Alireza Pahlavi

Shah younger son takes his own life

BBC: The younger son of the Shah of Iran, Prince Alireza Pahlavi, has killed himself in the US after a long battle with depression, his brother says. Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi said family and friends had been plunged into "great sorrow" at news of the death. "It is with immense grief that we would like to inform our compatriots of the passing away of Prince Alireza Pahlavi," he said in a statement. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was ousted in Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution. See related blog


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Alex in Florida & Opinionpost

by Tavana on

Go on with your fantacies & your wishfulls (fools rather) thinkings senarios! If Alireza had not inherited Shah's huge nose one would have become suspicious of JFK, a known womanizer, visit of Shah's family in IRAN!


My sincere condolences. Javid Shah!

by Ginman on

I am devastated by this news. I hereby offer my sincerest, heartfelt condolences to the Pahlavi family on this tragic day. This was the last thing this great family needed now. My heart goes out to you, O dear mother of our nation, Farah Pahlavi!

Death to the ahrimanic theocracy. Long live Shahanshah Aryamehr Reza Pahlavi II!



Bano Atefeh

خبر غم انگیزیه

Bano Atefeh



Dear OpinionPost

by AlexInFlorida on

Article in houston chronicle says AliReza Killed himself with a Shot Gun...

even though it notes that he did not own a shot gun.

Wouldn't you just love to know where the Shot Gun Came from.  I smell something nasty too...


Dear Shahbanou:

by opinionpost on

 Ba arezuye piruzi va sarafrazi baraye Iran Va Iraniane Vagheii. Ba Arezuye sarbolandi baraye Irane Azad ( ye Ruzi shayad), Ma ra ham dar ghame az dast raftaneh shahzadeye aziz sharik bedanid.

Man delam mikhast midanestam, va mitavanestam komaki konam. Man delam mikhast, ma be ham nazdiktar budim, ta mitavanestim joleye fajaye az in dast ra zudtar begirim.

Kheili motoasefan, vali man amighan bavar daram, ishan ra koshteand.

Gozareshe do pahluye police, va sharayete namonasebe keshvareman, in zene mar ra taghviyat mikonad. Ey Kash, mishod josteju va tahghighe bishtari kard.

Dear Shahbanou:

Pls accept my deep condolences! I was very little when revolution happened, I never was part of it and I am embarrassed of what our fathers have done to your husband. Your husband, his father, your son and your daughters are what I am proud of. Please accept my deepest sorrow. Please know that Many like me, who were too little or were not born at that emraressing violent sadistic islamic dictatorial so called revolution, had no role, in it. Please know we love you, we praise you and we are ready for a help. I wish we know what is happening, we could have been able to help.

I personally see a suspicious police report, and very sad unbelievable death. No one knows who called the police and family right away talk about suicide. What is happening? I sure like to know, I don't believe not for a moment, he has killed himself. Something smells extremely fishy in here.... How could a member of royal family not get professional help or a care taker, or a family friend beside him, if he is at risk? This story is extremely strange, dots do not connect, SORRY, I DON'T BUY IT. Please find the killer, the motives.... "Remember how Bakhtiyar was killed" remember how Mollas were fed/created/got publicity in Europe? remember how Jimmy Carter did not let the plane land"? I do not believe he has killed himself. This appears like Kennedy's story being repeated....




by Tavana on

Very good points. Not only Pahlavis left overs are gutlesses they're big liers as well. Below is AP's interviews with their crowds:


These people are shamelessly hiding/switching the facts that the boy had been using heavy drugs & alcohols since GOD knows when & had been depressed as such & not for the loss of his sister!

PS. What is the difference between this man & thousands & thousands who who have died due to their drugs addictions in IRAN for the past 31 years & never ever received any griefs messages from the cry babies on IC????? 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Take a barbari, a box of kiri cheese and six packs 7-up to the beach with your dudes!! and celebrate ; hell 2011 may be your last free year to RIDE.                  Maziar


My condolences and respect to Pahlavi's.

by Milan on

May your family find the strength to endure such terrible tragedy. 

God Bless!


Sar Tah " jan" when I mentioned the movie to you yesterday

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

this is exactly what I meant. Just like Bill Murray charcter in that movie you're extremely annoying, irritating and have zero regard for others. And you thought it was a compliment!

Not sure what planet you live in , but here on Earth all mothers are deeply devastated by loss of a child, regardless of creed. Why do you have to degenrate everything on this site like this?


لطفا به این فحاشی و بی‌ احترامی سرگرد جواب ندین


این مزدور می‌خواهد تحریک کنه شما رو. ولی‌ به خاطره احترام به روان این مرحوم لطفا از جواب دادن خود داری کنید. بذارید مردم ببینن چقدر این اسلامیون بی‌‌ شرم هستند.


Big Boy


by Big Boy on

Colonel Onion, depression is a disease and has nothing to do with western liberties or money.  Of course you know this, but being the professional shit-disturber you are you have to say moronic things.  Apparantly Khamenie has depression too.  He smokes opium to get over it.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


It is insensitive comments like this that make it "OK" for everyone to bash you. Now you see my point!?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

May he rest

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

in peace indeed and let us wait and see what really happened. I do not have all the facts now. Other than he is deal apparent suicide.

