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Photo essay: Seeing the evil that man is capable of committing

by Cost-of-Progress
"Work Sets You Free"... that is what the sign says (in German) that greeted hundreds of thousands of people who passed through the gate at Auschwitz from 1940 to 1945. I had an opportunity to personally visit this sobering site earlier this year. In my opinion, everyone should visit these two sites, Auschwitz-Birkenau, to see first hand the evil that man is capable of committing. It is irrelevant who suffered there. What's relevant is that we humans hold ourselves so high with respect to other species with our religions and supposedly superior intellects, yet we are capable of doing the appalling things that happened here >>> more

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Cost of Progress

by deev on

Aziz did I insult you?

When you resort to name calling how do you expect me to believe you posted this because you actually cared for humanity? How does insult help your cause here? Sorry if I hurt your feelings, go on enjoy your torture chamber pictures, they're lovely!


iraj khan

by LoverOfLiberty on

iraj khan: "Jews created Israel by occupying, terrorizing, expelling and sending the Palestinians into concentration camps as we speak."

Jews created Israel when they were better organized and more determined than the Arab Palestinians were during the civil war that took place in the Mandate of Palestine between November 1947 and May 1948...which, indeed, wasn't very different from many other civil wars in world history where one group of people among other groups of people manage their civil war.

But, of course, that civil war could have been avoided if both Arabs and Jews had reached a deal concerning dividing the Mandate of Palestine...which, of course, the UN tried to do in late 1947.

So, since you seem to claim to speak for the Arab population of the land called Palestine, why don't you provide the rational why Palestinian Arabs outright turned down the 20 plus partition plan proposals that were presented to them during the period of the Mandate of Palestine?

And, please provide ample evidence why their decisions during that period were not based on...well...blind hatred of Jews.

Thanks, in advance.

hamsade ghadimi

c.o.p., some people think

by hamsade ghadimi on

c.o.p., some people think that the arabic names of reza pahlavi's daughters are more relevant to the difficulties that iranians are facing than iri's obsession with israel, denial of holocaust and development of nuclear technology.  with that logic, it's no surprise that they'd think visiting auschwitz is tantamount to celebration of holocaust (akin to watching public executions).


شراب قرمز ، چه خوب گفتید


شراب قرمز با سپاس فرا و ن از نوشتن در باره رژیم و سر سپر دگا نش در رابطه با فلسطینیها


Hey Deev

by Cost-of-Progress on

I was curteous to you last time, but what's your problem dude? Chill, or take a chill pill. Or, clear the room.

It is not show and tell you ---on, and if you don't get that consider yourself one of the ommatie crowd frequenting this blog.

nemizarin digeh, this blog became a magnate for....... 

Oh yeah! 

Immortal Guard

My Reponse to Redwine!

by Immortal Guard on

After the foundation of the state of Israel the powerful Jews were looking for an ally in the Middle-east region in order to counterbalance the Arab countries surrounding Israel.

They used their influence in Iran and their financial weight in order to buy one after the other the high-ranking officials in the Iranian government. The Baha'is helped them in this endeavour especially.

After the 1973 Arab-Israeli war the going got very tough for the Israelis since they were not able to make as much progress as the 1967 war and they sustained heavy damages and casualties. 

It is then that they decided, in a political trade, to hand over Iran to the British and to take Egypt in return and thus have peace with their biggest and most populous Arab neighbour. The British installed the religious clergy in Iran who were their age-old servants.

Now we Iranians ended up as the biggest losers, particularly materialistically, in this political deal since now we have to play the bad guys like the Soviets played the bad guys before the collapse of the communism.

Now the Egyptians are slowly turning against the Jews. The recent election of the Muslim Brotherhood is an indication of that. The Jews being scared of that scenario are intensifying their psychological warfare against the Persians in the hope that they may turn against their government.



Cost-of-Progress Did you watch the videos I posted here?

by Aliafandi on

Even Jews feel betrayed and abused by such story as you've portrayed here.

