The End of An Era

I urge my words to preserve a slice of that life

18-Nov-2012 (2 comments)
Everyone is dying. Lately I have attended too many funerals, burials and memorial services. “What’s going on?” I asked my husband. “We haven’t seen a wedding in more than a year, but there seems to be a funeral every single month!” My wise man nodded. “You’re right, but there’s a good reason for that. Our generation is at the age when our elders leave us, most of our kids are married or live far away, and with their graduations behind us, there’s little excitement left.”>>>


I somehow forgot to be grateful

I’m remembering why my parents left everything behind

15-Nov-2012 (3 comments)
I went to see the movie Argo with my dad. I had chosen this movie because I felt it would be one that would be of interest to my dad, not myself- how I was very wrong. The movie brought on a truth that was not only a reality back in the 70’s but one that is still very real today. As I felt my dad’s energy, one that remembers and still harbors the emotions of an Iran that was and is, an Iran that doesn’t provide opportunity, I felt ashamed>>>


آلترناتیوسازی یا انهدام اپوزیسیون

ما نباید مطالبه دمکراسی خواهی خود را به هیچ پروژه دیگری پیوند بزنیم

04-Nov-2012 (4 comments)
آیا هدف فراهم کردن مقدمات یک تحول دمکراتیک در داخل کشور است و تغییر نظام کنونی به یک نظام دمکراتیک که در آن حقوق شهروندی بدون کمترین تبعیض، اصل پذیرفته شده ی آن است و هیچ تاکیدی بر حقوق ویژه و فرصت های خاص به هر دلیلی برای هیچ بخشی از جامعه وجود نخواهد داشت، و یا صرفا هدف ما فروپاشی نظام کنونی قدرت و جایگزینی آن با یک وضعیت نامعلوم در آینده است؟>>>


ReOrienting Myself

Making an Artistic Home

04-Nov-2012 (3 comments)
In 1990, I auditioned for an acting program in New York and the very thoughtful and pragmatic teacher informed me that I would never be cast as a lead on the American stage. I would only be considered for domestic help parts or minor support roles. His reasons were my “ethnic” looks and my accent. The accent I could be coached out of but there was little I could do about my looks. His message, as I heard it was to basically give up on a career in professional theater in the US; his “American stage” had no room for someone like me>>>


پادشاه فصلها

پادشاه فصلها

آلبوم عکس با الهام از مهدی اخوان ثالث

by Shazde Asdola Mirza
02-Nov-2012 (7 comments)



Inaction is Not an Option

For Iranian Americans

02-Nov-2012 (18 comments)
Lately, as an Iranian American, many things make me angry. I realize the mere mention of the term “anger,” particularly in the context of discussions on the Middle East, raises red flags among Americans, Iranians, and Iranian Americans alike. But I believe we need to reclaim this oft-misunderstood, stigmatized emotion – after all, emotional indifference to oppression or tyranny is no virtue. The origin of the word anger – ang, the Greek word for grief or loss – reminds us that anger stems from that which we have lost>>>


My house has many rooms

I cannot be interested in all 204 countries in the world

24-Oct-2012 (4 comments)
I would love to see the Iranian mullahs sink into oblivion—replaced by better or worse, who knows? But even I, the perennial optimist, cannot believe that any of these benighted countries will ever improve or even evolve. Right now, I am much more preoccupied by the reelection of Obama — a Romney/Ryan victory would make the Bush years seem like a golden age—and its per se importance, and not, like other Iranian-Americans, only because of the impact on Iranian politics>>>


Walking Home

Man’s art of survival

24-Oct-2012 (one comment)
A simple question is thrown in the air and suddenly, like a fast-forwarded film, my entire life flashes past me. “What does walking home mean to you?” a friend has asked and for more than a day, the question has not left me. In her eloquent style, my friend writes her own impression of the ambiguous path we call life, the meaning of the word ‘home’ and all the fears and concerns entailed in such a journey, she draws a vivid sketch of the salmons that are doomed to be dinner for the bears>>>


