NeoCon Rob Sobhani Was Picked as an Iranian 'Chalabi' - Sobhani's interests are Oil & Israel, not Iran
Iran Press Service / Professor William Beeman Brown Univ.
15-Sep-2012 (one comment)

The Iranian 'Ahmed Chalabi' (the leader of the Defence Department-backed Iraqi National Congress) is Sohrab "Rob" Sobhani, an Iranian-American associated with the neoconservatives in Washington.  

Ledeen was reported by The Washington Post to be one of four advisers in regular consultation with White House strategist, Karl Rove.  

Ledeen and Sobhani recently established the Coalition for Democracy in Iran (CDI) to promote this regime change. 

Well-connected politically, he ran twice for the US Senate from Maryland as a Republican. Although his heritage is Iranian, he is far from being an expert on Iranian society, politics or economics. His move to the Washington area put him in close contact with his old friend, Reza Pahlavi.  

Sobhani’s interests in regime change are very clear and very consonant with American desires. They are largely commercial. Following his graduation from Georgetown, he became head of a Caspian Energy Consulting, a firm dealing with the transport and sale of Caspian oil.  

Sobhani has pursued a ploy in order to give himself academic billing for television and the lecture circuit. He teaches one course at his alma mater, Georgetown University on Iran and Caspian Oil politics... >>>