Stay tuned for yet another Western government’s crime against humanity in the name of peace and stability


by Abarmard

It appears that the war train in the Middle East is on the way.  There are no doubts that the issues of internal struggles for freedom and foreign policies are irrelevant factor to the Western governments. They are neither concerned about the Green movement nor the Nuclear technology in Iran. What ticks the Western governments off is the same unjust, bias, and bully mentality to bring a stray nation back at servicing their Western governments.

There is a story about the British military expenditure that tells about the cost of British expansion policies in the late 1900’s through the 20th century, which had been paid by the Iranian oil money. The Eastern countries have been supporting all the wasteful economic policies of Western European nations. It’s unfair policies that force Eastern puppet regimes to do the dirty mafia work for these Western government systems so they can continue supporting their countries’ lavish life styles.

The Western block foreign policies clearly note the danger of any stray nations that might accidentally or purposely force these nations to alter their unsustainable ways of living. Subconsciously therefore, most of the citizens of these countries agree with their government in that the astray nations are danger to the world. Political translation of the Western word “danger” or “astray” is alternation of Middle Eastern regimes that are slaved to the West.

Image is everything. No one should doubt the knowledge of marketing and public relations that west enjoy in creating a fabulous book cover for her dirty policies. Most regimes in the world are aware that citizens tend to look at the summary of long and boring documents and are satisfied with simple bad vs. good analogy.  Even more important factor to market an unfair policy is consideration of people’s historical forgetfulness.

Most of these policies must be followed based on security of the resources for the Western regimes. Ultimately security of these foreign resources translates into resources belonging to the West aka capital and power to sustain the lavish life styles. What makes Western foreign policy marketing work is another interesting factor: Media. Media plays an important role. A unifying and well orchestrated mechanism that markets the idea of unbiased. Almost all who follow their daily routines are subconsciously aware of these media tricks to form their thoughts, yet no one cares enough or assumes any danger to truly stand for change. Some even find it more comfortable to agree that there is no problem.

Marketing is everything. Life in our societies has change to mean marketing. In short, one can argue that marketing is life. It’s an acceptable argument and easily understood since we experience it daily. The gradual problem with marketing mentality is that the truth can’t be followed. In most political marketing the information is asymmetric. Governments know what the objectives are and citizens must trust them. The Media that is also marketing mouthpiece tends to follow this thought shaping method.
If you recall some science fiction stories where there are large monitor screens advocating government policies or rules to the crowd. Perhaps in no instance there is a story where the large monitor is at the service of humanity or the citizens. It’s an interesting observation that most of us realize what’s taking place in our world and governments.

Citizens are becoming less empowered and inversely governments are gaining momentum. Governments enjoy larger and more detailed information and the gap of this asymmetric information is growing deeper.  Those who stand against this unjust balance between the citizens and government are pushed outside of the public views. However, currently Internet is at the service of the public that many believe will change in the coming decades.

Marketing has shaped culture so that even in the free flow of information, people tend to believe their restricted source of ideological mouthpiece. West has been able to enjoy an even more powerful marketing policy campaign by using the open forums. These actions are done in artful manners and are calculated carefully similar to any ad campaign by powerful organizations.

The West does not care about Iranian Nuclear technology. They don’t care about Iranian green movement. They don’t care about Dictatorial, religious, or loud-mouthed regime speakers during Friday prayers. They don’t care about down with this or that. That’s not what goes against their objective. If They were assured that [their] foreign resources will remain at their disposal without large risks, they would mitigate all these little threats and continue on their naturally unsustainable path. However the issue is different.

Iran stands in front of the West in that the region is frustrated from lack of social progress. Most of the Western policy implementations have been based on Western concepts of nation building. If given a change, the regional societies would up rise against their governments for supporting unjust pro Western policies. These governments have no identity other than what has been given to them by Western regimes. When local social channels are blocked so the society’s image is calm, fanaticism rises to show opposition’s existence. Iran can certainly change the balance of regional social uprising that will come in time. This cannot be acceptable to the Western regimes. Iranian regime must be overthrown or bow down to all the demands made by Western nations.

