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The Egyptians have always been ahead of us, the Children of Cyrus the Great or something..............They snubbed us when the first Pahlavi took their beautiful princess for His son, and now they can snub us even more for the sentence that their very own judicial system (not the one in the Hague) has handed down to their ex-president, Mubarak.........a life lashing, no ropes and cranes.....and guess what? he has the right to appeal.......Kudos to our brothers and sisters in Cairo............


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Shazde Asdola Mirza

I take my Kudos back, from the blood thirsty Egypt islamists ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

... //

Dear Darius: I'm not a man of long debates, but can offer this brief.

1. Reza vs. Kamal: the 1st was an ignorant brutal SoB, with no regard for human life and rights, who only hid his true intentions, until his intelligent entourage rebuilt Iran (early 1930's). Then the monster came out, killed and tortured everyone, and ruined Iran in collaboration with the Nazi.

The 2nd was a smart educated officer, who loved his country and built a legacy and system, which still goes on after almost 100 years.

2. Mam Reza vs. Jamal: the 1st was an idiotic megalomanic with an array of psychotic and sexual issues, who barely survived as an American puppet, from 1953 to 1973 ... then upon Nixon's fall, showed his true weakness and sheer stupidity ... leading to the 1979 collapse.

2nd was again an intelligent and dedicated officer, bent on reviving Egypt into a secular democray; whose handiwork still stands, despite 60 years of Left and Right pressures.

3. Ayatofla vs Recep: too easy to even discuss.

Bottom line: Our elite have consistently underperformed, but idiotically been in love with their own grandeur and lies.

Darius Kadivar

Shazde Asdola Mirza Jan you must be kidding ...2

by Darius Kadivar on

OK Here ... 


Reza Shah vs. Kamal Ataturk: Both Dictators One of a Secular Republic the other of a Secular Monarchy Yet Modernizers who mutually respected eachother:

Turkey Honors Founders of Modern Turkey and Iran during Shah’s Official visit (1975)



Even to this day:


HONORING REZA SHAH's GRANDSON: Candlelight Vigil For Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi in Izmir Turkey



Mohammad Reza vs. Jamal Abdul Nasser: Both Patriots and both Dictators (Except the First inherited one yet reigned and did not rule for more than 12 years as a Fully Constitutional Monarch and for the longest period compared to any of his predecessors including the former Qajar Dynasty, the other toppled a fully constitutional Monarchy but which merely served British interests only to replace it by a Pan Arab Republic which served Russian Interests )




Major Difference: Nasser was a Soviet Lapdog who allied with some of the worst and totalitarian regimes of his time ( Krutchev's Soviet Union, Gaddafi's Libya, Assad's Syria, Saddam's Iraq) and wanted to wage a STUBBORN war with the entire Free world in the name of neo anti colonialism which ultimately intensified another STUBBORN war with a nation born on the rubbles of WW 2:


STUBBORN WALLS: Ben Gurion, Hussein, Nasser interviews on ME Peace Process


The Other was supported by successive American and European Governments ( all of whom were representing fully democratic nations) and developed his nation from the rubbles and sent his people to the study abroad only to come back as namak nashnas revolutionaries:


Revolutionaries hang Reza Shah's Bust at Paris Embassy (1979)



Most of whom like our ex comrad turned First Amendment ( including your own Mossadeghi Friends) saw Left Wing Totalitarian States as a Role Model:


pictory: Yazdi, Castro and Pretty Interpreter (1978)


pictory: Shah of Iran's State Visit to Finland Amidst Student Protests (1970)





Merely because they totally misunderstood the entire concept of Parliamentary democracy:



THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?



Isn't Calling for the Head of State's Death usually called "Treason"?



This is all the more striking that the Shah was anything BUT a Puppet King which he was unfairly accused of:


pictory: (SURPRISE) Shah and Sadat Pro Palestine Statement (1975)


and who ultimately was the unsung architect of the Camp David Accords:


MAN OF HONOR: Egypt's Anwar El Sadat Say's Shah Welcome in his country (1980)


And developed a policy of Cooperation with EQUALLY it's Arab Neighbours :

AXIS OF COOPERATION: Egypt, Jordan and Iran working with US in 1950s

As well as with it's threatening neighbour the USSR and China:


Diplomatic History: Russian Roulette "Iran-Soviet Peace and Cooperation Pact" 1972 


Diplomatic History: Farah in Communist China (1970's) 




As well as with the West and Israel ...


