Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett on Iran

Interviewed on Charlie Rose



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by statira on

As General Petraeus said, Ahmaghinejad is their best recruiting officer. With him as a president, Israel has it's justification to attack Iran and is backed by the whole world. Iran needs an open, democratic, friendly and peaceful government to buy back the world's trust. Ahmaghinejad bullying policy and Leverret ideology to support this regime is putting Iran in a grave danger. 


Why Sanctions Could Work This Time

by vosough on

Iranian regime although may share some similarity with the regimes of other countries that were and are under sanctions by the West ala South Africa, Iraq, Cuba, N.Korea, and Libya. However they have one major difference with the countries sanctions did not and has not yet worked.  And that is they are not AS authoritarian and hard fisted as say Saddam Hussein was or Castros have been.  Both the political structure and the general attitude of people toward their government isn't as submissive as in Iraq and Cuba were avg folks suffered and rulers lived in their palaces.  

So again comparing Iran with Cuba or Iraq is wrong -- in fact it is wrong to even compare these set of sanctions with previous set of sanctions.   

Which is why this time a well orchestrated targeted sanction with the cooperation of Russians and Chinese will have a higher likelihood of pressuring the Iranian regime than previous unsuccessful sanctions.   


You got Leverret on one side and Israeli based policies on other

by Abarmard on

Take your pick.

if you agree that preemptive strike is the answer, hate Leverett as much as you like, otherwise know that there are not many "other" options. Think it this way, leave Iranian problems for Iran and agree that better relations with Iran will benefit the people and the country in the long run. Isolation won't work as I mentioned in Cuba example. Think careful and make a choice wisely, we should all want the best for Iran, and to see what's best, we got to know the choices available.

Here is the most recent article from anti Leverett base, or the common policy makers( In short it says let's bomb Iran)-If not sure what happens if war comes to Iranian door step, take a look at Iran's door step. It can happen to us too. Believe that Iranians are capable of deciding their own future without any foreign intervention. Shah was supported by the West, what happened? So it's not good relations that keeps the system, but empowering people that free a society, good relations does that.

How can one argue that with making Iranians suffer more and making the country poorer, the Iranian will make a better choice in the future? What's the logic?

How can one argue that if Iranians hate the system and are isolated are stronger than Iranians hate the system and are connected? What's the logic?

How can you name one country that such actions worked for the benefit of that country? name one. What's the logic?

How many countries can you name today that with more international companies entering their economy, and allowing a better currency circulation, have become more oppressed? how about vice versa? What's the logic? 

This simple fact seems to be out of the box thinking for some. Again, how do you explain Cuba? in return look at Vietnam and China, more Authoritarian than Iran. Isn't that right in front of our eyes and we go to Cuban policy? What's the logic?




by Free on

It "all made sense" to you? Even the part where they say repeatedly that a "majority" of Iranians support Khamenei/Ahmadinejad?

Sir/Madame, you're an enemy of the truth, and an even bigger enemy of freedom, and for that, you're a traitor to the cause of liberty and justice in Iran.

For all those who say that these two prostitutes make sense, why not for once try to see this as a fight against tyranny? Does a theocracy make sense in today's world, specially one as massively CORRUPT as this one? These two clowns promote the sustenance of a brutal, corrupt theocracy.

What part of this makes sense?

And don't give me your strategic global rationale, that the US should do this or that or the other, and why the US policy has failed in the past -- TODAY is a new day. In the aftermath of the fraudulent June elections, this regime has absolutely NO LEGITIMACY, not in Iran and not in the eyes of objective (and that's the key word here, objective) people around the world.

And this regime is NOT stronger today than it was in the past. In fact, it's teetering on the brink of destruction from WITHIN! That's the joke in all of this banter. This regime is rotten to its core. The insiders are eating themselves as we speak. The economy is in shambles, with 30% unemployment. This regime is WEAK and petrified of its own people and teetering on a rotten foundation.

None of what these two prostitutes say makes sense, unless of course, you're in the business of promoting the continuation of a rapist theocracy.


It all made sense to me

by reader1 on

I had no problem in making sense of what the two participants said in the debate. It is very rare to have a honest and informed debate coming from the other side of the atlantic. I was quite impressed how well informed both participants were of internal iranian politics. I wish the mullas could match it by  their understanding of american politics.



by Free on

Writes, "Levertt makes sense...Finally, what is the true problem with some Iranians? NIAC is an organization that we all should respect."

With friends (of freedom) like you, who needs enemies?




