1979 all over again?

What scares the opposition is that Reza might become another Khomeini


1979 all over again?
by Aryo Barzan

Although I am not a monarchist I have the utter respect for Reza Pahlavi and what he (claims to) stand for.

I must also mention that I have lot of respect for his father Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and although I do not agree with all his decisions I still think he was a true patriot and have done a lot for us to be grateful. However he also had many fatal mistakes that are always open to discussion and in the end history is the best judge.

Today I am looking at Mr Pahlavi and his words from a mutual point of view on one hand while under a burden of bitter historical experience on the other and I am uncertain.

Please let me explain. Any patriot Iranian who is in a right state of mind and wants democracy and secularism for Iran and has the least respect for the fact of pluralism and diversity of opinions and ideology in today’s Iran, would and should agree with most of what he says. And the fact is that most of us are theoretically in agreement with him, although even in theory, but there is an understandable scale reluctant to go along toward going along with it.

In here I will attempt to open the subject and let you know.


I believe we are all in agreement that most of the opposition groups who are currently fighting IRI love Iran and are willing to do anything it takes to change the situation towards a secular democracy and a better future for our people. Now apart from the minority who have a personal vendetta against Pahlavi Family and are not willing to cooperate, no matter what, I believe that for the rest of this people there is a factor of 1979 experience, and it scares them.

Please let me explain. As most of us can remember or at least have read. In 1979 we were all hearing similar words from one Mr Khomeini in Paris. He was also claiming that he and the clergy are not after power. He was saying that he is only a student (Talabe) who wants to go to Ghom and continue his research and study. He promised that all political groups would be free to go about heir activities in tomorrow’s Iran and claimed that he did not even know the meaning of political prisoner. Perhaps his most famous phrase which is still being used by some members of Green Movement today, was the world
“Meezaan ray e mardom ast”. Or peoples vote has the last word.

However we all witnessed what happened after he came to Iran. He started by smacking Dr Bakhtiar’s government in the mouth and from there he went on to kill and silence any one who dared to question him. Many of whom were his old allies who helped to bring him to power in the first place. This trend continued and increased until it height when during the mass murder of 1368 he ordered the cold blooded murder of over 35000 political prisoners.

Now, this is what scares today’s opposition groups from lining behind one figure or even giving a pledge of alliance to another person, in case they might create another Khomeini.

As we all know today no single political group however large and popular will be able to take on IRI all on its own, and over through in successfully. The only way out of this vicious circle for us is to unit around one single common PURPOSE (and not person).

But before that, the question that Mr Pahlavi and all these other groups need to address is that: “what is the difference between them and the previous generation”.

For example what is the difference between Reza Pahlavi and Khomeini and what guarantee we have that once in power he would not go back on his words just like Khomeini did. Similarly all the political groups from left to right and from nationalists to religious need to know what they have learned from the bitter experiences of 1979 and what is the difference between them and their counterparts at the time. They need to work out a way that they can form an alliance with other factions and while respecting each and every point of view be able to hold on to their own core values and principles or at least to the universal principals that is being held and demanded by the average protester in the streets of today’s Iran.

Once these questions are answered in a satisfactory manner and these issues are addressed the rest would be fairly easy and fall into place automatically.


Cyrus Persian

Pahlavi dynasty

by Cyrus Persian on

So can you Mr. Anti-Iranian.  You are very ignorant and don't know anything about the Iranian history.  Mohammad Reza Shah and his father, Reza Shah, brought Iran out of Stone Age into the jet age and nuclear technology.  Go Mr. Iranian "Jason" and keep busy reading Das Kapital!

Iraneh Azad

No to Monarchy

by Iraneh Azad on

or anyone associated with Monarcy. Its in the past like the mullahs will be in the past enshallah.


The Pahlavis can go to hell

by jasonrobardas on

    They had their chance and blew it big time .

     Monarchy is inherently out dated and anti democratic .  Now do not tell me look at Japan , UK or Thailand . Our people ( the Iranians ) are all "Khaye mal " and " Chaploos". This is the nature of Iranian people . They lack democratic culture .   Put someone in a small position of authority and everyone will bow to him in servitude . Soon that person will be filled with feelings of superiority and grandure . Thus a dictator is born .

     we need to get rid of positions and titles such as : "king" , Shah , Rahahbar , supreme leader and such .

