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Photo essay: Seeing the evil that man is capable of committing

by Cost-of-Progress
"Work Sets You Free"... that is what the sign says (in German) that greeted hundreds of thousands of people who passed through the gate at Auschwitz from 1940 to 1945. I had an opportunity to personally visit this sobering site earlier this year. In my opinion, everyone should visit these two sites, Auschwitz-Birkenau, to see first hand the evil that man is capable of committing. It is irrelevant who suffered there. What's relevant is that we humans hold ourselves so high with respect to other species with our religions and supposedly superior intellects, yet we are capable of doing the appalling things that happened here >>> more

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First Amendment


by First Amendment on

I waited long enough for the mournful public to leave, so that I could visit and pay my deepest respect in private........As I'm leaving this bitter reminder of (mostly) European savagery and systematic inhumanity, I'm desperately trying to find a simple answer for a simple question: WHY?...........I only hope it will never happen again... 


آقا فتح الله


من خودم داماد خانواده قاجار بودم و در دربار وزیر الوزرابودم!! چقدر به عباس میرزا گفتم گول آخوندها را نخور و با روسیه وارد جنگ نشو!! آخرش چی شد؟ رگ من را در حمام زدنند!! بعدأ همین کار با امیرکبیر که مثل پسرخودم بود کردنند!!
شاید اگر خاندان قاجار به نصیحتهای من و امیر کبیر گوش میدادند عاقبتی بهتر داشتند!! بالاخره بردارهای عیال و دائی بچه ها بودنند!!

I wear an Omega watch

iraj khan

Hear It From

by iraj khan on

the mouth of a Holocaust survivor.

He calls it Holocaust Industry.

"The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering is a 2000 book by Norman G. Finkelstein that argues that the American Jewish establishment exploits the memory of the Nazi Holocaust for political and financial gain, as well as to further the interests of Israel.[1] According to Finkelstein, this "Holocaust industry" has corrupted Jewish culture and the authentic memory of the Holocaust.

The book was a bestseller in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, and has been translated into 16 languages.[2]"


Yes, it has turned into a very profitable industry, collecting billions of dollars from European governments and the United States.

Holocaust industry lets the Rapist Racist Zionist regime of Israel to occupy and confiscate other peoples' land by terrorizing the population. Israel stands as the most successful terrorist government in the world, thanks to Holocaust Industry.


There will be a Tour of IRI's Auschwitz/Evin Soon

by IranFirst on

Soon, there will be similar exibits of the crimes that the Arab occupiers of Iran (IRI) has comitted for over 30 years. All the political prisoners that were tortured , raped and executed by the Muslim savages will be on exibit for All iranians and the world to see. There will be no Islamic republic of any kind and color in Iran, once every person sees for hiself what their Arab Islam has done in these prisons.

All the toture chabers of Evin will be open, with pictures of the Basiji and Pasdar animals who participated in torture and killings of the best of Iran.and picture of the Iranains that they killed. The exibits will be for all victims of IRI and Islam in Iran.  Picture of people who were stoned, or their limbs were cut off, or executed for being against the Arab Allah will be on the walls. The story of the brave iranain women that these Iranian Haters (but Palestinian/Arab/Hezbolah lovers) raped before executions, will be told in detail

Cost-of-Progress, thank you for the pictures. These are the sceens that IRI and Islamists deny.



by Fatollah on


 گرفتاری و ازعجایب خلقت، کسی حق ابراز نظر نداشته باشه؟
آن یکی از بیضه آقا محمد خان و ربط آن به هالکاست و این یکی دم از خیانت،
برای درک مطلب، اَبله عینک بگذار و دوباره مطالعه کن...


ممنون خیلی جالب


ممنون خیلی جالب هستند. هنوز حس وحشت و خوف رو به آدم منتقل میکنه. و اینکه چقدر آدم دیوانه دردنیا بوده و هست و خواهد بود.


هیچ ربطی به ایران ندارد


مسئله فلسطین همانقدر به ایران و ایرانی مربوط میشود که جنایت آلمان نازی و کشتار دسته جمعی یهودیان در ۷۰ سال پیش!!!!
سوال این است!!

اگر یک فرد ایرانی در بلاگی که موضوع آن به ایران و ایرانی هیچ ربطی ندارد نظر خود را ابراز کند و در نظر خود از موضوعی صحبت کند که آن هم هیچ ربطی به ایران امروز(نه ۷۰ سال پیش) ندارد! این ایرانی دارد کدام وطن را میفروشد؟ وطن اسرائیلها؟ یا فلسطین؟

به ایران که به هر جهت مربوط نمیباشد!!!!