Iran can’t be democracy and freedom of speech can’t be practiced as long as we have this situation in hand. No powerful country that is also strategically located would allow having their people voice their true concerns. This might happen in South Korea, having North Korea to deal with, but most likely Iran will be viewed differently. Iran will be viewed as an independently dangerous to the Western governments similar to China. The China model works well with Iran, and Western regimes are aware of it. However, the China model would mean that Iran would enjoy great [er] strategic benefits in the oil and mineral rich region. Most analysts would agree that similar to China, some of the Western policy implementations in the region would not fit the Iranian’s. That would make life miserable for the West.

Currently Western regimes are following Iraqi model and we all know what the end looks like. I believe that the end will be a bloody war that sends Iran and some of its neighbors back many decades. Some would argue that Iran should bow down to Western demands, and some would say that we have to pull this off as a nation. Whichever way we go, the end has been already decided for us.

If tomorrow Iran stops its nuclear activities in totality, nothing would change, as before the nuclear activities, things were similar. Western regional domination, however short will be fought by Western regimes to the bitter end and they have the marketing tools and knowledge to present the world with their peaceful nature while murdering millions for the black curse of humanity.

Stay tuned for yet another Western government’s crime against humanity in the name of peace and stability. I am certain that along these crimes committed, many would simply justify them by repeating the marketing of Western policies of humanity, passion, peace, civilized, and proper. I am certain that at the end everyone is at fault but the criminal. As you read this, crimes committed in Iraq are forgotten while we argue whether Iran should be next.

…And all these debates, essays, papers, and information on the Internet end up useless as the majority have already sold their minds to marketed civilized war machines. The rest are mostly careless as their life goes on. Only those fathers and mothers who carry their motionless bloody children on their wounded hands will be crying for justice, which will be the cover of one issue of national geographic, then forgotten again.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You got me 100% wrong. No one deserves what they are born into. People should have a fair opportunity to improve. 

I have a question. Will you reply without dancing around it? Do people have to be Muslim because they were born into it? 

I say: no. People should be free to chose. The  Mullahs say: yes. If you are born Muslim you have to stay Muslim or your head gets chopped off. Where do you stand IRI?


Veiled Prophet of Kharestan

by IRI on

Your mentality is backwards and according to you people deserve where they get because they are born in to it. That's how much they can get!!! How stupid. To top it off you say

"The mentality of both communists and Islamists is "they know better". We the masses must to what they tell us."

That's your kind dude. You are the one who tells Iranians what to do and agree that bombing Iran is OK because your selfish existence is far away and you won't get a scratch from all that bombing.

You are the reason for Iranian backwardness. Your mentality is exactly that of the "Mullahs" that you go against, except from the other side of the dark side.

Dude, you should change your name to naked profit of kharestan.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

On the topic

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


of Fair. What is fair? We had a discussion yesterday with some friends. One of their kids was upset because her mother beat her at swimming. The mother pointed out she is bigger and stronger than a 6 year old kid. So of course she will be a better swimmer. The kid cried it was not fair. How about men vs women sports. If it fair that a man has stronger muscles. I will never be a Basketball player. I am too short. We need to get over this. There is nothing fair. All we could expect is a basis minimum provided through a safety net.

From then on we are on our own. Through abilities; friends and luck. Some decide they want a better safety net. I am all for that. I gladly pay more tax so that people all have a high basic safety net. The USA is too far away from that but it is possible to repair.

The big problems happen when we have oppressive governments. They force people to do what they don't want. That is truly unfair. Is it fair to force my wife to wear hijab? Or force me to be a Mulsim because my parents were? Why should I be forced to pretend to be what I am not. Why should I be stoned if I don't want to pray your way.

The mentality of both communists and Islamists is "they know better". We the masses must to what they tell us. They either have us worship their system or their god. In reality both systems are identical; oppressive and overbearing.

Flying Solo

Thank you

by Flying Solo on


Thank you for your insightful article. Clearly this is one viewpoint which does have a great many valid arguments.

 Like all matters of history, much depends on who is telling the story and from which vantage point. Theories abound and yet the truth lies somewhere in between and, more often than not, far in the left field. ;) 

As much as I believe consumerism does play a pivotal role in manipulating the masses, be they citizens of the West or East, it would be prudent to keep in mind that there is such a thing as 'free will' of the people; any people.  If one were to fall prey to every flirtation of the Capitalistic system, then one could argue that one deserves what is coming to him/her. Is it fair?  Of course not. But  show me an example of fairness in the jungle of humanity!

Thank you again for your article.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


If the best you can do is to call other people names. Then don't expect any respect. You don't deserve it. 

FYI: I don't rape people. I don't murder them. I don't torture them. I don't take their property. Your dear Islamists do all of the above.

Dariush The King


by Dariush The King on

I just couldn't find better words to describe you and your kind. "PAST FETRAT" says it all.


fear not Abramand

by i_support_khamenie on

there will be no war

in the remote chance that there will be, it will be a great time for iranians to see how

palestinians will forgo their national interests and come to iran's defence &

the real power of Imam Mahdi

yes, the Imam Mahdo who was scared by an Abbasid ruler will emerge to confront the bombs and missiles. I guess swords are scarier than bombs,,,,,

once iranian ponder on this in the aftermath, they will think differently. That change of thinking would be a pivitol point in iran's history similar to the Battle of Qadisiya - which sealed Iran's destiny.

History have forgotten the many dead in battles but still highlights the pivotal points that affected a nation's course.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

You start by calling people names such as "Past Fetrat". Do you really want a discussion. If so then apologize and act polite and respectful. If you want to call names then don't expect a proper response.

Most Iranians have respect for Mossadegh. Some like me also consider his actions mistakes. For example making deals with Islamists; taking on more than he could deal with; undermining the secular system and getting Majlis to pardon the murderer of Razmara. 

The pardon of Tahmassebi the cold blooded murder of PM Razmara is unforgivable. Just that one action ruins Mossadegh forever. In effect Mossadegh was giving his approval for political murder. This made him a party to the crime itself and unfit to serve.

Not only as PM but also as an MP. In fact in a fair system he should have been investigated himself. Basically:

  • Tahmassebi murders Razmara
  • Mossadegh become PM
  • Mossadegh gets Majlis to pardon Tahmassebi
  • Mossadegh makes power grab.

If this is not sickening I don't know what is. I am glad he did not get to hold power. At least we had 25 years of sane policies under the Shah. If Mossadegh had honor he would not have let a murder go. Or  afterwards undermine the secular system.

We owe the IRI partly to Mossadegh and his power grab. His unwillingness to work with the Shah. And his clumsy and failed attempt to take on the British. He took risks and we all paid.


Dariush The King

I was hoping there would be

by Dariush The King on

I was hoping there would be some reasonable answers to my comments,but I don't see any. Just as I expected.

So,I just correct an error and say good by.

I meant precious stone in Afghanistan.

Just one more before I go. one commentator asked Abarmard, when will you stop hating west.  Since I agree with Abarmard, that includes me.

So I say, it is not hate, rather objection to U.S./Israel and other western countries crimes and injustice and it will stop when they stop their crimes and start treating others with respect.


Dariush The King

Obama jaan

by Dariush The King on

I just wanted to share the rews with you that you are right.

Dariush The King


by Dariush The King on

Just a few days ago I read that U.S. has discovered a very large mineral mine in Afghanistan that holds tons of pressure stones.  In the middle of a war, they are locating mineral mines and this and the gas has nothing to do with being there.  Then comes the Military base and the contractors to Of Course, help the Afghanis to work like a dog for the contractors for a penny an hour and be robbed and raped as they did to Iran before Dr. Mosaddegh.


Dariush The King

Abarmard, you are right.

by Dariush The King on

Unfortunatly it is a waste of time with some Iranians. Then they ask, why is this happening to us?  There they had a man who dedicated himself to defend Iran and Iranian's rights and here we have these "Past fetrats" who not only don't appreciate what Dr. Mosaddegh did, they criticize him too.  Their stupidity is mind boggling.  Even the most stupid people would know, if it wasn't for nationalization of oil in Iran and cutting off the hands of England and other, Iran would have been just another Afghanistan. If any improvements any government has been able to do, has been as a result of the oil revenue which we wouldn't have had, if it wasn't for Dr. Mossadegh.

