Stay tuned for yet another Western government’s crime against humanity in the name of peace and stability


by Abarmard

It appears that the war train in the Middle East is on the way.  There are no doubts that the issues of internal struggles for freedom and foreign policies are irrelevant factor to the Western governments. They are neither concerned about the Green movement nor the Nuclear technology in Iran. What ticks the Western governments off is the same unjust, bias, and bully mentality to bring a stray nation back at servicing their Western governments.

There is a story about the British military expenditure that tells about the cost of British expansion policies in the late 1900’s through the 20th century, which had been paid by the Iranian oil money. The Eastern countries have been supporting all the wasteful economic policies of Western European nations. It’s unfair policies that force Eastern puppet regimes to do the dirty mafia work for these Western government systems so they can continue supporting their countries’ lavish life styles.

The Western block foreign policies clearly note the danger of any stray nations that might accidentally or purposely force these nations to alter their unsustainable ways of living. Subconsciously therefore, most of the citizens of these countries agree with their government in that the astray nations are danger to the world. Political translation of the Western word “danger” or “astray” is alternation of Middle Eastern regimes that are slaved to the West.

Image is everything. No one should doubt the knowledge of marketing and public relations that west enjoy in creating a fabulous book cover for her dirty policies. Most regimes in the world are aware that citizens tend to look at the summary of long and boring documents and are satisfied with simple bad vs. good analogy.  Even more important factor to market an unfair policy is consideration of people’s historical forgetfulness.

Most of these policies must be followed based on security of the resources for the Western regimes. Ultimately security of these foreign resources translates into resources belonging to the West aka capital and power to sustain the lavish life styles. What makes Western foreign policy marketing work is another interesting factor: Media. Media plays an important role. A unifying and well orchestrated mechanism that markets the idea of unbiased. Almost all who follow their daily routines are subconsciously aware of these media tricks to form their thoughts, yet no one cares enough or assumes any danger to truly stand for change. Some even find it more comfortable to agree that there is no problem.

Marketing is everything. Life in our societies has change to mean marketing. In short, one can argue that marketing is life. It’s an acceptable argument and easily understood since we experience it daily. The gradual problem with marketing mentality is that the truth can’t be followed. In most political marketing the information is asymmetric. Governments know what the objectives are and citizens must trust them. The Media that is also marketing mouthpiece tends to follow this thought shaping method.
If you recall some science fiction stories where there are large monitor screens advocating government policies or rules to the crowd. Perhaps in no instance there is a story where the large monitor is at the service of humanity or the citizens. It’s an interesting observation that most of us realize what’s taking place in our world and governments.

Citizens are becoming less empowered and inversely governments are gaining momentum. Governments enjoy larger and more detailed information and the gap of this asymmetric information is growing deeper.  Those who stand against this unjust balance between the citizens and government are pushed outside of the public views. However, currently Internet is at the service of the public that many believe will change in the coming decades.

Marketing has shaped culture so that even in the free flow of information, people tend to believe their restricted source of ideological mouthpiece. West has been able to enjoy an even more powerful marketing policy campaign by using the open forums. These actions are done in artful manners and are calculated carefully similar to any ad campaign by powerful organizations.

The West does not care about Iranian Nuclear technology. They don’t care about Iranian green movement. They don’t care about Dictatorial, religious, or loud-mouthed regime speakers during Friday prayers. They don’t care about down with this or that. That’s not what goes against their objective. If They were assured that [their] foreign resources will remain at their disposal without large risks, they would mitigate all these little threats and continue on their naturally unsustainable path. However the issue is different.

Iran stands in front of the West in that the region is frustrated from lack of social progress. Most of the Western policy implementations have been based on Western concepts of nation building. If given a change, the regional societies would up rise against their governments for supporting unjust pro Western policies. These governments have no identity other than what has been given to them by Western regimes. When local social channels are blocked so the society’s image is calm, fanaticism rises to show opposition’s existence. Iran can certainly change the balance of regional social uprising that will come in time. This cannot be acceptable to the Western regimes. Iranian regime must be overthrown or bow down to all the demands made by Western nations.

Iran can’t be democracy and freedom of speech can’t be practiced as long as we have this situation in hand. No powerful country that is also strategically located would allow having their people voice their true concerns. This might happen in South Korea, having North Korea to deal with, but most likely Iran will be viewed differently. Iran will be viewed as an independently dangerous to the Western governments similar to China. The China model works well with Iran, and Western regimes are aware of it. However, the China model would mean that Iran would enjoy great [er] strategic benefits in the oil and mineral rich region. Most analysts would agree that similar to China, some of the Western policy implementations in the region would not fit the Iranian’s. That would make life miserable for the West.

