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Photo essay: Seeing the evil that man is capable of committing

by Cost-of-Progress
"Work Sets You Free"... that is what the sign says (in German) that greeted hundreds of thousands of people who passed through the gate at Auschwitz from 1940 to 1945. I had an opportunity to personally visit this sobering site earlier this year. In my opinion, everyone should visit these two sites, Auschwitz-Birkenau, to see first hand the evil that man is capable of committing. It is irrelevant who suffered there. What's relevant is that we humans hold ourselves so high with respect to other species with our religions and supposedly superior intellects, yet we are capable of doing the appalling things that happened here >>> more

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by Truthseeker9 on

You wonder what kind of people would follow evil ideologies, run these camps and turn a blind eye to genocide. Some say certain types are more responsive to authority figures, and that is one reason the Germans followed Hitler and the Nazis.


Evil Indeed

by azadi5 on

Thanks for sharing these photos. Maybe some day, Iranian torture chambers in Evin, Kahrizak, and many more places, will also be just ruins as a reminder of the current evil that shadows our country.