The 2 Ugly Jews that Run Google (Joogle) - PERSIAN GULF FOREVER


The 2 Ugly Jews that Run Google (Joogle) - PERSIAN GULF FOREVER
by kuroshmazandrani

The 2 ugly Jews that run Google (now renamed Joogle) won’t list the name of the Persian Gulf on their map service.  It gives you an idea why the overwhelming majority of Iranians do not care for two-faced Israeli snakes or Zionist sympathizers.  The United Nations' directives are clear: “The full term‘Persian Gulf’ should be used in every case instead of the term ‘Gulf.’ ”  So, the two-faced Jew-snakes that run Joogle are full of it (and you know what “it” is). 

Microsoft’s Map Service BINGsays “Persian Gulf” (and it’s better than Google maps).  BING is awesome.  //  Surf the map of Iran on BING, check out the features; it’s really cool.

Youtube (owned by Joogle) is also on the decline; there are many better video services.  And here’s a list of search engines you can use instead of Joogle (some are also better): //

 The Persian Gulf has a history of more than 5,000 years, the 2 ugly Jews that run Joogle have about 40 years of history each.  The Persian Gulf will continue to be around long after these kosher dildos are long gone, and Google as a company will lose out to competition (not even a big company can afford to alienate and offend 80 million customers).   What media headlines should read is: “Microsoft’s map service BING contains more historically accurate information than Google’s map service.” And: “Google loses 80million Iranian customers to appease a handful of illiterate Saudi princes and militant Jews.”  Does anyone actually believe that the public uses Joogle maps for directions to the PersianGulf?  That’s right, their services are not even that relevant. 

I have dropped all of my Joogle accounts, and I will not accept e-mail from Joogle.  Anyone e-mailing me from a Joogle account gets an e-mail back from me stating that I do not respond to e-mails that go through Joogle’s servers. 

Don’t let Joogle's 2 horse-faced Jews bother you; those are faces only their mothers or hookers can love.  Plus, any company that plays politics with online data, in my opinion, can’t be trusted to keep private information private.

Stomp on the Joogle snake; I did.  



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Can't you just shut up and...

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Can't you just shut up and keep your bigotry for yourself?

What you do here is directing the discussion to something vulgar and inhumane.

I wish bloggers could also be blocked by IP-address. 


One would have to believe

by Cost-of-Progress on

that the regime had more effective means to channel it hatered for EVERYTHING ALIVE, than here where most contributors consider it an alliance of a bunch of anti nationalist bearded pigs! 

The bit about Persian Gulf is a smoke screen in this so called blog. The mullahs could give a rats arse about that.



by Rastin on

History doesn't lie: It has always been called the Persian Gulf and nothing else. Calling it something else or leaving out the name is incorrect, and in such a degree that it violates UN directives. So in my opinion there is no need to degrade one self by using extremely inappropriate language as in this blog in order to argue in favor of the Persian Gulf. 


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory (courtesy of Bavafa)

Anonymous Observer

Oops, sorry

by Anonymous Observer on

Just realized you were blocked again.  This time it was faster than usual.  Perhaps it was because you went nutsy cuckoo faster than usual.  

Anywhoooo...  I'm sure we will see you again soon:


Say no to drugs buddy. 

Anonymous Observer

Wahid jaan, this is an improvement - I'm impressed

by Anonymous Observer on

At least you didn't call Jews "f***ing k**es" like you did here, under one of your many other previous usernames: