Khomeini: No Monarchy

Shah's departure not enough; constitutional monarchy must go, he says

News footage includes reports of crumbling economy shortly before the fall of the monarchy in 1979:


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Well said Shemirani. The IR traitors will continue to mismanage

by AlexInFlorida on

but their time is up and they know it.And their helpers ar going nowhere fast too.


100 rahmat be Shah ! ina kian dige !

by Shemirani on

Shame to their followers ....This Mouvement (1979) wasn't democratic not even 10 minutes !!!!! After 32 years they come to us with a nice suit & tie (Milani, Ghanji,Sazgara,Makhbalbaf.....) pretending this was a mouvement for freedom and human rights hijicked by mollahs ???!!! bunch of liars. Don't even try to teach us what democracy is !! You had to catch up from a huge delay, welcome back from inquisition period you just reached our 1978's level and  you need some more work to reach 21 century,so please keep your advices ! Thanks for the gift to our nation,bareye 7 poshtemoon bas ast !

What goes around comes around !


Besharaf Yazdi (vatanfroush)

by iamfine on

He was the cause of putting to death of so many innocent generals and intellectuals working for the government. He is the cause of all problems that we are facing now.


How ironic

by mahmoudg on

that the junior muderor, Ibrahim Yazdi, himself now rotting in the jail of the notorious Islamic Rapist Cultist, he helped bring to power.  Mr. Yazdi, you deserve to end up where you did.  let this be a lesson to those who helped bring the demon to power.