Iranian TV shows off 'captured US ScanEagle drone'

US denies any loss

BBC: Iranian state television has shown images of what it says is an unmanned US drone captured in its airspace. The Revolutionary Guards said they had brought down a ScanEagle - one of the smaller, less sophisticated drones employed by the Americans. Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi told the Fars news agency that the drone had conducted several reconnaissance flights over the Gulf in recent days. But the US Navy said none of its drones was missing in the Middle East >>>

US Denial:


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Well said faramarz,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

on is it possible they are exagerrating their progress, lol , ya think, the russians and chinese cannot prevent unlawful entrance of usa stealth drones into their aero space, yet when one lands in Iran, the IRI says they steered it down and have now replicated it, lol, iranians lie, naaaa


For Domestic Consumption

by Doorbin on

I.R. claims at technological progress is for the consumption of stupefied Iranians who support the regime and those foreign entities that benefit from its "lulu khorkhoreh" effect. 

If Islamic Iran had produced any useful military technology, we would have witnessed a much different outcome in the recent Gaza rocket show. Fajr-5 my felaan. 

So, the message to Qom & Co. should be: khar khodeti ... Chekheh!  



I am confused

by iamfine on

On one hand Faramarz is saying the IRI didn’t progress in technology an inch. Yet I am reading from several reliable sources that Iran is progressing aggressively in several fields of science. Is it possible that Iran exaggerating greatly or it is for real and progress has been made by the IRI. Can someone clear the air – thanks


بوزینه گان و کرم شب تاب!




Just like a group of baboons in the jungle jumping up and down trying to figure out why a small radio is making a noise, these Neanderthals are at awe of this thing that they are looking at!

After 34 years, they still haven't figured out how to make F-4 spare parts and they smuggle them illegally. It will take them decades to figure out what to do with this toy drone!


If US hangs around a

by mohsenrahimi on

If US hangs around a little longer, Iran can get everything she needs for free.