Then we have some who complain about the government. OK, fix it! Why is it that you always kiss others to do the job for you.  What makes you think America or Israel gives a damn about what will happen to Iran and Iranians? Have you not learned anything yet? It is like asking a lion to take the meat from a cat and give it to you and I must say "you the fool". 

I disagree with some of the points "Oktaby" has made, but he made a good one in another blog.  He wrote, "I am against any military attack on Iran, we must free Iran with our own sweat and hard work".   The reson is clear, because these countries are not after our well being. So start thinking using your brain not your .....

Then they ( Irani-Israeli, Veiled, m dog and other) speak of democrocy and how brave they are.  You are so scared of the democrocy you speak of, and so coward that you can't even make a comment on what I wrote.  And I am sure if you ever do, it will be defending west and Israel and blaming Iran.  It is also a good strategy, since you are scared to speak against the injustice and crimes west has committed around the world, you just act stupid , take their side and pretend you are democratic.  

So, Please go do yourself a favor or just do yourself with these I, we and other BS you keep writing.  I bet DK liked this part !!!

What seems a bluff can become a surprise.  If Iran is attacked, it will be a shock and awe not just a few here and there.  Iran should be ready and be able to tell a mistake from war.  They should have a shock and awe of their own. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

If Pahlavi's were "Stooges" then may we have more stooges. They beat the "feared" morons running Iran now. Being feared makes others want to attack you.

The anti West groupies are itching for a war but are too cowardly to fight themsleves. They hide in nice safe West and want Iran to fight for their ideology.

Why should Iran stand against the West? What good will come out of picking fights with others? Japan got occupied by the "West" and became one of the most prosperous and advanced nations in the world. How: by cooperating and doing what is good for their people. Iraq got occupied and became worse off than before. How: by fighting a pointless war. The Kurds cooperated and are doing fine.

I strongly suggest that West haters do the right thing. Move! Get up and more to a nice anti Western nation. There is Cuba; North Korea; Zimbabwe; IRI. Maybe Jimmy Carter will give you a ride.


"We have been eating the UK/US ann for so long "

by fooladi on

Well, Noosheh Joonat!

And let us all know how it compares with "ann" of Gazans and palistinians. If you dont know, ask your body "abaramand" He seems to be an expert "ann" sampler :)


How is IRI independent of

by vildemose on

How is IRI independent of the West? EU has been for the most part the largest trade partner of the IRI for years. Can the IRI survive without the EU, China or Russia??

IRI has no industrial base or any home-grown technology to speak of. The economy is not diversified and most of the revenues are from oil, which is extracted by Western technology and Western-built refinaries.

Can the IRI stand up to US and defeat the US imperialism?? Many have tried before and lost including the Soviet Union and China.

The US would like nothing more than radical Islamists in Iran to get more radical and more hubris in their delusion of "defeating" the Satan US.


Excellent article! He loves Iran, not IRI! Got it the sell outs?

by obama on

What I appreciate about Abarmard's article is his passion for his vatan.  unlike those guys such as fool..., and the rest sousouls whose job is to shut out any person who does not write in favor of israel and US/UK.

I really don't feel Abarmand is pro IRI. He is pro Iran and anti western intervetion on Iran. We have been eating the UK/US ann for so long that when we don't get it for some time, we feel starved and want them back to spank us a little more. Victim mentality, which I call it ZAIEFEH. Now those fool.... gang are going to call me pro iri as well. Fine! What matters is not what they think, is what i think!

I want Iran to be for Iranians not the masters! Look how they are f....king the poor afghanestan! Afghanestan today is Iran in 1900 with UK! Have we learned anything? I am for working with the US and the world community as equal partners, not as subordinates to them! Hey aneh amrikarow bokhorid, ey badbakhta!

Abarmard, is basically saying to stand up for your country and save it from the savages & crusaders.  An is a dictator, but he is not selling the country to US/UK. The internal problem with an and the corrupt regime is a different story. Just because we hate the fascist regime doesn't mean that we should offer our country to our other enemies! 

