Revolutionaries hang Reza Shah's Bust at Paris Embassy (1979)


Revolutionaries hang Reza Shah's Bust at Paris Embassy  (1979)
by Darius Kadivar

Photo from the Chicago Tribune Archives shows Iranian Students occupying the Iranian Embassy in Paris and hanging the Bust of Reza Shah from the windows and replacing it with Khomeiny’s Portrait.



PARIS Jan 23rd (AP)  IRANIAN EMBASSY OCCUPIED – Iranian students hang a bust of Reza Shah the Great, Founder of the Pahlavi Dynasty and display a portrait of Moslem opposition leader Ayatollah Khomeiny from the window of the Iranian embassy in Paris Tuesday after a group of about 50 of them occupied the embassy. There was no violence and police did not immediately intervene. ( WIREPHOTO - 1979)



Shah's last Speech to the nation:

The Shah of Iran's last Televised speech to the nation amidst the revolutionary turmoil in Iran, calls upon the nation and patriots to think about Iran and vows to respect the Constitution.

Khomeiny refuses the idea of a Constitutional Monarchy:

Asked about whether or Not he would compromise with the Shah as merely a Constitutional Monarch, Ayatollah Khomeiny firmly refuses any such scenario ( notice Ebrahim Yazdi serves as translator,and Hojjatol Eslam Khalkhali is also present)

ITV’s Peter Snow ( who hadalso interviewed the Shah in Britain years earlier) interview Khomeiny at Neuphle Château :

Ayatollah Khomeini isinterviewed about his opposition to the Shah of Iran and what this means forwestern interests.. Beside Khomeiny one can see Sadegh Gobtzadeh ( later executed by him serves as translator) and Ebrahim Yazdi both of whom became ministers in the provisionary government of Mehdi Bazargan.


Khomeini Interview in Paris 1978 :

Video of Khomeini in a rarely seen interview adressing students and Iranian youth while in exile in Paris (Autumn 1978) about Islamic goverment and how it will be the best choice for people and how Islamic laws offer the best rights for them.

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