Paraziting My Letter From NIAC

For too long others have determined our destiny


Paraziting My Letter From NIAC
by bahmani

...Continuing on with my ongoing "encouragement" of NIAC to switch gears and for a change focus on the other side, namely the government of Iran, instead of just hammering at the US (and apparently Israel's lobby in DC)…

Yesterday, I received a letter from NIAC. Like all of their letters, I usually look at the end to see if it is a letter, or a pitch for money. This was a pitch, so I looked around to gather up my pennies. I like donating to NIAC, because it makes me feel like Anousheh Ansari. Except I always donate anonymously. That way nobody will know that I'm not a millionaire. Wait... what?

This letter like most had some relevant pitch on conditions and how ripe they are for some impending disaster or doom, that NIAC will save me/us from, but as I read it, I started aswering it out loud.

So here's my annoying reply. Or here's my Parazit. 

Dear Bruce,

What kind of future do you want?

B: I want a future in which Iran is a free democracy with a thriving economy, and Iranians are actually predominantly very happy. For once.

Do you want one where you speak with a clear voice and make your own choices, or will you let others speak for you?

B: I already have all of that here in the US, thanks to the law, the US Constitution, and specifically the Bill of Rights portion. Letting others speak for me is actually part of being in a representative democracy, so yes, I will let my elected officials speak for me.

I can't do that as an Iranian citizen in Iran however, and since there is no equivalent NIAC inside Iran doing what you can do so easily from here, I think we would all appreciate any help you could provide in that regard. Since the government of Iran's policies seem to be the biggest real hindrance to ALL Iranians being completely free.

For too long our community has contributed significantly in all ways to society  - but our voice has been absent.

B: Actually other than more than our fair share of a sizable tax burden, we haven't really done all that much if by society you mean society. Our voice has been absent mostly because there are only about 450,000 of us here. It's not that big a crowd to make all that much noise really. And other than try and complain about why Iran is so messed up, we don't really have too much to worry or complain about.

For too long others have determined our destiny.

B: If by destiny you mean being Iranians displaced by and escaping a brutally oppressive government in Iran for the past 30, then yes, that is correct. Isn't it about time you started to do something about that? Trust me, the US doesn't need as much fixing as Iran does.

That's why the conversations in Washington DC are all about the nuclear situation in Iran, not about human rights.  That is why in Iran, defenders of democracy are killed even while attending their father's funeral.

B: The reason why the US is more worried about Iranian nukes than Iranian human rights, is that Iranian human rights can't blow up a US or Israeli city. Iranians are killed in Iran by the Iranian Government, not the apathy of the US Government. I'll pause now and say that it is absolutely critical that this clear distinction be made, since you apparently don't understand how people-killing works.

That's why Congress gives Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a standing ovation when he speaks of military action and then immediately endorses legislation that green lights first strikes on Iran by Israel.

B: With the largest Jewish population outside Israel, in the only country that ever went to war with Germany to specifically stop their slaughter, and with the largest US government lobby, Congress had better damn well stand up and cheer the Prime Minister of Israel when he comes to town. But if you want to criticize Israel, go ahead and do it. Only please let's do so, after we clean up our own laundry. The priority of Iranians right now should be to fix Iran, not endlessly opinionate about other countries that have absolutely nothing to do with the inability of Iranians to fix Iran.

As a community, what is our stake in our own future?

B: Our stake in our future is not that good apparently. Certainly we are losing the bet. At least based on our track record over the past 33 years. As a hyphenated community, the reason we aren't as invested here is the nagging hope and worry about Iran, that is always on the forefront of the subconscious mind of every Iranian here. If you want a good survey to run, ask how many would prefer to live free here or live free in Iran. Although it might hurt your membership if we all moved back to Iran one day. But NIAC can always relocate back home too. If we did, even with a free Iranian democracy, we'd definitely still need a NIAC when we got there.

Will we stand by while sanctions designed to hurt Iran's rulers miss their targets and affect innocent civilians?

B: Actually this one I agree with. However if there are sanctions that are missing their intended targets, I would expect some suggestion of sanctions that would accurately hit the intended targets. If there are no sanctions that would hit the intended targets, then we have to come up with something else that would make Iran's rulers suffer the consequences of their decisions. Like maybe not allowing them to come to the US and speak nonsense at the UN. Or Columbia University.

Will we stand by while the same architects of the Iraq war are busy planning the next war - with Iran?

