Slimming with Siamack

If you, like me, have tried everything else, try this approach

Slimming with Siamack
by Siamack

If you, like me, have tried everything else, try this approach:

* Decide that you want to lose weight. Not a decision taken lightly but a decision taken because you want to move your life to a new place. In other words, a life changing decision.

* Do not start any new exercise regime... yet.

* Get through the pain threshold by training your tummy to expect far less food for the first 3-4 days.

* Buy a pair of jeans in a size you want to get to. Spend a lot of money on it and hang it outside your wardrobe so you see it and motivate yourself everyday.

* After passing the pain threshold, eat what you always eat but far less AND more slowly, so eating takes just as long as before.

* Concentrate on the outcome (a more handsome you wearing your new jeans) rather than the process (pain, starvation, starvation, etc.)

* Do not use scales; use you belt, jeans, shirts to measure your progress.

* If you succumb to the odd large slice of cake (remember don't change what you eat, just eat less of it), never mind, don't treat it as a failure, it is merely a pause in your diet.

* Once you reach a certain weight, you will naturally feel like exercising.


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by Siamack on

I have to admit I believe you are right. You can't just feel like running because simply because you get to a certain weight. But I hope... Over the weekend I went to M&S (UK) to try and find a 48 Short suit to wear to a wedding and failed. I was bitterly disappointed and it made me realise just how much more I have to lose. In the end Gant sorted me out but I spent twice a much as I had hoped to. Roll on the thiner me!



by Japanese Ambassador's Daughter's PenPal (not verified) on

OK so I am not really her penpal, but so what? I don't go to your bikram yoga class either, but, for God's sake, I live in the US in Michigan, so I can't get to a yoga class in Belgium unless I astrally project myself. And if I can do that, why would I need yoga?

But I did think there were some rather funny comments posted in here.

Losing weight is HARD. Been there, done that. Doing that again. HOWEVER. You are nuts to think that "when you reach a certain weight, you will naturally feel like exercising." How many thin people do you know--naturally thin--who loathe exercise? As many as I do? That would mean a LOT. I think it would be more accurate to say that when you reach a certain weight (not, say, 400 pounds) it will be EASIER to propel your body forward in a run, for example, than it was when you were heavier. But to think that just because you lose weight you are going to "want to" exercise doesn't take into consideration a lifetime of habits. It takes dedication to change habits for the better.

But if you end up gaining weight and suddenly reach that "certain weight where you naturally feel like exercising" you may have the next million dollar idea, Siamack! Afarine, pesarjoon! And if it is the next big European Sensation Now Available For The First Time In The United States Of America! You might become as famous as _______________.
(fill in the blank with your choice for who should be compared to Siamack)

Oh, woops! Gotta run--I just ate about three pounds of chocolate covered raisins, blimped out, and suddenly, I feel like going for a 10K run! God bless Sunmaid raisins and chocolate!

Japanese Ambassador's Daughter's PenPal
aka ZanAmrikai


How dare you comment on his

by Japanese Ambassdor's daughter (not verified) on

How dare you comment on his face??? HE IS GORGEOUS. Have you seen the goatie? The non chalant way he looks over the saro seda around him? The boxer shorts? The way he half tries to suck the stomach in but not too much? I bet he wasn't even wearing socks. s e x y. That accent is annoying but it can be overlooked. Didn't you see the eyes behind the's getting hot in here. I bet you he sees "come ova hea baby" with a persian accent.


What about....

by workaholic (not verified) on

It is encouraging to see a iranian rice and tahdigg lover start loosing weight. But, for the sake of argument let assume you lost weight. Now you can proudly take your shirt off on the beach.. Everybody start noticing your awesome body, your arms and your biceps and triceps, wow, lets talk about your six pack, your broad shoulder, your chest, your tick and beautiful neck....Oh God, i'm getting hot in here... Until i look at your face....


Sorry missed the part

by Al Sefati (not verified) on

Siamak jaan,
I must have missed the part where you said you lost some weight...perhaps I got distracted by the background noise of your kids or my apologies.

