Sobhani for Senate

I reject the partisanship that is strangling our children’s future


Sobhani for Senate
by Rob Sobhani

Last week I announced my candidacy as an Independent for the U.S. Senate from Maryland because I believe in my heart something is terribly wrong with the political system in America. We face immense economic challenges and are running out of time to correct them.  I believe partisan politics must be replaced by common-sense solutions so that we may afford our children the same opportunity most of us were bestowed – the opportunity for a better life!

Pointing blame at each other, while courting special interest money to fund campaigns seems to be the main thrust of the two political parties.

I reject the partisanship that is strangling our children’s future and invite you to join me to help declare our independence from the current political gridlock held-up in Washington.

My Candidacy

I have committed a significant portion of my personal resources to this race, to ensure one of the most credible campaigns by an American of Iranian-descent.

Right now, we have a significant advertisement presence on television throughout the state in which I am making the case for fixing our broken system, proposing bold new initiatives to make our economy more competitive, and to put people back to work. Already, positive feedback is coming our way, telling us that our message is refreshing and one people have been waiting to hear.

In recent years voters have been formally changing their political affiliation to Independent.  I too did the same because both political parties are bereft of constructive ideas to solve our nations’ problems and lack leadership to tackle our myriad challenges. Reflective of this growing sentiment, the voters who make the difference in elections want less ideology and more common sense.  That is exactly why I’ve structured this campaign around solutions articulated on my campaign website//

Personal Background

Born in Kansas to parents who eventually fled Iran due to the upheaval of 1979, my early youth was spent living in Tehran where I attended the Iranzamin International School.  My early years in Iran exposed me to a glorious heritage deeply rooted in my parent’s homeland that has offered the world visionary statesmen like Cyrus the Great who is prominently praised in the Bible as a visionary, humanist and a reformer of his time.

The late 1970’s brought me back to America, my country of birth.  That is when I choose Maryland as my permanent residence, some 34 years ago.  Spending the next decade studying and eventually lecturing at Georgetown University, I earned a Bachelor, Masters and a Doctorate in Political Economy, much of it through night-school, as I had to work during the day.

I have been blessed to find financial success by promoting American business and focusing on innovative American technology and know-how in the energy sector, both in the renewable energy and oil and gas space.

Years ago I was the first American of Iranian descent to offer myself as a candidate for political office and I take great pleasure to see so many within the community pursue this very noble field of public service.

My Positions

I am fully aware of skeptics who will immediately say we can’t win due to the monopoly of the two party system or even the fact that Maryland has traditionally been a one-party (Democrat) state.  They will say, an Independent can’t win and can only split the vote.  They will say a person of my heritage can’t win.  Indeed, they will have a hundred more reasons to support a negative disposition of surrender and cynicism, one that I have found fundamentally counter-intuitive all my life.  But we will win because our message is in-line with the dreams and hopes of many Americans here in Maryland and throughout the country.

While most of the issues relevant to my immediate Maryland constituency can be found on my website, some Americans of Iranian descent regularly pose the following questions.

* My Political Orientation - As a centrist, I am a fiscal conservative and a moderate / progressive on social issues.  I regard the out-of-hand deficit spending the biggest challenge to our national security.

* My Faith - Raised in a secular and progressive family my parents taught me the value of religious tolerance at an early age. Indeed, an individual’s faith is a personal choice, one between ourselves and our Creator. I am a member of the Episcopal Church in Potomac and serve as an usher.

* My position on Iran - For over three decades, I have been an unapologetic advocate and proponent of freedom and democracy in Iran. Never in my writings or public appearances have I advocated a military attack on Iran, because of two fundamental reasons a) It is against American national security interests; and, b) It will ultimately be a crippling set-back to the vibrant democratic movement that I am convinced will inevitably replace the existing theocracy and return Iran to its rightful place among the community of nations.

I am convinced our campaign will succeed, but I can’t do it alone. I will continue to provide the level of resources required for a credible candidacy, but the truth is that as we approach Election Day, there will be an even greater need.  The Democratic establishment has taken note of our campaign and we expect that in the weeks ahead, their machinery will use every dirty trick in the book.  Already informal hints of racially and culturally charged attacks have raised their unattractive head. So, added support from you, in any form will make all the difference. This is the time to unite.

