Alireza Pahlavi

Shah younger son takes his own life

BBC: The younger son of the Shah of Iran, Prince Alireza Pahlavi, has killed himself in the US after a long battle with depression, his brother says. Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi said family and friends had been plunged into "great sorrow" at news of the death. "It is with immense grief that we would like to inform our compatriots of the passing away of Prince Alireza Pahlavi," he said in a statement. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was ousted in Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution. See related blog


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Rest in peace

by Parthianshot91 on




"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"

Jonny Dollar

My anti-Shah & IRI family in Iran are all sad! He wasn't Shah!

by Jonny Dollar on

Please don't make this political and stop speculating about the cause. Politically, he was an innocent soul as far as Iran and Iranians are concerned.

Poor guy took the easy way out. That is one bad thing about being too westernized - buy a gun and shoot yourself. In fact, 4 months ago the brother of my good American friend from Boston who was 28 shot himself too. He was depressed and his family are devastated. (I am sure it had nothing to do with the depressing weather.)

I feel for his mom Farah! The worse incident for parents is to witness their own kids' deaths. She has witnessed two already!

These anti-depression drugs make them their condition worse, not better. The drug companies make billions selling these drugs. In amny occasions, drepression can be better treated with natural herbs, loving family and strong beilief & religious values.

BTW Sargord is defintely not an Iranian, don't waste your time, just ignore him. He is just like a barking dog!

"God is love!"



by DelilahNY on

I'm not taking your response as an invitation to anything in particular. Maybe you meant someone should apply for Savak or maybe that they should be the target of Savak, It's the same thing. And I think that I misunderstood you--that you didn't mean you thought he was me, you were just quoting his subject line. But I do know when someone is asking the fundamental questions and is placing the humanity before the ideology. We could all learn a lot from that. No need to reply. In fact, a little silent reflection might be best. No sarcasm intended. I'm serious.



A GREAT LOSS! My sincere condolences to Pahlavi family!

by P_J on



خودکشی دردی را دوا نمي‌کند(عليرضا پهلوی از کاخ سعدآباد تا بوستون

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

عليرضا پهلوی منتظر بهار نشد، در آغاز سال نو (ميلادی)، به خودش گلوله زد و
در غربت جان سپرد و اين جدا از همدردی و تسليت، جای تأمّل دارد.

آيا اين خودکشي‌ها نمادی از بن‌بست است؟

آيا خاطر دردناک مرگ پدر و خواهرش ليلا، او را به اين اتنخاب کشيد؟

آيا چون «از آنچه به ناروا بر ميهن عزيزش مي‌گذشت آزرده و غمگين بود...» ـ خود را کشت ؟ [۱]

البته مي‌توان هر اتفاقی را يک جوری به استبداد زير پرده دين که ريشه
همه نابسامانی ها و غربت ها است، ربط داد اما «تک سبب بينی» کليد قفل
اينگونه مرگ‌های غريب نيست. چنين مرگی در چنين ايامی مهيب‌تر از آن است که
خودخواسته تعبير شود

مرگ غم انگيز وی حتی برای کسانيکه با ستم رژيم پيشين کنار نيامده اند نيز،
عبرت آميز است و جز اصحاب کينه و عسل پوشان سرکه فروش، کسی را خوشحال
نمي‌کند. هيچ انسان فرهيخته ای رنج مادر و خويشان وی را برنمی تابد حتی اگر
در اوين يا در کميته به اصطلاح ضد خرابکاری رژيم پيشين شکنجه شده باشد.




by yolanda on

Thank you, AlexInFlorida, for the info......

apparently there are a lot of unanswered questions........I was wondering if the caller was the prince himself....he made the call right before he took his life......if it was another is going to be a complicated case.......could the caller be the killer? or he heard the gunshot?


The Mrs

by AlexInFlorida on

Its a national loss for monarchists and other people of culure with in Iran.  Today the Monarchists are the largest single group within Iran, above republicans and mullahs in last place.  Trust me for people who aspire to Freedom above Democracy, and Irans Traditions above Islams... its a national loss, for you... clearly not.



delilahny, sorry, but we might be cross purposing

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

And please dont take my response as an invitation to a circular debate. Good day to you.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Condolence for griefing mother

by siavash1000 on

Our deepest sympathy for mourning mother for AliReza loss. No word can express our sorrow to our shahbanoo and our king Reza Pahlavi at this time. We admire your strength. Our nation is mourning along with our royal family. R.I.P Ali Reza.



by DelilahNY on

I hardly think someone who is earnestly trying to understand why someone would want to kill himself and how such a thing could have happened is going to apply to Savak anytime soon. A suicide hotline, maybe. Savak no. And that in a nutshell is the problem with this site, Iran, and the world. We only see each other through the myopic lens of our compartmentalized preconceptions.

ps i'm not mola, if that's what you meant to imply. read my first post again please, if you did. as i said, it is the plastic screen that unites, it is the plastic screen that tears apart.


alex in Florida:

by TheMrs on

alex in Florida: "anonymous",  "unnamed person" : Is there any other kind????