I wear an Omega watch

iraj khan

So they say:

by iraj khan on

"Why should I give a damn about the plight of Palestinians?"

I answer you:

Why should I give a damn about people who died 70 years ago at the hand of a racist regime in Germany?

The reactionary Ghajar shahs killed hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Iranians!

Agha Mohammad Khan Ghajar made mounds out of heads of his opponents and bragged about it.

Russians lost close to 20 million people during the WWII. What makes the jews so special?

Look at what the representatives of jews, Israel is doing in the Middle East, terrorizing, assassinating, invading, bombing,... 

Look at what they doing to Iran, pushing the sole super power of the world, my government mind you, to go and Annihilate Iran.

Open any jewish newspaper and read about it.

Enough 'naneh man gharibam bazi'.



by yolanda on

AN should pay a visit to Auschwitz!

Thank you for the sobering photo essay!


«برای کسی بمیر که برات تَب کنه»


As for Iranians living inside Iran, life is tough enough and the conditions imposed upon them are miserable. The majority of Iranians either now or 30 years ago, do not care about the Palastine/Israel conflict, for what?  A piece of crap territory ...

As for the Holocaust, it did happen and it was horrible, looking at these pictures one can only imagine the horror in the faces and the fear felt in their hearts, men, women, childeren and elderly. but, it happned 70 years ago commited by none Iranians. What seems evident is another Holocaust in making, only this time Iranians seems to be next! Now, I am not sure what is most despicable, sit and witness another Holocaust or to exploit a tragedy which happened over 70 years ago!?


What was your last alias here?

by Cost-of-Progress on

Did u even read my last post? 

you're barking up the wrong tree. Your ranting belongs to masjed or the moment right before you pull your vest. 

Were you this pashionate about the PLIGHT of poor Chechens who got fucked by the now-friendly Russkies? What are YOU afradid of? How did you feel about the poor eastern European muslims who got screwed over by the Serbs?

Read the bit about akhoond-e be ammameh below. (or is it with?) 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

دوستِ گرامی‌  .

اشکالِ ایرانی این است که به تُندی رَعد و برق گول میخورد،ساده دل‌ است و احساساتی..این وظیفه ما است که اجازه ندهیم هر شترِ اسلامیه دروغ گوید و دلخوشی برای فلسطینی بدبخت کند ... همین اَلان تشریف ببرید در تارنماهای فلسطینیها،اگر توانستید ۳ نفر پیدا کنید که حال و دل‌ برای ایرانی بسوزاند،بنده حرفم را پیش میگیرم.

در کل،عُمرِ ظلم و جورِ اسلامیون و نوکرانِ از خدا بی‌ خبرِ اینان رو به اِتمام است.اینها نفرین شده خدائی هستند،اینها که دستانی آلوده به خون ایرانی دارند ،هیچگاه نمیتوانند سخنگوی فلسطینیها باشند،فلسطینی هم خودش صلاحِ کارش را بداند،به عَرب و تُرک و ایرانی هیچ هم ربط ندارد.این دمبِ خروس از خورجینِ خودشان پیداست ! اینها همان زورِ قزاق به دردشان میخورد تا بفهمند که دروغ و ریا،خیانت به ایران چه مزه دارد،وگرنه گاریچی را چه به کِشتی !

با تشکر از شما و دیگر دوستانِ میهن پرست که اجازه نمیدهند خائنین در بینِ اینان نفاق بی‌ افکنند.

پاینده باد ایران.

iraj khan

In Conclusion

by iraj khan on

They force upon you not to mention the word Palestinians!

They are not called Pals, but Palestinians.

What are you afraid of?

How come every subject is discussed here but when it comes to the plight of Palestinians in the hands of the Rapist Racist Zionist regime of Israel and its supporter we are forced to shut up?

 Hypocrites they are.h

only the jews suffer

only the pasmandeh Ghajar understands,

Thanks to Reza Khan who put them where they belonged,

in the dustpan of history.


Clarification & red wine

by Cost-of-Progress on

Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of people out there who wear no clergy clothing - BUT - hold the very values that are promoted by the clergy. Hence the term akhoond-e be ammameh'

Oh yeah. 

P.S. red wine jaan. tu khayli bahaali... 