Again don't get offended by what I said please, the "talk is cheap" part was only to motivate you even more ;)


Hi There You talked a lot

by Parsi too (not verified) on

Hi There

You talked a lot and said a little, but your children talked a little and said a lot.

Thank you anyhow.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Siamack Jan, first of all, it's obvious you have lost a "ton" of weight. Cheghad khoshteep-tar shodi! And I love the goatee! Before I visited Europe, I was very careful in what I was eating. Similar to what you are doing now, except that I avoided rice, bread and sugar almost entirely. But during my trip and since I got back, I have been eating more and more again. Just today I had a pastrami sandwich with chips and a coke. ALL of it will turn into fat because I sit on my ass all day and don't exercise. So, I have to be careful. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration. Keep us all updated. Love yah!


Go for it!

by sk on

Siamack jan,

I like you're idea / plan. You've talked about this before, and even once had a contest with JJ on loosing weight. Don't remember who won, or was it draw, or the idea was tossed aside. Doesn't matter now.

This time stick to it man. You have a lot to live for. Remember that loosing weight is not a one time thing, it should be integrated into your lifestyle, so you can keep the weight of for the rest of your life. Anyone can get into a Nazi diet and shed a few pounds, but the winner is the person who KEEPS it off. This requires a healthy lifestyle that encompasses diet AND exercise. I was surprised that you didn't put more emphasis on the exercise in your list at the beginning as means to loosing weight. Losing weight leads to a healthier body but a person who's lost weight is not necessarily a fit person. You need to work on your cardiovascular fitness too - which in doing so will increase your metabolism, and a high rate of embolism will help you loose weight faster. It also makes your heart, lungs, and muscles healthier and also will regulate your organ functions as well as your body's chemical interactions (hormones, etc). Physical activity should be tackled gently just anything else. For your I recommend walking outside, or on a treadmill. You'll be amazed as to how fast you start putting away the weight and start feeling good. Don't start running all of a sudden, or go into a crazy bodybuilding program. It is not healthy. It will lead to injury.

I don't mean to lecture, but I myself was at my worst physical condition about 3 months ago. I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and were basically tap dancing on the verge of disaster. I didn't go on a diet. I went to a nutritionist to get a plan on what is healthy eating. She basically told me what you said in your list. East less and eat more of the healthy stuff. For hunger pangs, go for 10-15 almonds, or have fruit. If you like eggs, just eat the egg-whites for breakfast. There is nothing bad for you in them. It just pure protein which is good for you. The yellow part is full of stuff you don't want. Eat more often, but eat less. You don't have to torture yourself. Remember, always eat healthy. And drink lots of water, like a gallon a day. Drinking water regulates the necessary process in your body to loose weight naturally. Did you know that drinking ice-cold water actually makes your body burn calories to digest it? A gallon of ice-cold water burns about a 100 calories a day by itself. That's not too bad. Is it?

I also started exercising regularly. I started with walking and then eased myself into alternate walking-jogging. I am now working with weights as well. I used to say that I don't have time to exercise because I have a demanding job. But then it hit me. When don't I have time to exercise. The answer was in the afternoons because I either work late or have other commitments like family, etc. I started exercising before I went to work. Sure, it takes a bit of effort to get up, but that is the best time of the day. Nobody calls you (nobody's awake anyway!), and there are no meetings scheduled. It's my time. I go to the gym, get on the treadmill and watch the news while body does the work. Afterwards, I am fresh, energetic, healthier, and up-to-date with the news, and I am ready to start the day. Give it try. It's not that hard.

Results, I have lost 10 lbs which is to say 10 lbs of fat, but I am sure I've gained muscle as well (because I do lifting now). Muscle weighs more than fat so it's safe to say that the 10 lbs is not pure weight loss. Excluding the muscle gains it should be more fat that I've lost. You can calculate your muscle/fat ratio anyway. I look great. I lost 3 notches off my belt. Shirts are looser, and I don't look like a stuffed pillow wearing them. The mirror is kinder. It has worked for me.

Last but not least is a physical check-up before you get into any type of exercise. It is very important. Even if you don't want to get into exercise right off the bat, a physical is a good reference point of where you are health wise. What have you go to loose, well except fat?

