Slimming with Siamack (3)

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Slimming with Siamack (3)
by Siamack

Weight loss leveling out -- and our new piano. >>> [PART 1] [PART 2]


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Good diet and regular exercise

by Anonymoose (not verified) on

You need to incorporate some sort of exercise plan in your regimen. You can't starve your body into your "ideal" size. A nice brisk 20 minute walk a day will do wonders,and help you lose weight.


Sia Jan, I've heard that

by farhad, (not verified) on

Sia Jan,
I've heard that when you hit a plateau you should try to change your eating pattern a while.
It is to fool your body/mind into believing you are not depriving it of food the same pattern you have been doing for a while!
How true it is, I'm not sure, but give it a try my man, don't give up, we're rooting for you!


Holly God, Mary, Moses,

by Japanese Ambassdor's daughter (not verified) on

Holly God, Mary, Moses, Jesus mother of God. Mohammad too.
The scene you got up, and unbuckled, I had to gasp for air. And then you came really close to turn the cam off....that's it, I'm done.

But as a word of advice. Maybe you should stop dieting for a few weeks and stick to maintaining the lost weight. Relaxing and enjoying your success. Then, pick it up again and lose another 20 pounds. Don't forget to exercise a bit (muscle is heavier than fat so leave the scale out). And do not set yourself up for disappointment by having a goal such as getting into a Gap size 38. You want to be the best size xx (xxx ;p) that you can be. And cutting the hair just a bit will make you appear thinner.


Voolack Sia, cut back on

by Abadani (not verified) on

Voolack Sia, cut back on rice and bread and stick with fruits and veggies, guarantee you’ll knock off more. Try it buddy, you’ll the result real quick. It worked for me. Good luck sailor!!!


Love your Indian accent

by Hassani (not verified) on

Sia, your immitation of Indian accent was good but there is still a tinge of Irooni in it. Bet it is easier to get rid of your girdle fat than the Irooni bit :D


Siamak you sound like wanting to stop!!!!

by Rose (not verified) on

Hey man ,do not give up! you need to add some exercise to your diet .Reaching a platu is normal, just keep going ,I am cheering for you .



mardomtv (not verified)

لطفا تلویزیونهای ماهواره ای فارسی زبان رااز سایت مردم نگاه كنيد


You are on your way man

by Bijani (not verified) on

Good job Siamak. I encourage you to aim for 50 lbs weight loss. You could do it. You are already half way there anyway. Good luck and continue your effort to reach your objective. Feel proud and hug your boys.



by Midwesty on

I hold a high regard for your efforts and documenting them at the same time. Despite its easy sound it is a great challenge, both mentally and physically. Keep it up! Khasteh nabashi!