Save Iran from IRI and Israel/UK/US!

Of course, I don't like the confrontaion that an has put up with the world, but he should have a better way of dealing with it, by first starting with iran improving the life of the iranian people!


As bad as these LUNIES are, they are feared and respected!

by fooladi on

Lunies they are, feared or respected NOT!

If you care to take a coursery look at the history of Iran, the country you probably claim to be coming from, you'll learn that these poodles of islamic regime were put in charge of their phoney republic by US/UK, as it was felt that shah was just not ruthless enough to prevent the spread of communism to Iran. About the same time, another poodle, called Usama Bin laden was being groomed to become the khalifa of afghanistan for precisely the same reason.

In Conclusion, poodles, provide their masters with occasional light entertainement. They do not invoke  fear nor respect. Further, if they catch rabies and become aggressive, they get ruthlessly put down .......



Great Discussion EXCEPT for the Pahlavi "CHEAP HUSTELER"!!!

by P_J on

Gentlemen!! I don't believe that you can be respected, in the international arena, unless you are FEARED.  That is very unfortunate and may be a reminder of the law of JUNGLE, but TRUE!  Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was a STOOGE!  Stooges don't generate respect, since they are not feared.British Petroleum (BP) stole our oil for over 100 years!  In a book newly written the author claims that had it not been for the Iranian oil British Empire would have folded 100 years earlier.  They did not respect us!!  They knew that they could ROB us and with TRAITORS like the Pahlavis Iran was defenseless!  As bad as these LUNIES are, they are feared and respected!      They SCREAM MURDER when they are wronged unlike the TRAITORs that ran the country 30+ years ago!When a man like Mossadegh stood up to stop their thievery, they were beyond themselves, they were used to SCARED SLAVES like Mohammad Reza Pahlavi which they had no RESPECT for, like Qajar dynasty!

In conclusion I am sick and tired of this notion of respect that never existed!!  Our respect resembles the respect that west has for Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the rest of them!     

Irani Irani

Reply to Bavafa

by Irani Irani on

one can reasonably conclude that their aspiration is more then just being some body's [US] b1tch

I agree with you. 

Can and should Iranian people aim higher then a pro-American dictatorship? 

Yes, absolutely! My whole point is that the choice isn't between the lousy IRI dictatorship and a "puppet" of the U.S. I believe there is a possible Third Way for Iran, which would be both independent AND democratic.

Would US allow a free & democratic Iran to flourish if it goes counter to its sphere of influence and interest. 

The U.S. is the most powerful country in the world, but it is not all powerful. Iran could have an opportunity (at least, potentially) to be free and democratic even if the U.S. didn't "allow" it. India has been considered the world's biggest democracy. And yet, for decades it was largely independent of the U.S. Jawaharlal Nehru was one of the founders of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). 

And why is it that is labeled as leftist if he/she does not agree with the imperialist policies of the US 

You are correct that not all opponents of the U.S. are leftists. Some are rightists and some can be called democrats, centrists, etc. But, there is a certain brand of "leftism" which sees the U.S. as being the Great Satan and the origin of all the world's Evil. To some extent, it is derived from pro-USSR sentiments which naturally saw the U.S. as Enemy Number One. 


Irani Irani: respectfully

by Bavafa on

If the only choices were the anti-American dictatorship of the IRI or the pro-American dictatorship of the Shah, most people would go for the latter. But since they [Iranian people] already had that in 1960 & 70s but were not satisfied with it, one can reasonably conclude that their aspiration is more then just being some body's [US] b1tch, even if that gives 'em the protection of the biggest pimp on the block.

Can and should Iranian people aim higher then a pro-American dictatorship?


Would US allow a free & democratic Iran to flourish if it goes counter to its sphere of influence and interest.


P.S. And why is it that is labeled as leftist if he/she does not agree with the imperialist policies of the US



جناب ابرمرد و دیگر شیفتگان جمهوری اسلامی



شماها که انقدر تنتون میخاره برای جنگ با آمریکا‌ فقط باید یک چیزی رو بدونید، و اونم اینه:

آگر فرماندهٔ نیرو دریایی آمریکا در واشنگتن یک باد از ما تحتش بده بیرون، تمام قایق و بلم‌ها و فسیلهأی رو که جمهوری اسلامی بهش میگه کشتی جنگی، در خلیج فارس آب میبره.  