B: Is Rumsfeld back in charge? Is Cheney going on a quail hunt anytime soon? Is Wolfowitz writing fiction again? Are any of the George Bushes anywhere near the current policy-making? Because those were the architects that were behind the Iraq war. Given the current financial status of the US, and the growing impatience of Americans with fighting any new war, it is utterly implausible that the US would start a war with Iran.

Unless Iran does something really stupid. Given Iran's recent ineptitude to field a women's soccer team to the world cup, it has repeatedly shown itself capable of an awful lot of stupidity. So the onus is on Iran, not the US  as to whether a war is inevitable or not. All the more reason for NIAC to start talking seriously and directly to Iran.

In a stunning, must-read article by PBS Frontline's Tehran Bureau, former AIPAC official Keith Wasserman exposes the inner workings of the neoconservatives in Washington and their allies in the Bush administration.

He describes how they planned and then sold the Iraq war to the American public after 9/11.  $1 trillion and thousands of lives later they are still determining our fate...

B: The article appears to show that AIPAC actually stopped regime change and war with Iran as a result of the Iraq war fiasco. So now thanks to this expose, I don't know if AIPAC is a friend of the anti-war with Iran side of the discussion, or an enemy. Am I supposed to hate AIPAC or thank them for ignoring the calls of "Next Stop Tehran!"?

Will we let this happen, or will we use our voice to stop it?

B: Will we ever use our free voice here to stop Iran from putting all Iranians in this kind of foolhardy jeopardy?

There are those fighting and dying in Iran for the very freedoms we enjoy here in the US.  We owe it to them to be active, to take charge of our destiny, to speak up and be heard.

B: Is our destiny to speak out against the Iranian government doing all the killing of our fellow Iranians, or the American government who other than the Shah, hasn't actually killed one (yet)?

We have a responsibility to ourselves - and to our children - to uphold the values of civic engagement, active citizenship and bold and brave participation in how our country works.

B: Absolutely and exactly right. And that country is Iran.

Since 2002 NIAC has been an effective voice for the community, and has won important victories: standing up for human rights, opening doors for students, and pushing back against war.

B: Meanwhile Iranian oppression is higher than ever. Torture, rape, execution, and illegal detention and imprisonment are a daily fact of Iranian life now. Actually in 2002, things were better for everyone, than they are today. So since 2002 they've gotten worse. Think you should change who you've been talking to/at? Ya think?

Your support has enabled us to grow, to establish an effective presence in Washington, and to provide a better future for the next generation.

B: I agree with the first part. but I really think your focus on talking JUST to the US and not opening the same dialog with Iran, has been a HUGE mistake. Since it is likely that with the same integrity and concern and effort that NIAC expends on the US government, it could have possibly probably saved the life of just one Iranian in prison, not re-focusing NIAC to include Iran can have deadly consequences.

Or, how many lives could NIAC have saved if it had put in the same effort on the government of Iran as it has on the US. Is there a good reason NOT to do this starting now.

Please join the thousands of others who help provide 70% of our budget each year, and make a contribution of $100 or an amount right for you.

It's your future.  It's our future. What do you want it to be?

B: Again, I want a future in which Iran is a free democracy with a thriving economy, and Iranians are actually predominantly very happy. For once.

Then I mailed (I never trust Iranian e-commerce) my payment of either $10 or $1,000,000 and went back to sleep. I guess and apparently, just like every other Iranian.


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Darius Kadivar

مظهر آزادی ما کورش است آنکه نبی است نه (محمد) آدمکش است

Darius Kadivar


Behrouz Reply to Roozbeh

by bahmani on

Your comment is a very good illuminating example of exactly why NIAC needs to do this. Your Senator actually can't do anything about Iran based on your request, unless, along with a majority of senators, they all agree that Iran needs to be addressed. Then what to do about Iran is debated.

As you know by then the redneck shit kicker mentality kicks in and they usually start thinking about some sort of "action". Historically this has been preceded by "covert".

I'll argue that covert anything has not worked out well for anyone, and since we have not yet tried it, we should try "Overt", and have NIAC start doing the same thing it does with the US (identify a problem, point out why it's stupid and provide a solution or lobby them to change the idiotic idea).

Again,if we have tried it, I'd be with you. We have never tried a NIAC approach with Iran from the safety of the Law here.

You see, while we are not on Iranian soil, any critique You and I make that may be very easily illegal inside Iran, is technically not illegal. The minute we set foot inside Iran however, what we have said outside Iran, becomes a crime inside Iran.

