1979 all over again?

What scares the opposition is that Reza might become another Khomeini


1979 all over again?
by Aryo Barzan

Although I am not a monarchist I have the utter respect for Reza Pahlavi and what he (claims to) stand for.

I must also mention that I have lot of respect for his father Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and although I do not agree with all his decisions I still think he was a true patriot and have done a lot for us to be grateful. However he also had many fatal mistakes that are always open to discussion and in the end history is the best judge.

Today I am looking at Mr Pahlavi and his words from a mutual point of view on one hand while under a burden of bitter historical experience on the other and I am uncertain.

Please let me explain. Any patriot Iranian who is in a right state of mind and wants democracy and secularism for Iran and has the least respect for the fact of pluralism and diversity of opinions and ideology in today’s Iran, would and should agree with most of what he says. And the fact is that most of us are theoretically in agreement with him, although even in theory, but there is an understandable scale reluctant to go along toward going along with it.

In here I will attempt to open the subject and let you know.


I believe we are all in agreement that most of the opposition groups who are currently fighting IRI love Iran and are willing to do anything it takes to change the situation towards a secular democracy and a better future for our people. Now apart from the minority who have a personal vendetta against Pahlavi Family and are not willing to cooperate, no matter what, I believe that for the rest of this people there is a factor of 1979 experience, and it scares them.

Please let me explain. As most of us can remember or at least have read. In 1979 we were all hearing similar words from one Mr Khomeini in Paris. He was also claiming that he and the clergy are not after power. He was saying that he is only a student (Talabe) who wants to go to Ghom and continue his research and study. He promised that all political groups would be free to go about heir activities in tomorrow’s Iran and claimed that he did not even know the meaning of political prisoner. Perhaps his most famous phrase which is still being used by some members of Green Movement today, was the world
“Meezaan ray e mardom ast”. Or peoples vote has the last word.

However we all witnessed what happened after he came to Iran. He started by smacking Dr Bakhtiar’s government in the mouth and from there he went on to kill and silence any one who dared to question him. Many of whom were his old allies who helped to bring him to power in the first place. This trend continued and increased until it height when during the mass murder of 1368 he ordered the cold blooded murder of over 35000 political prisoners.

Now, this is what scares today’s opposition groups from lining behind one figure or even giving a pledge of alliance to another person, in case they might create another Khomeini.

As we all know today no single political group however large and popular will be able to take on IRI all on its own, and over through in successfully. The only way out of this vicious circle for us is to unit around one single common PURPOSE (and not person).

But before that, the question that Mr Pahlavi and all these other groups need to address is that: “what is the difference between them and the previous generation”.

For example what is the difference between Reza Pahlavi and Khomeini and what guarantee we have that once in power he would not go back on his words just like Khomeini did. Similarly all the political groups from left to right and from nationalists to religious need to know what they have learned from the bitter experiences of 1979 and what is the difference between them and their counterparts at the time. They need to work out a way that they can form an alliance with other factions and while respecting each and every point of view be able to hold on to their own core values and principles or at least to the universal principals that is being held and demanded by the average protester in the streets of today’s Iran.

Once these questions are answered in a satisfactory manner and these issues are addressed the rest would be fairly easy and fall into place automatically.


The Phantom Of The Opera

Comparing rotten apples and rotten oranges

by The Phantom Of The Opera on

The main difference between RPII and, Khomeini is the fact that the latter had a "past history" with the nation.

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.


Another blog by a pseudo Monarchist pretending to be a Democrat.

by parchame3rang on


 Why is that all pseudo Monarchist start their sentence by saying " I am not a Monarchist,but........."

Go on my friend be true to your belief, say what you want.No one is going to judge you.... 

RP as the leader of Green Movement from Exile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahah..... Thank you for the joke Maryam Khanoom... it was very funny.I almost fell off my sofa.

I totally agree with Ramintork. Green movement does not need a leader and not certainly one from US who has spent most of his life under the  protection of CIA and MOSSAD. What we need is a truly democratic ,secular constitution whereby qualified and capable candidates can run and serve their term. Having said that, now if RP dares to go back to Iran and run for an eletion then he has every right to do so. But if I were a Monarchist I  wouldn't hold my breath for that day. The only way he has a chance of ruling Iran is if like his father a US backed military intervenion toppels this regime and he can get in Air Force 1 or 2 and land in Imam Khomeini Airport!!!!!!!!!!!! But Again I wouldn't hold my breath for that either. Iran is a different place today and Iranians are a lot smarter and politically more savy to fall for another charlatan......

Maryam Hojjat

RP is not backward, criminal Islamist Khomeini!

by Maryam Hojjat on

I am a secularist not a monarchist but I believe RP is very  sincere in what he says.  In addition, he has seen his father's faith.  However,I think he can be a good leader for Green Movement since a leader inside Iran can not be safe.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on


More fantasy land from the exile community. The next Khomeini. As if.

You know, for all the money and effort expended, as well as false rumor Tweets on Twitter, there is yet to be a YouTube video from Tehran uploaded of protesters putting up placards of RP.

Dream on, monarchists. Dream on. 


Anybody can become another Khamenei

by ramintork on

Anybody can become another Khamenei, Which is why we must get away from cult of personalities and build our democracy on proper pillars, develop the culture of democracy so that ultimately people become its guardians.

Machiavelli 500 years ago, commented on how in Iranian culture a new pretender to leadership has simply got to cut the head and replace it with his in order to rule the nation. We need to move from that. Even our traditional opposition groups still work on tribal hierarchic structures but perhaps with our new generation we can overcome such a weakness.

I am a secularist who prefers republics, but I too like what he says, so perhaps a unified opposition group working towards a common goal of over throwing the current regime and holding fair elections which includes changes to our limbo constitution is an acheivable dream.