ROYAL MARTYR: Prince Shahriar Shafiq Remembered

ROYAL MARTYR: Prince Shahriar Shafiq Remembered
by Darius Kadivar

Shahryar Shafiq was an Imperial Iranian Navy Captain, and the only member of the Pahlavi Dynasty who chose a military career. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution in February 1979, he was the only member of Dynasty to stay inside Iran and keep fighting against the Islamic revolutionaries, up to the point when he had to flee in a small boat from the Persian Gulf to Kuwait, under heavy fire.

In 1967, he married Maryam Eghbal, daughter of Manouchehr Eghbal, who was earlier married to one of his uncles, a half-brother of the Shah. They had two sons: HH Prince Nader Shafiq (born 15 March 1968) and HH Prince Dara Shafiq (born 1970).

After exile, he joined his family in Paris, France and began organizing a resistance movement inside Iran. He was assassinated in Paris on December 7, 1979, being shot twice in the head on the Rue Pergolese[

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Darius Kadivar

Egypt Presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafiq unrepentant about past

by Darius Kadivar on

Ahmed Shafiq unrepentant about past | World news |


Ahmed Shafiq promised voters that he would restore security and stability to Egypt 15 months after the overthrow of his last boss, Hosni Mubarak.

Shafiq, like the ex-president, was a fighter pilot in wars with Israel and commanded the Egyptian air force before entering politics. He enjoys the cachet of being a former general in a society where the military remain powerful players. Critics describe him pejoratively as a fuloul(remnant) of the old regime.


Darius Kadivar

shushtari jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Indeed I have also heard about his brave and uncorruptable soul.

A True Gentleman. I believe he also commanded the Takavaran commados when Iran annexed the three Islands of the Persian Gulf Abu Mussa Tomb and the other one I forgot the exact name.

He was a soldier to the very end !



may god bless his brave soul....

by shushtari on

Darius jaan, thank you for paying homage to a great man.


my father knew shahriar very well, when they worked in kharg island in the late 60's and early 70's.....EVERYONE who ever worked with him or knew him has nothing but praise and admiration for this great man.


he was a very humble, down-to-earth man- even though he was from a royal family.....he lived among the poor of the south, and always went out of his way to help them- by building schools, food stores, etc.


the goddamn mullahs knew that he was a deadly threat to their criminal regime....and that's why he was targeted....


as far as I'm concerned the stinkin french were on it as is that shahriar, dr bakhtiar, timsar oveissi, and dozens of other great patriots were murdered in cold blood????? on the streets of paris


I wish I was there as their bodyguard, and I would have taken care of the gutless bache akhoond that would try to sneak up from behind!


god bless his soul.....I know for a fact that he is watching us from heaven!!! 


A true hero

by ThePope on

God bless Him and All the Soldiers of the Imperial Iranian Army...


They were executed and replaced with these thugs; //


f*#! the evil islamic republic, its rulers & stupid $upporters.




Yadash gerami bad

by MRX1 on

A great patriot and a true gentelman. he shall always be in our heart.


God bless them all -F 

by Fatollah on

God bless them all



And god bless General Saied Mehdiyoun

by mahmoudg on

Ace F4 Pilot, who was murdered by the Islamic thugs in the Nojeh Coup.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

God Bless ...

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

General Rahimi

General Badrie

General Rabie

General Djahanbani

General Khosrowdad

and the rest of members of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces.


A very decent courtier

by پندارنیک on

آن زنده یاد از خلق و خوی درویش مسلکانه‌ای برخوردار بود که وی را
در میان درباریان بعضاً متفرعن,  مشخص و ممتاز می‌گردانید. یادش گرامی باد.