I would also agree with your Senator approach, if your senator's job was to worry about Iran. It isn't, it is to worry about the state that you live in. If that state is California where there are a lot of Iranians, you will need to gather them up and show a large enough group, so that the Senator takes that into consideration while representing the entire State. It has to be an important issue for the State.

The reality is that Iran being free is not a really big issue for most States.

Proof is that Iran is Iran and not a democratic free Iran, like we all want her to be.


Reply to James D: NIAC has not tried to talk to Iran

by bahmani on

As far as I know, No one has sent 10,000 letters to Iran yet. If they do and it doesn't work, I'll agree.

But no one has tried yet.

As far as anonymity of Iranian objection abroad goes, all the more reason for NIAC to shield us from that by fronting the objections. Keep in mind, I'm not advocating NIAC take a rude, regime change oriented, or dis-respectful stance on Iran, I'm asking for it to take the exact same approach of dialogue and respectful pressuring on Iran that it expends on the US.

Again, no one like NIAC has EVER tried this approach. And since it works on the US, automatically saying it won't work on Iran so let's not bother to try, is not an argument I'll accept that easily.

Do it and show me it failed entirely and completely, and had not one bit of effect on softening Iran's self admittedly flawed policies, and I'll buy your judgment and we can go back to asking our neighbor to stop sending us detergent so we can't do our own laundry.

Because that sound completely ridiculous.

Darius Kadivar

Brilliant & Constructive Rebuttal of NIACs contradictions except

by Darius Kadivar on

I partially disagree with the way you formulated your response to the following NIAC statement:


There are those fighting and dying in Iran for the very freedoms we enjoy here in the US.  We owe it to them to be active, to take charge of our destiny, to speak up and be heard.

B: Is our destiny to speak out against the Iranian government doing all the killing of our fellow Iranians, or the American government who other than the Shah, hasn't actually killed one (yet)? 










To my Knowledge Being an Ally of the US never made us a 51st State of the YOU ESS OV A ? ... 


Shah to Nixon on "Revolutions" vs "Evolutions" in Middle East (1969)

Just listen to the above audio recording to see how the Shah pissed off Nixon in the following private conversation with then Republican Governor of California: Ronald Reagan.


As a Monarchist I am all for being held accountable for any crime commited in the name of the political system I believe in.


Even when everything suggests the so called "victim" is lying through his teeth like this fellow: 


Alleged SAVAK Victim testifies on an American Liberal TV


All the more that My Sovereign has been accountable in regard to such difficult questions in relation to his father's reign:


ROYAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Crown Prince Reza on Torture During His Father's Rule


ROYAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Crown Prince Reza Praises Mossadegh's Patriotism (ANDISHEH TV)


For Contrary to Jomhurykhahs aka Iranians who advocate a Republic ( Orthodox or Secular) We Constitutionalists have always assumed the good, the bad and the ugly that has tainted our past.

I would like to see the same accountability from those Iranian American Jebheyeh Melli Folks, Mazhabi Melli folks who boast from their High Horse on Moral Standards but who to date have never apologized or assumed the crimes or collateral damages inflicted by the Republic they wholeheartedly hailed:


THREE DECADES EARLIER: A Mother At Evin Doors (1980)


BOOK: EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME By Afschineh Latifi ( A Memoir )

pictory:(FOR REFERENDUM BASHERS) Women Punched in Face by Revolutionaries

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Man Chased by Anti Shah Protestors During Shah's US Visit (1977)


And then hypocritically claim that their Revolution was highjacked:


FINALLY GETTING IT RIGHT: Shirin Ebadi say's "I Don't believe in an Islamic Declaration of Human Rights"

SHEKAYAT KOJA ? Akbar Ganji say's Iran has less than 1000 Political Prisoners


Sorry But I never Highjacked ANYONE's Vote ...


SATIRE: I voted ;0)


All the More that I never participated in the last elections ...


FED UP WITH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Ahmadinejad is NOT my Prime Minister ! 


That the Republic which came to being was not what they had in mind is their problem not mine.


HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: IRI's Reign of Terror Begins (BBC Report 1979) 

So I truly do not see why as an Iranian American I have to be apologetic for being a Monarchist to the Founder and director of this so called "National" Iranian American Council who has a Swedish Passport and therefore at best is the "subject" of the House of Bernadotte and has pledged Loyalty upon receiving his Swedish Passport to a Royal Sex Maniac:


ROYAL FORUM: Unauthorized Bio Tarnishes King of Sweden's Reputation With Wild Sex Allegations

If Mr. Trita Parsi wishes to speak in the name of Iranian Americans then he should Not speak in the name of a given ideological faction be them Jomhurykhahs or Mossadeghis or Shahis or Islamists or anyone you can imagine but in the name of Iranian Americans PERIODE !