I don't buy that it had anything to do with the "the ills fallen upon his beloved homeland". Childhood trauma, losing a father, and then a sister to drug OD and the experience of immigration and exile, sure. What a wasted life. Veghean ke heyf. Think of all he could have done...then again, it doesn't look like he did much when he was alive either. In any case, it is very very sad for those who loved him. This is a personal trajedy not a national one.





by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Now wag your tail harder shotor. Just in case, Savak is re instated and new job opportunities and all that.... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


No Way Return

by Demo on

161 comments below is a solid proof of the loss of common sense on IC. The world has not changed a bit since this guy's death and every one us could be next on the departure line. Why wasting of the precious time then when such departure has "No Way Return?"

An Expression of Disinterested Curiosity 


Oh please, not another episode of The People Vs. Sargord (ps)

by DelilahNY on

Reality TV Show. This has become quite the little trend.  But you all know Sargord likes to push people's buttons and this thread isn't the place to act the way some of you are. Better to keep the focus on the deceased, the bereaved, and whatever legitimate political and social issues may come up in a reasonably respectful discussion. imho.

I did want to say something to him (to you, SP) and now that Mola wrote back to me I will within my reply because Mola's post to me is exactly related to what I want to say to Sargord. But I plan to do it in keeping with the respect the thread deserves and with the (perhaps vain) hope that something positive might come out of it. I'll do it later. For now though...a little dignity out of respect for the dead???? Have no fear, the lurid court room sitcom will be telecast on many other threads. It always is...

--Robin, Rosie, whoever

(ps cross posted with Sargord's last post, a reasonable one, btw. sad afarin, sp),

Sargord Pirouz

Statistically in the US,

by Sargord Pirouz on

Statistically in the US, there's always a spike in suicides right after the holiday season. 



by AlexInFlorida on

AliReza's Neighbour says he was not Depressed, but years ago in the past had been depressed, but sought treatment from this.

The Call to the local police was made by an anonymous unnamed person.

The Gun was not registered or owned by Alireza. 

Only time will tell what has happened.

Family website choreographed the official position of the police. 


XXX Pirouz

by AlexInFlorida on

Hell and Torture are too good for you and your elk after what they have done to our country and our good leaders.  One day you may lose your freedom and I pray it is soon, because just like the jews pursued their german murderers, you can be certain those serving the IRI and not denouncing it's leadership will not be spared from their destiny, justice will be served one day in place of revenge and love will find its way back into the hearts of good iranians.... however those humble enough to show painful regret for their part in these crimes will of course be forgiven.

RIP AliReza

Long Live Free Iran.


Another Sign of the Gradual Death of a Nation

by masoudA on

I don't know how many of you know - but according to Tehran's "Pezeshki Ghanooni" of several years ago - about 40 youngsters committed suicide in Tehran alone - every day!!!!  Alirza Pahlavi is just another one in the long list of wasted Iranian youth.    RIP

Having said that - We must not mourn we have to put an end to the ongoing genocide in and migration out of Iran.   


Many Condolences....

by opinionpost on

Many condolences...


Re: Sargord (XXX) Piruz:

by opinionpost on

Dear Alireza: Peace be with you, son of beloved father/grandfather, servants of Iran.

If I am not mistaken even the name of Iran was given by Reza Shah. 

Sargord is a devision for Military ( artesh ) In Iran.

Reza Shahe kabir organized a powerful "Artesh" ( pronounces A, like Atash). and prevented Iran from dissociation and undergoing Tribal rulers.

Please find a "sepah" or "Basij" Ranking name for this gentleman. I refuse to spoil name Sargord. One of my beloved family was a "Sargord" before he comes up the Rank in the Airforce. This gentleman is "Pasdar" ya "Basiji". They are not very good people as we know what they are formed to support ( Khomeini and his tails).

First,So, Please don't call him Sargord, Hence I called him XXX piruz.  Second: dictators will die one day. Devil destroys itself. As you may see the signs of them destroying themselves.

Third: Peace be with your soul Alireza... 

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on


As you put it: "Scattered like leaves" we were and some of us still are.

His death is a human trajedy and that's how I look at it. Why someone kills himself/herself?

What was going through his mind before ending his life?

I remember a sentence by Allen Gingsberg who used to say: "If it's hopeless, then you have nothing to worry about!"

Allen Gingsberg's comment was a positive take on life. He meant one has to let go of all the worries and not be imprisoned by them, one needs to be able to deal with life's difficulties. 

But in Alireza's case he wasn't able to go on anymore.

