SORUSH: My Islam and Mass Hysteria. Don’t Insult ME!


by Zorumbaa

There is NO Extreme Islam, Moderate Islam, light Islam, Mellow Islam, Progressive Islam, a kinder and Gentler Islam, Traditional Islam, Islam Rahmaany, Islamic Renaissance, Democratic Islam, and if you believe Islam Naab Mohamadi. Or the recent buzz coming from nefarious degenerated Haji Dabaagh-Sorush—MY Islam!! Or YOUR Islam?!

Before putting a ton of lipstick on the same stinking pig there is a serious need to think, and think deeply. Islam is the words of a deity invented by Arab war lords some 1500 years ago for political expediency and turf protection. Words of god, the supreme omnipotent and omniscient creator of BANDEH-HAA and obedient slaves is not questionable, cannot be challenged or changed. All god’s words are collected in a book covering 30 chapters and 114 Sureh and none of these words are conditional, they are all absolute and final. Find out what is in there, read it! Although it is hard to find a copy with TRUE and literal translation in FARSI, after all this is perhaps another INSULT because god speaks and understands only Arabic which most of us don’t get it!

Bandeh, aka, an slave, has no right to question or interpret, for his or her own satisfaction, the directives and ORDERS of his creator. Religion does not create a free thinking human being; religion creates slaves, Bandeh, and Abd-ol-Laah. A true BANDEH ultimate goal is to satisfy his god, he/she accepts being a slave in the prison of IMAAN. The only thing that BANDEH must do is to OBEY to make his god happy. Any challenge, question, or interpretation is subject to the most violent and barbaric punishments—ask a Moslem what is the punishment for a MORTAD and the case is closed.

Islam is more than an ideology, it is a destructive manifesto, ORDER OF HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE, designed for not the supremacy of proletarian and MOSTAZ-AFF, but supremacy of a few self-appointed, Imams, Ayatollah Ozmaa and the crony peddlers of “Omeed Supermarket.” They talk for god, on behalf of god, the have the right to define and interpret the words of god (you don’t!) Funny thing is that NON OF THEM seems to be in agreement as to what their Master god did really say!!

For nearly 1500 years BANDEH is conditioned to believe that he cannot have direct contact with his god, his god is a mysterious untouchable thing. The only way to connect with the creator is through SELF-PROCLAMIED representatives on this earth. Since his invention god apparently had approved the appointment of about 124000 senior representatives, aka, Peyaambar, a number of Khalifeh and Imam (14 of them in the last count) and countless number of Aakhoond and Aakhoond-Che. The number of PAYGHAMBARS god has approved of is about 83 per year!! A good indication of god’s absolute belief that all of his BANDEHs/slaves are a bunch of idiot moron and mind-less GOOSFAND who definitely and constantly need a CHOOPAAN or RAHBAR to TELL them what to do, god knows these idiot jack-asses are not capable to THINK and decide for themselves. In the prison of IMAAN and JEHAALAT where free thinking and self-determination is forbidden, these sheep must be guided till the day that the lost child Imam decides to show up from where ever he is hiding and then he becomes the leader of the flock.

Well, it looks like the herd must wait some more for the D-Day to come and the world is also changing rapidly. There is a lot, more than anything that can be imagined is at stake- POWER AND MONEY, in a monstrous Titanic size quantity! Imagine hundreds of billions of petro-dollars yearly and a couple of Nuclear Bombs as CHAASHNY!—YOU, yourself become the god!!

The Religious Supermarket sell a very scarce and precious commodity that all people desire and that is HOPE. Like a master charlatan or magician, they create the illusion of BEHESHT, Hoori, Kowsar Water, Eternal Life, Promise Land, After-Life, and meeting and becoming a neighbor of god’s chosen elite in after-life!--Happiness FOREVER!! DO AS I SAY IF YOU WANT THE BEHEST AND HOORIES, DON’T AND YOU WILL BE BURNED FOREVER IN HELL.

There have been many of these despicable charlatans in history, each one with a huge bag of skullduggery. Among the most recent ones the notorious hate mongering, the MODERN charlatan of all times, Ali Shariaty, and a Toudeh Party card carrying member who after walking several times around a dark stone somewhere in Arabia, becomes a BORN AGAIN something—Jalaal all Ahmad, the tenebrous and truly fatuous ANN-telecttual, a disturbed man who somehow became the numinous leader of the, to begin with, bankrupt Iranian left of all skin. This ANN-tetectual never visited or know much about WEST, but wrote the “Westoxication,” he argued we, the Iranians, need not use (sign dependency on the West) tractors and other “Western” technology!! Well, I guess he himself could be used as a Gaave to plow the land!

Wake up people to the reality, the intoxicated opiated ommat is in mass hysteria, the brotherhood of the sans-culottes WILL KILL YOU, that is how they can continue the reign of terror. EXPOSE, wake them up, and have no FEAR!


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Did Adolf have a Turban?

by Zorumbaa on

Well said VPK!  Even if Adolf had one I am not sure about the color, was it green, white or the lovely pitch black?

Haaji Dabagh and his  “brownshirts”  did a good job, “cleansing “ the Iranian higher educational system and spraying it with the heavenly aroma directly imported from the 7th sky.

 After more than three decades Omat is going nuts and still doesn’t know how to enjoy this Mohebat Elaahi, there has been more Mohebats of course and  that may be the reason  Omat is in such state of high anxiety and confusion?!   


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

"Religious" thinkers

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The interesting point about our "great" sarcasm religious leaders is how little they actually contributed. 