Currently Western regimes are following Iraqi model and we all know what the end looks like. I believe that the end will be a bloody war that sends Iran and some of its neighbors back many decades. Some would argue that Iran should bow down to Western demands, and some would say that we have to pull this off as a nation. Whichever way we go, the end has been already decided for us.

If tomorrow Iran stops its nuclear activities in totality, nothing would change, as before the nuclear activities, things were similar. Western regional domination, however short will be fought by Western regimes to the bitter end and they have the marketing tools and knowledge to present the world with their peaceful nature while murdering millions for the black curse of humanity.

Stay tuned for yet another Western government’s crime against humanity in the name of peace and stability. I am certain that along these crimes committed, many would simply justify them by repeating the marketing of Western policies of humanity, passion, peace, civilized, and proper. I am certain that at the end everyone is at fault but the criminal. As you read this, crimes committed in Iraq are forgotten while we argue whether Iran should be next.

…And all these debates, essays, papers, and information on the Internet end up useless as the majority have already sold their minds to marketed civilized war machines. The rest are mostly careless as their life goes on. Only those fathers and mothers who carry their motionless bloody children on their wounded hands will be crying for justice, which will be the cover of one issue of national geographic, then forgotten again.


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Future Fetrat!

by benross on

Good one!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

So called "Dariush"

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


FYI: I have been opposed to bombing and not pushed for sanctions. You don't know what I stand for and are just babbling. I am not "Past" but actually Future Fetrat !! VPK

Dariush The King


by Dariush The King on

At least like you and m dog and some others, Fred has some dignity left in him and he is not for bombing of Iran as far as I have read in his postings.  He is more for slow death of Iranians by sanctions rather that a quick bombing.  That is what earned you and your type the title of "Past Fetrat",  in addition to your accusations about Dr. Mosaddegh.  Since you cannot find any violations whether political , social or else, now Dr. Mosaddegh is guilty of not executing an assassin.

The problem is that some creatures like you will never be satisfied no matter what.

What Dr. Mosaddegh achieved fifty years ago, under those conditions was remarkable. Today, we understand the kind of pressure, propaganda, threats and PAST FETRATS he was facing then.

God Bless Him

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Right Fred

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The voice of IRI does not want you to write about Iran. Why not try writing about Gaza or Palestine :-) That will put you back on good graces with them! Maybe not.

Dariush The King


by Dariush The King on

Can you ever write anything else?  All you write is "cut throat IRI". OK , we got it dude. Move on! Now tell us how it can be fixed without involving your masters? Any solution there?  Clearly, Mammad does have enough knowledge in this field,  just as it is Obvious that you and I don't.  There is no reason to be jealous or ashamed about it. 

My question is, why would Iran spend hundreds of Billions of Dollars to build so many nuclear sites and be sanctioned, threatened and etc,  just to build some nuclear weapons? when they could buy the whole system ready to launch for a few million Dollars?  Several years ago you could trade a loaf of bread with one of those weapons with Russia and Korea and for the right price even with US. So your accusation just doesn't make sense.

Not only that, one can also argue, so what if Iran wants to make it? Others who have used such weapons have them and they continue to use and threaten the world. It is only natural for other countries to try to acquire them when they are under constant threats. 

Clearly, for west this is not about Iran's nuclear activities, it is more about their control and domination.  Maybe for Iran, it is also about "not being controlled" and her independence and rights, more than the nuclear energy itself. 

Mola Nasredeen

Abarmard, Good points

by Mola Nasredeen on

As you have stated: "If the West were assured that [their] foreign resources will remain at their disposal without large risks, they would mitigate all these little threats and continue on their naturally unsustainable path. However the issue is different."

They want regimes who when they are told to "Jump!" to ask: "How high?" The eventual Islamizations of all the regimes in the Middle East is the result of the colonial policies of the Western powers and their partners. They have killed any real meaningful democratic movement or government in the region for so long. What happens when they destroy all the democratic movements and parties? People organize in their mosques. What do they think will come out of mosques? Islamic movements of course. A no brainer.