I am reaching out and extending my hand to you to ask for your help because when we do pass this mark, it will not only be an occasion of pride we can all share, but the beginning of a positive change for America.

I would be honored to have your support, whether in the form of financial contributions, easily done on my site, or your requesting my sign for your yards, or my bumper sticker for your cars, or simply joining my social media sites and spreading the good word and wishing our campaign well.

Rob Sobhani
Independent Candidate for the U.S. Senate,  Maryland


Hafez for Beginners

"Strong Economy"

by Hafez for Beginners on

I do wish Rob Sobhani well - and it's always good to see Iranian-Americans participating in the American political system, while at the same seeking to give the community a voice.

Fiscal Conservatism - Makes me nervous. The US ranks #16 in the World today - in terms of College graduates. Publically funded Universities helped strengthen the American Middle class - which for some 30 years has been decimated. 

The US will simply not be able to compete in the World Market - while ranked so low in educated (and high in uneducated) %age of its populatoin.

Strong Economy - This also means very little if the strong economy continues to float on top and benefit a tiny minority - like the past 30 years -  benefiting the 1% and not "trickling down." 1% benefiting from 275% increase in wealth - the rest of the 99% having to do with a tiny fraction of that. "Strong Economy" - to me is then meaningless as a term by itself.

The challenge is surely  to keep a country productive with a strong economy, while making sure the nation as a whole reaps its benefits. Because I am witness to America now being the Two Americas John Edwards would speak of - and the "have and have nots" situation of the US has reached 3rd World standards.

"Fiscal conservatives"- If we look at the 1% graph most folks are now familiar with, the fiscal conservatives were often in power in that same time period, when the gap between the 1% and 99% grew and grew and grew to today's 3rd World standards. So... I'm not sold on "Fiscal Conservatism" per se - but did want to still say a Bravo! 

Bravo for putting yourself out there. And glad that war with Iran isn't on your agenda.

Best of Luck! 



Time for Three Salavats!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

People, please be nice to each other. We are all iranians, I think.. 

Time for three salavats:

One for Mr. Rob Sobhani who is going to be the next senator for maryland, inshaalah (where is Maryland? In east coast?).

One for Mr Esfand ashena  who from his comments, i take it is not gona vote for Mr Rob

last not least, the biggest one for Mryamjoon Joon, aka ammendment Joon, aka mamoor joon, aka a few more joons 

First Amendment

She promised it.........

by First Amendment on

...........and she delivered it.................THERE IT IS....

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Think big thoughts, dream big dreams !

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

We have done much with the cards life has dealt us as a diaspora.  In every single field imaginable.  

Why not break out of our shell, punch through the glass ceiling and touch the face of all possibilities.  

Quite very inspiring, Mr. Sobhani.  Really! 


I wish you the Best President Sobhani

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Okay Senator First, then President Sobhani,  I want something positive done for America, it will happen with you.


Mort Gilani

Good Luck to Mr. Sobhani!

by Mort Gilani on

You have my vote, Sir.

Oon Yaroo

Best wishes to you and your campaign, Mr. Sobhani!

by Oon Yaroo on

Encouraging, enticing, and engaging Iranians in general and Iranian residents of the state of Maryland in particular to participate in the political process and voting for you can be a monumental effort!

But, if you want to secure the support of this group for your election campaign, you will need to invite them all to a large gathering of festivity where lots of Persian food including Ghaymeh Polo, Khoresth Bademjoon, Abgoosht, Kalleh Pacheh, and many others are served. Iranian folks always vote for free food!

God bless you and many successes in your political endeavor.


Best of Luck Senator Sobhani

by Faramarz on


I like the sound of Senator Sobhani. Best of luck to you.

With you and President Obama, there will be hope for change in Iran.

Esfand Aashena

Yes thank you for the information!

by Esfand Aashena on

I already posted the link to the ONE class Mr. Sobhani has ever taught.  Why should I post more, especially if there is no more?!  I am not going to provide backups to your claims!