Dear Vosough

by Abarmard on

You are making it a good case. There are points such as the comparison of countries such as Iran and China. However different, we could also argue for similarities of situation given that every culture and geopolitical concerns are semi-unique.

Leverett is making a case about US policy and attitude towards Iran, saying that it should be based similar to US attitude and policy to those countries. They present an answer that has given positive responses historically. Simply said, they worked. United States has been in the same loop for the past thirty some years with Iran. Not only Iran has not gotten any weaker, one (leveretts) argue that Iran is now stronger than ever. What do you think West means when they speak about the Iranian "influence"? Military is another story. 

So the point here is that these guys are advising the US policymakers to consider a plan that can give answers within a time frame by using methods that has worked before.

What concerns many anti-leverett (and recently combined with anti-NIAC) is that these people believe that change must be formed by foreign forces working against the government of Iran. You want to know another group that are not Iranian but believe the same: Cuban Americans. They have also promoted the same policies for US towards Cuba for the past fifty years without any meaning or time frame...Some Iranian Americans suffer from the same symptoms that Cubans have for fifty years. What has happened to Cuba, a tiny uni-product island in southern Florida borders that could happen to Iran, a vast, rich, powerful country connected to the most vital areas in the region and world?

Levertt makes sense. If you had a company, would you follow a plan that had failed many times in many places or go for a plan that has given answer? 

Finally, what is the true problem with some Iranians? NIAC is an organization that we all should respect. Now if you don't, for lack of information, then at least be democratic and voice your concerns without name calling, blames and childish accusations.


To Leverett Supporter/Believers

by vosough on

Some of us like myself who are now criticizing the Leveretts or mainly Flynt Leverett used to agree with his viewpoints on Iraq.  Heck I used to even agree with the likes of Trita Parsi's views on dealing with Iran pre June 09 and although I still believe in the function of NIAC for the IA community but now I find myself in disagreement with both Parsi and Leveretts general position on sanctions.  Mainly because I think if in fact the Russians and Chinese are coming on board a smart sanction program mainly directed toward IRGC will have a better outcome for the geopolitics in that area but as well for the interest of freedom seeking Iranians inside Iran as these sanctions in light of the current problems regime is facing will surely weaken it to a point that even if it won't fall it will adhere to the needs of its citizens.   

As far as my problem with the Leveretts it is mainly with their 'so sure' viewpoint on the Green Movement which is either biased based on Hillary Leverett role with her firm consultancy firm or their ignorance of what is REALLY going on inside Iran.   

Let me give you an example when Hillary Clinton called Iran a military state given the role of IRGC in various aspects of the country the Leveretts made fun of her because in their short visit to Tehran they didn't see any tanks and soldiers in the street.  Now if you know a paramilitary org which isn't even the country's real Army force is having major stakes in the country's telecom, banking etc ... and you still spew out such ridiculous statement then you are either biased or stupid which in both case will make you to be a not a good source of information and analysis.

If you listen to them their analysis of  the GM and its futures is purely based on their continuous invalid and improper comparison with either the 1979 Iranian revolution or 1989 Tienanmen Square.  As if history will EXACTLY repeat itself!  


tabriz balasi and Dariush

by Free on

I hear your anguish, tabriz balasi, and agree with you about the revolting nature of the IRI, but at this time, you should take it easy vis-a-vis Dariush. If you REALLY hope to destroy the IRI, then we need to stop this petty bickering and join hands (that includes the monarchists and democratic republicans) to UNIFY for a greater cause, to save Iran from these rapists.

And I genuinely disagree with your statement, "Darius, you don't even support democracy in Iran."

Please stop this childish nonsense already! Darius can defend himself, but from all of his writings, Darius does not promote absolute monarchy, but a constitutional monarchy in the order of England and Japan, with the king as a ceremonial monarch, with power vested in the hands of the parliament.

I, too, see much good in this governmental format, simply because it promotes and celebrates our distinct Iranian culture. Your views about Islam and Allah should be respected and Darius' views on monarchy should be respected so that we can save Iran from the mullahs. Some people would disagree and denigrate you for your views about "standing in front of Allah one day," but we have to put our personal opinions aside as we fight a much BIGGER battle against the rapist regime in Tehran.

The IRI promotes and counts on our disunity, and many of these paid bloggers are here to promote this strategy of discord and disunity amongst the opposition, because they know full well from first-hand experience that any revolution in Iran will be helped in a HUGE way by the outside world, just as the 1979 revolution was helped in a major way by the outside world.

