HOLOCAUST A MYTH: Michelle Renouf on Iranian SAHAR TV


HOLOCAUST A MYTH: Michelle Renouf on Iranian SAHAR TV
by Darius Kadivar

Neo Nazi Revisionist Australian Socialite Michelle Renouf presented as "Human Rights" activist debates with Norman Filkenstein about the Tehran Holocaust Conference on Sahar TV. The latter (although known for his staunch critics against Zionism) explains why he dissaproved of this conference and slams Michelle Renouf credentials in the process. in 2006 President Ahmaninejad sets up international conference in Tehran to establish the Truth on the Holocaust (by Robert TAIT (Guardian))

Note1: Iranian Diaspora Intelligentsia Unite Against Islamic Republic's Holocaust Revisionism By DK

Note2: Banalization of history By DK

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Alleged Nazi war criminal 'found in Hungary'

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Alleged Nazi war criminal 'found in Hungary' (cnn)


  • The Simon Wiesenthal Center says it tracked down Ladislaus Csizsik-Csatary
  • He allegedly participated in sending 15,700 Jews to Auschwitz in spring 1944
  • Facing deportation, he fled Canada in 1997
  • The center is urging Hungarian authorities to prosecute him


Darius Kadivar

Faramarz Jan well just make sure he arrives on time ;0))

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Cause there is already a Welcome Committee ready to Greet Your Presidenteh Mahboub warmly ... ;0) 



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DK Jaan

by Faramarz on



When the Russians or the Chinese march into Paris like the Germans did, Obama will come to the rescue and save France again!

Darius Kadivar

Obama angers Poles with 'death camp' remark

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Obama death camp slip riles Poles (bbc)


US President Barack Obama has caused an outcry in Poland after referring to a Nazi death camp as "Polish".

Darius Kadivar

Czech pride in Jan Kubis, killer of Reinhard Heydrich

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My friend the assassin (bbc)


The moment the hated Nazi Heydrich met his downfall


People in the Czech Republic are marking the seventieth anniversary of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, one of the most senior figures in Germany's Third Reich.

Heydrich - the overall head of security in Nazi Germany and a leading architect of the Final Solution - was killed by British-trained Czechoslovak parachutists in what was codenamed Operation Anthropoid, prompting terrible reprisals by Hitler.


Darius Kadivar

Hated surnames:The troubled descendants of Nazi war criminals

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Hated surnames (bbc) By Frances Cronin


The troubled descendants of Nazi war criminals


The names of Himmler, Goering, Goeth and Hoess still have the power to evoke the horrors of Nazi Germany, but what is it like to live with the legacy of those surnames, and is it ever possible to move on from the terrible crimes committed by your ancestors?


Darius Kadivar

Nazi medical experiment victims laid to rest in Vienna

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Belated burial (bbc)


The victims were mainly psychiatric patients and people with mental disabilities



It was a sombre ceremony - that came many years too late.

The remains of the last known victims of Nazi medical experiments in Vienna, a group of more than 60 people, have finally been buried at a ceremony in the city's central cemetery.

An urn containing specimens and body parts was laid to rest in a small grave, flanked by wreaths of flowers. A string quartet played music by Beethoven and Webern.

The victims were mostly psychiatric patients and people with mental disabilities from Vienna's "Am Steinhof" hospital, those whom the Nazis regarded as "unworthy" of life.

The oldest was 86, the youngest just four years old. Most were from Vienna, a few from Hamburg in Germany.

For years the specimens were kept in hospitals in Vienna. They included five brains in glass jars.


Darius Kadivar

Neo-Nazi murders: Germany holds minute's silence

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Merkel sorry for neo-Nazi outrage (bbc)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has described 10 neo-Nazi murders as a "disgrace for our country" and appealed to victims' families for forgiveness.

Nine men, most of them of Turkish origin, and a policewoman have died since 2000 but the neo-Nazi gang blamed for their deaths emerged only recently.

A ceremony took place in Berlin and a minute's silence was held across the country to remember the victims.

Mrs Merkel told victims' families at the ceremony that "we mourn with you".

She promised to do everything possible to prevent a repeat of the "cold-blooded" murders.

Before she spoke, candles were lit in memory of those killed by a gang based in the eastern city of Zwickau that called itself the National Socialist Underground (NSU).

Speaking in Berlin's concert hall, the chancellor named all the victims and gave details of their lives. "Ten burning candles, ten lives snuffed out," she said.

Shortly after the ceremony, at noon, a minute's silence was observed throughout Germany. Trains and buses came to a standstill and employers and unions urged people to halt their work.



by timothyfloyd on


anonymous fish

IRregardless of whether you are a

by anonymous fish on

monachist or IRI support or zionist or jew or american or just a plain human being... it is disgusting and shameful to even think of supporting such vile claims.

i know this is going to attract the bottom feeders spouting their usual anti-semitic crap about atrocities committed by this and that extremist group which of course has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ARTICLE.  it is about holocaust denial and nothing else.  but i seriously doubt anyone will stick to THAT fact and condemn such a travesty as such. 

or worse... it will attract no attention at all.

damet garm anyway.  it must be said loud and clear.  it will not be tolerated.