1979 all over again?

What scares the opposition is that Reza might become another Khomeini


1979 all over again?
by Aryo Barzan

Although I am not a monarchist I have the utter respect for Reza Pahlavi and what he (claims to) stand for.

I must also mention that I have lot of respect for his father Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and although I do not agree with all his decisions I still think he was a true patriot and have done a lot for us to be grateful. However he also had many fatal mistakes that are always open to discussion and in the end history is the best judge.

Today I am looking at Mr Pahlavi and his words from a mutual point of view on one hand while under a burden of bitter historical experience on the other and I am uncertain.

Please let me explain. Any patriot Iranian who is in a right state of mind and wants democracy and secularism for Iran and has the least respect for the fact of pluralism and diversity of opinions and ideology in today’s Iran, would and should agree with most of what he says. And the fact is that most of us are theoretically in agreement with him, although even in theory, but there is an understandable scale reluctant to go along toward going along with it.

In here I will attempt to open the subject and let you know.


I believe we are all in agreement that most of the opposition groups who are currently fighting IRI love Iran and are willing to do anything it takes to change the situation towards a secular democracy and a better future for our people. Now apart from the minority who have a personal vendetta against Pahlavi Family and are not willing to cooperate, no matter what, I believe that for the rest of this people there is a factor of 1979 experience, and it scares them.

Please let me explain. As most of us can remember or at least have read. In 1979 we were all hearing similar words from one Mr Khomeini in Paris. He was also claiming that he and the clergy are not after power. He was saying that he is only a student (Talabe) who wants to go to Ghom and continue his research and study. He promised that all political groups would be free to go about heir activities in tomorrow’s Iran and claimed that he did not even know the meaning of political prisoner. Perhaps his most famous phrase which is still being used by some members of Green Movement today, was the world
“Meezaan ray e mardom ast”. Or peoples vote has the last word.

However we all witnessed what happened after he came to Iran. He started by smacking Dr Bakhtiar’s government in the mouth and from there he went on to kill and silence any one who dared to question him. Many of whom were his old allies who helped to bring him to power in the first place. This trend continued and increased until it height when during the mass murder of 1368 he ordered the cold blooded murder of over 35000 political prisoners.

Now, this is what scares today’s opposition groups from lining behind one figure or even giving a pledge of alliance to another person, in case they might create another Khomeini.

As we all know today no single political group however large and popular will be able to take on IRI all on its own, and over through in successfully. The only way out of this vicious circle for us is to unit around one single common PURPOSE (and not person).

But before that, the question that Mr Pahlavi and all these other groups need to address is that: “what is the difference between them and the previous generation”.

For example what is the difference between Reza Pahlavi and Khomeini and what guarantee we have that once in power he would not go back on his words just like Khomeini did. Similarly all the political groups from left to right and from nationalists to religious need to know what they have learned from the bitter experiences of 1979 and what is the difference between them and their counterparts at the time. They need to work out a way that they can form an alliance with other factions and while respecting each and every point of view be able to hold on to their own core values and principles or at least to the universal principals that is being held and demanded by the average protester in the streets of today’s Iran.

Once these questions are answered in a satisfactory manner and these issues are addressed the rest would be fairly easy and fall into place automatically.



Dear "Sean" from "New York"

by Q on

yes, that is funny...


Funny People Outside Iran trying to tell us who has popularity

by seannewyork on

IT is so funny people sitting outside Iran trying to tell me/us that RP is not popular.  How do they know, are they the same people that said 85% of iranians only wanted reform.  Quitely he has everyone attention in IRan when he speaks or interviews.

 If you were in IRan especially in touch with young people I would say 85% are going for revolution and secularism of iran.

But for all of you that say you want a democracy you will have to give RP the ability to speak to the people of iran.  we will see what happens then.

 see you 22 bahman.  support us on the outside of Iran.


The Phantom Of The Opera

You didn't have to mention my name, thanx for free publicity...

by The Phantom Of The Opera on

I greatly appreciate your sense of humor. And let me remind you of the second rule which advises everybody of his/her choice of ignoring whoever/whatever he/she finds undesirable. Some people, however, prefer using the flag button instead.  

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.


To "Bavafa" & "The Phantom of the Opera"

by DariusMazdak on

Iranian.com 1st forum rule: don't drink and post!