Yes we Iranians are collectivelly a mayhem.  Mr. Sobhani should've known better than come here to this website and seek votes and support, especially with his resume!

We have a saying in Farsi that I think would apply here and Mr. Sobhani, that out of rush of eating haleem he fell into the hot pot! 

Everything is sacred



by margarete on

Mr. or Ms Lovey Dovey - I am sorry but I think you must have a personal issue. I have never seen anyone be so "hot" about something like this claiming someone was not a professor somewhere. I think you need to get your facts checked - go visit GU archives and see for yourself please. Simple as that.

Also just as an observation, I have never seen a community ever so divided. You Iranians never support one another and that is why you have the mess you have in your own country and ended up sitting here claiming you know everything. Everyone speaks about how dysfunctional your culture is - its a pity. individually you are all good people. Collectively, you are mayhem. 

Esfand Aashena

Lovey dovey!

by Esfand Aashena on

Every once in a while when we're talking about a shady Iranian character several "new" users suddenly jump in and become character witnesses!  What's the chance of that happening?!

Here we have 3 so far and everyone is so sensitive and all had taken classes with the "Professor" in the one class that he has ever thought in 2005 - 2006!  So based on that he is an adjunct "faculty member".

I tell y'all what is all this about.  Since Mr. Sobhani was once a Republican and now is suddenly Susan, his motivation has much more to do wih his personal ambitions than anything else. 

He and his financial backers are pouring money to "buy" him legitimacy so that he can once again comment on CNN as an "Iranian Expert" who is now (after CNN left him aside due to his misleading resume) a "former Georgetown Adjunct Professor" not "faculty".  This is his way to end up in media and make a career out of it!  That's all.  Now let's wait and see how many more "estudents" register and show up for "this class"!  I'll be counting! 

Everything is sacred


Professor Sobhani

by margarete on

Wow - what a great platform. I just visited Professor Sobhani's site and I can't believe that my former professor is running for the US Senate. Reading through all the commentary today when I saw this link, I could not resist but write something on this blog. I never have done this and so I am new to this. I was a student at Georgetown University and Professor Sobhani was my professor for a Foreign Policy course. He is a great educator and had always a vibrant and engaging class. He taught at Georgetown for many years and always had a fabulous reputation. His classes had a long waiting list and he was amongst the most popular professors on campus. If you wanted to get in his class, you would have to sign up as soon as registration opened each semester. I am surprised how some people here say he didn't teach at GU. They can go and just visit the GU course catalogs from years ago probably in their archives now and see for themselves. Love you Professor Sobhani! More power to you.

hamsade ghadimi

good luck mr. sobhani.  to

by hamsade ghadimi on

good luck mr. sobhani.  to have a fair chance, i advise you to have a qualified person proofread your statements (including the above blog).  there are many grammatical errors in your statement and it will not go unnoticed by a discerning voter. 

words of advice: 1) don't beat down democrats to drum up support for your candidate.  this is in one of the most democrat states in the union. 2) as someone noted, private funding does not get the same scrutiny as private/public mixed funding.  therefore, don't beat your chest too much.

stef jan, your avatar is hilarious.

md voter


Why not give him a chance

by kishmish7 on

I am going to assume that most of the people who have posted on this article are not actually from Maryland, and so they might not be aware of the situation in the state right now. If that's the case then let me inform some of the skeptics....

Maryland has been dominated by the Democratic party for decaes now, and the result has been economic stagnation (compared to states like Virginia and Delaware next door), poverty, violent crime, and the list goes on. I am a more liberally minded person on social issues and a fiscal conservative, so the fact that the country is in this debt mess makes me believe that someone like Mr. Sobhani could be a good choice.

Yes he's an independent, yes his chances of beating Cardin might not be great, but I really don't see why he shouldn't be given an equal chance. His ideas seem logical and he wants to solve some major problems in Maryland and the rest of the country as well.

 Also. the fact that this is being done with private money is very positive. This would mean a possible tax reduction in the state since the government won't be spending as much here anymore.

 Anyways, I think he is an intereting candidate and deserves a chance.  