 Oh, well its easier to just believe what you re told and tell anyone you dont agree with, to go away. Right? You sound like Mullas, My religion is the best. WHY? Because I say so.

Why is it that you believe a story by those who have yet to tell you any truth, and not what is being discussed on the videos I provided?

I ve been to Auschwitz many times and used to believe the story as you do. Until 1 day I had to do some research about Hitler, Nazis and WWII for my course of study. 10 yrs later I think I have much more understanding of the events of WWII than most here and I hope that you and others find the truth as well.

 Remember at one time everyone believed that earth was flat and other planets rotated around earth orbit. Dont believe something because everyone else (without any research and only by reason that others believe in such event or cause) believe in it. Do some research watch the videos, read books, find other information on the internet. Dont believe in anything until you have researched the info and then be open minded when other info shapes your belief.

And YES everyone can be wrong, e.g. religion. Ask religious person why they belief in their religion? You ll never hear anyone saying that they researched and educated themself about the religion by reading particular religions book entirely and then they decided to believe in such religion. Majority, almost %100 of people who believe in a religion have never read its book completely and only believe it because either they were born into it or simply think that others (million people) could not be wrong. Well they could be wrong.


Dr. Mohandes

by Aliafandi on

Ignorance particularly to the truth can be limitless.

 Who cares about parked cars, kitchen and etc.

 It seems that some folks have extremely difficult time understanding the fact that the official story about Holocaust was produced by same people who have never ever lied once like US, UK and USSR Gov. RIGHT?

 Well those who wish to believe everything as they are told without any investigation and just follow the crowd should do so at their own risk. Dont forget to add 2 rakat namaz and 50 ta ghol-ho-vallah after such thought, just to make is valid in your mind.

Other intellects should watch the video and try to debunk the info.

 Plz stop the retoric of so and so is this for saying this and that without any real proof. These same people have you believe that their religion is the best one, WHY? Because they say so. Before making such statements plz provide expert research and testimony as I have.

 BTW. my position about Holocaust is as stated. But I will say that in every event such as one discussed here, one can simply follow the money and it then becomes easier to comprehend and piece together what may have happened. This task may take some time(took me some 10 years of research), and without 1 shred of doubt I can say that Hitler was financed by Jewish bankers who had bigger picture in their mind which was Palestine. Anyone interested in the subject simply search and find the Balfore Declration of 1917.

 Dr. mohandes jan START reading some books on this subject, STOP only looking at the pictures and believing whatever you re told. I m sure you ll get it someday.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

روزبه جان،احمدی‌نژاد و دیگر پارازیتها و آمیبهای تک یاخته‌ای مفتخور چندی آمدند و چندی دیگر از روی زمین و از یادها محو می‌‌شوند بی‌ آنکه کسی‌ از این نا خلفان یادی کند.اینها تنها در بینِ خودشان زبان دارند،حال میخواد سپاهی باشد و یا انگلی دیگر به جلوی رایانه ! شرم بر همه این اسلامیون باد.

همین حال که برایتان می‌‌نگاریم،بیش از یک میلیون و هشتصد هزار مسلمان آواره در سرزمینهای اتیوپی و سودان به دست مسیحیونِ آنجا آواره شده و از خانه‌هایشان رانده شدند،تعدادِ بسیاری به قتل رسیده‌اند،کودکان به بردگی کشانیده می‌‌شود،زنها هر ثانیه آرزوی مرگ میکنند،آیا تا به حال اسلامیونِ غاصب که ایرانِ ما را اشغال کردند؛ پیامی برای این مردمان داده‌اند ؟ سلاح فرستاده اند تا از خود دفاع کنند ؟ خیر ... تنها بلدند تشیّع را دران نواحی تبلیغ کنند و حالِ همه را به هم زنند.

