Nationalism and Cannibalization of our Culture

“Nationalisms a form of incest, is our idoratary, is our insanity


Nationalism and Cannibalization of our Culture
by Zorumbaa

Nationalism, ethnocentricity, and ethno-nationalism is an integral part of the “Iranian-ness,” particularly of those who still have their umbilical cord connected to the Mother-Persia of glorious Korush days and glorious past. A potentially dangerous blinding connection that constantly feed us the feeling good juice of هنر نزد ایرانیان است و بس under the influence of this ether, we rarely have opened our eyes, carefully looked around, and the asked ourselves, our kings, our rulers and governments where is that Art? Where is that Science? Where is that Discovery? Where is that Invention? Where are the Innovations? What this abstract and meaningless notion of having the MONOPOLY over ownership if “ARTS” has done for us? In what meaningful way we have contributed to the welfare of not only our citizens, but human species?

Nearly 1500 years of domination of an alien culture had done nothing but liquidation of every possible value that was Iranian and no one has ever stood for defending them. The cannibalization of Iranian culture, and replacing it with the Dark Age religious culture of Islam, had made us what we are, confused, who are we? Is “Religion” a very important part of an “Iranian” DNA?! Why the present leaders, including a.n., the president, are desperately trying for fusion of Islamic extremism and nationalism? I am sure many remember his sardonic smile, clumsy theatrics and masquerade when Korush Cylinder was visited by him while on loan to his government.

Islam entered the culture and fabric of Iranian culture by the power of sword, force, and bloodshed. The nation’s spiritual welfare was enhanced an “up-graded” from گفتار نیک، پندار نیک، رفتار نیک، and we got the symbols and artifacts of Golden Islamic Civilization-- its architecture- -in Isfahan Masjed Shikh Lotfol-Laah, Masjed Shah, Masjed Jaame and Masjed this, Imam-zadeh that elsewhere!!

At this very vital juncture we need to re-examine a lot of things. Korush lived “gloriously” BUT that was 2500 years ago. Ferdowsi died in 1020, almost 1000 years ago. Raazy, Aboo-Ali Sinaa, Dariush Shah, are all dead, gone! We are proud of them and what they have done is a very important part of our history, that part we LIKE to remember! But we must cut the umbilical cord and move on. An emotional nationalism and irrational attachment to the glories of the past real or perceived, romanticizing nationalism and ideological belief in our Race, Language and History has been one of our major problems causing us taking our eyes off the ball and instead of playing the ball; play (with) other players!

Different aspects and impact of this sentiment can be seen in 1906 Constitutional Revolution, Nationalization of Oil, Iran-Iraq War, AryaMehr ideology and the 2500 year of history celebration, and today’s desperate attempt by ruling Islamist to somehow infuse “nationalism” in their interpretation of the word of God and the resulting ideology for governing their theocracy. History has shown that in some environment nationalism and patriotism has been an effective tool confronting colonialism and it modern day replacements. It remains to be seen whether in today’s Iranian political, social, and cultural environment nationalism can remain independent of religion and therefor an effective tool in challenging the word of god and his earthly representatives? Or the Islamist, as they have been successful to cannibalize and liquidate the Iranian culture, will be also successful to diffuse this strong sentiment which still is shared by many Iranians? Another step towards selling the absurd and phony idea of Melli-Islaami.

The following is an interesting quote from Erich Fromm, take a read. His comments regarding this polemic and contentious topic is honest and I think it provides for a fructuous discourse.

“Nationalisms a form of incest, is our idoratary, is our insanity. “Patriotism” is its cult. It should hardly be necessary to say, that by “patriotism” I mean that attitude which puts one’s own nation above humanity, above the principles of truth and justice; not the loving interest in one’s own nation, which is the concern with the nation’s spiritual as much as with its material welfare, never with its power over other nations. Just as love for one individual which excludes the love for others is not love. Love for one’s country which is not part of one’s love for humanity is not love, but “idolatrous worship”


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Jittery Knee Jerk Reaction

by Zorumbaa on

Thanks for the refs. It always helps if some people do their homework first before they expose themselves by jittery knee jerk reaction and shooting from the hip.



منش و ویژگی های ایرانی


مقاله ی بسیار طولانی (و بدون در نظر گرفتن پاراگراف گذاری و غیره) از سایت "انسان شناسی و فرهنگ"، ولی بسیار جالب و پر از اطلاعات در مورد هویت ملی ایرانیان.
مقاله از دوران هخامنشی و باستان مبحث خود را شروع میکند و با گذاری از ادبیات اروپاییان در مورد ایران به پرداخت منش و ویژگی های ایرانیان در نوشتارهای؛
محمد علی جمالزاده، و مهدی بازرگان خاتمه می یابد.
سرزمین ایران و اقوام ایرانی از دیر باز مورد توجه دیگر ملت ها و دولت ها بوده اند. جایگاه ویژه و بسیار مهم فلات ایران که پل و پیوند دهنده ی دو سوی جهان به یکدیگر بوده است،و منابع و ثروت های طبیعی و انسان ساز که با دیرینه ی شهر نشینی در ایران پیوندی ژرف داشته است، همواره برای همگان قابل توجه بوده است.