به همین خیال خوش باشید که میتونید جلوی آمریکا وایستید.  هی‌ زر بزنید.  جمهوری اسلامی ۳۱ سال که هیچ گو... نخورده.  تنها چیزی که خودش و طرفدراش بلدند زر زدن زیادیه.  حالا هی‌ زر بزنید....  


Irani Irani

READER1: Presumably, Iraq is a "subordinate" regime

by Irani Irani on

The oil contracts negotiated by the "subordinate" Iraqi regime are more favorable for Iraq than those of other oil producers, including those of the heroic, independent, and unjustly victimized DPIRI (Democratic People's Islamic Republic of Iran). The big winners in those oil contracts have been Royal Dutch Shell, Total of France, the state petroleum company pf Malaysia (Petronas), and Chinese companies. In fact, BP and the American oil giants were largely left out of these latest deals. As a present/former leftist, I know the rhetoric of the Left well. I've read enough Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, Alexander Cockburn, Norman Finkelstein, and other such "New Left" people to know the lines of reasoning.


I'm not saying that the Left doesn't make many valid criticisms of U.S. policy, but I don't know why some people on the Left insist on casting the IRI's foreign policy in some kind of heroic light. I guess you could say that Nazi Germany and the USSR also had foreign policies "independent" of the West. Why is that an intrinsically noble thing? The IRI's policies have been far more deleterious for Iranians than those of that lackey of Western capitalist imperialism, the Shah. (BTW, why is being a "client" or "dependence" on China or Russia never an issue for the heroic defenders of Iranian "independence")?


Perhaps, it's difficult for some leftists (and I considered myself a leftist for many years) to admit that the anti-American dictatorship of the IRI is 100 times worse than the pro-American dictatorship of the Shah (and yes, I know the Shah committed human rights abuses too--but they were nowhere near in magnitude and barbarity to the wonderfully "independent" IRI)...


Iran Irani: The dictatorship of the type in Sudan, Syria and

by reader1 on

Libya are similar in nature to IRI regime  (minus Vala-et-faghi ) than the other mentioned regimes in ME.  They are not capable of meeting the West’s thirst for oil as much as Iran is, otherwise they would have been forced to join the league of the other subordinate nations in ME. Non-oils countries such as Jordan and Egypt are there to serve the interest of Jordan's western neigbour.

Irani Irani

To reader1:I would like to hear your response

by Irani Irani on

Unlike the IRI dictatorship, the dictatorships in Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait cannot survive without the United States and the West. Abarmand hit the nail when he said  “These governments have no identity other than what has been given to them by Western regimes....IRI is the only country in the Middle East that is politically independent of the West.

How do you know whether or not they would survive? Is there any hint of any recent "uprising" whatsoever in those countries (all those regimes have been in power longer than the IRI). What about Syria, Libya, and Sudan. How do those dictators survive? Maybe, it's because they are "People's Democracies"--just like the IRI is a People's Democracy. Those are all ruled by dictators who spout "Death to America" rhetoric. Aren't they also "independent of the West?" (Maybe not "indepedent" of China or Russia, but who cares about those countries. There is only one Great Satan, and America is the Devil).


While in full agreement with Bafav’s point of view, ...

by reader1 on

I strongly disagree that  this is a badly written piece. On the contrary, I think this is a well written,  sensible, illuminating, and coherent account of the American disingenuous foreign policy in Middle east and Iran in special.

Unlike the IRI dictatorship, the dictatorships in Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait cannot survive without the United States and the West.   Abarmand hit the nail on the head when he said  “These governments have no identity other than what has been given to them by Western regimes.”