Hey everyone

by Cost-of-Progress on

I did not mean for this to turn into a debate between the deniers (for whatever reason) and those who see the truth for what it is. I was greatly moved by this place  and that is the reason I believe everyone (even all the nay-sayers) should see it.

As I stated, it is disturbing that humans are capable of doing things like this to each other while we hold ourselves so high and mighty. Your beloved religions, your belief systems, fall apart sadly here.

It is equally appaling that the pals have been victimized by the Israelis. No one can deny that.  Just remember that Pals hate your Pal-loving guts because you are (supposedly) Iranian. As we say in Parsi:"baraye kasi bemir ke baraye tu tab kone" - The pals take your money and weapons and then piss on your prayer rug!

TS9, I did not mean you. I meant the others who, for whatever, reason are blind to the truth.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

امروزه روز اگر کسی‌ گوید که آلمانِ نازی ۶ میلیون یهودی کشته است یا در عالمِ هَپروت است و یا بی‌ سوادی بیش نیست.همانطور اَحمق آن است که هولوکاست را به زیرِ سئوال بَرَد. اشکال در تعداد کشته‌ها است،اشکال در وجودِ مدارکِ فراوانی است که متأسفانه در اختیارِ مقاماتِ وارده (نه‌ هر کَس !) قرار نمیگیرد تا اینان درین رابطه تحقیق کنند.

در همین جریان، مسخره آن است که افرادی کورکورانه از فلسطینیها دفاع میکنند بی‌ آنکه سفری بدانجا کرده باشند،بی‌ آنکه ارتباطِ مستقیم با این مردمان داشته باشند،این افراد بسیار دروغ گو و ربط و ربوطشان به اسلامیونِ کثیف پیوند میخورد.طرفداری اینان از فلسطینی‌ها پوشایندهٔ کثافاتی است که می‌‌خواهند ما آن را نبینیم وگرنه اینها از دو تا گلوله می‌‌ترسند،اینها را چه به زندگی‌ واقعی‌ ! پس بیخود دلِتان را برای فلسطینیها نسوزانید که دستِتان رو شده و مَنفورِ دو دنیا هستید.

درین حالِ وانفسا،هولوکاست در بسیاری از سرزمینها از سالهای مَدید در آسیا ،آفریقا و حتی استرالیا (بومیان آنجا) و ... ادامه دارد،اینان که اِدعای روشنفکری دارند (پناه بر خدا... این مُدعیان همگان ایرانی تشریف دارند !) باید درین رابطه نیز صدا بلند کرده و شاکی‌ امورات شوند،وگرنه این قِرتی بازیهای صّد مَن یک غاز و دیگر بَلغوراتِ خارجَکی...مبارکِ خودتان.

با سپاس از عکس‌های بلاگ.

Manuchehr Khosrodad

"Work Sets You Free". by Nazi's is comparable to

by Manuchehr Khosrodad on

We want Freedom, Human Rights, Democracy, Justice by the USA for Iran and others.

It's Interesting that the USA has done FAR more harm to Iranians than Nazi's and yet many here do not explore it or express it?????????  Or Even worse they wish to distact the majority of Iranians from it????? I wonder Why, is it Denial?  Distraction No More, //



2 points

by fidelio5 on

1.Iraj Khan: you just said a word or two so I think there's ample "permission" to speak about Israel's apartheid regime.

2. Holocaust deniers claim a genocide did NOT occur in the 20th century. Despite physical evidence to the contrary

BUT! they know with certainty that a illiterate camel peddler and child rapist spoke to an angel regarding the word of god in arabic in the 7th century


iraj khan

Yes it did happen

by iraj khan on

So did the Holocaust of the Palestinian nation as we speak.

But no one, absolutely no one is permitted to say a word about their demise at the hand of these same victims of Nazi Germany.

Millions of Palestinians are living in refugee camps and concentration camps. Thousands and hundred of thousands of them are killed at hand of jews.

How about their Holocaust?

Jewish Holocaust is an industry now, making millions and billions of dollars yearly for the jews.

I'm just saying,



AO Jaan

by Truthseeker9 on

Thank you, I assure you I come here to learn from you lot. I dont know how ANYONE can deny the holocaust or make excuses for it.

Sometimes I should be a little clearer but I dont want to write long comments ... thanks again for your support. 