This is when they turn into their Crusaders Mode, invading, destroying, killing, pillaging. But they will lose again leaving behind destruction and killing fields.

khaleh mosheh

Sometimes the coach

by khaleh mosheh on

needs to be changed because of the damage he is doing to the team. Defeats are only by products. 

Iran is suffering because of their leaders not because the people do not wish to be led by them.

Using football analogies to mislead only discredits the positon further- in case the position had any credit to begin with. 

Niloufar Parsi

abarmard jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

great article. your passion is unmistakable. and you have enough material condensed here for a book!

i agree with those who do not see a war coming at this stage. this show has been going on too long for anyone to believe it. i also believe that the world economy has changed significantly in recent years, and western influence has been waning for some time. this will continue. the recent turkey-brazil axis was an indication of this.

the anti/pro-iri mudslinging among the comments here is pointless. there are several layers of power at play. we need to appreciate that at i.com, we are essentially operating at the level of public opinion. but the real players are state-level power brokers, and in iran the power is with iri. iranian leaders today are faced, and have to deal with the dangers that iran faces from foreign foes.

this makes them iran's leaders when it comes to regional and global geopolitics. you do not go to a football match and undermine your own coach unless you want to engineer a defeat for yourself - like the french players did over the last week, without meaning to.

iranians faced with so many external dangers today need to be aware of the consequences. our history is an important guide. we must appreciate that domestic and foreign policies are not the same.

let us keep up the pressure for greater democracy in iran, but stand by our country when faced with foreign threats. in the final analysis, iranians and iranians alone truly care about iran's national interests. this includes the current government as compared to western and eastern ones. it also includes our military, sepah included. it is how well these forces strategise and protect the country that will determine whether anyone would dare attack iran. it is their determination and dedication that will protect iran today, regardless of whether or not we appreciate the revolution. the least we can do is to avoid undermining them.




by Fred on

Haji nuke,


Firstly, you ain’t no nuke expert on Iran, Botswana or Burkina Faso or anywhere.  Don’t let your own claim which is memorialized on video of being “world renowned scientist” go to your head.  The teaching job you got was paid for NIOC otherwise helping your Islamist guru sell mortgages would have been it.


Secondly, writing asinine articles about something does not make one an expert, otherwise by now you must be a “recognized expert” in lot of fields which you are not. As your infamous "crux" staement makes clear, you are after nuke bomb for your Islamist Rapist bretherens. you remember the "crux" statement don't you? 


Thirdly, you say that I Fred, am advocating: ““bombs and missiles – for the Iranian people”, where and when? Cite the exact wording of mine advocating what you claim that I do. You are just a sack of Islamist liar if you don’t.  


Now that they have virtually destroyed Iran and Iranians by their Islamism at the hands of their Islamist Rapist brethrens, they are after finishing the job

The intellectual midgets who have been using Iran and Iranians as their laboratory to test out their asinine charlatan Ali Sharaiati’s diabolical Mullah-less Islamism will not rest till there is nothing left of Iran to be rebuilt.

The morally stunted dwarfs who are on an endless ego trip no matter what the consequences to Iran and Iranians as long as they are “recognized expert" simply  won’t give up till the war they want is imposed on the Iranian people.

But all them Hajis got another think coming.

 BTW, I’m not “the anti-Islam, anti-Mulim "prophet"  as your death fatwa against me proclaims. You can’t have me killed off that way, sorry Haji! 

Ps. I am glad we are making some progress where you say : “So, yes, this Haji puts up his track record against that of Fred the Mafioso….” So despite your previous protestations to the contrary, Haji you are.  


Mammad LOL! Fred is male and on TV?

by Marjaneh on

LOL!!! I thought it was an overexcited young girlie in disguise!

I'm now curious. Who is this person? 


You wrote:

"5. But, most importantly, what is publicly not talked about, but is
known to the experts, is that Iran's enriched uranium is contaminated
with molybdenum (I mentioned this in an article last year). Iran does
not have the technology or know how to get rid of it. Only France has
it. This makes Iran's enriched U useless for ANY purpose, according to
a former IAEA deputy director for Safeguards who told me this last

No disrespect, but do you have any other source for that? Or well, at least, if I had such information I would have "bombarded" every news organization with the info by now.

As for, "only France has it". Isn't there a giant network of people selling off info?

Let's hope that whilst the fascist, right-wing insanely psychotic  one brain-cell sharing - the only thing they know about sharing - and other extremists idiots bomb each other  AS USUAL, the rest of us aren't in the firing line!