Louie Louie

Thank you AO

by Louie Louie on

That's what I have been saying too. I mean did khomeini work in the farm, did he work in a factory, did he sweep floor, did he trun shish kabob on the manghal?

khomeini was good at getting khomso zakat and writing about how to go bathroom, left foot or the right foot.

Anonymous Observer

Here, Bavafa, I corrected your comment

by Anonymous Observer on

Let's substitute "khomeini" for "Reza Pahlavi" and see what happens: 

"The idea of [Khomeini] as a leader wouldn't be as laughable if he had managed to hold a job at local McDonalds [or a "falafel stand in Najaf] or similar responsibility, this is beside jumping on any band wagon that had seemed to be going against [the Shah, including atheist communists, which as a clergy he should have been rallying against]."

See how the same argument can be applied to your beloved Imam? 




Instead of worrying we must accept responsibility

by Mehdad on

I refer you to: Dialogue of Dr. Ali Sina and Reza Pahlavi II
Republic vs. Monarchy


Not only we must keep religion and government separate,  we have to make sure the monarch is not the commander and chief of the armed forces.   In the end whatever system comes to power, it will be up to each one of us to be alert and feel responsible, watching the system like a hawk.


barking barking barking. You

by benross on

barking barking barking. You smell it doesn't work anymore don't you?!

But if the historic process didn't work out, I'll focus on Mehrdad as our alternative leader. He has experience at MacDonalds. He can be assisted by his body for some intellectual masturbation too.

In the meantime, I'd listen to what serious people have to say.



Halleluiah Jasonrobardas, I couldn't have said it better.

by Bavafa on

The idea of RP as a leader wouldn't be as laughable if he had managed to hold a job at local McDonalds or similar responsibility, this is beside jumping on any band wagon that had seemed to be going against IRI.


The Phantom Of The Opera

Pahlavist-Chalabists should focus on Washington not Tehran...

by The Phantom Of The Opera on

Your desperate efforts for creating a digital illusion of public support for the corrupt Pahlavis inside Iran is quite understandable. Your main task, though,  should be finding someone in Washington, naive and stupid enough, to believe you. Good luck.  

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.


RP Has Support Here In Iran, But We Cant Express It

by seannewyork on

Many of the youth in Iran who have heard his message including at my university support his stance.  We feel he has been the only one that has come out and stood up for secularism and us.  But we cant express this yet or we will get killed.  So his support is beneath the ground which can not be calculated since its underground.

The problem is that people only hear or see him onces in a while. But when he was went on BBC everyone watch and every time there is an interview coming people try to hear him. 

There are 2 parts of green movment eslah talabs and seculars for regime change and he is the most popular secular which means regime change.

 See you 22 Bahman.


State of institutions is what Iran has as we speak

by maiser on

so let those who are voted in power there do their job and do us a favour and stay out of it US apologist. Instead, focus on how miserable life of those who are occupied by US and NATO lead forces are and pray that our peoples nation will not have to face the same fate as those people.


leftist -islamists give me guarrantees

by mehdi79 on

I am confused ... could these leftist islamists explain to me ... they believe that prince reza is going to be another dictator and they want guarranties from him not to become one ... let me tell you there is only one guarrantee and that is creating an state of institutions which regulates power and economy monitored by the parliament just like in the west ... i believe in constitutional monarchy ... and let me ask you ? what guarrantees leftist and islamists can give to monarchists like me that their leaders will not be another dictator ... COULD anyone answer me? until then just sit silent and let everybody do their job because today is not the time to waste as iran is buring in hell of ayatullas


Phantom of Operatic distortions...

by rpRoshan on

writes, "The main difference between RPII and, Khomeini is the fact that the latter had a "past history" with the nation."

No, my incompetent bache-akhund, the "main difference" between Reza Pahlavi and mullah Khomeini is the very minor difference between guilty and innocent. Mullah Khomeini has a massive river of blood on his hands, while Reza Pahlavi has NONE, zilch, as in zero! 

Mullah Khomeini sent 10-year-old children to the front lines of the Iraq war to walk on mines. Their insides were blown to bits -- these kids suffered a gruesome, horrible death! These were children!!! Mullah Khomeini massacred 30,000 political prisoners in the summer of 1988 alone. Mullah Khomeini caused the deaths of nearly one million Iranians, if not more. Mullah Khomeini has turned Iranian girls into sex toys for Arab states in the Persian Gulf. Mullah Khomeini has turned Iran into a nation of paupers and heroin addicts (the most per capita in the world). Mullah Khomeini has turned Iranian women into prostitutes -- 600,000 in Tehran alone, 40% of which are married women!

