Alireza Pahlavi

Shah younger son takes his own life

BBC: The younger son of the Shah of Iran, Prince Alireza Pahlavi, has killed himself in the US after a long battle with depression, his brother says. Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi said family and friends had been plunged into "great sorrow" at news of the death. "It is with immense grief that we would like to inform our compatriots of the passing away of Prince Alireza Pahlavi," he said in a statement. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was ousted in Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution. See related blog


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G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

I thought you said ONE OF YOUR FATHERS was an Iranian. Didn't he teach you much about Iran? Let people mourn their loss in peace! Sei Davvero Bastardo!!!


A friend of mine and many

by norooz on

A friend of mine and many others have committed suicide. Many of whom were very rich and seemed to have it all. But they also had depression. That is what depression does, if the medication is not taken. I also wondered why he was left alone. because that is when depression hits the most. But then again you cannot baby sit a 44 years old 24/7. That is how my friend killed himself, with a singlegun shot, home alone and hadn't been taking medications days before suicide.

Your story if not a lie, must have been a joke. If IRI did it, why took them 31 years. why Alireza who apparently wasn't involved in politics and not Reza Topol? 

Get over it!!! I didn't see you crying over hundreds of thousands true sons of Iran killed defending Iran. 

I didn't know him. If he was a good person and just a victim of his parents actions, God bless him. but still he was old enough to come clean on his part.


a great loss

by I_ran_ian on

RIP Alireza Pahlavi

very sad to see negative comments on this page. shame on us iranians.


Sargord Pirouz

Last week it was reported in

by Sargord Pirouz on

Last week it was reported in our metro newspaper that an impoverished mother was squatting in a basement with her two children. She had run an extension cord to an adjacent building in order to provide heat for her two children. They were trying to survive the cold night. A spark jumped from the electrical outlet starting a fire that killed the mother and one of her children. They were poor and just trying to survive.

Here we have a case of a spoiled, wealthy, supposed royal that takes the coward's way out by shooting himself in the head with a handgun. He just didn't want to survive. 

The first case I cited is a true tragedy. The second, just  more nonsense from a dysfunctional embarrassment of family that robbed Iran of billions, and worse.


to a grieving mother:

by Benyamin on

I read many coments in here. Some are mournful, some are comical, some are just hateful and some others are indifferent.

But all of them are sign of frief and sadness and pain. Any reaction to this news means we all care and those that hate "Pahlavies" care enough to hate. I have never seen so many comments in such a little time on


I would like to point out that if many expressed sorrow in here multiply that by millions and that is how many are feeling sorrow in our mother land IRAN.  

khoda byamorzatesh



Bazi az comment ha Hale

by Shemirani on

Bazi az comment ha Hale adamo baham mindaze !!!!

Poshte morde haam Geybat ??????!!!!!

akhe shomaha chitoon iranist ? man ke  sar darnemiaram !! you don't respect anything anybody,You just don't respect yourself !

sharmetoon bad


کّل نفس ذائقه الموت


It's always the mother who suffers most in the loss of her children, be it an Iranian (ex) queen of the Pahlavi dynasty, or an ordinary citizen like the mother of the famed Rezaie brothers of MKO.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



what a shame

by asadabad on

A tragic end for a beautiful young man.  For better or for worse, I think that the Pahlavis will never rule Iran.   Their men are too weak.  Only strong men can rule.

I wonder if he will be buried in Egypt?


A Tragedy

by EarthOhio on

Our King, your majesty Reza Pahlavi, please accept my condolencefor the untimely death of your brother and our countryman. May God bless hissoul and give him eternal peace.



by Parthian on

I guess living in the Western world, and proclaiming one's self as "true American" does not bring humanity to basiji thug like  yourself. That is too sad, that you have not learned the lessons of history and this life. The arms of justice will be long, and harsh for the supporters of this regime, and believe me, when the malakh khor tazi have been removed from Iran, people like you will pay the price, just like some of the Shah's henchmen did.