آن زمان که جنگ ایران و عرق به اتمام رسید،بینِ ۳۰۰۰ تا ۵۰۰۰ فلسطینی برای صدام حسین می‌‌جنگیدند (بسیاری از اینها در یگانهای نیروی زمینی‌ خدمت می‌‌کردند،پایانِ جنگ که فرا رسید به کشورِ خود بازگشتند و از کمک‌های بی‌ دریغِ اسلامیونِ غاصبِ ایران بهره‌ها بردند)،‌ای وای بر کسی‌ که گول خورد و از واقعیت ها؛ دیگران را به دور کند،اینها به یهودی و صهیون کاری ندارند،اینها در پی‌ دزدی خویش هستند،پس چگونه از ولایاتِ خود دست کشیده و سر از آمریکا و انگلستان دراوردند ؟!

هر چه میکشیم از ساده دلی‌ و احساساتی بودنمان است،به هر حال این ایام به پایانِ خود نزدیک می‌‌شود،بشار اسد و نصر الله و سپس اسلامیون عاقبتی چو معمر قذافی را پسِ خود خواهند داشت،باید ترسید از خشمِ مردمِ ایران و از غضبِ خدا .

با سپاس از شما روزبه جان.

hamsade ghadimi

the ramblings in

by hamsade ghadimi on

the ramblings in combination with hostile actions toward israel (read my previous posts) and development of nuclear facilities are the mullah's combo platter to disaster for iranians.  there's no need to minimize the effect of holocaust denials on iranians.  and please don't compare visiting aushwitz to watching public hangings in iran.  there's no comparison.  if you don't like it, don't go.  but there are many people who have been personally affected by the holocaust and make such trips.  there are also other people who make such trip for spiritual or educational purposes in spite of the dark and horrid history of such site. 

as i told you, non-armenians have to go through the genocide museum in vaank cathedral which is the most interesting part of the grounds.  you can't just choose to see the architecture only (at least that's how it was when i went there).  you make it sound that people to to these sights because they get thrills out of mass killings of fellow human beings.  that's just plain sick.


No Ali Chaps, just realism

by deev on

Azizam, our nation is screwed for a million reasons other than Ahmadinejad's disbelief in Holocaust, surely his ramblings haven't helped but it's not the sole reason behind why our people are suffering, and please don't compare a church with nice architecture where people get married to this depressing torture chamber where people got gassed, visiting Auschwitz is like going to watch executions, some people like it, I'm not one of them, however crowds do gather for hangings in Iran!

hamsade ghadimi

deev jan, why do you hit

by hamsade ghadimi on

deev jan, why do you hit yourself to the left ali alley (koocheh ali chap)?  the reality is the consequences of iri policy of denial, belligerence, and apathy toward their own people.  just tell me you don't see the relevance of what is happening to the iranians and iri's policy punctuated by the speeches of its current mc, ahmadi.

now, do you have to be a jew to go see the holocaust museum in dc?  any non-jew visiting it would be an idiot, right? do you have to be a christian to see the famous armenian church in esfahan?  (btw, they make non-christians go through the armenian genocide museum on the church grounds before they can visit the inside of the church).

Immortal Guard

Read the following!

by Immortal Guard on


The Swastika is the broken cross or broken Christianity.

Winston Churchill means "The Ill Church Wins Ton".

Hitler means "Hit Lorry" (Does it ring a bell --> Larry King the CNN moderator?)

The Nazis were an instrument of the Banker Jews of New York to condition the European Jewry to accept to move to Israel.


All the average daily Jews that I have met so far support the Zionists.


Screw Ahmadinejad and IRI

by deev on

Screw Ahmadinejad and the Islamic regime, just because they're hell bent on some propaganda doesn't mean we have to switch our focus to that same issue, does it?

The author of this post claims not to be Jewish which makes it even more difficult to relate to his/her passion. Why would anyone visiting Poland forsake all other scenery to visit some horror nostalgia is beyond me, it's understandable if you're mourning your people, but as a tourist attraction followed by a show and tell, it's as grim as it gets.

Dr. Mohandes

Alifandi Jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

 Oh i almost forgot to congratulate you on the diplomatic thingy that pulled there right towards the end: 


 I m not implying that it did not happened nor implying that it did happened.

Absoultely Brilliant pal. 