Darius Kadivar

tabriz_balasi well what is Very Relevant is Your ignorance ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

But I will forgive you on grounds of a Very Young Age like 70 % of the Iranian Population born after 1979 ...


So I do understand your urge to get saucy with me Bearnaise :





Trita Parsi's email to leverett-new

by saboohi on

See Trita's sweet email to Leveretts:

Hillary and Flynt - I remain in awe of your courage and integrity. Particularly as I see on a daily basis how many of the analysts in DC consistently put their careers ahead of their analysis. Instead of the analysis driving their conclusions, their careers drive their conclusions, and their conclusions drive their analysis.

You are truly a breath of uniquely fresh air in DC.

Hillary - your testimony is excellent, but it never reveals what actually happened to your sister in the WTC. I hope she is well.


Trita Parsi, PhD



And he still claims that he has nothing to do with them (in interview at Andishe TV)


shame of iran

by tabriz_balasi on

Dariush, Sargord, No Fear, shame on all three of you.  Sargord and No-fear, we all know by now that you support a rapist murderous regime called Islam Republic of iran, which is neither Islamic nor Republic.  you want evidance for this?!  where have you been.  Iran's current situation is the evidance.  there are plenty of evidance that they raped and killed young people in Iran, the evidance of that was the closing down of Kahrizak.  they closed it down as a show, to pretend that they took care of the problem.  but the problem is "bisavad" khamenie with no high lever religous degree, claiming to be the representative of Allah on earth.  One day two of you will stand in from of Allah and have to answer for your "sherk".  

Darius, you are a clown, i have little to say to you.  you don't even support democracy in Iran, you worship Shah's family and you post irrelavent youtube videos.  

Green movement will not stop untill we bring down this sham Government.  NO velayate faghih rule in IRAN.

be an act at all times in the name of Allah.Love Muhammad (SA)


drunken brawl

by Abarmard on

Talking without being specific about the parts that you disagree and why, is like drunken brawl. Some here believe that their virtual presence and their personal opinion (in regard to other people) matters.

Issue is larger than their belief, in political ideologies and policies, there are always room for debate. Understanding one another and reasoning is the only hope we have. Freedom of thought and speech should mean respecting those who don't agree with you.

I am interested to see the views of those who are willing to analyze this interview in a more detailed manner. 


anti Iranian are those who support this regime

by seannewyork on

those of you that think these 2 fools are correct are anti iranian, you have no clue what is going on inside iran or you are a regime loyalist.

 both of those make you anti iranian and to solve all the issues you talked about it is about toppling the regime by the people.  then we can expect respect.

did anyone sit down and say we should figure out what hilters strategic interest are and work with him? no.  time to topple teh regime and its loyalists.

Maryam Hojjat

These Couple are obviously paid by

by Maryam Hojjat on

IRI thugs.  There is a vast amount of unreasonable support for this criminal regime.

Darius Kadivar

Reform VS Restoration - Monarchy Vs Republic Unrelated ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Go tell Arash Rahmanipour & Mohammadreza Zamani executed as Mohareb Monarchists if It is unrelated :


Removing kings from history:



The Entire History of Islamic Republic is at crossroads today after 30 years of a disastrous record on ALL Accounts. Something that  even Your OWN ISLAMIC INTELLELIGENTSIA is questioning:

Sadegh Ziba Kalam on Reza shah contibutions:


Mostafa Tajzadeh:Former deputy Interior Minister's speech a month before June 2009 elections ( Arrested Since):


But which Fereidoune Farrokhzad Highlighted before these pseudo ANN TELLECTUALS only to be executed by YOUR Death Squads:

Fereydoun Farrokhzad - Irani Boodan :



Islamic Republic of Iran's TV Propaganda tries to rewrite history by claiming Iranian are Arabs, Arian is a myth created by Zionist:



HOLOCAUST A MYTH: Michelle Renouf on Iranian SAHAR TV

Iranian Diaspora Intelligentsia Unite Against Islamic Republic's Holocaust Revisionism by Darius KADIVAR

Banalization of history By DK 

The Entire Human History is about copying ideas ( Example the American Bill Of Rights and the French Republican Constitution copied the British Monarchies Bill Of Rights, The French Enlightment Philosophers studied and compared other systems and historical evolutions before developing their genuine and original ideas. Voltaire was a Constitutionalist Monarchists but his ideas shaped the French Republic's values as we see them today) except that those People/generation which leave a lasting impact are those nations who GOT IT RIGHT.

YOU IRI Thugs and Apologists did NOT invent Democracy and Even Less a Republic But WORST YOU EVEN MANAGED TO GET IT WRONG ALL TOGETHER FROM THE PREMISE !

Boro Bacheha You have No capacity Nor Credibility to debate in This league ... And Even LEss to Speak about Patriotism !




Let's assume that these two are fooling everyone

by Abarmard on

I believe the fact that most people don't like what they hear is because they don't hear this side of the equation at all. It's refreshing.

Here is the deal, let's assume that these two are making millions from the Islamic Republic against those who make millions from sanctions and wars against the Islamic Republic, right? The issue is that if this side is talking from their own interest, the other side must be talking from their own interest also. So this way we can compare apples with apples.

Now if everyone is thinking of their own interest, one of the commenter that have problems with what these guys are saying explain what it is that (from policy perspective) they are hearing from these guys is wrong? Specifically what part, so we all be on the same page. Focus here is what they suggest for US to grab a policy towards Iran, I want to hear which part is problematic for some and why.

Keep in mind that more than thirty years have passed and US policy has remained the same.

Sargord Pirouz

Darius, obviously I was

by Sargord Pirouz on

Darius, obviously I was referring to substance related to the topic of this thread.

All you've pretty much provided in your comment are links to various documentary works of others, unrelated to the discussion of views and advocacy presented by the Leveretts on the Charlie Rose show.

Talk about out of touch... 

No Fear

DK ...

by No Fear on

Great job of spamming this thread. This is so typical of your kind of arguements. Just spam the heck out of it.

Darius Kadivar

Sargord Pirouz Why Certainly ;0) You want Substance ?

by Darius Kadivar on

It's good to be the King ...


As for something of Substance to the discussion:


Blogs about Constitutional Monarchies/Restorations:

David Starkey's "Last Word" With Maryam Namazie about Iran and the Monarchy (More4 TV April 19th, 2006)

HISTORY FORUM: Nader Naderpour on Iran's Constitutional Revolution and European Rennaissance (1996)

HISTORY FORUM:The Monarchy with David Starkey (Cambridge University)

HISTORY FORUM: How Truly Democratic is The British Monarchy ?

HISTORY FORUM:Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War with David Starkey (4 parts)

HISTORY FORUM:Monarchy - Revolution -Republic -Restoration with David Starkey (6 Parts)

HISTORY FORUM: Monarchy - The Early Kings by David Starkey (6 Parts)

Blogs on the Theme of Restoration:

RESTORATION: Elected Monarchs of Malaysia

RESTORATION: The British Royal Family at Work (PBS : 7 Parts)

RESTORATION: Prince Charles, The Meddling Prince (5 Parts)

RESTORATION: Belgium King Baudouin takes Oath Amidst Republican Animosity (31st July ,1950)

RESTORATION: Greek Constitutional Monarchy Toppled by Military Coup (April 21st, 1967)

RESTORATION: King Simeon II of Bulgaria, The Republican Prince

Related Blogs on Ideas that have shaped democratic thought in the West and In Iran/Persia:

Republic vs Democracy: An American Outlook on the US Government

HISTORY FORUM: Mashallah Ajoudani on Intellectuals and the Revolution

HISTORY OF IDEAS:Socrates on Self-Confidence and Non Conformist Thought (BBC Documentary)

HISTORY OF IDEAS: Montaigne's Guide To Happiness,Wisdom and Self-Esteem (BBC Documentary)

HISTORY FORUM: The Age of Enlightment in France and Europe.

EMPIRE OF THE MIND: The Greeks - Crucible of Civilization narrated by Liam Neeson (PBS-1999)

HISTORY FORUM: Nader Naderpour on Iran's Constitutional Revolution and European Rennaissance (1996)

EMPIRE OF THE MIND: The Greeks - Crucible of Civilization narrated by Liam Neeson (PBS-1999)

HISTORY FORUM: Machiavelli's "The Prince" and the "Art" of Governing

GOOD READ: All You Need to Know About The Enlightment Philosophers

Sargord Pirouz

Darius, you're an

by Sargord Pirouz on

Darius, you're an interesting character, I'll grant you that. I've never seen such a "groupie" of a commenter. You seem to worship royals and celebrities, which is your business- a lot of idle middle aged and seniors engage in this kind of stuff. I guess it somehow gives their lives meaning.

But for a change, how about offering something substantive to the discussion? 

Darius Kadivar

Given some of our Fellow IRI Apologists here ... ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

I guess I should have said Foursome, Fivesome or even better ... An IRI Orgasm :


I've heard Having S&M Sex with one's Torturer is the Ultimate American Jew's sexual Fantasy ...

N'est ce Pas Hillary ?



Sargord Pirouz

Interesting how most of

by Sargord Pirouz on

Interesting how most of these negative comments don't address any of the substance of the Leveretts' discussion.

Just the fact that they are not anti-Iran makes them the object of scorn and ridicule by anti-Iran cheerleaders.

Watch the show. If you need further proof of what they say, read the following:



And by the way, the Leveretts were actually in Iran just a few weeks ago. 

But who am I kidding? The anti-Iran cheerleaders aren't interested in being informed. It's just blah blah blah from this crowd. 

No Fear

You guys are Retards ...

by No Fear on

When you fail to see further than your nose, you have officially become politically handicaped. let me elaborate so dimwit tomatoes like you could understand a bit better.

Essentially what they are saying is;

1- military options won't work.

2- Sanctions and containment won't work.

3- We need to engage Iran and start listening to their strategic needs. It will benefits America if we have Iran on our sides.

So, now tell me , whats wrong with their messege?

Do you even realize that its people like the Leveretts who are against the Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran lobby in Washigton? Just because they said Ahmadinejad won squarely and the green couldn't present any evidence, all of the sudden they became prostitutes? Didn't you hear them say Ahmadinejad term will be over in three years , but we need to engage Iran whether its reform or not?

Yes, go ahead genius. Start your campaign to shut these two voice down and by doing so, helping AIPAC and the Zion cause.

Afterall, Washington is awashed with people who are against sanctions and military actions against Iran and the Leveretts are just one too many.




by Iran_e_Azad on

With all due respect, but there were ample of evidences that Khamenie and A N cheated in the election, but do u really think anybody in IR would have the courage or can present any evidence against Khamenei and A N that they cheated in the election and get away with it! And stay alive!! Now, think about it, this is The IR not a regular government!

But, most importantly these two imbeciles are just two dumb asses that are just thinking and talking through their asses, especially Hillary whose ass seems to be a big ass like the size of her mouth is!


These are their email addresses if anyone likes to send their comments directly to them;

 flynt@raceforiran.com  hillary@raceforiran.com  

Payande Iran e Azad  without IR!!


Garbage talking

by statira on

I bet these two have never stepped foot in Iran and have no idea what's going on in the mind of people. Hillary says Shah was not reluctant to shoot and kill people but mullahs are! If shah had millions of paid goons like basijis and pasdarchi, if he had arrested , raped, tortured and executed the same way Mullahs are doing now and for the last 30 yrs, he still would've been on power.

I clearly remember during the Islamic Revolution, people had no fear to come to the streets because they did not have the fear to get arrested later on, and the chance of getting shot and killed was very remote. In our small city, despite of having protest on a daily basis, we did not have one single martyr!

 What these two baboons need is to spend some time in Evin or Kahrizak's solitary jails, and their heads should be submersed into some  poopy Islamic toilets 3 x a day.Maybe then they can think better.



by Free on

says that these two charlatan prostitutes are "very smart." No, actually, they have a heavily vested interest in energy concerns in Iran. You can not be "smart" and say that a "majority" of Iranians support the Ahmadinejad/Khamenei cabal.

No way, no how!

This is not smart, Abarmard. More than anything, this is strategic massaging of soft brain tissue, as in the masses, for the benefit of multi-national corporations, whose interests the CIA represents, first and foremost. And this guy, Leverette, was a former CIA agent. And as they say, once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent.

Truth is, the CIA doesn't necessarily represent the interests of USA or any president for that matter. The CIA represents Anglo/American global business interests, period. That's where the slimy Leverettes come into play.




by seannewyork on

these people have no idea what is going on in iran, tell them to come to my neighborhood and we will see that they are not seeing the real iran.

they are being kept by the supreme loser and seeing only what the loser wants them to see.

they didnt see millions of us in the sts yelling death to khamnei.


If US listens to these kind of voices

by Abarmard on

The United States will rule the region again. But these days is time for Sarah Palin and her kind to voice the Patriotic US policies that Obama is following.

Leveretts are very smart and sane unlike what US has been farming in politics these days.


Ask the Native Americans

by glent on

It is the DUTY of Muslim nations to build the same type of weapons that Shatan has rewarded the cowardly reprobate hypocrytes with. These rats will always commit heinous crimes and unjust perpetrations against ANYONE who cannot fight back. They are mentally deficient and possesed of a psychotic lack of remorse indicating that they will never cease untill they are utterly rendered incapable.