Anonymous Observer

I vouch for TS-9 - S/he is the farthest thing from IR's rifraf

by Anonymous Observer on

S/he is one of the most enlightened on IC.



by Truthseeker9 on

You said "a couple of apologists are posting too" - I hope you didn't misunderstand my comment and meant me, and read what you want into it. I was talking about Stanley Milgram and his work to understand why ordinary people can do such things. He found that most people, no matter their nationality or ethnic background, will almost blindly obey authority figures. You will see from my previous comments on IC I have nothing against Jews or Israel's right to exist.

"Like Nazi Germany and many other infamous regimens, normal people deferred their morality and individual responsibility to an authority figure. In the words of Stanley Milgram himself, "Even Eichmann (high ranking Nazi) was sickened when he toured the concentration camps, but he had only to sit at a desk and shuffle papers. At the same time the man in the camp who actually dropped Cyclon-b into the gas chambers was able to justify his behavior on the ground that he was only following orders from above. Thus there is a fragmentation of the total human act; no one is confronted with the consequences of his decision to carry out the evil act. The person who assumes responsibility has evaporated. Perhaps this is the most common characteristic of socially organized evil in modern society." (Obedience, Stanley Milgram)" 

Dr. Mohandes

IG jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Go a little easy on that Palestinian-Egyptian new baccdardi bottle bro. Just gimme the bottle. There you go, Now try to sleep it off and tomorrow sun up, first thing, we will start looking for that Bastarad jooooo who stole your lunch...or lunch money...or both. Okie dokie?




by مآمور on

ای بچه های ناز نازی     بیاید بریم خانه فلسطینیها هولوکاست بازی
روز نکبت روز اسرائیل    اسرائیل ندارد جای در صفحه تاریخ

I wear an Omega watch

Anonymous Observer

What was I telling you COP jaan?

by Anonymous Observer on

Look at the comment below mine by this "Immortal Guard" character.


or should it be a sad face? 

Immortal Guard

Reasons why the Holocaust happened!

by Immortal Guard on

Why the Holocaust served the Jewish cause to reclaim their lost land and establish a Jewish state:

1)    The Holocaust experience by Jewish people hardened their
character, cemented their resolve and enabled them to take on all the
required hardships and sufferings that was asked of them in order to
have a country of their own where they would live free and in peace and
where they would never run the risk of being subjected to persecutions,
discriminations and harassments which may even lead to genocide such as Holocaust.

2)    The Holocaust would forever create an image of the Jews as being
victims and completely innocent. Anyone who would dare to question them
as being movers and shakers behind the scenes would simply be branded as
being anti-Semitic. Thus this provided them with immunity to criticism
and impunity to act as they wish in the name of preventing another
Holocaust. It also painted their critics in simplistic terms as being
anti-Semites who are all Nazi-like and violence-prone and simply
backward and disgusting (e.g. the skinheads). This also emancipated the
Jews and enabled them to act against European people of Aryan descent
without fear of being labelled anti-Aryan since the Aryan concept was so
tightly associated with Nazism and the Second World War and all the
atrocities associated with it.

3)    Why is it that the genocide of the Jews has been accorded a
distinctive name namely Holocaust while the genocide of other people
throughout history has never acquired a distinctive name and also has
never received much publicity? One can only think of the Armenian
Genocide or the Rwandan Genocide.

4)    How could the German culture that have been behind the Romantic
Movement and Romanticism and produced such famous poets and writers such
as Goethe and Schiller and such great composers and musicians such as
Beethoven and Mozart come up with such a cynical and bitter work of
literature such as “Mein Kampf” written by Hitler? What sort of
experiences are necessary in order to condition a human mind in such a
way as to produce such a literary work filled with hatred and so dark.
Such literary tendencies are reminiscent of the work of authors such as
Kafka and Sartre who were both Jewish.