What's all this about you hajiing around?

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin


Haj mamad is a genious indeed......

by fooladi on

he says:

"According to a nuclear expert, who used to work at Los Alamos National Lab and had followed Iran's program and analyzed it, with whom I discussed Iran's program in February in a conference ...":

So would haj agha care to share with the rest of us mortals the name /dates of this conference and his "expert friend", plus the minutes? We dont want haj agha's real name, we understand :)

So what is REALLY worrying you haj agha that you are jumping up and down as if your rear end is on fire? worried about the sanctions? worried about the next pay check???


Haji certainly knows better than the prophet of war

by Mammad on

Yes, this Haji is recognized as one of the experts on Iran's nuclear program, regardless of what the AIPAC Mafioso, known as Fred, the prophet of war, hatred, lies (such as illegal weaponized - can he even pronouce the words?!!) destruction, and anti-Iranism thinks. How many times Fred the Mafioso has been asked about his lies that he propagates here by the print and cyberspace media, and national and international radio and TV?

Fred the Mafioso is the man who advocates airtight sanctions - read economic warfare that kills at least as many as physical wars do - and materials support - read bombs and missiles - for the Iranian people.

So, yes, this Haji puts up his track record against that of Fred the Mafioso, the prophet of war, destruction, and hatred - the anti-Islam, anti-Mulim "prophet" - and those of his handlers at AIPAC any moment, and he is absolutely proud of it.




Haji nuke knows better

by Fred on

Haji nuke says his Islamist Rapist brethrens’ vast illegal weaponized nuke program is kosher because Haji and few other “experts” know about the enriched uranium being “contaminated” well that makes all the difference in the world.

 Now lets zero in on Haji’s nemesis and forget about his Islamist Rapist brethrens’ nuke. Khodeti.


A few points

by Mammad on

1. So long as the West and Israel threaten Iran over its nuclear program, their threats benefit one and only one group: The IRGC hardliners.

2. From an Iranian perspective (at least mine), the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan only benefited the IRGC and clerical hardliners and greatly hurt the democrats.

3. Unlike what some would like us to believe, building a nuclear arsenal is not just the ability to enrich uranium. It is actually like building a pyramid. The base of the pyramid is uranium enrichment (if enriched uranium is to be used in bomb making). But, that is only the base. There are many other layers, such as missiles that can deliver a nuclear weapon with accuracy, miniaturization of the weapon so that it can be put on the missile, having conventional high explosives that trigger the nuclear reaction, etc. The top layer of the pyramid is the political decision to make the weapon, if all the layers underneath are ready.

4. Iran can enrich uranium to some extent, but has run into technical difficulty. Only half of the 8000 installed centrifuges are working. Iran does not have any experience enriching uranium to 90% for the bomb. Even enriching it to 19.75% is problematic.

5. But, most importantly, what is publicly not talked about, but is known to the experts, is that Iran's enriched uranium is contaminated with molybdenum (I mentioned this in an article last year). Iran does not have the technology or know how to get rid of it. Only France has it. This makes Iran's enriched U useless for ANY purpose, according to a former IAEA deputy director for Safeguards who told me this last year.

6. There is no evidence that Iran can miniaturize a nuclear weapon, even if it has everything to build the bomb. There is also no evidence that Iran has the missiles (what Iran has is not good enough).

7. According to a nuclear expert, who used to work at Los Alamos National Lab and had followed Iran's program and analyzed it, with whom I discussed Iran's program in February in a conference, the LANL experts believe that Iran may have tried to build up the pyramid. According to her, assuming that it is true, it is not yet clear how many of the layers have actually been successfully completed.

8. Most importantly, according to her and any sane analyst (just search the internet) even within the CIA and other similar organizations, there is no evidence that the IRI has actually made the political decision to try to build the bomb.

9. So, while they are imposing sanctions on Iran, there is no evidence that Iran is anywhere close to having a nuclear warhead that can be delivered to anywhere. The US and Israel just do not want Iran to have the technology. The neocons and Israel lobby make up all sorts of frightening lies to provoke attacks.

10. Personally, I believe that the likelihood of the US attacking Iran, at least for the next 2 years, is next to nothing. The US is in deep trouble in Afghanistan with no end in sight. Iraq is not stable, and Obama has spread the war to Pakistan that has made things more dangerous, not to mention Yemen and Somalia. The IRI has armed the Lebanese Hezbollah with thousands of missiles that can hit anywhere in Israel. The prospects of the US initiating the attacks, at least in the short and medium term, is essentially zilch.