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

So based on your precious assertions sir:

What you see with your ohe wn two eyes, everyday, which happens to be your work place or the kitchen in your own house might have been planted there by some rude kids running around in your neighborhood?

What you see out there parked upfront, is not your car, but something you think, ased on what your eyes tell you, to have been an "installation" oh i dunno, by satan himself?

Man. Where do some peolpe get off denying things. This is sickening. This is not the second grade with Mrs. taylor. this is life. Real life. 

hamsade ghadimi

that's right deev. 

by hamsade ghadimi on

that's right deev.  ahmadi's a fool for giving speeches about israel, palestinians and the holocaust.  see what that has gotten the iranians: they can't even look at a chicken dinner on tv.  just for denying the most well-documented atrocity in the history of the world.  you don't see the relevance yet?


do we only care for jews and arabs?

by deev on

Ahmadinejad is a fool for denying Hitler's atrocities, at the same time this topic, as well as any talk of Palestine, is of very little relevance/interest to Iranians, and if we're going to shed a tear for atrocities might as well cover them all, people of Tibet have suffered just as much as Palestinians, genocide happened in Darfur, Cambodia and Armenia as well yet somehow we can only see the suffering of Jews and Arabs.

hamsade ghadimi

deev, that's a great

by hamsade ghadimi on

deev, that's a great question: "can someone please remind me how some old European atrocity is related to Iranians?"

to answer that question, one whould consider the following questions:

why is ahmadinejad (with the acquiescence of the vf regime) is putting a shadow of doubt on "some old european atrocity?"  what does that have to do with iranians?

why does ahmadi suggest that israel should be wiped off history (or something to that effect)?  what does that have to do with iranians?

why is iri supporting militant groups (hezbollah, hamas) and syria to terrorize israel?  what does that have to do with iranians?

why all rabid iri supporters obsessed with the state of israel and plight of palestinians when iranians are being tortured and killed in iran?  what does that have to do with iranians?

why does iri leaders keep demonizing the west and israel for all the ills of their country (which were obviously caused by their own incompetency)?  what does that have to do with iranians?

why do you think that western countries and israel are afraid that iri is in pursuit of nuclear weapons? 

why do you think that there are sanctions and threat of war against iri and iranians?

why do you think that iri is considering banning the eating of chicken dinners on tv?

there are more questions, but i'll spare you.

i think that c.o.p. has done a nice job addressing the first question i posed with pictures and all.  although there'll still be people like ahmadi or afandi who'll claim the buildings and objects in the pictures are nothing but a hollwood-type production set put up by some clever and sinister jews.

you can start by answering an easier question: why has reza pahlavi named all his children in arabic?


Well, if it did not

by Cost-of-Progress on

then this must be THE most elaborate, well coordinated, all-inclusive conspiracies of ALL times. A conspiracy of these proportions is simply not realistic.

But if it makes you feel better,  then be my guest, but do it elsewhere.

As they say..."raa vaaz kon bezar baad biyad, lotfan......."

Hey molla, ....your ranting is like a windup (ugly) doll with a broken pull cord. Oh.....speaking of pull cords, make sure that vest is not too tight.


It happened?

by Aliafandi on

If you only believe in something based on what you see or photos, it is only part of the story. What you see with your own eyes could have been installed there for public to view and accept a version that is being portrayed. I m not implying that it did not happened nor implying that it did happened.

Please watch this video


and perhaps add to the knowledge with the hope that one day we all find the truth about important tragic events that affects all human kind.

 Also, Please watch David Irving, A British Historian who examines the Holocaust. Watch:



Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Hey bud. welcome back.

So as you can see the saga still contiinues. The show is stillon and those who take any opportunity to distract from thhee main subject are still on it. It is their intifada:)

Have you noticed the "My government" tidbit referring to the US government, that they throw in there?:) that one always cracks me up.

Immortal Guard

New link by Darius Kadivar about the Holocaust!

by Immortal Guard on

iraj khan

Two standards

by iraj khan on

for two different sets of people.

If you're a jew, oh, you're a victim by so and so,

If you're a Palestinian, the hell with you!