This is the legacy of mullah Khomeini, not to mention obscene corruption, nepotism, massive brain-drain, massive inflation, massive unemployment, and the destruction of reputation the world over.

This "main difference" that you speak of is actually a HUGE  difference! Mullah Khomeini, aka, Ayatollah BBC, was given the opportunity to lead Iran and proved himself to be the DEVIL, while Reza Pahlavi has not been given the opportunity, and yet, you clowns self-servingly denounce him as though he were the same, and thus, not worthy of the opportunity to begin with. 

Grossly biased character assasins -- that's what you people are. Now go spin your Islamist-leftist-bache-mullah misinformation.




DESPERATE IRI liars, cheats and propagandists

by rpRoshan on

It's literally amazing how much milage some of you DESPERATE IRI supporters try to derive from the derisive use of the name "Chalabi." AS IF the USA went to war against Iraq based on the recommendations and musings of one Ahmad Chalabi. The plans for the Iraq war were set in motion during the Clinton Administration, but I digress from my main point, which is that the entire IRI foundation RESTS on the shoulders of one Iranian Chalabi after another -- have we forgotton the handiwork of men like Ebrahim Yazdi, aka, Mr. Green Card? 

Ebrahim Yazdi was THE mirror-image, THE personification of Ahmad Chalabi -- in fact, he was the FIRST Ahmad Chalabi. Back in the mid-1970's, Mr. Yazdi was in the US, on behalf of one Hendi mullah, aka, Ruhollah Khomeini, trying so hard to get any and every US politician to denounce the Shah, and promote his evil master, mullah Khomeini, aka, Ayatollah BBC, so as to overthrow the monarchy. And if some of you hired IRI guns believe that Chalabi was able to fool Bush to overthrow Saddam Hussein, then Ebrahim Chalabi Yazdi managed to fool Jimmy Carter into overthrowing the Shah -- and therefore, your entire Islamic Republic is the brainchild of an Iranian/American Chalabi to begin with, aka, Mr. Green Card!

And for you IRI clowns and leftists loons who defame Reza Pahlavi for having CIA support, you should look into the mirror, as your beloved "Imam" was an undeniable British agent for the better part of his life, not to mention the beneficiary of enormous support from the likes of Jimmy Carter, Zbingnew Brzezinski, Andrew Young, James Bill, William Sullivan, etc., including the dreaded CIA -- the documents are there to prove this fact! Now go spin your anti-Iranian misinformation.  

Long live a secular and free Iran!

Louie Louie


by Louie Louie on

That's unfortunate, I watched the videos and I found them very interesting. But there is this pattern I have noticed about the Pahlavis, as if people are automatically drawn to them. That tells me the number of people who like them is not that low.

I think the problem with RP is that he is caught in middle of two idiotic groups. The ultra left and the ultra right, both see him wearing a funny little crown and a velvety robe.

I do not look at him that way. To be honest with you, I never took Pahlavis seriously until recently I watched his videos and I found him quite approchable and down to earth. I stay open minded and support whoever wishes secular democracy for Iran.


And aghayee keh hamishe JEESH dari, what do you mean by saying;he says secularism but he never says no religion out of constitution. When a guy says secularism that's what he means.


See that's the problem with the left, they don't know what they are talking about. 


Louie Louie

by benross on

Haven't you noticed when there is a blog or some videos about Pahlavis the number of reads goes up really fast!

Actually this one didn't


Which I believe was the most informative blog ever posted on Reza Pahlavi


Louie Louie

The number of reads and Pahlavis

by Louie Louie on

Haven't you noticed when there is a blog or some videos about Pahlavis the number of reads goes up really fast!


What are these heroes dying for?

by MM on

With the approach of the 22nd of Bahman date, it seems like both the government and the protestors are gearing up for a confrontation.  While the government is trying to quell any signs of dissent, the protestors know that they want to be free of tyranny, and many have called for the end of this bad 30 years old experiment we call the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I know what the monarchist want.  I have seen versions of the bulletins that the likes of Mousavis, Karrubis and others have put out as demands.  I call them ex-Green movement leaders since they still look to preserve the Islamic Republic.  And, so on with all the other ….ists.  But, I have not seen what the demonstrators want to endorse, other than a universal innate concept called freedom. 