     Reza pahlavi is already an offspring of a failed dictator . He has achieved nothing in life on his own . Everything was handed to him on a platter .  He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is still kicking it with our money that his family stole from the people of iran .

     Down with dictatorships of all forms  , Islamic or monarchic or .......

Cyrus Persian

Prince Reza

by Cyrus Persian on

I am tired of all these ex-radical ex-confederation naive older Iranians who used to campaign for overthrow of our monarchy and who caused all the problems that we have had since then.  Reza Pahlavi has as much legal power as Prince Edward has vis-à-vis England.  Our new monarch is Queen Farah who was named Empress of Iran in the 1973 coronation.  Respectfully speaking, idiots like Aryo Barzan (and I have never heard of such an authentic Persian name) campaign for a republic in Iran not realizing what lies ahead.  The same shortsightedness that caused the overthrow of Mohammad Reza Shah; older Iranians in late 1970s were saying, "Who do you have in mind to replace the Shah?  Communists? Fundamentalists?”  The radicals were shortsighted and naive and just wanted to get rid of Mohammad Reza Shah but had NO program and NO viable leadership to take its place.  What did we end up with?  Chaos, hangings, self-exiles, war, chemical weapons and brutality the likes of which we have not seen since Changis the Mongol.  Now, we have a Queen who is ethnic Turk and is loved by most Iranians (except the psycho lefties). She can unite Iran under a democratic constitutional monarchy like England, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Japan.  But these idiotic leftists, with their anger issues and very low self-esteem, now want a republic!  Just think back and see what happend in Yugoslavia.  All the ethnic groups ceded and war, bloodshed, and brutality followed.  Just explore the Internet and see how many secessionist groups are there who want to separate Azarbijan (birthplace of Prophet Zoroaster), Kurdistan (birthplace of Persian Medes), Sistan-Baluchiitan (seat of the oldest Zoroastrian "ebadat-gah”), and Khuzestan (the location in which ancient Persian city Susa or Shush is located).  These lefties need to get a life and stop wasting so much time propagating, most likely inadvertently, for the destruction of our Motherland. 


To Anonymous Observer

by DariusMazdak on

I believe that in order to bring individuals like "Sargord Pirouz" to support democracy in Iran, one should offer them incentives like: free electricity, free gaz, free healthcare, free lodging, free telecom, free chelokababs...The same things the great leader, the 13th Imam, promised them back in 1978.

However, I guess RP is too decent to talk like this to the Iranian nation.


Back to the basics

by MM on

Many of us who lived thru the 1978-1981 revolution remember the hollow promises of freedom, free this, free that, and then saw those dreams high-jacked by one fanatic faction I call the Islamists.  As I recall, the possession of the cassettes and the writings of Khomeini where he described his bloody Islamic utopia soon became illegal and punishable by prison and torture.

The arguments should go back to the basics instead of personal attacks and writing styles.  Ramin and others in this blog are correct.  Anyone can become a Khomeini style ruler in Iran if we concentrate on individuals rather than a unifying doctrine.  In my opinion, the argument should switch to what the opposition can do to insure progress towards a free Iran that underwrites personal/social freedoms as well as political freedoms within a secularist government.

Sargord is correct in his assertion that no signs, or I must add; slogans, for RP could be seen / heard in demonstrations.  But, that is because many of the demonstrators were born after 1979.  None of us know RP well.  We know of Mousavi and Karrubi too.  And, based on their writings, Mousavi and Karrubi want to reform the government but keep it an Islamic Republic.  Many of us have seen enough of this 30 year old Islamic Repulic experiment that has thrown Iran into the middle ages.  We need separation of religion and politics badly. 

So, let's go back to the basics and agree on a secular doctrine that can unite all factions.  Reza Pahlavi can help by trying to cement this doctrine which will also introduce him to the masses.  In another word, RP can be a unifying force and a secular leader of the green movement now, if he can envision a path towards a secularist government in Iran.  And, lead the current directionless movement to give the Mullahs a final kick out of there.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

can you provide your evidence of RP's connections to the CIA?  

