What potent shit were you people smoking?


by Zorumbaa

Recently Fesenjoon2 in one of his/her recent posts talking about a country of fools, asked “ What potent shit were you people smoking? “ I thought it deserves more than a just a few words called comments. Who are the fools? Are they really fool or are drugged and therefore “fooled?”

 The potent shit most people are smoking is a very powerful smokeless, colorless, and tasteless aphrodisiac called Religion in all of its different shapes and forms. Traditional, reformed, green, Naab, or other painted version of the same thing.

This potent anesthetic that puts the user into a permanent state of delusional fantasies and extreme sexual euphoria, it is so powerful that brothers will do anything to get the opportunity to release themselves with the help of a melon pestan Hoori in the promise land, rather than earthly solo job that makes them blind! We know they really do a good job in performing their religious obligations for the higher cause!!

Real problem is not people” or “mardom” in general although stupid people and fanatical crazies are everywhere.  Around here they say something like “build it and they come!) –sell the shit an you will find the buyer. To fight the drug problem you can blame and punish the user (DEMAND) or destroy and wipe out the Mexican, Columbian, IRR Drug Cartels—the (SUPPLY).

Selling hope (Omeed) and eternal salvation (Moo-Oud) is what this highly profitable religious industry does. A permanent FREE supply of (use your own choice of word!!) This powerful dumbing down and Khar-Parvar drug is everywhere and if you don’t take it the drug dealer/s will KILL YOU! Their power and wealth is sustained as long as you take their shit and smoke it.

STOP THE SUPPLIERS, take the drug off the market,  AND HELP TO REHAB THE HELPLESS USERS!    


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Zorumbaa you are one classy human being, merci

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If we had more civilized people like you, we'd still be in deep s^%$ just because of the volume of S^^$ we are talking about, we would have real hope based on something.  I don't complement a person unless I feel they reach inside themselves and write beyond the deceits, you spoke to the 1% today that will one day be more than 51%.