To the ignorant censor machine at what the fuck?


by aynak
Couple of days ago, I posted a message by Reza Pahlavi to Ban Ki-moon, the U.N secretary general.   I had some of my comments mixed with that message (which was interesting and I endorse).   Next day it was removed?!   Not even a note to me on why.   Last night another post of mine  a parody on a news piece in Tabnak was also removed.   Not sure if the person doing the censors/"editing" understand Persian (or English) as this is not the first or second time this is happening.   To which I have to say to ic editor:     // (When I cam to IC, I saw my post  disappearing, I said to IC, what the fuck? ....)   (That's called  a Parody, it takes time to do).    Anyway, hopefully there will be an explanation, otherwise I will wait for new owner to take full control, to see if some of the suggestions made over the years will finally be implemented.  I have used this site as repository for my quick write ups, if I can't count on it, I will move elsewhere, but first in the great wisdom of    Frankly if there is room for  2 (and now 4 Fred Quota posts per day)  that comes right out of a machine it seems  with little variance in content, there has to be room for  one occasional post of mine.     In my post to I had placed the original source of news, and write below it,  wrote my take, (which fortunately is still on one of the other sites, even though the link to ic now shows blank).       +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++     //   and my take on it: (which hopefully)  
 ریس جمهور محترم :باید در مدیریت جهانی تغییرات اساسی صورت پذیرد   ـ۱۰ کلیک


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If you had posted under that, all the worse

by aynak on


 First Amendment,  if you added a comment to that blog, removal of it by Admin, sounds even dumber.  People's comment (when they do take time to put their cents in) can not simply be wiped off.    Below, in admin's note, not only does he/she does not accept responsibility for  an incorrect decision, he/she blames it on the content, even though I copied and pasted a copy of  the whole post which I had saved, , and it is my own writing.

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Dear admin, I know that you're a bit upset for losing your job here soon.....but still........leave us some reasons for missing you in the future.....

Let me make a tiny confession here........I skimmed over the said blog and dived on my keyboard as soon as I saw retarded Reza's name, and left a stupid comment........which could've fitted only if the blog was a real piece of news can't imagine how happy I felt when I saw the blog gone......and with it my esssssssstyoooooooooopeeeeeeed beeeeg mouth.......


Admin: read back the post you deleted

by aynak on


It was not an announcement, it was my write up/ a reaction to a piece of news .   I placed the news source and then wrote my own piece on it. How dense can you be?



Hi dear admin

by MaryamJoon on

Nice to meet you; I am new.  Can you tell me what an announcement is that should go in the news section?  

You mean like an announcement for a Norooz party?  That type of thing?

Do you mean don't copy a CNN article and put it in the blogs?  Like that? 

Just trying to know the system.  Thank you. 


news & blogs

by admin on

You have been posting announcements that belong in the news section. Please do not post news, articles, announcements... in the blogs.