However vile and undemocratic IRI may be, and how unpalatable to some readershere in IC, IRI is the only country in the Middle East that is politically independent of the West. The ordinary iranian citizens are paying a heavy price for this honour. Now the western regimes expect them to  pay even a heavier price for their aspiration to become a truly independent and free nation. They are given the option of  either helping  to overthrow  the current regime by a bloody uprising or else they themselves would overthrow the regime by a war much bloodier  than Iraq and replace it with a subordinate regime.


how about

by shushtari on

blaming the akhoonds for once???


do u always blame everything on the west and 'sheytane bozorg'???


come on, the mullahs are evil on earth....iran deserves better



No Fear

The prospect of war is not imminent.

by No Fear on

I will not get in to the same arguements of why War with Iran will be in no ones benefits (world economy etc ), but i like to share a new look at this.

Despite its radical confrontational image displayed in foreign medias, Iran's foreign policy is very pragmatic and easily understood by diplomates and governments around the world.

Considering that all this fuss is about preventing Iran's access to nuclear energy know hows, Iran can defuse the situation on moments notice by accepting a temporary freeze on enrichment and the unconditional access to all its nuclear sites thus preventing an imminent war if it feels its around the corner.

Iran will play tough ( As it should ), if it feels the west is bluffing by threatening to bomb its nuclear facilities. This will lead to the stalemate situation as we are in currently. Iran will continue to advance its nuclear program until the next GOP republican president is in office.

What if we misread the bluff and get bombed?

(Whether Iran retaliates or not )

.... Iran ( will )  has a very good case to exit NPT , since we were bombed by another NPT signatory while keeping our side of the bargain. Our nuclear program will not be postponded whatsoever, since with the new IR4 spinners, we can produce the lost fuel a lot faster than before with higher percentages.

None of these scenarios ( with or without war ) will produce the ideal outcome for western countries, but it would be a win win scenario for Iran.

( This was written with only the objectives of a conflict in mind. Human lives losses were not mentioned ).



A very passionate article

by mrudzio on

A very passionate article, Abarmard, venting your frustrations and anger at the current political situation.

And you are right on many points. In the 20th century, the British Empire retained its military clout thanks mainly to the power of Iranian oil. Throughout WW2, the British navy was kept afloat on Iranian oil. The aeroplanes that fought in the Battle of Britiain were kept in the air on Iranian Oil from the Persian Gulf (BP, originally named the Anglo-Persian Oil Company had exclusive rights to extract, refine, export and sell Iranian oil from as early as 1908). After 1953 the British had to share this lucrative oil extraction business with US corporations, thanks to the role the US played in the overthrow of Mossadegh whose intention had been to take control of Iran's oil resources away from BP. 

It is not all about oil, of course. But by and large the British and US governments pursue their own interests in confronting Iran, rarely the interests of the people of Iran.

And yes, our access to real news events is subtely manipulated by the owners of the major media outlets to suit many Western political ends. But the Internet still remains a great source of hope and comfort in this respect. 




A poorly written piece with some very legitimate points here

by Bavafa on

My take on this is that vast majority of Iranians do not view IRI as a legitimate form of government and they don not want to be ruled by them indefinitely. At the same time, there are ample evidence for them that a Western (US) forced regime change will set their struggle for freedom, independence and democracy back to square one.

I believe vast majority of Iranians specially in Iran would even fight to keep the struggle of regime change to a home grown fight rather then going for a short term gain offered by a foreign chosen regime and the superficial freedom which is followed by long term set backs that comes with that choice.

As long as US keep supporting dictators around the world, specially in ME, refuses to recognize legitimate aspiration of the people within those countries, they will not be trusted with any intervention in Iran.


Dariush The King

As a commentator wrote

by Dariush The King on

As a commentator wrote once. That war game is a very dangerous game to play with Iran, as the ocean, region and the world might become a no fly zone.  That will not only stop any air assault, it will crash world's economy starting with Europe and oil interruptions and sanctions will make it even worse.  This will also create a new world order. A world that Israel and west don't give but take orders.

Fact is, if west wanted to take out any individual in Iran they could have a long time ago, but they don't for the same reason that they didn't with Hitler, Saddam, Ben and others. It wouldn't serve their interests.  One thing is clear now, Obama is not the real decision maker and his promise of change is turning for worse not better for America and the world.