5)    Why is it that before the outbreak of open hostilities against the
Jews in the Third Reich and their ensuing persecution, roundup and
forced internment the wealthy and elite Jews and Jewish scientists had
already left Germany for safe havens mostly in the United States while
the Jewish masses and bourgeoisie were left behind? During the Second
World War 40% of the Jewry perished in Europe. One can say that the
lives of these Jews were considered to be expendable. Well this fits in
with the Survival of the Fittest theory of Darwin (Concept of Superman
and the obsession with producing genetically intact and strong
offspring). The Jews derive their power primarily from their wealth.
Whereby they constitute only about 3% of the US population they own
close to 50% of all properties and assets in the US. This means that
after looking after their elderly and disadvantaged they still have
ample money left for mischief and subtle terrorist activities and for
modulating the economy (Cycles of booms and busts). Thus the Jews can
still keep their power as long as the ratio of their numbers to their
wealth is such that they can use the remaining amount of their money to
go on the offensive against their enemies. And also the existing Jewish
population has to be smart and hardy enough in order to contribute to
their own empowerment and their people’s empowerment and ensure their
superiority. If the number of useless people amongst the Jews augmented
considerably they would become a drag on the Jewish community and it
would be unacceptable. Thus the weak are not desirable and are
considered dispensable and expendable since through their loss of lives
they can better contribute to Jewish survival as a whole. The equivalent
of this process happened naturally in the 15th century Europe when
pandemics decimated the Europeans and only those who were strong enough
and succeeded in developing the necessary immunity were able to survive
and thrive.

6)     The extremes of Jewish concern for life are amazing. Whereby
right now the death of any Jew is retaliated for by taking a life of 10
non-Jews as demonstrated by the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah conflict and the
2008 Israel-Gaza conflict the powerful Jewish establishment in the US
before and during the Second World war did not do much to help and to
rescue them and was utterly silent. The Jewish bankers towards the end
of the war even sold weapons to the Nazis in order to prolong the war
for a few more months if possible.


AO Jaan

by Cost-of-Progress on

He would not go there unless he takes off his turban.....

I see a couple of apologist posting too. I did not see any "objections" to posting about something that is very relevant to what's going on around the world - right now - in this blog, // which I had not seen until today. A good sign that I rub these people the wrong way - I Love it!


they did not go oblivious

by مآمور on

whatever the exact and true number of just jews being executed during WW2 , those victims' bloods have not gone in vague!!

since no other race and group of people are mourning for their victims-gipsies and black....- the state of Israel remains the sole beneficiary of all bloods being shed during the war!!

There have not been an equal number of Palestine  being executed to that so-called official number of WW2 war victims so Israel needs to open up a new front and kill more Iranians to get even with European!!!

sorry!! I got lost!! is this making any sens?? 

not many interested in wolf crying!!!

I wear an Omega watch

Anonymous Observer

Now COP jaan - while you were there

by Anonymous Observer on

did you by any chance come across this esteemed IC member (under various different usernames) celebrating, dancing up and down in joy and passing out shirini?:



Auschwitz is IR's (and its supporters' and appeasers') wet dream come true.

Please also ignore the hysterical professor here.  He was besides himself when ILoveIran was blocked for posting antisemitic hate speech:

Why? IC members deserve an explanation.

by Mohammad Ala on 

Why ILoveIran's account is blocked?  A month ago, Jahan Khalili's account was blocked, Why?

IC members deserve an explanation.  Thank you.

Unfortunately, Iran today has become the only country on the planet with an official antisemitic government.  Not even Palestinians hate Jews as much as a lot of Iranians do today.  Just look at the pages of IC, and you will see.  Here, look at one other user posting the antisemitic text, Elders of Zion crap, and urging everyone to read it:


And its government officials, well, not much needs to be said about them, with their Holocaust denial conferences, where David Duke is the guest of honor.  And the recent comment about the Talmud.  Seriously, makes one embarassed to be an Iranian. 

Mohammad Ala

Iran and Iranians had NOTHING to do with this!!!!!!

by Mohammad Ala on

What “HAPPENED” was a tragic event which Iran and Iranians had NOTHING to do with it.

Many IC members have complained when non-Iranian related materials have been posted including C.o.P.  C.o.P recently mentioned to another member (CIM) to LEAVE and not to post on IC.   He has ridiculed IC members who they have disagreed with him.

There have been many tragic events which “HAPPENED,” in Iran’s history for example famine and is considered as WWI’s damages which went beyond the massacre of Armenians in Turkey and Jewish holocaust during WWII.

Very briefly, Mohammad Gholi Majd explains how Britain used food as a weapon to wipe out half of Persia’s population in WWI (The Great Famine and Genocide in Persia 1917-1919, by University Press of America). 

How about the following:

When asked on US television if Madeline Albright, US Secretary of State thought that the death of half a million Iraqi children [from  milk and food sanctions] was a price worth paying, Albright replied: “This is a very hard choice, but we think the price is worth it.”  (John Pilger, Squeezed to Death, Guardian, March 4, 2000).  Also cited in many other sources.