Alireza Pahlavi

Shah younger son takes his own life

BBC: The younger son of the Shah of Iran, Prince Alireza Pahlavi, has killed himself in the US after a long battle with depression, his brother says. Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi said family and friends had been plunged into "great sorrow" at news of the death. "It is with immense grief that we would like to inform our compatriots of the passing away of Prince Alireza Pahlavi," he said in a statement. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was ousted in Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution. See related blog


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Re AliReza Pahlavi

by delavar on

Being a socialist/true Liberal/Leftist and despite my difference of opinion with Reza Pahlavi and despite not being a supprter of Monarchy in Iran, I still believe that Pahlavi Family both Reza Shah and Shah did their best for Iran considering the time and the date they ruled. Infact Iran was considered the only democracy in that region considering middle east standards for democracy. Reza Pahlavi is a fine man not after becoming a King and I do believe that he should have a place in a future democratic Iran such as becoming a senator or Member of parliament or what have you if people would vote for him or be allowed to live in his motherland freely as an Iranian citizen once Iran is liberated from  terrorist occupation of Iran by the Republic of Islam and Hezbollah

 My condolensces to the Pahlavi family for the passing away of AliReza Pahlavi. It is hard to imagine how much pain this family has to endure esp. Shahbanoo Farah pahlavi. I had tears in my eyes when I heard the bad news.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

داغ فرزند

Shazde Asdola Mirza

شد صفحه روزگار تیره
تا دفتر من گشود مادر
از هستی من، نشانه ای نیست
خود بودن من چه بود، مادر
ناموخت مرا زمانه درسی
از دست توام ربود مادر
در دامن روزگارم افکند
گریم همه رود رود مادر
هر روز سپهر سفله داغی
بر داغ دلم فزود مادر
از اختر من شدست گویی
دریای فلک کبود مادر
این ابر منم کز آتش دل
بر چرخ شدم چو دود، مادر
با من همه بخت در ستیزاست
من خاستم، او غنود، مادر
این کودک درد آشنا را
ایکاش نزاده بود مادر
شعریست که در غم تو فرزند
با خون جگر سرود مادر

محمد معلم  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes of course there are lost decades but that is more about us than Iran. Nation of Iran is thousands of years old and we see a 32 year slice of it now. What matters is what we can do to help. We do so by raising good families; and preserving and advancing Iranian culture best we could.

Being in the West is a double edged sword. It is painful to be away from home. It is more so to watch Iran regress and people suffer. However we get the benfit of learning things we never would have otherwise. We learn about different political systems;. We learn techniques of entrepreneurship. We learn different languages. IR will go but are we going to go back and take our knowledge with us? If that happens Iran will progress really fast. It will undo much of the damage IR has done so far.

If we do not get the chance and IR does not go we still could do good. By preserving Iranian culture. There are about 5-10 million of us. More than many nations!  Many are reviving traditions like Mehregan and Sadeh. There are Iranian centers all over the place. 

These are all good things. We can either sit back and suffer. Or take initiative and do something. It may be small but 10 million small things become very big. I vote for doing ; not giving up.

Remember Ferdowsi did his great work when Iran was invaded; occupied and Persian was in danger of totally vanishing. We are not going to be Ferdowsi but may do some small bit good.

In short: No I do not feel my life is meaningless. My children and my work (I don't mean just my job) give it meaning. 


Is yours a better FATE?

by Maziari on

May be you get to go to Iran once in a while. Does that compensate for the lost decades? How do you feel about your family? Whether your children are successful or not, do they feel like their classmates? Do they have roots?

Whether you are a successful entrepreneur, academic, engineer, retired or unemployed, do you feel like you have had a fulfilling life? What is your legacy? Money and property? May be some intellectual work?

Don't you feel it is all meaningless and useless when Iran is regressing and degenerating? That is if you are still Iranian.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on




by norooz on

You remind me of a true story.

Once a man walked to a psychiatric hospital and saw someone sitting on a bench in a hallway slowly shacking his head and whispering Delilah, why? Delilah, why?

He asked the nurse, what is with this guy? Nurse said, this guy was in love with a woman name Delilah but they didn't give her to him.

The man goes to another section and saw another man is banging his head to the wall, yelling and screaming Delilah, why? Delilah, why?  He asked the nurse again, what is with this guy?  Nurse said, the same Delilah they didn't give to the other guy, they gave to this guy.

You wouldn't happen to be the same Delilah, would you?



by DelilahNY on

I think a man should give it all in a marriage except for two things, LOVE and MONEY. Keep some of them in a safe place for rainy days.

Some of them? Oh, yes, them!

Where? In the anderoon?



.It is the plastic screen which unites, it is the plastic screen which tears apart.


