Slimming with Siamack (2)

Painless diet

Slimming with Siamack (2)
by Siamack

PART TWO: This has been a surprisingly painless diet. Motivation is high and hunger pangs few - so far >>> [PART ONE]


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Great Job Sia

by Prof (not verified) on

I really enjoyed watching you. I think it would motivate others to think about their health too. Keep it up.


your da man Siamack!

by kualalampur (not verified) on

your da man Siamack!
forget the feeble-minded daft ones!


siamack you rock. the kids are hilarious and wife is gorgeous.

by ab (not verified) on

thanks for sharing! ignore the nameless bastards who just want to throw insults!! they're jealous and bikar. I agree that you are both an inspiration and pleasure to watch. Keep it up!


Please don't mock Indians, your accent does it more than enough!

by hassani (not verified) on

Did I touch a raw nerve? :)) Why don't you give us an impression of your Oxford accent. How about that Sia sukhteh :o)


Are you serious Hassani and Hassan Kachal?

by Siamack on

I'll speak with an Indian accent for you in my next update so you can hear the difference. V does a great impression.

Siamack Salari


English accent .. did you say?

by hassani (not verified) on

This is Indian English not English English you bum, spoken in the corner shops of Birmingham. You folks have got a lot to learn yet.


Holy Moly !!!!!!!!!!!

by Majid on

Inam shod subject???????

Subjectam bood subjectaaye ghadimi ! 


JJ? Kam ovordi ??


Sia joon

by Birdie (not verified) on

Sia joon, keep the great hair and the goatee, just lose some more weight... not so much that you become skinny, though!
Keep it up... you're doing great! Ooh I forgot, love the genuine British accent... those who don't like it, just don't know British English.


Go Siamack! and keep the hair!

by Ben Bagheri (not verified) on

Go Siamack! And the hair is one of your best features! You don't need a haircut! Don't listen to these jealous guys! Just stay away from extra (unnecessary) food for a while. It will all be in the stores and restaurants when you are ready to splurge (but not as often :-)!


Jahanshah, you can be cruel!! Don't mention food!

by farrad02 on

Jahanshah, you can be cruel!! Don't mention food!

Sia, you're doing great! Keep it up!

Sia jan, the key thing that has worked for me to keep me away from food my body doesn't need is this: Remember, all these wonderful foods, the ducks, lamb, cheeses, cakes and sauces will all be there next year or 6 months from now when you have reached your target! But if you and I keep eating and growing big, the food may NOT be there next year!




What is wrong with you

by PS (not verified) on

What is wrong with you people 'indian looking oaf', 'looser', what is your damage?

Siamack you simply 'rock'! I am missing the kids in these videos though, but happy that you are doing well.

You have lost alot of weight, and good luck to you!

You are an inspiration to us all!

Congrats ;) PS



by hassan kachal (not verified) on

Why do we have to give time and space to this Indian looking oaf to tell us how he dropped all that shit that was hanging around his revolting body? And all that in his phoney Indian sounding accent? Why?


Do not cut the hair!

by Sharzad (not verified) on

I love men with long hair ,so do not listen to the comments about cuting your hair ,they are probably bald guys!!!!!
You look goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.


How about exercise?

by Jamaleto (not verified) on

If you don't increase your metabolism then you will gain them all back. Your metabolism is decreasing while you diet, which means with less food you gain more fat once you stop your diet. Just a friendly advise, you must exercise to increase your metabolism. jamaleto eshghe esghghi


Keep it up Sia jaan

by tt (not verified) on

Keep it up Sia jaan, you're doing well.
Just don't become a Kate Moss for us!
I like ya, UR so down to earth!


I watched it again. It's a

by Japanese Ambassdor's daughter (not verified) on

I watched it again. It's a great tape, I like the part you say let me show you and then proceed to unbuckling your belt. For a second there I thought my dreams were going to come true.

About the face. I think it is a little profosor baltazarish. So I think if you want to look full again, perhaps cut your hair. But keep it a cool style and not too short. I'm not sure if I can handle any more dramatic changes. Keep the goatie for the time being.



by kamran (not verified) on

Dear Siamak, You also need a haircut.

Darius Kadivar

Siamak Jan : Porthos, Aramis or the Cardinal ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Siamak Jan,

You are looking great. Its funny how much your facial pilosity and hairstyle have evolved over the years.

You are looking better and classier than when we first met 5 years ago.

I am trying to think who you could be cast as in my next film I am planning to Produce with Richard Lester called the 4 Muskateers. We already have cast Olvier Reed as Porthos and Michael York and D'Artagnian and another folk is going for the role of Athos. But we need to cast someone in the role of the Cardinal Richelieu and I think you would be a good replacement to Charlton Heston who is not doing too well lately.

Could you Join us ? Make sure to bring some Belgian Chocolates though we need to stock Up ;0)


DD aka Dumas Darius




What does being loose have anything to do with it?

by Ye pa Do pa (not verified) on

Hey Anonyed,

What's your point? Do you want him to be "tighter"?



by Anonyed (not verified) on



Keep it up Siamack! Looking good!

by G (not verified) on

What you're doing is NOT easy. Good luck and keep it up!


Sorry for being naughty

by local man (not verified) on

Pls, Siamak do something about that face too..No matter how much muscle or ABS you'll get, but if someone can't handle looking at your face for more than a second than all your effort to lose weight is worthless..

P.s: i know Japanese ambassador daughter will curse me for that..bring it on i'm ready!!!!!-:)


You are looking fine !!!

by Zendehbad (not verified) on

I don’t know how much you have lost, but based on your demo you are still carrying quite a bit as compare to your height. The workable dieting in my opinion is to cut back on the portion you take in. Cut back on salt, butter, bread and rice and try to make steamed veggies part of you daily consumption. This dieting approach if last will give you great results. Of course if you add exercise to your daily activities the payback in your energy and body metabolism would greatly increase. Good luck on your dieting and try to stick with it. Do it for your kids my friend. P.S. Stay away fron ice cream.


Akheh Zaalem, zireh paato negaa kon, ghalbamo mibini???

by Japanese Ambassdor's daughter (not verified) on

You say "I'm not pulling this tight" and then you come close to me to reassure me and you say "I promise you" and then you say "it feels really good"

What are you trying to do to me here...

This bit about the lesson with your belt is just driving me nuts.

You know I support you 150%. Please don't lose too much, you are beginning to look like profosor baltazar.



by XerXes (not verified) on

What goes out quickly comes back quickly, you must think long term.


With no exercise it won't matter

by XerXes (not verified) on

The water weight and food diet won't last, you must change that to muscles. You must exercise and make that part of your life style. The weight will all come back otherwise. Good luck

Jahanshah Javid

You look great!

by Jahanshah Javid on

However, I'm so hungry I'm going to the deli/cafe next door to get a ham sandwich with chips and a coke. Literally! I don't eat much the rest of the day. Seriously... :o)

Keep it up... You're really looking great.