Esfand Aashena

Federal Funds vs Private Funds

by Esfand Aashena on

Stef yes I'm aware the difference between federal and private funds and neither Obama nor Romney have accepted federal funds so they can raise unlimited money from private funds.  Furthermore, unlimited funds can be used by corporations and individuals to support their candidates.

I have a feeling who is funding Sobhani's campaign but will leave that for others to figure out.  He has zero chance of being elected and if he really had true political ambitions he should've chewed on something more his size, like a City Council or State Government or something.  But noooooo he is a oil man and those would be beneath him!  He wants to bypass all of that and go straight for US Senate from Maryland, which by the way is a Liberal state and they have a lock on not only the Democratic candidates but personal trust in their incumbents. 

Finally I notice you registered about 14 hours ago and have chosen a flag of US and IRI as your avatar.  I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you're honestly new here and so I should inform you that using the IRI flag with the allah emblem is considered a blasphemy on this website!  Not by me, but by many of our most patriotic, cough, freedom fighting Iranians on this website!  I also doubt that Mr. Sobhani likes his supporters to be waiving an IRI flag in his support!

Everything is sacred


Merci Sobhani

by Baharstef on

American politics is in dissaray, congressional approval rates are at 10% yet Americans keep electing the same failed politicians.

The country lacks fiscally conservative socially moderate leaders. Republicans are fiscally conservative ? They are as guilty as the Democrats for increasing our national debt ! Today the senators are more concerned with pleasing their own political party than truly serving the people. We need serious, intelligent, independent politicians like Sobhani. I will support you. 

Esfand Asheema, if you go on his website, you will see that the money he seeks to raise is from private funds, NOT "federal money" as you say. Private funds unlike government funds seek success and profit. Look at where taxpayer dollars have gotten us, to real "bridges to nowhere" where politicians seek to use our money to fund pet projects and help their friends.

Maryam, you should try contacting the campaign, looking forward to reading your piece as I too would like to learn more.



Esfand Aashena

What kind of "adjunct professor" is he?

by Esfand Aashena on

Misinformation!  Didn't mean to!  From what I recall in the news, and he certainly fits the bill, he taught one class in Georgetown in 2005-2006 and on that basis he claimed to be an "Adjunct Faculty" and Professor.

At the time of those claims he wasn't even on campus or teaching, which made the chair of the Government department to speak up and try to get him to stop his affiliation to the degree he was claiming, when he was being introduced in CNN as an "adjunct faculty" from Georgetown.  CNN later stopped and referred to him as a "former" adjunct "professor".

Everything is sacred

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Read, think before you comment

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Just amazing Esfand Ashena.  Why don't you read before embarrassing yourself.  1) his site clearly says he is taking 'private investment' not tax-payer money!!  2) his tenure at Georgetown Universiry is not challengable; to my own surprise I just learned my own cousin-in law had him as an 'adjunct professor' (the point you were attempting to make) for multiple classes.

Reading your comment drove me to look for myself, only to find out you were either intentionally offering disinformation or rushed to opine without having the patience or desire to read, learn and think as you should have before your irritation over a neck movement drove you to throw mud at someone.

Finally it's exactly your kind of small thinking to view this as wanting to see the katkhoda... Learn to dare think and want bigger and better things.  This is what America teaches and promises ! 

Vaghe'an ke az ma'st (to ast) ke bar ma'st!


Esfand Aashena

Ahhh he is soooo annoying!

by Esfand Aashena on

Unfortunately I see his ads every day, morning, evenings and nights and he is sooooo annoying!  He moves his head like a nerd and makes hollow politician promises.

He moves his head left to right (or is it right to left, I don't remember ;-) and then says "here's a promise ... I've pledged that if I don't bring $1B to Maryland, which is 7000 new jobs, I won't run for a second term ..."!

First of all as we say in Farsi, they wouldn't let someone in the village he asked to see the Mayor!  His chance of getting elected to the Senate is slim to none and slim just left the building!