داستانهای استانبول ۱۰

You are refused - «تقاضای تو رد شده»

21-Oct-2012 (one comment)
من همون جایی که وایساده بودم خشکم زد. انگار دوش آب سرد و آب جوش هم‌زمان روی سرم وا شدن. دست دراز کردم و کاغذها رو برداشتم. چشمام تار می‌دیدن. از میون اشک‌هایی که هنوز سرازیر نشده بودن دیدم اسمی که رو تقاضانامه بود، اسم من نبود. نفسم دوباره بالا اومد. دنیا که جلو چشمم تاریک شده بود، دوباره روشن شد>>>


From Bushehr with Love

If there’s anything we can learn from this incredible man it’s that one should follow through on one’s dreams

04-Oct-2012 (3 comments)
Living in Paris, Saeed Shanbehzadeh is Bushehr’s unofficial cultural ambassador, and musician par excellence. A man who considers himself Iranian before anything else (as one Bushehri fan learned the hard way), and who has striven all his life to preserve the cultural legacy of his country, Shanbehzadeh has long been exporting his unique brand of Southern Iranian folk music – and don’t you dare call it Bandari (a semi-derogatory term) - to audiences around the world, particularly in Europe and North America>>>


The Green Wave

A turning point for Iran

It wasn’t just people’s minds that had changed. People’s hearts had changed and that was reflected in the works of artists, poets, moviemakers and politicians. Never before were we witness to such a grass root movement. Average people in protest. the thought that we played your game, your rules, and your candidates and still my voice was being muffled away in the static>>>


داستانهای استانبول ۹

راه افتادیم به طرف کلانتری. دل تو دلم نبود

من فوری وایسادم. رومو برگردوندم و به بچه‌ها که هنوز دنبال ما می‌اومدن اشاره کردم بیان جلو. بعد دستم‌رو دراز کردم و کیسه سیگارارو پس گرفتم. به ترکی به پلیسه گفتم: کارتت‌رو یه بار دیگه نشونم بده ببینم. >>>


چوب دو سر طلا

ایرانیان خارج از کشور

چرا نمی توانیم، قادر نیستیم و نمی خواهیم منسجم باشیم؟ شک، سوء ظن، بدبینی و بی اعتمادی که زائیدۀ رژیم های خودکامه، مستبد و خداسالار می باشند؛ این خصلت های بازدارنده، طی دوران در فرهنگ ما رخنه کرده و جا افتاده است. مانتسکیو می نویسد: "در ایران دامنۀ شک و تردید؛ بدبینی و بی اعتمادی نا متناهی و بی انتهاست." >>>


داستانهای استانبول ۸

ما دیگه تو ایران جایی نداریم. می‌خوایم بریم سرزمین موعود

23-Sep-2012 (one comment)
دو طرف در کنسولگری اسرائیل شش هفت تا پلیس اسلحه به دست وایساده بودن. از دور که نزدیک ‌شدیم ما رو زیر نظر گرفتن. به در بزرگ و آهنی که رسیدیم زنگ زدیم و منتظر شدیم. می‌دونستم از پشت شیشه قدی که اونورش‌رو نمی‌دیدیم انور ومن رو می‌دین. یه صدا از توی آیفون پرسید: کارتون چیه؟ گفتیم: ما یهودی هستیم. از ایران فرار کردیم>>>


تهدید تکه تکه کردن ایران

چارچوب ملی و کنفرانس بروکسل

17-Sep-2012 (25 comments)
همان‌طور که در بیانیه جمعی در اعتراض به توافق‌نامه کومله و حزب دمکرات به تفصیل آمده است، تاکید کردم که ۱- بخش‌ناپذیر بودن حاکمیت ملی، ۲- یگانگی ملی، ۳- یک‌پارچگی سرزمینی و ۴- استقلال ملی از اصول غیر قابل معامله برای ما می‌باشند. تخطی از آنان به شدت با برخورد روبرو خواهد شد>>>