11. But, what those of us who do not want Iran to be attacked, which would give the IRGC the perfect excuse to wipe out Iran's democratic movement, should be worried about (I am) is that, Israel may attack Iran just to drag the US into the war. This is the most worrisome part of this. With crazies like Netanyahu and Lieberman at the helm (the analogues of the reactionaries and crazies in Tehran, I should add), this is not far-fetched.

12. So, those who try to avoid bringing Israel into this discussion either do not know what they are talking about, or pretend or even believe that the rest of us do not know anything. One cannot talk intelligently about attacks on Iran without factoring in Israel.




Maziar, religion is not important, but loyalty to Iran is!

by obama on

I haven't even practiced the religion since 30 years ago. I respect all religions, but I don't want to be controlled by any. After all, religion is all about control! 

However, I see a lot of zionists who are here with their own israeli agenda labeling anyone who is against Israel as pro-IRI! You know that's how the zionists silence the world by labeling them anti- semite, now this! I am only reacting to these guys attacks!

I am tired of these diversion tactics. I stand up to IRI, zionists and whomever who is trying to curb my freedom of speech; and resent these utter labels since I hate IRI w/passion! Believe me, my family has been fighting IRI for decades and sacrificed a lot, and that's why I resent VPK's labeling! 

As I have said, Iran should work with the world community, but it should not be treated as a step son. Partnership, not subjucation! Free and independent Iran working in harmony with the world community! peace!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Moslem or something else REALLY does not matter,ARE WE INSAN OR NOT ? that is the question.

Obama (ni-ba-ma) We're all humane being from that lost motherland .

The west and East is trying their best to turn us to the lost stateless nation with all their might and propaganda machines; some thing like stateless palestinians, Is that really what our ANNtellectuals wants? P.S    Try Boxing in Islamic republic of Vran. thanks      Maziar


VPK, Who are you? moslem or zionist? Let us hear it!

by obama on

You accuse me of being an IRI groupy based on what evidence? Based on what you say, anyone who is against israel is IRI groupy! This really proves you are a zionist!  Well, if that is your logic, then 90% of iranians are IRI suporters.

If I were, why would I hide? I am scared of you? Trying to intimidate me? You are too small to scare me off! A boxer is never afraid of anyone and anything, especially when it comes to defend his homeland! You are barking on a wrong tree boy!

It is amazing how the zionists are trying to control all the world media! Now, you are trying to add this little IC to your brothers' control? Hell no! I am not going to take crap from you trying to silence my voice!  Just go live in your beloved Israel, why did you bother coming to US? I know, becasue the zionists are controlling the US, so you'll do good!  I am glad the money diggers like you were kicked out and replaced with azaris! Never go back, since we don't need gold diggers, we need loyal iran lovers!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am more worried about what is happening to people under iRI rignt now. The fate of being stoned; raped and murdered. What do you think about that?  I know that Abarmard gives not a damn.


I share you concerns

by IRANdokht on

Abarmard jan

What a well-written passionate essay. I share your concerns and agree with many points you have made. This is how the military industrial complex works and I fear your predictions are not too far from the reality our nation is facing. Personally I am only hoping for a miracle to save our people from the fate of the Iraqis and the Afghans. 

Thank you for a great article. 



no fear.....

by shushtari on

antarinejad is not the president, he's the soldier of 'emam mehdi'




Who cares about their goals

by benross on

Who cares about their goals -or yours Abarmard for that matter?  

As long as our political stance is based on daily news -and that has been going on for the last thirty years- we are the prime losers as we should be.

U.S or Israel bombing Iran is a non-issue. Besides its fundamental flaws in understanding the geopolitics of the region, which is forgivable, it is mostly nurtured by our inferiority complex, and this, is unforgivable. It has its 'eyes' toward the 'West', waiting to see what 'they' decide for 'us', bombing or not, whichever side we are more at ease, we are not calling the shot, they are. This is the submissive mentality that, no matter how much insult, disdain and hatred we throw at 'them', we still see ourselves at the mercy of 'their' decision, whatever that might be.

The recent congressional sanction bill, along Canada voicing its support for sanctions prior to G8 summit,was not even worthy of a 'news'. It was the logical continuation of what has been established since a year ago. And a year ago, I said there was no 'beef' in this policy for us, or more to the point, there would be, as much as we want it to be. 'They' will not organize Iranian people to take their destiny. This is the job for Iranians themselves. Yet we prefer to sit around and lament the 'roozégaar', one way or the other.