Mola and Sargord

by DelilahNY on

 Mola, I'm still thinking about it, about how I want to answer you. But I will. It's important to me that I do. In the meantime I wrote a post on the thread of the blog I put up today that I'd like you to read, please..

And speaking of that blog,..

Sargord, I didn't intend to write that blog. It just came out of me. And I stand by it. And now I'll say a couple of things I did intend to say. It's a different kind of post from the ones I meant in the blog.

I think I mentioned to you once that,you made a  joke out of a graphic video of one of the Shah's generals being executed, and a few weeks later, you posted a blog passionately recommending a California candidate, for their anti-death penalty stance.  And I ask you, Sargord, how do you reconcile things like this within yourself?  Are they reconcilable? And if not, do you rationalize them? Because anything is rationalizable. And that's...trite.

You talk about Alireza being a coward. Listen, no person who has not had their finger on that trigger--whether they pulled it or not, or whether it was "only" the trigger's shadow which walked beside them, sometimes for their entire life-- has any right to make judgements about the character of someone who commits suicide based on that act.  And many potential suicides say the only reason they haven't done it is because they're afraid to. And you know it, too. I'm not admiring the act of suicide, but, Sargord, Alireza Pahlavi never hurt you.  

Why the hell am I doing this? I don't read the site regularly anymore, I just happened to be here when there was this news...and now here I am spending my time on you.

Consider it all a compliment. You should be flattered.


It is the plastic screen which unites, it is the plastic screen which tears apart.


VPK / Mostofi

by norooz on

VPK, I like you more when you disagree with me.  

I think a man should give it all in a marriage except for two things, LOVE and MONEY. Keep some of them in a safe place for rainy days.

Jenabeh Mostofi,  Alireza shaghol gamar ke nakardeh. He spent the stolen money and went to school. I bet you he never worked in his life, but back when i went to school, many Iranians worked two jobs and went to school.  I say it as it is.  If the truth doesn't sit well with some, that is just too bad.  What? Because he studied Persian culture, he is Ahura Mazada?  He would have been useful for Iran and Iranians?  How? Like his other family members? 

Jenabeh Mostofi, something tells me you like what I write, but unlike me, you are very smart. Instead of writing them yourself, you got me to do the job for you.  Not only that, you are advertising your website for free too.   Khaili Zebeli.


Prince's Death and the Legitimacy of Monarchy

by JavoonDeerooz on

Alireza's death is no doubt a personal tragedy for his immediate family like any  untimely death of a young person. Beyond that , I really do not see the cause for all this hoopla. As a member of general public, I feel more sorrow over the death of a street protester in Tehran , or death of a 15 year old soldier in Iran-Iraq war than  that of a privileged prince in Boston.

Another point is to realize that according to the old Iranian constitution, Alireza was second in line for the throne.  What does this incident say about rationality of a system that you are qualified to be the leader of a country simply because of how and when you were born? 



by yolanda on

I hope all of you are happy and count the is short!



by DelilahNY on

He didn't say anything about American women. But thanks for the eye opener. I'll go get a gun and do my civic duty to Iran right now. Unless you can find a way to marry me off to Khamenei.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have to agree with you this one time. I had the misfortune of living with an American woman for years. She almost drove me to an early grave. She is still working on it even after the divorce. I tell you HELL would be preferable than living with one of them.

I am not going to say they are all this way; but many are. Demanding; whiny; useless; unfaithful; without culture; arrogant; unable to thank; and they believe themselves God's gift. When we got divorced she said: "You will be crying every night for me". What a joke. I have been thanking GOD every night that I don't have to be with her. I just had a new physical. My blood pressure is down by 30 points; my cholesterol is down; my blood works are great. My doctor said it is as if I am 10 years younger. I said: no; just divorced.

I suggest the worst enemies of state be forced to live with one of these Womyn. That will be worst than any torture man could come up with.



by DelilahNY on

You ask why anyone would want to kill themself. I'll try to tell you what I think. but I'll have to do it later because I don't have enough time right now. You also ask what was going through his mind at the time. That one I can answer quickly. This is what was going through his mind:





Judging HIH Ali Reza Pahlavi

by alimostofi on

norooz: stop using politics to judge HIH Ali Reza Pahlavi.  Have you even bothered to look into his studies? And if you want to get personal, did you go to Princeton or Harvard, or get a PHD.  I am sure his studies on Philology will be very useful for Iranians.

And this statement goes to all who think like this.  The Prince was a symbol of Iranians who did a lot, and do a lot in exile ... quietly, and suffer for it.

Don't judge, lest you be judged! Matthew 7:1-3 


Ali Mostofi





by Shemirani on

 Boston - Reza Pahlavi statement...