Also, are you saying, with a straight face, that members of opposition groups are not going ti be harmed if they return to Iran?  Or is their punishment justified because they are ALL CIA agents? :-))

BTW, I think that you just proved my point that the IRI and its agents are engaged in a concerted effort to portray all members of opposition outside of Iran as "foreign agents".

PS/ your firs attempt was also good, calling them "exiles". :-)) 

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Well, I'm afraid there's too much past (and most likely present) CIA connections for that to be viable for old RP.

But hey: there's no imminent legislation being proposed in Iran to block any and all visas for Americans (including Iranian-Americans) entering into Iran. But there is for Iranians entering America.

Something to consider, Anon.

And yes, if you have any contacts with the CIA or any of the other of the 60 or so organizations listed by SAVAMA, better to stay out. 

Anonymous Observer

The issue is not Reza Pahlavi

by Anonymous Observer on

For the past 30 years, the regime has made a concerted effort to prevent another another leader from emerging to unify the various opposition groups inside and outside of the country.  They have been concentrating on this effort because they know that this may be the "winning formula", as they successfully used it in 1979.  After all, Khomeini and his mafia was an "exile" bunch, and Khomeini in particular was residing in an enemy country, Iraq.  So, for the past 30 years they have been infiltrating opposition groups outside of the country, have been spreading propaganda and have been sticking to their talking point memo that not just RP, but rather that ALL opposition groups and personalities outside of Iran are "out of touch" exiles (that's their newest propaganda word, and you see it all over this and other sites used by their operatives) who are "foreign agents" of "Zionists" and the "west" (as if Khomeini was not an enemy agent, given refuge in Iraq for decades).

If the IRI really wants to show that it's not afraid of these "foreign agents" then it should allow them all to return to Iran without arresting, torturing and executing them and allow people to voice their opinions as to whether or not they give these "exiles" any credit.  Otherwise, it should STFU with its propaganda.  But we all know that there's a better chance of hell freezing over than this happening. After all, if they do so, they will not be able to call them "exiles" anymore, can they?



There is an old saying in

by benross on

There is an old saying in advertisement industry that 'there is no such thing as bad publicity'.

So if I were in IRI shoes and its apologists, I would have taken a lesson from more mature lefty politicians abroad and wouldn't comment or re-act on anything that brings-up the name of RP.

This should work -if workable- because contrary to the myth dearly upheld by IRI apologists, the popular base of RP is inside Iran not abroad. So you the apologists, should be somewhat more efficient abroad, if you keep it quiet.

But on the subject matter, I don't think the role of Reza Pahlavi is to lead the monarchists. I don't think an organization representing the unity should represent any preference, only the process. The role of Reza Pahlavi is the role was given to him, via our history and our only legitimate constitution of Iran... independent from what individual citizens might have as preference for future secular democracy in Iran. That should be understood. It is not preferential. It's historical. Nothing personal. 


میرزاقشمشم To


I didn't know there are such forum rules stating that one has absolutely to write in Persian if he/she lives in Iran! I hate to say this, but this seems like a rather pathetic reaction that you had. By the way, for your information, I live in Iran too. Just learn to live with it ;-)


No excuse for "not in Farsi"

by میرزاقشمشم on

We are not interested in each others' life stories. Claiming to be an Iranian, living in Iran and, yet trying to reach Iranian abroad doesn't hold water. Your responses to the comments are way too fast for  the speed of internet in Iran. Your track record shows you were able to post some of your comments on the dates when Iran was virtually cut-off from the cyber world.  Your "HANDLER" should've done a better job.

We are done with each other. NO MORE CHALABI-PAHLAVI for Iran.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Nothing wrong with writing in english. My only complaint with IC is that when you use both farsi-script words with roman-script, it skews the entire body of the content to a right-to-left orientation. (I wish that could be fixed, JJ.)

I don't think anyone is saying RP and the other quacks should be silenced. If anything, they make good targets with which to discredit the entire Green movement. (Which, as a non-violent reform movement within the system, I am not necessarily advocating.)

