Anarchy, Harj-va-Marj, Order, and Liberation.


by Zorumbaa

Today for some reason I am in a different modality of my multiple personality chaotic confusion! A kind of anarchistic state of mind! It reminds me of the days that we were not sure where you draw the line between rebellion and anarchy, chaos and order? How far you have to rebel and protest and still not to be called an anarchist, people didn’t know, and still don’t know what anarchy really means and almost all see it as lawlessness and HARJ-VA-MARJ!

Back in 60s we use to be visited, on campus, by Stalinists and Trotskyites from the West Coast, by Marxists-Leninists from the East Coast, Maoists from random places, and by Islamists and future Jihadist from KANSAS among all places. Some of you may know that U of K was the center of activity for Iranian Muslim Student Association who produced the rank and file of the future leaders of IRR. This group was the counter weight to the other secular-political group called “CONFEDERATION”. We of course always had a couple of SAVAK agents among us as students, the whole picture made life as a student an exciting adventure at least for me! These groups used to visit us at least once a semester, came in a group of 4-5 people and always they had at least one female among them, they were all young college students , well organized and disciplined and very rarely you would notice a BEEKAAR among them !! We talked, argued, got drunk, partied and had a good time! It was like you are in a fascinating and exciting supermarket of mesmerizing and romantic ideas—a kid in a candy store!

You however had to be a very smart and well informed shopper to end up with the best deal and offer and not to get ripped! Unfortunately most of us are emotional shoppers, whether is in a mall or the confusing political supermarket. Most of us not knowing the merchandize and the merchandizers let our emotions and blind faith to make the decision! Several of those good college friends easily and cheaply lost their lives—I had a house- mate here, a week or so after takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on his way to his hometown he was ambushed, his head cut off and separated from his body and thrown in a ditch by the road side. He was good man, educated with advance degree and the rest who decided to return to his motherland and make it better. He was not for the left or right, down or up! He simply was NOT one of them. There is no “order” in animal-like environment of Harj-va-Marj, close to 35 years of Hell-on-Earth ought to prove something!

Now decades later the same question still lingers. Where do you draw the line? Do you just keep moving the line for your own comfort? The real enemy is not in hiding or pretending anymore. The real enemy is not the Stalinists, Trotskyites, or Maoists; or the so called the left overs of the past. The real enemy is the thug theology and nefarious theocracy of the thugs who failed in 1902 and waited till 1979! Anarchy is not the state of HARJ-va-MARJ and chaos; it is moving toward liberation, freedom, and order WITHOUT AUTHORITY as implied by Azadeh Azad in her 9/19/2012 post. We need more than a few brave anarchists like Emma Goldman!


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Anarchism is also the spontanoues flow of life, as we know it.

by Zendanian on

In that sense there's nothing particularly  negative or bad about it.

"The Enemy" as you put it would be any and all authoritarian, top-down narraitves that somehow "know" what "good" for all, and try to impose their "ideas" top-down on the rest.

Unfortunately we have authoritarians in almost every single school of thought, from Right to Left to Liberal.

Emma Goldman has a lot to be emulated and learned from. Including her observation that: "If I can't dance in you Revolution, I don't want to be a part of it."  

Here's a poem by Wallace Stevens, on "The Idea of Order..."

Wallace Stevens - The Idea of Order at Key West