Nothing has changed since last year news. There is no news here. We still see ourselves at the mercy of 'them', not capable of taking an independent initiative of any kind.

So there we are, sitting at the mercy of 'others', inventing 'action' and 'resolve' on paper. Just to make ourselves believe we did something! So why not a 'war with Iran'. It captures the attention and generates a good amount of useless discussion. BTW did you noticed that Uzbek mass persecution by Kyrgyz didn't even make the news in IC?... we have another 'war' to wage!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Obama; Dariush

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


1) How did I sell out Iran. Please list the ways I am supposed to have "sold" Iran. How much did I get for it and when and where. Obama I don't believe you are against IRI. You sound just like them and make the same arguments. This is how you write: *********** Zionist ***** Israel **** Israel **** Zionist ***. When I read something on IC or other Iranian posts I count how many times it says Zionist / Israel. Then that says whether it is written by a regular person or IRI supporter.

2) Did Mossadegh vote to pardon Tahmassebi. Yes or no. Did he personally welcome him. I don't want BS and hero worship or insults. Yes or no and why.

You IRI supporters are big mouths with little facts. I have been called "Arab"; "Christian"; "Zionist"; "Racist" and anything else you could come up with. Well how about some facts.



no war

by humanbeing on

i come to the same conclusion as no fear, for different reasons but one the same, that it's a bluff. i wrote  so on the اختنلاف اسرائل news item posted by shifteh.

that is, if all goes according to plans and strategies.

but things could go out of control.

No Fear

NO war with Iran

by No Fear on

In regards to the possibility of war due to recent developments, I remain confident that the recent gestures of force are bluffs.

Wars are fought with a gun in one hand and a calculator in the other. Iran's nuclear program ( Which the west fully knows is not after military applications ) is not worth a new war in the region. A war which can seriously undermine US efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

By the same logic ( cost vs benefit ) , it can also be argued that a nuclear program is not worth getting our country destroyed and if the prospect of war is imminent, a freeze on enrichment will provide a last minute solution. This is the pragmatic way of politic. However, i will support my government if they decide to make their stand on this issue and not offering a last minute solution thus entering war. Its a good time to make a stand against US ( If we are forced to )due to its fragile state of economy and our accessibility to their groud troops. This won't be a walk in the park for the US forces.

But this has bluff written all over it. If the US wants to take out our nuclear program, it doesn't need an armada of ships to do it. Ships that will get hit ( more ships = more targets ) if a war breaks out. Iran's odds against a modern conventional army are not good, But Iran has the capability to dramatically affect the numbers on those calculators and enough fire power to exert strategical defeat on its enemy in the long run. Sinking just one US ships will have major credibility questions for the US in the world and will empower Irans image throughtout the middle east. US will gain NOTHING from a war with Iran.

Im glad we have a president who is not going to be intimidated by a few ships in the persian gulf. Not someone like Khatami who would have dropped his pants down as soon as US lifted a finger.


Dariush The King

Based on what I have

by Dariush The King on

Based on what I have read, there is no evidence to support any of the allegations against Dr. Mosaddegh.  

To make the story short, Majles elected Dr. Mosaddegh and Majles pardoned the assassin. In fact, later when Dr.Mosaddegh gained some power he had another assassin arrested.  Dr. Mosaddegh was for the separation of the religion from state and that didn't sit well with the clerics and created a division between his government and clerics. Americans and British seized that opportunity and used it against him to gain clerics supports by lies, empty promises and cash through some traitors and replaced him with Pahlavi the puppet.  The same strategies that have been used for decades and some fools still haven't learned any lessons. 

It is politics and many try to write the history to serve their interest.  It is really not so hard to figure out that Dr. Mosaddegh had a nonviolent nature. He had enough time to execute and imprison all the oppositions and generals, but he didn't. One should just compare him to Shah and IRI and how many they executed in two years.

Dr. Mosaddegh is gone, but his legacy will remain alive for ever, despite the fact that there seem to be some past fetrats who have been enjoying the fruits of the tree he planted and yet deny his services to Iran and Iranians. I cannot find a more polite word to describe these individuals than "PAST FETRATS".  


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Let me see. Japan and Germany got occupied by the USA and did fine. Iran is "independent" and is suffering. You may keep your independence wishes. No thanks. 