Well, anyway, I look forward to seeing you all on YouTube this 22 Bahman, carrying your placards of RP down the streets of Tehran! That I'd like to see. -He He.

areyo barzan

Dear میرزاقشمشم

areyo barzan

The reason that I am writing my blog in English is that I was educated in Canada and it wasthere that I learned to type in English. since I moved back here, 10 years ago I have not picked up farsi typing. As I am a software developer and I saw no need for it.also I am ashamed to admitthat I was abit lazy about it too. However it also helps me to practice my English and keep up todate

areyo barzan

Dear parchame3rang

by areyo barzan on

I believe your record is broken and you need to change it. I do not need to prove anything to you. If you do not believe me and where I stand then that is your choice.  

And certainly you do not know the first thing about  your slogan of

 Democratic,Secular Constitution  This is just a hollow slogan and your attitude has proved it. You talk about democracy but do not take any one who is not in total agreement with you seriously and if someone else tries to open a door of negotiation to other parties and personalities all you can do is label and dismiss them.   Mmmmmmmmmmmm  

Well ? where have I witnessed such behaviour before . Oh yes! The IRI


On the other hand if people like RP, Rajavi, Taghvaa-ee, sazegara and others are not popular and important, then what are you afraid of why not letting them to speak and then questioning their position instead of  particularly excluding them or fighting anyone else who want to scrutinize their position.


Areyo: Here we go again "I am not a Monarchist,but....."

by parchame3rang on

Try to do better next time,dear.

I have a hard time believing you are in Iran. Maybe you live in planet PERSIA like the rest of the Monarchist.

Aziz Jan ; Think of the concept of a Democratic,Secular Constitution first. under that scenario even your beloved RP has a chance........



by DariusMazdak on

Aryo, you're asking too much to someone who likes beards and the ugly uniforms of IRI military/thugs. How can you even imagine that he will support RP or any other patriot like him? 


A dose of fairness for everyone

by rustgoo on

This blog has nothing to do with the idea of "monarchy"; it's all about the return of "the Pahlavis". And don't try to endear yourself by pretending you live inside Iran.

areyo barzan

Dear Sargord Pirouz

by areyo barzan on

I was 15 when it all happened and khoneinie's supporters did not even know what they wanted.

there was not organisation only one BBC world service and people religus eomstion to be evoaked.


and yes as far as I can see RP has alot of supporters inside Iran.

just because they are suppressed and have no platfor for their voice it does not mean they are not here however much you and I may wish otherwise.


now if you have given up your rights and accepted the teff of your vote that is your choice. but we are prepered to fight for our rights to the end


Darius Aziz, concentrate on the word "DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTION"

by parchame3rang on

People, get over perosns and personalities for gods sake... This mentality has brought us nothing but misery. 

Green Movement is a grass root movement and its demand has gone far beyond all the so called leaders you mentioned.


Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

I responded to the comparison itself. You say you're in Iran. How old were you in '79? Do you really think that RP has the support and organization inside Iran that Khomeini did back then?

Myself, you're right, I dismiss such a comparison. It's absurd. I move on. 

I will tell you this: I voted Green in the 2009 presidential election. But I respect the results and Dr. Ahmadinejad is the president of Iran. That said, I am not a protester.

Should reform efforts be successful, I'll aplaude. But I am not a subversive, and I certainly think that monarchism in the 21st century is little more than a joke.

So yeah, if you wish to take RP seriously, go right ahead. But I'm telling you, it's a big waste of time. 


Chalabists' outdated tactic

by میرزاقشمشم on

I am not a monarchist but, I am advocating RP. And by the way, I live in Iran; don't you see my purely Persian name in "penglish"? Don't you dare ask me why I am writing my blog in English.


Anonymous observer; don't compare apples with oranges dear.....

by parchame3rang on

The difference bet. RP and Khomeini is that  Khomini had a massive supporter inside  Iran at the time where as RP has all his supporter here in exile and they are  mostly over 50. These folks were of no use to his father when they were young and certainly can be of no use to him now that they are in their golden age.