You and I are sitting at the ring side saying “lengesh kon”, while kicking the one with the opposing view sitting comfortably next to us.   But, the demonstrators on the streets are the ones who will make a difference between the current regime and “what-ever-else”.  I wish I would see such a declaration before this movement gets high-jacked too.  And, I wish that the demonstrators, while in hiatus between demonstrations, would draft such a document so that they know what they are dying for.


My question is clear. You

by benross on

My question is clear. You dodge the answer fine, it's your problem. But don't try to muddy the water by an ill conceived briefing of the history. You say RP has no support in Iran. I beg to differ. Non of them can be proven without freedom of expression in Iran. So this doesn't go anywhere in an argument. Your personal understanding of the history is yours. Keep it and make your decision based on it the day of choosing. That was not my question. I didn't ask your knowledge on history, political preference or what you think other Iranians think. I asked YOU, the Iranian citizen, which constitution do you consider legitimate? To me, dodging the answer is a clear answer in itself. You are not for secular democracy in Iran.



Response to "Let's move on"

by پندارنیک on

I do not address people by the way of name-calling, personal insult and, childish act of ridiculing/distortion of their username, in the hope of receiving the same treatment. I, therefore, didn't read past your second sentence. Now you know whom you should ignore next time, because I ignore you.


We've been there...

by پندارنیک on

You can't afford not caring what the American establishment thinks. Don't kid yourself. Europe is becoming ridiculously weaker by each decade; your prince is wasting his time and money politically flirting with the French and, the Italian etc. The Brits don't want him back on the throne either. Your argument over legitimacy of constitution stops short of admitting legal and constitutional consequences of Shah's coup in 1953, and legitimacy of his removal from power by a popular revolution in 1979. He was a dictator who, all by himself, facilitated the destruction of a 2500 year-old national tradition. It's over. Let's move on...forward.

Cyrus Persian

Response to "Let's move on"

by Cyrus Persian on

Pendar-e "nik" is anything but nik.  I would call him/her Pendar-e Rage!  "Move on" to where?  Without proper leadership, another 1979 is around the corner and another Yugoslavia.  Remember that country?  After gaining freedom, it became a democracy and all ethnic groups voted themselves out of the nation by ballot backed by tanks and killings.  Is that what you want:  an Iran without Azarbijan, Kurdistan, Baluchistan, and Khuzestan?  Check the Internet and see how many insidious secessionist organizations are out there that are waiting for the opportunity for another 16th of Azar in 1947 when Azarbijan and Kurdistan ceded from Iran under direction of anti-Iranian agitators.  Right now we have a Queen, Empress Farah, who is an ethnic Turk.  She is most loved by many Iranians and is a true patriot.  She can provide solidarity and unity for our nation while we have a democratic government like England and all the other civilized nations of world, e.g. Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Spain, etc.


پندار نیک


If by 'you' you mean I, well I really don't care what Americans think. Don't change the subject. I put forward a clear question to answer. As an Iranian-American, I really don't care what you think. But as an Iranian citizen, an Iranian individual, looking back to the history of your country, which constitution do you recognize as legitimate? I have my answer to this question. That's why I can move on. You can't.


It's over. Let's move on...

by پندارنیک on

The Pahlavis have no support base in Iran. Period. You guys are desperately trying to convince the Americans of the contrary, while they are still licking their wounds inflicted by another crook from that region called Ahmed Chalabi.


Which constitution do you recognize as legitimate?

by benross on

Answering this question clearly, clarify quite a few things. 

I want legitimacy in ant future government and I don't think anyone associated with monarchy will have political legitimacy because of what has happened in the past 100 year. .

You are mixing things. Your 'personal' opinion, with a legitimate 'process'.

You can't have any legitimate process  without RP. Try it if you will (as if it was never tried!) but you will fail. Because history recorded it differently.