This is their logic, this is their understanding of Human Rights and democracy.

Yes masta!


Khodeto khafeh kardi Mola Felesteen

by Onlyiran on

what is it with you and Palestine?  You claim to be an Iranian.  Let's take your word for it.  So, what's the obsession with Palestine?  We all got it.  What Israel is doing (and has been doing) to the Palestinians is wrong.  But you tear yourself to pieces everytime the issue comes up.  Not even Palestinians are as passionate as you are about this cause.  

I actually knew an Iranian guy who was like you.  Everytime I saw him he talked about Palestine and shouted obscenities at Israel.  I always wondered why he was so passionate about Palestine.  I later found out that there was this Palestinian girl, half his age, that he was after and wanted to date really badly.  I guess he went out with her for a while and then they broke up.  His passion about Palestine died with the breakup.  I never heard him talk about Israel / Palestine after the breakup.

 Are you in the same situation Mola?


Deev, none taken

by Cost-of-Progress on

It has the same relevance that the palestinian smokescreen has for the regime apologists and islamist posters here.

I must say that I am neither jewish, nor christian nor muslim: I am an independent thinker laughing at the brianwashed sheep who pollute everthing with the stench of religion - or use it as a smoke screen for personal gains.

Why, I say, why you ask, mac?


Great comments from Red wine

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

  1. The only thing I could add, is that regardless of the number of murdered jews, this event has left a deep impression on Jewish Psyche, world opinion, and as such has become kind of a bench mark. Now given that, when that cowardly Islamist thief and murderer,  Ahmadinezhad, opens his big lying mouth, on behalf of great people of Iran, threathening to "wipe Isdrael off the map of the world", then Only people of Iran - whose vast majority do not share his ideas, and have not elected him anyway - are demonised and are put at the harms way due to sanctions and Possible military attack, not his thieving, west residing moftkhor family or cronies....  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


No offense

by deev on

No offense but there has been countless movies and TV programs made on this sad subject, also this is, can someone please remind me how some old European atrocity is related to Iranians?

iraj khan

Connecting the dots, children of a lesser God,

by iraj khan on

Nazi Germany and Jews,

they took their property,

they took their freeedom,

their lives and sent them to concentration camps to starve and die.

Connecting the dots,

Jews created Israel by occupying,

terrorizing, expelling and sending the Palestinians into concentration camps as we speak.

Nazi are bad people,

How about Israeli aggressions against the Palestinians?

Can you even mention their name before

You are showered by name calling and obsenity?

Yes Masta!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

جنابِ بهای پیشرفتِ گرامی‌ ...

به‌‌‌ نکته جالبی‌ پرداختی که چندی ما نیز بدان اضافه کنیم،مانند مسلمانِ کشمیر،مسلمانان اویغور،مسلمانان نیجریه،مسلمانان اتیوپی،مسلمانان صحرا و ... تمامِ اینها قتل عام شده و به خاطر نژاد پرستی و یا زمینهای متصرفه به قتل رسیدند،آیا این اسلامیون و حضراتِ نواله خورِ ایشان از این جریانات دفاع کردند ؟ خیر برادر،بدین خاطر است که در آن نان نیست،برای اینکه دران پدر سوختگی و لاشخوری نیست،همانجور که گفتیم اینها به دنبالِ پوشاندنِ دزدیها و کثافاتِ خود هستند و اصلا به خاطرِ فلسطینیها این طرفداری‌ها را نمیکنند.

این روزها اگر ادعا کنی‌ که ایرانی هستی‌،باید اول از ایران دفاع کنی‌،دشمن کیست ؟ اسلامیون،اگر این گونه نباشد،طرف نه‌ از ما است و نه‌ ایرانی .

خوشحالیم که این حسادت و این رذالت باعث شد که این افراد بسیار قلیل شناسایی شده و دیگر نمیتوانند مخفی‌ کاری کنند و دم از آزادیخواهی زنند.حق به حقدار می‌‌رسد،آزادی به ایران باز می‌‌گردد و اینها در برابر ایرانیان محاکمه خواهند شد.