Did Shariati; Al Ahmad or Dabagh actually do anything good? Did they come up with an intention? Make great art? Develop cures for ailments of people? Not one single useful thing came out of them. Just hate and "kharabkary". 

Maybe I ask too much of them. How about just opening a store and employing a couple of teen? No, sorry too busy stirring up hate. How about teaching something useful. Sorry to busy "purging" universities to get "Islamic purity". Ouch sound too much like Adolf! Purity my ***. 

Now that their heaven on earth is there the one living of them runs to Great Satan.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Great Blog

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I see the great logic the opponents use to argue as demonstrated by Albaloo! 


all good & well done,Mr.Zorumbaa,but now,let's think @ Victory

by bushtheliberator on

To liberate Iran from the Guardianship of the Gangster,

you should first kiss Sheikh Hassan Mchaymech right on his big bushy beard. You can celebrate your own freedom from faith,but you won't liberate Iran without Turbans in the vanguard.

Only the clerics have the arrows sharp enough to kill the Beast .


Sour and Bitter Albaloo!?

by Zorumbaa on

Dear Albaloo. I hope you are NOT a Kall and TORSH Albaloo, aka, sour and bitter! I am sure if you could use your Allah given cognitive abilities, you COULD come up with at least one or two specific examples that to you and other readers could be considered as a satisfactory PROOF/evidence that THIS BLOG is nothing but GARBAGE! What seemed to be garbage to you? Is TRUTH a piece of garbage to you?  Can you THINK of any and explain please?


This is for all of you

by Zorumbaa on

I do sincerely appreciate your support and positive comments; the feeling of being empowered is great and encouraging. I hope I do also empower you by my small and tiny steps to explores and expose the reality of what has happened to all of us, in the past, present and why.

Yes, you are absolutely correct, the yellow little fish swims behind the banner” NOTHING IS SACRED”, This is the third “ARTICLE” that was specifically asked to be posted as an article, i.e., in the main page, none of my request was honored by the ADMIN,  the NEW or the old one, they apparently decided otherwise without any public or private explanation!  I guess that is kind of “selective censorship” by the power to be that some of you were talking about not long ago here.  Keep moving my friends!


Religion is the opium of the people!....Karl Marx

by P_J on

"Religion is the opium of the people"!   A direct quotation from Karl Marx....and it says it all.

A probing enlightening article!

Thank You!


This blog is nothing but garbage!

by Albaloo on

This blog is nothing but garbage!


Hey Admin ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

You've ignored my previous request to move this blog to the front.  Please explain yourself, is this article too "Truthful", too "Inflamatory" in your eye?  are you afraid it might hurt the Islamists' little feelings (Boo Hoo)? or worse yet are you afraid of violent and insulting tirades from Islamists (Again because truth hutrs)? 

This blog really does belong to the front and would generate a lot of good comments from both sides.  Plese give it serious consideration, you have the obligation to give the same degree of exposure to Anti Islam views as you would the Islamists (Unless of course you favor cretain schools of thought over others (Wink, wink) !  Remember your Logo (Nothing is Sacred), you have th obligation to give all views and schools of thought the same exposure, not just because it is moral, but also because you don't want to alienate your audience.  That's all !!

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


I second Harpi's suggestion

by Cost-of-Progress on



Zoru jaan

by Cost-of-Progress on

great blog. You had me at "islam sucks...or was it the pig and the lipstick?".

All religions are meant to dominate. If they didn't at their inception, they evolved to aspire for power and domination later.

Most of the so called "major" religions have gone through their midlife crisis more or less (except in the US where a great number of sheep long for a theocratic rule - go figure). We now see a decline of religious power in Europe as a sign of the lessening power of opressive religious ideology.

Islam, however, due to its nature as being political, has only gotten stronger in its resolve to dominate the masses. Trouble is that ALL islamic nations also suffer from mass ignorance and superstition: perfect mixture for an opressive ideology such as islam to dominate and spread. Iran and her people have an uphill battle; we have way too many goosfand masquarading as humans to think that we can pull our ancestral land out of the cesspool of islam. Hell, just look at the "anti-IRI" crowd here. They still "bleed" for Islam......

One thing is true: Religion robs one of the will and need to think independently.


IC ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

Administrator, this blog should definitely be moved to the main section.  It is a must read for anyone who was born in a Moslem family.  You put Soroush's idiotic rants on the front, but not this one? what gives?  Do the right thing. 

Other commenters, bloggers of IC, please back me up on this request, "This Blog Should Be In The Main Section".  Thanks.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


I couldn't have ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

Said it better myself, wow.  To just add a couple of points to your great blog, people should also question all the cotradictions in Quarn, mainly some of the completely opposite directives in the Makki vs Madiny Soureh of this book.  Example is where he says "La Ekraha Feddin" meaning "There is no coersion or force involved in religion" in one soureh and then in many Madiny Soureh he says "Eghtelol Kaferoon" meaning "Kill the infidels".  Also, anyone who believes in this religion should ask themselves "If Allah is the one true god and Mohammad was the first one discovering, believeing, and warshipping him, and that the Bedouine Arabs were godless pagans, why is it that even his own father before Mohammad even knew of Isalm and Allah, was named "Abdollah" meaning warship is for Allah?. 

Thank you for an infromative blog.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


can i ask our friend republican/thought/ first amendment/mamoor.

by mousa67 on

to comment on this blog?

thank you


Great Facts in Your Great Blog, Thank you

by Azarbanoo on

for sharing.  Hope All Iranians who believe in this Barbaric Islam  particularly hear & listen to you and change their lives around.