Re: shushtari

by opinionpost on

 hello and condolences!  Some of us don't think it is suicide at all.....we have been talking about it all night( All pages back)... deeply concerned.... but not sure what to do... most of us still shocked....  If you find new tips, please post... Many thanks 


my heart is heavy

by shushtari on

 for shahbanoo and all of iran..

alireza was a true patriot.....

but I smell a rat in the shape of a mullah here....

there's no way he killed himself- why would he do so after 10 years after his sister's death....???

this is as much of a suicide as montazeri's was of natural causes! 


اندوه بار ,


پایانی ناگوار و اندوه بار.


Respond: Arthimis

by opinionpost on

Respectfully Please read last few pages, before you comment on Tabloid... Many thanks, we admire your intelligent comments and we appreciate it. Might help your hurt feelings if you see a few pages back,,,,


In loving memory of Prince

by Arthimis on

In loving memory of Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi (Rest In Peace) :


PS. Ladies and Gentlemen, Please have some respect and compassion for his soul and his very sad family who are mourning at this very moment and all those Iranians who care! Let's not make this into a tabloid... Thank you.

Free Iran and Iranians.


This says, his finace is pregnant, Expecting a Child from him

by opinionpost on


Expecting a child from him in NEAR FUTURE... 




by Mehman on

I express my condolences to his mother, brother and sister.



by caramel on

Very sad. My most sincere condolences to our Royal Family, and all Iranians. God bless Him, and may He rest in peace.


5 facts about Ali Reza: ( Gay is not one of them...)

by opinionpost on



by Daadaash on

My condolences to the Pahlavi family.


IranJon After the murderous

by fullback1 on

After the murderous rampage by the Islamist occupiers of Iran in the last 2 weeks , Everyone i talk to is depressed.


True patriot.... R.I.P brother

by Parthianshot91 on

  He had it all, wealth, women, looks, youth, but he didn't have Iran, and knowing that it was suffering and so were his people. See if any mullah kills himself for Iran, they don't even give a sh!t.

 "Let this land of Iran burn for islam" Khomanie the dog who's burning in hell.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


Farokhzad was gay too

by opinionpost on

And brutally murdered....



by yolanda on

.....later more info may come out like when he bought the gun....where he bought the gun.........what was his mood during X-mas holiday? What was his demeanor few days before he ended his life? They probably can trace his steps somewhat......I read different stuff about him.....some said he was reclusive, others social..... a very sad day!




Gay or not gay, killed by somebody or by himself..,this is so sad to hear.


Thank you Souri, I appreciate it

by opinionpost on

Thank you so very much for your courage and kindness; 

Gay or Not :

Love him, respect him, May his soul rest in peace. And peace be with his remainders. I heard he was a Christian, like his aunt.... 



terrible news


may he rest in peace.


You like conspiracy theories? Okay , then hang in there

by Souri on

How about this one?
They say, he was gay!

He had many gay affairs, and maybe (they say it is sure) this was  one of his many adventures which just went wrong! Someone (his gay lover) may have killed him, and the family just want to cover the truth by the stories of depression.....etc.

Personally I still don't believe this.
But yes, you can search for the news of his death in all the male gay magazines. Of course they just talk about his death, without any further comment.
So, this could be another theory. I just hope it is not true, anyway

The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!


a great Persian Prince

by pas-e-pardeh on

بسیار غمگین شد ایرانی
همه میگن چرا؟ چرا که نه؟ بگین چرا ما همه خودمونو نمیکشیم یا چرا قیام نمیکنیم؟
این پور شاهان ایران به ما هشدار داد که مرگ "به از زنده دشمن بدو شادکام"


Every one says He killed himself, because his family says so

by opinionpost on



And Yes Souri Jon, If his Family knew he was suicidal. He should have NOT been left alone. Our Family are the closest people to us. It is good for the bound to use its power to save us from suicidal thoughts, if he in fact had committed that.... He is a grown up man, Yes, but depressed suicidal... very vulnerable.... where were friends? other family members? Professional Care taker? Abdarchi? Ajodan? personal assistant? Cleaner? Nurse? Girl friend?  God.... you name it Souri Khanum. Did you know him well? or his relations with his family? How do you feel people are blaming family and why do u react? You may write if you know something....