ROYAL & PRESIDENTIAL GALLANTRY: Nixon, Shah, Fatemeh, and Pat at State Dinner (1958)


How Nixon Courted The Shah




Shah to Nixon on "Revolutions" vs "Evolutions" in Middle East (1969)



Khomeini vs. Recep Erdogan:
Wrong Parrallel ...

One is the founder of your Republic which you still endorse ( since you endorse the revolution which brought it about ...but like all Jomhurykhahs dishonestly claim that it was highjacked by the Mullahs ... ):


Constitutionalist's Rebuttal of Republican Assessment that Revolution was "Highjacked"


Sorry No one highjacked your slogans: "Marg Bar Shah" ... Not even the Founder of your Republic who was very clear about it from Day One: 


KhomeiniNo Monarchy Even If Constitutional |


The other is merely the Prime Minister of a Secular Republic which continues to Bomb some of our very own minorities with the full endorsement of your Republic's President:


Turkey bombs Kurdish rebels in Iraq | World news | The Guardi


But has the hypocrisy to criticize Israel when it does the same ...


BBC News - Turkey expels Israeli ambassador over Gaza flotilla row






But maybe the reason the Turks are Democratic today it's because they Respect themselves as a Nation even their past:



THE LAST OTTOMAN: Neslisah Sultan Dies at 91


And the Egyptians until further notice respect their former monarchs:



Ahmed Fouad IIEgypt's Lonely King Without a Throne - Where as we still seek Revenge on our Royals to this day due to Pathological hatred ... A Family Affair by DK

THAT's The difference between Nations whose intelligentsia accepts personal ACCOUNTABILITY for their own Misjudgments and Nations whose Intelligentsia benefited from the Era they continue to spit on:

Ebrahim Golestan: "The Shah's Coronation Made Me Wanna Vomit" (BBC)


Constitutionalist's Critics of Shamlou's deemed 'Insults' towards Ferdowsi's Shahnameh


Shadi Sadre's Rebuttal of Massoud Behnoud's Endorsement of IRI Constitution


But are praised by including our Diaspora : As the Crème de La Crème of our Intellectual Community ...


All this to say it is not because one advocate REPUBLICANISM that one is more of a DEMOCRAT OR LEGITIMATE than one who advocates a Constitutional Monarchy :


RESTORATION: Shapour Bakhtiar advocates Restoring the Monarchy


ROYAL FORUM: Explaining the Concept of a Constitutional Monarchy to a Staunch Republican 


History Matters so no need to distort it with innaccurate parrallels as our comrad is doing here ... 


In otherwords as the French would say : "Vous n'avez pas le monopole du coeur" merely because you equate "Populism" with "Democracy" 


FED UP WITH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Ahmadinejad is NOT my Prime Minister !





Un Unapologetic Constitutional Monarchist

Paris, FRANCE 



Shazde Asdola Mirza

Darius dear: no, I'm serious. Just compare Reza Shah and ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Reza Shah vs. Kamal Ataturk

Mohammad Reza vs. Jamal Abdul Nasser

Khomeini vs. Recep Erdogan

Darius Kadivar

Shazde Asdola Mirza Jan you must be kidding ...

by Darius Kadivar on


good blog.

by mousa67 on

thank you mr thought.


Kudos Al-Caro!

by Demo on


PS: The same 'sane world' that took over Iraq & Afghanistan by force learnt the hard way how to the 'tame' the world by this type of 'operas for all' prosecutions! 


They certianly deserve our kudos ...

by Bavafa on

For not being blood thirsty, or barbaric.

Just wondering how, we Iranians would behave, when our turns come and Khomenie and his clan are brought up to the court of justice.  Would we still constrain ourselves to

1- give them a just and fair trial

2- have enough sanity not to seek the first tree or crane to hang em high.

Capital punishement is only a State sponsored murder.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Kudos to our cousins in Cairo

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Egyptians and even the Turks have always been miles ahead of Iran, culturally and politically. Except that we have, for too long, had our heads up own behinds, to notice.

That, and they don't have oil.

Darius Kadivar

Rastee Comrad Jan Salameh ma Roh Beresoon ...

by Darius Kadivar on