Rosie, it's good to hear from you again and let us know when you change your login name. 


Sargord your comment on dead mom and kids

by Truth-Set-You-Free on

Sargord, your comments show your devotion to revolution...well...

You are one of those who suppots thieves who rule our country. So why do you come here to talk about a dead mom and her kids. DOn't say killing people or dead people mean anything to you becasue it doesn't. All you care is having power to rule Iran and your own benefits. 

So why don't you ask your leader about it??? Pahlavis were gone more than 30 years! and you are blaming them for this mother dying from hunger under khameneii and ahmadinejad ??

Call Your friends (revolutionaries) and tell them the story of mom and kid and I bet they will laugh at you. Becasue this is what they have been doing for last 35 years. 


My heart and condolences goes to his brave mother

by عموجان on

She been through a lot in past 30 years

Rest in peace and say hello to you dad and sister and thank him for his great work he did for his country. 


Re: XXX Pirouz

by opinionpost on

First: Peace be with you, son of beloved father/grandfather. Son of a servant to his country. 


If any mother killed herself for poverty , is because of a sadistic,Mid-evil so called revolution you guys did against this man's father. Of course people respect him,because we owe his father/Grandfather for our country.

This gentleman's father and granfather, raised my country from dirty.

Allowed women, who would be otherwise the sex slaves of Haghi Ghahas go to universities. My dad's aunt was a classmate of farah banou, she got three Phd's all paid by scholarship. Just commoners, were doing well.

God Bless granfather, God bless Father , and bless Grandchild, Prince Alireza Pahlavi.

I was 3 years old when the revolution happened. People like you and our fathers and mothers are responsible for this Mess. You want to find your type, go and add "Zahra eshraghi" to your face book friends.

I have written a condolences, and apology letter to His Mother, for actions of people who disrespected their servants ( our king and prince). Apology letter because of action of people like you....



by hirre on

No one should alone carry a nation's burden… All this pressure from radical people (monarchists and other) finally took its toll.


And to Mola, (Tree)

by DelilahNY on

fhanks for expressing what really matters. His unique individual humanity and his personal tragedy. I wish some people here would understand the way you do, and everyone here would notice, so I've taken the liberty of pointing it out, if you don't mind. . It is the plastic screen that unites, it is the plastic screen that tears apart. May it always be the first that is the stronger. 

I repost something I wrote on a similar Iranian of the Day thread upon the murder of Delara Darabi. Best wishes to all.

--Robin (Rosie, etc.)


when an entire generation

swept up like leaves

by fate and the four winds


there is a tree.


when an entire diaspora

scattered like leaves  

across the planet 

by the winds of Revolution


there is a tree.





by Cost-of-Progress on

should STFU unless they reveal why they support the regime of the unelected murderous anti Iran clergy. If it's for money, then have the balls to admit it...It's your job, and you had yesterday off...otherwise, once again, S T F U. lotfan be in tagord mahal nazarin taraf faghat miyad roo in site ke sange akhoond haa ro be seeneh bezane'.....




Sargord Pirouz

Well, I suppose the silver

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well, I suppose the silver lining for the remaining siblings is their trust funds (looted from Iran's treasury) are now increased with the untimely passing of yet another cowardly Pahlavi.


Sargord P

by AlexInFlorida on

Your comments and opinions remind me of the Iran Khomeini used to speak about in his speeches.  A Worthless, wreched people, totally inadequate... sums your comments up quite well... back then you must admit peoples actions were more like yours... a source of embarrassment to decent people. 

The catch is, one must be decent to see my point of view, you may have some difficulty seeing it.  Based on peoples behavior these days I can tell that things are changing and now you are definetly in the minority, good iranians seeking justice and freedom are in the majority once again, not the liars and hatemongers.

Your comments are a disgrace considering a persian prince has passed away in exile, under unclear circumstances, without adequate security or support. Your comments remind me of what a cab driver in tehran once said about khomeini, he was great because he proved in the biggest way islami's are the greatest Vatan fooroosh Iran has ever had.


I refuse to belive he was depressed

by Souri on

It is just not believable.The guy was always looking happy with a charming smile in all the pictures, riding in a Porsche, dressing tapered (as they say) with his motorcycle and his leather jacket, having many friends coming to his place,,,,,,,etc etc. could be all but not close to be under depression.

People may take their lives because of their sister's death, but not after 10 years! I don't believe in this hypothesis, either.

He was engaged to Shirin Tabatabee for 8 years, which ended in 2009. So there's little chance the lady be pregnant from him and she would be the first one who discovered his body.

Maybe he was still in love and couldn't stand the sorrow? All in all, I'd rather to beleive that he did it by himself, rather to think that somebody else killed him. The idea that a person who loves life and wanted still to be alive, would be killed by someone else, is just unbearable for me.

I pray for her mother grieve be shortened.