As such NIAC and it's Leadership and Staff should spare us a History Lesson for we all have our personal assessment in this regard:


THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?


Isn't Calling for the Head of State's Death usually called "Treason"?

And instead stick to activities that are of direct concern to Iranian American's interests without overlapping it's activities in a territory where it would not be welcome: Iranian Politics.

As such if NIAC wishes to become something else than a so called Community oriented Lobby on Capitol Hill then indeed I as an Iranian American (who happens to be a Constitutional Monarchist when it comes to envisioning Iran's future and not America's ) I have even less reasons to be a member of an Ideological family I  fundamentally oppose.

As such I do not see how an organization can claim being a grass root but would represent only Iranians sharing the same political and ideological preference.

In which case it is not a community oriented organization but a Political lobby or even party with an Agenda and not one which aims to represent the community at large.

That in itself discredits in my eyes any good this commendable organization could do. 

After all we never closed our friendly hand to NIAC or their members ?

On the contrary:

PRIMARY COLORS: Reza Pahlavi and Trita Parsi Take a Stroll Down The Political Lane ;0)

But all we got in return is a political assessment on the legitimacy of the man we consider as our Sovereign for the past 32 years.

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... By DK

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... by DK

Which doesn't stop me given my dual nationality as an Iranian American from Voting in American Elections for that matter:

Congratulations to the New Presidential Couple

But when it comes to Iran I refuse to vote in the elections organized by the current regime in my home country Iran given that I never considered that regime as being legitimate:

pictory: Bakhtiar Denounces Bazargan's Provisionary Government in exile (1979)

Which is after all our right given that I have kept my old passport.

That Mr. Parsi has a dual nationality ( neither of which is American) but wishes to lecture us on where we should stand regarding our former country's political spectrum is where I fail to see eye to eye with him and his Personal Priorities.

For as such this is no different from someone who comes and lectures me on the color of my condom or tells me who I am entitled to sleep with or not ...

For When it comes to giving Ass ... I like to choose my partner !

ELVIS IN PERSIA: The King Of Rock'n Roll in Isfahan's Chehel Setoon (1965)



Otherwise I would have willingly been a contributing member of an apolitical and independent organization whose aim would be to promote and help Iranian Americans PERIOD ! 

Not one which aims at dividing Iranian Americans based on where they stand in regard to Iran's regime by encouraging reform instead of regime change or by expressing an endorsement of  "Jomhurykhahy" ideology aka "Republicanism" ( Not in the "American Party" definition but ideology) as Opposed to Constitutionalism for the future Iranian regime.


For when it comes to Iran's future IRANICAN's do Not Represent the Diaspora at large nor is the American System of Government a Universal Role Model:


ROYAL FORUM: Explaining the Concept of a Constitutional Monarchy to a Staunch Republican

Trita Should know better given that he has pledged loyalty to his Sovereign as a Swedish "Subject" ...

Persian Carpet Gift to Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and Husband

But refuses to be an Iranian "Subject":

Royalty: Shah of Iran and King of Sweden Stokholm (1960)

My humble Opinion,





it's known as "Imam's track"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I can and have and will continue to "lobby" my own democratically elected senator and representative on matters related to Iran  or indeed USA. I dont need  a "NIAC" for that.

I still want to hear back from one of the many NIAC members on this site as to why NIAC is so strongly and actively opposing an apartheid  south african style of embargo/sanction on Islamist regime. If it was good for south african blacks it can not be that bad for us Iranian browns!  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

James D.

I think NIAC is on the right track

by James D. on

The IRI doesn't listen when millions of its
own citizens demonstrate in the street. Would it listen when 10,000
Iranian Americans send them nasty letters? I doubt it. I think it makes sense for NIAC to focus on supporting human rights by talking to policy makers about doing stuff like the UN human rights monitor. After all, we're in America and NIAC is an American organization. Even groups like United4Iran that focus almost exclusively on human rights still make western diplomats the main focus of most of their action alerts (instead of Iranian officials) to mobilize the international community around supporting human rights.   Also, I don't think a lot of Iranian Americans are going to want to send emails with their names and email addresses to Sadegh Larijani...