I am sorry to see this happen and my best to his family. However we need to wait and see what really happened.

Sargord Pirouz

Huh, another one of 'em did

by Sargord Pirouz on

Huh, another one of 'em did themselves in.

Seems like money and Western-kinds of liberties don't bring this family happiness. Too bad.


ای بابا، خجالت هم خوب چیزیه...


یک آدم نسبتا جوان که اصلا کاری به سیاست نداره خودکشی‌ کرده، مادر و اقوامش داغدیده شدن، حالا یک عده اومدن اینجا یا بهش فحش میدان به خاطره پدرش، یا به هم فحش میدان به خاطر عقده‌های خودشون. اگه اهل تسلیت نیستین و بد تون میاد از این شخص (به خاطره پدرش؟؟!!!)و خوشتون میاد فحش بدین به هم یا جر او‌ بحث بکنید، برید یک بلاگ باز بکنید برای فحش دادن. این رسمه اینجا!

در ضمن، تسلیت، در درجه اول به  به مادر و بعد خانواده این آقای پهلوی، اگه خدای نکرده این بگ رو میخونن.


Parthian, don't make judgements without all the info.

by AlexInFlorida on

What if the shah and some of his ministers died of unnatural causes.


What if Ali Reza was killed. vs committing suicide


News like this... the truth may take years before coming out.


Napoleons poisoing and murder came out 200 years after his death.



G. Rahmanian

My Condolences

by G. Rahmanian on

To Pahlavi Family For Their Tragic Loss. It Is A Sad Day!


A Sad Day For All Iranians.

by AlexInFlorida on

Mother Farah, please accept our condolences. 

Look at what a price you paid for being the Queen of
Iran, I am so sorry our Queen.  This is a Sad Day for all Iranians, the loss is a national one.  Your eldest sons children are in our prayers along with Ali Reza and all your family as they must be devastated, like you and the rest of us.  RIP


First my condolences

by Parthian on

My deepest condolences to the Pahlavi family, and especially to that strong mother Farah Diba who has witnessed for the second time this tragedy.

Having said that, I am not gone be all emotional about this issue. History will show that Pahlavi man, with the exception of Reza Shah the Great have been gutless. Suicide is not a solution, but a gutless way of taking the easy way out. If you are going to kill yourself, at least kill a few hezbollahi before you do that. If I ever reached that point in my life, I would take out a few of the hezbollahis, perhaps some who are on this IC forum with me to hell. Do something productive for Iran, and for our world.

Like his father who put his tail between his legs and ran away, this is an easy way out. His father wore all that metal junk on his chest, and all kinds of "aryan" and glaring stars on his shoulders, yet did not have the guts to stay around and be executed with his generals. You wear that shit, you act like the commander in chief, you better stick around. Order the bombing of Qom, order the execution of all mullahs, believe History would have judged you well. Gutless, simply gutless!

David ET

may he rest in peace now

by David ET on




 با عرض تسلیت به شهبانو فرح و شاهزاده رضا پهلوی


maziar 58

Mr.Marjan ? Zahed!

by maziar 58 on

Please do not mix the recreational drugs (dopes) with the others (dose).

Thank you

Take a glass of hot lahijan tea and a jeffrey before going to bed.         Maziar

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Souri Khanoom, why are you being so belligerent

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

and hostile? For the sake of the deceased here let's declare peace and Kodda Omr'e shoma ra increase by a factor of at least 2!


Another Sad Chapter in Pahlavi Family

by Faramarz on

My Deepest Sympathy to the Pahlavi Family.

It is hard to imagine, at least for me, what kind of physical or emotional pain a person must be under to take his own life and put his loved ones through all the sorrow, the guilt and the shame. This is really sad.

I think that people should leave the Pahlavi family alone and allow them to have as much of a “normal” life as they can. They have suffered enough.

They have no role to play in the future of Iran. Let’s cherish the memories and let them live in peace.



by Ferfereh on

My condolences to Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi and his family


Whether I work or not

by Souri on

should not be of any concerns concern for you. At least I don't question people about their action and their beliefs. Was it really so important to you to know if I had presented my condolences or not?
FYMI, Yes I sent it also to Reza Pahlavi. Any other question?

The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!



by comments on

May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead.  You are a strong Persian family.  When you have such an active gene in your family why don’t you be alert, and take care of yourselves?  Health is everything, and we don't live in a stone age.  Depression medications are really advanced now.  It's truly sad.


Alireza Pahlavi

by shamsi on

This is such a heart breaking news, to the Pahlavi family and all Iranians. May the Shahbanu and the rest family find strength to cope with such a devastating tragedy.May he rest in peace, and be with his beloved father and sister.  

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Thank you for informing me Souri Khanoom.

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

I have no doubt in your speed.

I was just at work and couldn't log in!? Do you work from 8:00am to 6:00pm every day? No pun intended!

Best regards,


tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

First of all connecting the death of the late shah's son to what Shah did or did not do is crazy . These kind of deaths  happen to a lot of  families good,bad , famous, royalty, hezbollahi, communist, Sabz, melli gara, etc....  and to just go nuts and be happy about some ones death that was barely 12 at the time of the revolution is just insanity.