Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett on Iran

Interviewed on Charlie Rose



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All about Israel

by Rastgoo on

1.  The Leveretts are Jewish-Americans and as such the "security and well being" of Israel comes first before any other concern.

2.  It is a given that a Democratic Iran would have the well being of its own population in mind and as such will not support the anti-Israeli forces in the region.  What is an impossibility is for the current regime in Iran to withdraw its support for the militants.  The only way that would happen is if US and Iran have amiable relations.  As such the Leveretts are picking the "win-win" scenario: support dialogue with the current regime just in case the reformists cannot win.

3.  The assertion that Ahmadinejad did not cheat may very well be true.  There is no hard proof that there was cheating.  Only circumstantial evidence.  But what they are not telling you (and Charlie Rose is too much of a sheepish American reporter to know) is that close to 80% voted for Khatami in 2001.  That percentage would still be there provided that the reformists did go to the polls.  My guess is that they did not go to the polls, Ahmadinejad really did win, but then the reformists came out in protest (Stereotypical "Johnny come lately" behavior of Iranians).

Lastly, I could not help but notice the form of an Iranian flag on her scarf.  Did any one else notice that?  I think it was deliberate.  These people are very determined.  I think we should learn determination, unity and cohesiveness from the Jewish-Americans.   



by vosough on

If you were the CEO of a consulting company with a name Strategic Energy and Global Analysis (STRATEGA) wouldn't you also advocate a favorable position in dealing with the militaristic theocratic regime that has been sent by god? 

That said I must say if these two opportunistic folks are subject matter experts or supposed Iran analysts then if the administration and the Congress are relying on their biased opinions then Americans are really screwed.   

After all how can someone who has no access to classified material has no scholarly background studying Iran and the ability to speak Farsi can be considered as an expert on Iran!


good for US / Israel foreign policy - forget Iranians

by MM on

After watching the video and thinking about their writings, now I understand where the Leverretts are going with their arguments.

The Leverretts really do not care what type of government IRI is running in Iran and do not give a hoot about Iranians and how they are treated.  Their thinking is strategic for the sake of Israel and US foreign policies similar to China-US or Israel-Egypt peace deals (see below).  Meanwhile, they take the smallest hints of normality and take advantage in their arguments.  For example, election fraud and the level of the opposition. 

The Leverretts think that a lot of anti-holocaust, anti-US rhetoric of AN is for Muslim consumption and deep down, AN/VF want a deal.  While not agreeing with their thinking, for the sake of all Iranian suffering, I believe that they are arguing that similarly, Sadat was also anti-Israel and anti-US, but with the right type of negotiations, Egypt was persuaded to accept Israel and make peace with US and Israel.  There is peace between US-China and Israel-Egypt, but is there democracy is China or Egypt???  I rest me case. 


makes sense of course.....

by shushtari on

sarjoukhe along with these loonies must be on the mullahs' payroll.....


I love Charlie Rose interviews, he is a man of class

by Bavafa on

And this interview was of good alternative view to Iran from the US perspective.

Not that agree with all that they said, yet some of it was more of a realistic approach to the situation in Iran from the US perspective.



to sargord shekastkhordeh not pirouz !!!

by tabriz_balasi on

you are the only person or one of the few that would find the opinions of these two clownes plausible.  khamenie put himself out there only because he knows that the IR is in danger! I don't support revolution in Iran but people like Ahamdinejad will have no place in the future of Iran.  my biggest problem with IR is not that it is curropt, dumb, and it does not give freedom to Iranians, my problem with IR is that it killed Islam in Iran.  Iranians hate Islam because they see IR as the face of Islam.  a "bisavad" person like KHamenie can not be the representative of Allah on earth, he is a little person that lacks clear vision on all fronts.  IR is destroying my country and my religion and my people.  I hate IR and I will do any thing to harm this pothetic form of government. 

be an act at all times in the name of Allah.


What opportunistic VERMIN...

by Free on

These two despicable rodents are the greatest enemies of Iran today, outside of Ahmadinejad's cabal. I hope Karma takes care of these two prostitutes who have sold their souls to the Devil. There is so much wrong with what they said here that it would be a waste of time to fully write up my protestations.

Needless to say, they had a creampuff in Charlie Rose, who's either too nice or a pushover and not very well-versed in this area as to be able to rip these two charlatans a few new holes in their rears.

These two snakes/rodents are revolting to watch. I hope they burn and suffer endlessly and eternally in HELL, because that's where they're headed. 

What lying, opportunistic monsters!


Fred, I have to agree with

by vildemose on

Fred, I have to agree with you. Though I think this "dynamic duo" is a double agent of some sort for the CIA.


Marandi connected

by Fred on

IRR's decaying carcass has alerted vultures to have their fill before it is too late. This duo has been guests of Marandies in Tehran. Marandi the father is Head Rapist Khameni’s gofer and his son and his center in Tehran University a place for this sort of intellectual whitewashing charlatanism.

Sargord Pirouz

Highly recommended. 

by Sargord Pirouz on

Highly recommended.