از این رو و بنا بر سالنامه های آشوری و بابلی از هزاره ی دوم پیش از میلاد، در مورد ایرانی ها ،گرچه نه با این نام و به نامهایی از اقوام ایرانی چون؛ایلامی ها،لولوبی ها،گوتی ها ،کاسی ها، مانایی ها و در ادامه با آمدن قبایل ایرانی چون مادها ، نوشته هایی به جا مانده است، که بیشتر جنبه ی نظامی و اقتصادی داشته اند.

این گزارش به عنوان بخشی از کار کلاس «مباحث ویژه» در بنیاد ایران شناسی در مقطع کارشناسی ارشد در بهار 1387 ارائه شده است. پیش تر دو بخش آخر این گزارش را درباره منش ایرانی در آرای جمالزاده و بازرگان در پایگاه مطالعه کردید. اکنون کل گزارش از جمله لخش اول آن که منتشر نشده بود در اختیار خوانندگان است.
فهرست: پیشگفتار
گفتار نخست: پیشینه ی نگاه به "خود"
گفتار دوم: خلقیات ایرانیان از نگاه محمد علی جمالزاده
گفتار سوم: سازگاری ایرانی از نگاه مهدی بازرگان



Amir-Parviz and the KING

by Zorumbaa on

I appreciate your attempt to try to “Constructively” comment with undefinable terms such as “Negative Pride”, what is that?  Given your far away from constructive comments which I am doing my best to rationalized it and make it relevant so that I and perhaps some other readers can benefit from and see the relevancy and connection of the comments to the main issue,  therefore hopefully  engage in a “constructive” dialogue and discourse abut “Iranian Nationalism.” Remember what is in the subject line of my post and what is implied by that? “IRANIAN NATIONALISM and CULTURE.” Simple, easy, and straightforward topic for many to understand.  

 It leaves me flabbergasted and puzzled, honestly not knowing how to respond and what to say when the MAIN ISSUE and PERSONALITY becomes so personalized and the late SHAH pops up as the only and main character, my writing had NOTHING to do with him as a person or KNING.  Iran in her long history has been ruled by hundreds of SHAHs or Near-Shahs. Is the concept of NATIONALISM the sole MONOPOLY of M.R. Shah towards whom you show extreme sensitivity? Are you saying no other SHAH in Iranian history has been nationalistic or even more nationalistic that M.R. Shah? What is the point worth being discussed here? The MONOPOLY of Iranian NATIONALISTIC attribute by M.R. Shah and people like you who have the right to support him,  if you wish?

What I wrote has nothing to do whatsoever with “His Majesty.”  I mentioned in addition to Constitutional Revolution, Nationalization of Oil Industry, and the celebration of the 2500 anniversary of the Kingdom. What is the issue with that fact? Why you get so hyped up looking at it as an “attach” or an insult to his Majesty and what he may or may not have done?

What is the connection of G.. with Sh…? You want to connect it but there is none. I am talking, that is expressing MY OWN OPINION, about a concept called Iranian Nationalism, I suggest you try to conceptualize and put things in proper perspective.   


Mish mash

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Views, opinions and beliefs, pointing in too many unrelated directions to be able to construcively comment.

Irans past accomplishments are used by individuals and groups in a negative way, negative pride.

The Late Shah at least, really lived by both the the principals and ideals upon which to build and attract success, he delivered a society that was becoming capable of giving a villa to each and every person and meet their needs in all areas.  Yet it was forces organized and planned from the out side, which intentionally thwarted Iranians and murdered the king and sadat.  Neiter he or his team were at fault for the chaos unleashed on them through betrayal.  Betrayal puts the responsbility on those who betrayed not the victim of it.  When the USA pushed the late shah to raise oil prices, he acted for the benefit of the USA on the side of the USA and even had the USA convince the members of opec the USA was fully behind it, yet later he was portayed as a dictator that did this all by himself and was an untrustworthy ally needing to be replaced.  The exact opposite of the truth.  Yet we still have a significant number of so-called educated Iranians who refer to the late shah as a dictator????  Its really not posible to come up with correct prescriptions, basing ones thoughts on motivated and intentional misrepresentations of reality, which is being done on an industrial scale these days.

Iran Having a Triumphant Team, the late shahs team, that was put to an end and sent towards chaos through the use of deadly deceit both inside and outside Iran, does't make his teams approach, it could be that it was exactly right based on the results and that it was the USA/UK/French actions that were harmful, most people can see his teams approach as useful enough that Iranians would be wise to make use of in the future based on results.  That the USA/UK/France don't want it and oppose it, is their democratic right.  Iranians have a right too.  But they need to use their heartfelt wisdom so they can act with clarity again. 


A perceptive take on our current cultural/political dilemmas

by Zendanian on

thank you.

For another (by now classic) take on "Nationalism," its origins and trajectory in world history also see below:

Imagined communities, by Benedict Anderson


Besides generalities about Nationalsim in Iran, what seems to stand out about our specific version of it, is our total devotion to Farsi language, and how at times this lagnuage seems to be a religion in itself.

Some have explained this over-glorification of language in Iran as a substitution for Iran's historical, geographical lack of a stable nation-state. That could qualify it as a sort of national collective sublimation, if you will. 

This is a cultural trait (glorification of mother tongue, and its substitution for a nation-state) that Iran seems to share with Germany and Ireland, as well.