Second, he is promising nothing!  He is going to try and bring Federal money for bridges to nowhere and he calls that his own ideas!  $!B and 7000 new jobs, yeah why don't you run for President and promise 750000 for the 50 states in 6 years!

The only curious and interesting part about his ads is that someone is spending a LOT of money on these ads as they're run so much.  Who is paying for them, follow the money.

Lastly he is a buddy buddy friend of Prince chubby and his claim of being a fellow at Georgetown or a guest professor was refuted by Georgetown, you can google and find out about his fake claims to having ties to Georgetown, other than being just a student! 

Everything is sacred

First Amendment


by First Amendment on



I usually don't answer, and I'm always kind to learned ladies............I have only one piece of advice for you, Banafsheh: Never run for "public office"; it isn't for you and your sentimentality...........Now, let's wait for Maryam's dig..........

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

sarcastic cynicism rooted in chronic defeatism!

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Just amazing how in response to a very compelling, sincere, reach out letter, our dear "hamvatan" (first amendment) conviniently hiding behind an avatar, can only scrape up sarcasm and a cheap shot to show his/her color.

Vaghe'an ke az ma'st ke bar ma'st !

Quite sad to see your usage of the first ammendment to, how did Hemingway put it? Convey a sarcastic cynicism rooted in chronic defeatism!

Brava!, dear, or should it be Bravo! Gender equality?

Be kind and gentle if you must respond. 



Not so fast on Sobhani !

by MaryamJoon on

His positions will be evaluated and a review of them will be printed tomorrow, If he wants to PM me, it is recommended because it will help to clarify some important points.   Otherwise they will be raised tomorrow. and he can read about it.  

First Amendment

Rob for Senate...

by First Amendment on



Let's say you're in front of the cameras for the big debate........and
the moderator goes like this: "Now, this question is for candidate
Sobhani....I hope I'm pronouncing your name right.........and you're an
independent like Ross Perot......but I'm not sure that you're as rich as
he was....Ha, ha, ha, ha........" ( she is trying to make you nervous,
just ignore her......and focus on the answer that you gonna give to her question.........then she continues: "Ok, Mr. Sobhani........As an
Azeri-speaking Episcopal usher who once helped a Commie leader for an
Amoco deal, what's your position on the Republic of Azerbaijan vis-à-vis
the Azeri minority in Iran?"   .......Keep it cool, Rob..........don't
fret...........and don't start stuttering............just make sure your
answer is in line with your commendable position against any military
attack against our beloved homeland, Iran..........and for Lord's sake
Rob, don't you ever start talking about Cyrus the Great thing.......and
make sure you won't mention that Reza Retard is one of your
neighbors.........those things are good for booze talk.......not good
for politics...........

Good luck, my good hamvatan................



We announced it here:

by Reza86 on

This and other announcements:

Nader Vanaki

Here is the problem with

by Nader Vanaki on

Here is the problem with this country.  Too much legislation and NO problem solving.  The problems can no longer be solved through legislation since it has created a tangled mess.  The government is lazy and lacks any interest in serving the public and can not solve any problems.  Unless you bring in vigor and dedication to a government staffed by lazy paper pushers, through some miracle, there is no hope for any government.  The law maker can not save this country.

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Wish you well

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

WOW!  Wow!  Wow!

How refreshing.  I have seen Mr. Sobhani on BBC and CNN International many times before.  Never realized he is an American.  Quite an impressive, compelling case he makes.  

Quite an interesting campaign too.  Like his "independence" lable and frankly his positions on Iran and the deficit are perfect !!

Wish you well Rob.  You have my daughter's vote too.

Just watched your commercials on your site. Crisp and clean without the caffein.  Will send a small contribution, but sorry have no yard and my bumpers are too far to help you in Maryland.  

Loved the paragraph on the 'nay-sayers!' (Tongue-in-cheek?)

Go-Rob-Go ! Go-Rob-Go ! Go-Rob-Go ! Go-Rob-Go !

Go-Rob-Go ! Go-Rob-Go ! Go-Rob-Go ! Go-Rob-Go !

Go-Rob-Go ! Go-Rob-Go ! Go-Rob-Go ! Go-Rob-Go ! 

Mashahllah !