Cyrus Persian

Response to "Iraneh Azad"

by Cyrus Persian on

Sir/Ma'am, you don't know what the consequences of not having a monarchy is for Iran!  You are full of contradiction and emotion.  On one hand you say you have "respect" for Mohammad Reza Shah and Reza Shah and on the other hand you say they "screwed the country".  Which is it?  It is like me saying I have "great respect" for my father but he "screwed" my life up.  Which is it?  I suppose one of the ways in which you believe the Mohammad Reza Shah "screwed the country" is by not giving "political freedom" to people.  Reason (please take a seat first):  The Communists would have taken over the country!  That simple.  End of story.  If unconvinced, please please read AND study the history of our region for the past 110 years.  Also, look at two other ways where a lot of angry Iranians feel Mohammad Reza Shah "screwed the country":  What our people and the islamic republic constantly brag about and at which locations?  They brag about nuclear and steel technologies.  It was Mohammad Reza Shah who brought those industries into Iran.  Not even America and the West wanted Iran to have nuclear and steel technologies.  Mohammad Reza Shah had to go to Communist Russia and bargain with them to get those technologies for our people and country.  And, look at where the islamic republic supporters and opposition people gather at constantly, at Meydan-e "Azadi" which Mohammad Reza Shah built and called it Meydan-e Shahyad.  Please, cut the emotions and let's talk about points and not turn this forum into a counseling session.

Iraneh Azad

Dear Cyrus

by Iraneh Azad on

Why don't i know what azadi means? Why attack me for not wanting monarchy involved in our affairs anymore? I have great respect for the Shah and his father but at the same time the Shah is the one who screwed the country. If he had had given some political freedom to the people and turned himself into a monarch like the powerless monarchs in "England, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Japan" Iran would still have a monarchy and we would not have these scum mullahs in charge of us. Now that monarchy is out, why bring it back? In all the countries you listed, Monarchy is a joke. The Monarchs have no political power. They are only a symbol of the past.

I want legitimacy in ant future government and I don't think anyone associated with monarchy will have political legitimacy because of what has happened in the past 100 year. .

areyo barzan

Dear mirza Ghasham sham

by areyo barzan on

On the contrary my friend, my purpose is exactly to approach the Iranians outside, as we inside Iran need their help more than any time now to deliver our voice to outside and speak to the free world on our behalf.

Today institutions like Amnesty International United Nation and Human Right Watch can not directly reach ordinary Iranians inside Iran and in prisons like Evin, Ghezel Hesaar, Gonaabaad or Kshrizak. The burden of this duty is on the shoulders of Iranians outside to keep the world interested and help our voice to reach outside Iran

Even the mullahs have understood the importance of this factor and every time one of these institutions reacts to their crimes they get uncomfortable as it make their dealing with outside world much more difficult. That is why from time to time they attempt to terror prominent opposition figures abroad,

Who ever dismisses the importance of the opposition in exile is either a very naïve individual who does not know anything about political struggle and revolutions or is an agent of IRI trying to serve mullahs purpose by separating the two essential parts of this solution.

Neither the opposition inside nor the opposition outside can survive on its own, let alone succeeding to overthrow the IRI.

For those of us who witnessed the events of 1979 there is a discomforting parallel here. Despite the claims of IRI and its apologists Khomeini was also very little known inside Iran until less than one year before the success of that revolution and to the contrary of some claims it was not the Masjeds and other mullahs who promoted him his fame started from universities and factory floors and with the help of groups such as Mojahedin khalgh, Cherik haaye Fadaayee,  Hezbe Toodeh and Jebhe ye melli, who did all the hard work and distributed the messages coming out of  Nofelo Shato in form of flyers, cassets and posters. Other mullahs had neither the knowledge nor the recourses. The ridicules sorties about mullahs Masjeds and dehaat and more stupid claims of mofkhor tight-fisted  mullahs sending their money to him were fantasies made up much later when the real orchestrates of revolution were either dead, in prison and in exile. If you do not believe me read some books. You can start with Khateraat e Hasan Ali Montazeri

The question that I have mentioned in my original article was particularly addressed to the outside opposition as it is them who could demand an answer from RP or whoever else calling for the unity of all opposition parties behind him.

Whether we like it or not, RP is a fact and the support for him is gathering momentum inside Iran. Now we can either berry our heads in the sand and sleep walk into another dictatorship or we can challenge him and demand an answer to this question.

You know the irony is that by asking such question I have opened myself to attack from both sides as his supporters are accusing me of being an IRI agent and his opponents are calling me pseudo monarchist

Well I guess that’s life :-)

Cyrus Persian

Iran-e Azad

by Cyrus Persian on

You have no concept as to what Azadi means.  Do you know that the icon you use to print your comment was built by Mohammad Reza Shah?  Since the Arab and Mongol invasions the only two dynasties that helped Iran become a strong and modern nation have been the Safavid and Pahlavi dynasties.  MOST MODERN AND DEMOCRATIC NATIONS ARE MONARCHIES:  England, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Japan.  Stop surfing the net please and go read some books!