If he didn't

by norooz on

If it is not genetic and if he didn't have depression, there is only one other cause and that is WOMAN. They can drive you insane.  Even the cause of depression often starts from women. In case of my friend it started with divorce and being away from his children.

Caused by being away from Iran? They were hardly in Iran even before 1979.

Seeing his hamvatans getting killed?  He would have committed suicide in 1980s when hundreds of thousand were killed.

Love for Iran and Iranians? Is there any record of him to care and speak against the crimes toward Iran and Iranians by the west?

Stop making an idol. He was an Iranian who didn't do anything positive for the country and people. If anything, he has been in possession of some of the wealth that belonged to poor Iranians.  There is an old saying,  Money acquired wrongfully will be spent on doctors and medications.  "Maleh dozdi kharjeh dava o darmoon misheh".  Hasn't that been the case for Shah and his family?  They seem to like it that way.

I still don't see any comments from Farah Rousta.

Fariba Amini, Do you believe it now?




by Fair on

for the loss of Alireza Pahlavi, I send my deepest condolences to his family.  I feel it is a mistake to see him as merely the son of a Shah or anyone else.  I see him as yet another son of Iran, a member of an innocent generation who fell victim to the mass stupidity and madness of 1979, and the expensive and stupid mistakes of their fathers and mothers.  Alireza is but the latest in a long string of such wonderful lives lost for nothing...

UNLESS- the younger generation learn from their parents and grandparents's terrible mistakes, and ensure that such backward stone age primitive thought leave our country for good.  UNLESS we Iranians going forward say uniformly NEVER AGAIN to mullahs and religious rule.

Rest In Peace Alireza and all sons and daughters of Iran whose lives were cut short for no fault of their own.


در گذشت شاهپور علیرضا پهلوی



را به خانواده ی محترمشان و همه ی ایران دوستان تسلیت می گویم.

کشور از سعی شما آراسته ست

بهترین شاه از شما برخاسته ست

بی رضا شاه کشور ایران چه بود؟

نظم و نام و پایه ها او ساخته ست


Pedaraye ma, va Kasaii ke enghelab Kardan, be ma madunan

by opinionpost on

 Vaghean Madunan.....




Javid Shah, Peace be with you Alireza

by opinionpost on


may God forgive him for taking his own life

by asadabad on

You can't blame him or associate him with the shahs abuses.  His humanity must be respected.



by yolanda on

Thank you,  NY GAL, for the links and his girlfriend called police..... I hope his girl-friend will reveal his state of mind......we can understand a little better why he took his own life.....I know nothing will bring him back....


loss of Iranian son

by afshinazad on

My deepest condolences to our Royal family and Iranian nation, who are in grief of losing their true Iranian son, may his soul be javedan and his name to be paydar.


May your soul rest in Peace Son of beloved Father/grandfather

by opinionpost on

یکی از دوستان خانواده پهلوی گفته است که علیرضا پهلوی وصیت کرده بود که پس از مرگ جسدش را بسوزانند و خاکسترش را در دریای خزر بریزند


 I was very little when people disrespected your father....

 Please forgive us for the barbaric social and political so called movement, and dishonor our fathers and mothers have caused...

 Please forgive the ignorance, the misery, and the emptiness of our

 minds and hearts, when we did all of those...

 Peace be with you, Son of Beloved father and Beloved Grand father.

 Peace be with you, Shahbanou, mother of patience, culture.

 I wish I could take a royal oath to your Father.... I wish I could support you and your family.... I wish I had something to offer to those who served my beautiful country as competent, respectful leaders...

May God bless you

May God bless all True daughters/sons of our country.

May God bless and Free Iran.... 


Another news link

by NY GAL on

According to the following link, Alireza's girlfriend called police after gunshot.



i can't get over those photos...

by shushtari on

makes me very sad.....especially for shahbanoo.....such a classy lady and so caring has had to endure so much pain...

seeing the photos from the 60s is very sad to see such a tight knit family

one hair of alireza or shahbanoo is worth ALL THE DIRTY MULLAHS ON EARTH....who are a waste of oxygen

I know that god has a masterplan.....I just hope justice will be served soon, so that we can finally have redemption for our country


My condolences to his family

by NY GAL on

According to the following link:


AlirezaHe was engaged to Sarah Tabatabai for many years. But a few years ago, he lost his fiancee in a scuba diving accident and never quite recovered from that, a friend close to the Shah's family told the Daily Beast. 



by yolanda on

Hi! Mr. Dollar,

   I agree with you that:

In amny occasions, drepression can be better treated with natural herbs, loving family and strong beilief & religious values.

.........but some people said marijuana is considered natural herbs...I heard on IC...



by yolanda on

double post