By the way: where do you live? Are you in the independent Islamic paradise. If not then you sir are a hypocrite. I drink to the day West will deport IRI groupies.


به‌ به‌، چه زیبا مکتوب کردی فرزند راستین انقلاب


 بسم تعالی


آقای ابرمرد، دامت افاضاته، بنده همیشه مکتوبه‌های شما را در این سایت با شوق و لذت بسیار میخوانم.  دلیل بر این حبّ فراوان به افکار و تلقیات فاخره شما این است که شما از هیچ فرصتی دریغ نمیکنید که دستک و دمبک را برداشته و از نظام مقدس و الهی جمهوری اسلامی دفاع کنید.  مثال بر صدق این حکم کتیبه شما در اینجا دربارهٔ جنگ بر ضد جمهوری اسلامی است.  

همانطور که تمامی‌ فرزندان راستین انقلاب اسلامی میدانند وجود لولو خورخوره یکی‌ از ارکان بزرگ جمهوری اسلامی، و یکی‌ از دستاوردهای بزرگ سالها سفسطه و تفکر در بین حکام این نظام مقدّس می‌باشد.  در روایت آمده که لولو خورخوره یکی‌ از واجبات هر نظام اسلامی، بلاخص شیعه اثنا عشری می‌باشد.  حتی آن امام مظلوم، حسیین ستم کش، هم برای اثبات مطلبهٔ خودش از یزید یک لولو خورخوره درست کرد.  لاکن در قرن بیست و یک میلادی کمی‌ تمسخر باز به نظر میاید که کسی‌ درباری اسب و شام غریبان و ذلک حرف بزند (مخصوصاً شام غریبان-به این دلیل که با تلفن همراه میشود از همه عکس گرفت و پیدا کردن اینکه چه سری به چه تنی می‌‌خورد کاری بسیار ساده می‌باشد).  ولی‌ بجای یزید ما میتوانیم که اوباما را علم کنیم و روضه هایی را که برای امام حسیین میخاندیم برای جمهوری اسلامی بخوانیم.  به این طریق ما میتوانیم که با ترساندن مردم شیطان و ملعون بلاد فارس به اذن الله تعالی‌ تا رجوع امام مهدی (عج) جمهوری اسلامی را نگه داریم.  لاکن این عمل، عملی‌ ساده نمیباشد.  ما به همکاری فرزندانی چون شما-بلاخص فرزندانی که در بلاد شیطان بزرگ زندگی‌ میکنند ولی‌ از آن بلاد متنفر و منزجر هستند-که وفادار و مؤمن به اهداف نظام هستند احتیاج داریم که کتیبه در اینترنت بنویسند، سفسطه کنند، لولو خورخوره درست کنند و کذلک و کذلک.  و شما ابن من، ابرمرد عزیز، نمونه شاخص همچون فرد هستید.  لهذا بنده این دعای نا‌ قابل را برای شما هدیه می‌کنم:

الّلهم افتح قلبک و اغلق عقلک لان عقل المغلقه هدیه الله لجمهوریه السلامیهٔ.

السّلام علیکم و رحمت الله و برکاته  




Allies (US/UK/Russian/china/irsael) united 2 control Iran again!

by obama on

US is working through alliance with russia to subjucate iran, since they know they cannot win a war without occyping Iran. Therfore, they are working to get everyone on Board against Iran.  And you thought WWll alliance was dead? This is the new WWlll (sanctions & military). Look, they are all over the ME. What is left? 

And people like fool & VPK, want us to roll over in the name of cooperation? I am not against cooperation, but I am not for illogical confrontaion and roll over either. We could maintain our independence while we work as partners. However, the west doesn't want us as partners, rather stooges.  


Flying solo

by Doctor X on

The issue is not whether we have the option not to fall prey to such temptations, even if we had wanted to. You are free to exercise your free will in a capitalistic system, but whether you like it or not, You will have to take the ropes they throw up at you and climb up the ladder, or else you will stay down and will stay there forever. Unless you were in a cash/capital rich family where you would not need to borrow anything from anyone, ever.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Why is

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


it that IRI supporters like Dariush and IRI are incapable of reading English? I write that people shold be free. They read people deserve where they are born to.

I write about freedom to chose one's path. They call me "Past Fetrat". Is is that Islamism ruinss people reasoning. Or is it that people with poor reasoning ability become Islamists. Or maybe it is a combination.