Persian Carpet Gift to Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and Husband


Persian Carpet Gift to Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria  and Husband
by Darius Kadivar

March10th, 2011: The future Queen of Sweden andher husband are on tour of the city of Malmö (the third most populous city in Sweden after Stockholm and Gothenburg ) Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel arrived late afternoon Wednesday, but most of their visit took place on Thursday. The couple went to the Drömmarnas Hus, or House of Dreams, acultural center for the city’s youth. It was there that they received a belated wedding gift. Zahraa Al-Kherzan and Mohammad Hassan gave them two carpets inspired by photographs from when Victoria and Daniel announced their engagement in February 2009. The carpets, made in Iran, took two weeks to make.

Arrival of the Royal Couple at Malmö:


About 100 people greeted the couple upon their arrival yesterday. Victoria thanked the crowds even though she seemed embarrassed by the huge turnout.

It was very rainy and windy Wednesday, but the royal couple tolerated the lousy weather as they were given a tour of a facility meant to take Malmö from an industrial city to one of knowledge.

1938:Producing Persian Rugs

Documentary on the Silk Road From the 2nd reel entitled"Persia", produced and distributed by Modern Talking Pictures, depicting the process of producing Persian Rugs in Iran.

In the evening, Victoria and Daniel were given a three-course dinner at one of the 54-second floors of Turning Torso, 190 meter tall residential building designed by Santiago Calatrava.

On Thursday, the couple went to the Drömmarnas Hus, or House of Dreams, a cultural center for the city’s youth. It was there that they received a belated wedding gift. Zahraa Al-Kherzan and Mohammad Hassan gave them two carpets inspired by photographs from when Victoria and Daniel announced their engagement inFebruary 2009. The carpets, made in Iran, took two weeks to make.

Afterward, the Crown Princess and Prince went off to Ekostaden Augustenborg. When they arrived there they were welcomed by a choir from Augustenborg School, whom greeted the royals like rock stars, with shouts and cheers.

Next, Victoria and Daniel went up at one of the green roofs in Ekostaden. Ekostaden Augustenborg has been described as a unique and comprehensive effort to transform an old neighborhood for a more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable housing. It has received visits from city planners,politicians and scientists from a total of 37 countries over the years.

Prince Daniel, who firmly held his wife’s hand during the tour, asked plenty of questions about the business surrounding the building of the green roofs.

Louise Lundberg, who was the guide, was a bit star struck when she first met theroyals.

“Thefirst seconds after they arrived, it was a very strange feeling to suddenly see them as I have only seen them in pictures and television before.  But then when you talked to them, I did not think much about it because they were niceand easy to talk to,” she says.

Victoriaand Daniel wrap their tour tomorrow.

Sources:Svensk Damtidning, Malmö.se

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About Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden 

About Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden :

Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland (Swedish:Victoria, Sveriges kronprinsessa, hertiginna av Västergötland, Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée; born 14 July 1977) is the heiress-apparent to the Swedish throne. If she ascends tothe throne as expected, she will be Sweden's fourth queen regnant (after MargaretChristinaand Ulrika Eleonora).

ARTE TV: Bernadotte Branch of the Royal Family of Sweden:


The Current Branch of the Royal Family of Sweden are actually descendants of Napoleonic French General Bernadotte who accepted to become King of Sweden.

Change in Status:

She was made Crown Princess and heir apparent on 1 January 1980 by the change made in 1979 to the Act of Succession of 1810 (Successions ordningen).This constitutional reform meant that the throne would be inherited by themonarch's eldest child without regard to sex. This not only made Victoria the first heiress apparent to the Swedish throne, but also made her the firstfemale in the line of succession. The retroactive constitutional change was apparently not supported by her father, who favoured his son as heir-apparent because he was born as such, a view that has been commented on in the media.

Scene from Movie Désirée (1954) depicting the acceptance by General Bernadotte of Sweden's Throne with Napoleon's approval:


Désirée Starring Jean Simmons ( as Désirée Clary the Future Queen of Sweden) and Marlon Brando (as Napoleon) and Michael Rennie ( as General Bernadotte future King ofSweden)



When she became heiress, she also was made titular Duchess of Västergötland,which is one of the historical provinces of Sweden.

Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia of Sweden announce the fiancailles of Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel Westling:

Prior to this constitutional change, the heir-apparent to the throne was her younger brother, the then-Crown Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland. He is now second in line to the throne. She also has a younger sister, Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland.

Declaration of Majority:

Victoria's declaration of majority took place in the Hall of State at the Royal Palace of Stockholm on 14 July 1995. As of the day she turned 18, she is allowed to act as Head of State when her father is not in the country. Victoria made her first public speech on this occasion.

Wedding Ceremony:



Located on its usual dais in the background was the same silver throne that her father used at his enthronement, still in symbolic use since 1650.

Later, the Royal Family took part in the annual public celebration on Öland of her birthday,called Victoria Day. More on Her Bio Here

About Muhammad Hassan Mohtasham (Christies Profile)


Hajji Mullah Muhammad Hassan Mohtasham has become one of the best known of all weavers in the field of Persian carpets, despite the fact that there are less than ten known signed rugs and carpets bearing his signature. So strong is his name that even when a carpet of a certain type is signed by another weaver, it is frequently referred to as a "Mohtasham"carpet but another weaver who is unknown. What is even more surprising is thatthe type of carpet that his name is associated with strongest, such as the present example, is also not known in a signed example. For a discussion about the weaver Mohtasham and his carpets please see Siawosch Azadi, 'The Mark of Mohtasham', HALI, 160, summer 2009, pp.67-73).

The Ancient Art of Persian Carpet Persia Iran :

Mohtasham wove a number of outstanding carpets in Kashan, working in both wooland silk. The two rugs that bear his name in full are both in silk, yet it iswith wool examples that he is now associated. The typical "Mohtasham"carpet is clearly drawn, with a curvilinear design, but with an execution thatis somehwat angular. The wool used is the very best kurk wool and the black isheavily corroded. The selvages are woven in purple silk, and have frequentlybeen rebound since silk wears very poorly. These are precisely thecharacteristics of the present carpet, which is a very well colouredbeautifully drawn version of a classic "Mohtasham" carpet. It is nothowever a weaving typical of the signed examples.

The present carpet, purchased for Indian royalty, was the best that could be found at the time. Itis indicative that among the "maharaja" carpets in the Roubeni collection there are hardly any wool carpets. It had to be wool of outstanding quality and superior workmanship for it to be likened to silk.  More at Christies Website




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Antique Rug Galleria: How Persian Rugsare made by Hans Boujaran:



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Shahbanou Farah’s Style inspires Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden ( Swedish Website)


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Monarchy flag raised at Libyan Embassy in Sweden



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Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria has given birth to a baby girl who will be second in line to the throne.

The newborn's father, Prince Daniel, said "a very sweet little princess" had been born at 04:26 local time.

Victoria, 34, and Daniel, 38 - her former personal trainer and gym owner - married in June 2010.

The birth was greeted by two 21-gun salutes on Skeppsholmen island, opposite the royal palace in the capital Stockholm.



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Good lord!!!!

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 It's beyond a curable sickness.

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Very Interesting!

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It shows it matters more how to make a rug than to sell it!

But anyway according to Napoleaon "L'Angleterre est une nation de boutiquiers." or "England is a nation of shopkeepers." Thus it must be hard to swallow for the British to be outdone in shopkeeping!



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I enjoyed the Persian carpet video very much! Thank you!

Did RP get invited to Prince William's wedding?


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