In the history of modern time not even one Monarchy that was toppled was brought back to power. Another Dictator maybe ,but not another king. RP is very well aware of that and that is why he is wearing this democratic hat for now until god willing  CIA can give him a free flight back to Iran so he can switch that with the royal crown.

I wouldn't bet on a horse with a broken leg my friend...... 


Let's See If You Make Sense Serang!

by darius on

Let's see who have been promoted by the media inside and outside.

Mountazeri,Sanei,Khalaji, Soroush, Kadivar,Bazargan,Karoubi,

Mousavi, Khatami, Ganji, Khaljii.Tell me which one of these gentleman deserve to be cheered and serenaded?

Do these people really pass the background check?

My question is why Reza has to be excluded? Has he worked with IRI?

He should be given a chance  to represent his idea as much as the other guys.

without any prejudice because soon or late people  find out if he is sincere or just an attempt to get the thrown back.


Anonymous Observer

Sargord - don't change the subject

by Anonymous Observer on

you were not talking about "organization" and RP's effectiveness.  What you were saying was repeating the [very effective] IRI talking point of discrediting EVERYONE who is a member of the  opposition outside of Iran as nothing but out of touch "exiles" and "foreign agents".  But when one does an actual, unbiased comparison, one an see that the same labels could actually be attached to Khomeini and his gang, and that's something that you cannot defend.  So, you resort to changing the subject and talking about Chalabi and organization...etc. 

areyo barzan

Dear parchame3rang and Sargord Pirouz

by areyo barzan on

I can assure you that I am not a monarchist and I live inside Iran.

People like me who have achieved a certain maturity in their political views do not support a single person or advocate a particular type of democracy being monarchy or some type of republic.

For me democracy is first, and its title can be decided later by people’s vote

However I can not ignore the words and influences of leaders of different groups regardless mf my personal view towards them.

But instead of dismissing them right off without any question and analysis or accepting every word they say without using my own brain, which is just not my style. I prefer to question and challenge.

Furthermore I do not see the word as black or white.

I hear respect and agree with every wise word that any of these leaders say but I am not afraid to question them when necessary.

Now my recommendation to you is to respond to the message instead of shooting the messenger.

I chose RP because he is the most famous and vocal amongst the opposition outside Iran  and also as I see and here in Iran, most of people I have contact with prefer him and his words to other opposition leaders.

However as I said this question needs to be answered and not only by RP but also by all those protesters inside and out of Iran


What makes you different from the 1979 generation and stop you from creating another Khomeini.


If you have an answer to this question I would be pleased to here it  otherwise using sarcasm and belittling the questioner does not make look any wiser or make the question to go away

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Come on, Anon.

Khomeini had a HUGE organization inside Iran through the mosques. What has RP got inside Iran? Nothing.

RP as Khomeini? What you really mean is RP as a second Chalabi. But you know what? In such a comparison, you're actually selling Chalabi short. 

In any event, yes, let's all get a good chortle out'a this fantasy! 


Dear Aryobarzan

by statira on

Excellent article. What Iran needs is a true patriot who is willing to change the situation for a better future. Iran has so many resources and best of all  has the most intelligent people.We deserve better.


There is one fundamental

by benross on

There is one fundamental difference between now and 30 years ago. We, those who oppose IRI and not defend it, for the most part got rid of feudal mentality. We no longer ask a politician or a public figure "will you guarantee our freedom"? as a ra'iyat asking his arbaab. We now know that it is our own job, each and every individual, to take care of our own freedom.

What should we be asking now, is what is the roadmap? The specific, well defined platform with specific well defined objectives around which we come together and create an organization to move forward those objectives. We have to be free first -inside- to join or support such organization. The doubts may come mostly from those who are still looking for an arbaab to lead them and they don't know it. They don't know they are no longer ra'iyats.

Anonymous Observer

That's right "Sargord"

by Anonymous Observer on

Ha ha ha....very funny...it's all fantasy

because as we all know, Khomeini was not an "exile", did not spend decades outside of Iran, and his inner circle were not the "exile community", like Ghotbzadeh, Yazdi, Beheshti, Chamran....and the list goes on...they were all inside Iran :-))))

I  guess the joke's on us. :-))))