followed by the one in Guatemala and ..... alll the way to Chile in 1973.   Interestingly and sadly,all the overthrown governments were democratic in nature, (like Arbenz and Allende) and were replaced by dictators.



Thanks Aynak

by MM on

I believe that at the time of 1953 coupe, it was agreed that the question of nationalization should not come up until some time afterwards.  But, the whole oil producing nations owned their oil resources much sooner because of brave men like Fatemi who originated the idea of the nationalization of resources (which I did not know) and Mosaddegh who took up the idea and won Iran's case in the World Court.



by aynak on

the above should have read 66th and not 64th.   The actual date of Dr.Fatemis murder by firing squad was November 10th 1954.