Good luck buddy,

Keep us informed on your progress.



Lose weight first?

by Siamack on

Dear Al, I tried to make it clear that I had in fact lost quite a lot of weight (around 18 pounds) at the time of making the video. I still have a good deal to lose and you are right: talk is cheap.

Siamack Salari


Wound't it be better if you lose weight first then make a vblog

by al sefati (not verified) on

please don't get offended by this comment but i think it would mean more and make more sense if you lose the weight first then tell us how you is cheap ;)


This guy LOVES the sound of his own voice.....

by hgf112 (not verified) on

....and his kids'


Watch cooking shows

by Anonymousfan (not verified) on

I went through this gradual scaling back the caloric intake about seven years ago. To soothe hunger attacks started watching cooking shows. It worked like a charm and left me visually and auditory satisfied, at times I could even recall the tastes and scents too. As soon as I physically could started taking long daily walks which after a year became a pleasurable jogging habit to this day, haven’t seen that seventy plus extra pounds ever since. It seems you are well on your way, add regular daily walking to your routine NOW.


To the lady who is hot for me (see below)

by Siamack on

After much consideration I have concluded that you are the Japanese Ambassadors daughter in my Bikram Yoga classes.

Siamack Salari


Night time

by Siamack on

Farzad Jan - I agree, night times are awful. However, you must remember to go through that 2-3 day pain threshold first; get your tummy used to expecting less. Also, and this will sound sadistic, I used to console myself during my worst pangs by reading cookery books. Honestly, just try it. You may salivate but use your eyes to eat instead of your mouth.

Finally, if you are determined, outcome focussed and want to fit into clothes again, you will naturally eat less.

Good luck my fellow dieter.




Siamack Salari


night time!

by farzad (not verified) on

Siamack, what about the hunger pangs?
and what do you do night times? don't you get hungry more at night?
I've been trying to lose weight, but I am hungry around 6-7 pm( the time I eat), then I get hungry again at around 10:30-11 pm. I go to bed around 12-12:30.
Since I know you are "Khosh Eshteha" like myself, I gotto know what you do at night time!
I can go most of the day with eating a small amount of food, BUT, come night time...
when the evening arrives I just can't get food off my mind!
The so-called experts just say don't eat 4 hours before you go to be!


ooooooooooh la la I love the

by Anonymous34334 (not verified) on

ooooooooooh la la I love the shot at the end when it looks like you're on top of me Siamak. Don't lose too much pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.


i won't

by just me (not verified) on

I won't write any comment till i see more result. No disrespect but you're still out of shape..Come back in three months..

Kouroush Sassanian


by Kouroush Sassanian on

Less caloric intake, more caloric burning! Reduce your meat intake given all the problem men face with their colons! Good job and let us know your progress.



by topoli (not verified) on

Great plan you have, however, I believe scales are very important for monitoring the weight twice a week. Good luck to ya!


Well done

by Aref-Adib on

Well done and keep it up. I think I give it a try...


Love The Salari Family!

by PS (not verified) on

Siamack you are AWESOME! And you are looking good, with the weight loss. Khelli Afarin! The boys have grown and are as cute as ever.

*Everything you are saying on the weightloss, SO TRUE. I have recently stopped smoking, and been practicing moderation as well. Again, you are correct!

You were hilarious on the whole Japanese ambassador's daughter, but then again you have the best humor ever!



Great Plan

by bahram9821 on

Siamack , sounds like a great way to lose weight, good luck and keep us posted.


moderation is the answer !

by Tahirih (not verified) on

Siarash I totally agree with your diet.It works ,it is called moderation.
We should not avoid any of the 4 food groups,instead we should eat reasonable amounts,and as you have already experienced it,it is very effective.
If any one has problem with hypoglycemia,they should eat 5 small meals instead of 3,and it makes them feel much better .
Ps, your children are very cute.


Good advice

by Anon (not verified) on

Thanks for the helpful tips! Walking also is very effective and goes a long way and it does not damage joints. Another tip is to make sure breakfast is not ommitted from the diet. Cutting down on dinner and eating it earlier in the day helps. Just my two cents :) Best of luck to you. I'm sure you will reach your goal.