Senate Candidate Rob Sobhani's Attempt to Hide Questions People Have Backfiring
Maryland Eastern Shore News / Maryland Eastern Shore News

It’s also interesting to hear – admittedly, this is second-hand hearsay so you can assign whatever credibility you wish to it – that the Sobhani campaign was paying $4 per signature to out-of-state petition signature gatherers. He turned in 77,000 signatures when he needed 37,128 .... There are also questions posed by blogger Jim Jamitis regarding Sobhani’s role in CNN’s “dubious journalistic practice of accepting ‘sponsorships’ from the very regimes they are supposedly investigating.”  Moreover, Rob is no stranger to politics, having made runs as a Republican for the U.S. Senate in 1992 and 2000....  In October 1999, Sobhani was the beneficiary of a fundraiser put on by the Iranian-American Republican Council, San Francisco Chapter.  

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