Moslems, Atheists, and ETHICS


by Zorumbaa

According to Nietzsche’ view “Whatever has value in our world now does not have value in itself…nature is always value-less, but has been given value at some time… (The Gay Science)

Being an ethical person is more than making the right decision when you are facing and ethical problems. When you make a decision that does not meet the complex features of an ethical standard you may feel bad about it (conscience talking!) Or if you succeed you are happy and proud. You also get angry toward those who you hold accountable for keeping and protection of the ethical standards but in most nefarious manner they themselves break down the moral (if is the same as ethical!?) standards that ethical individuals respect.

To be ethical you need to act autonomously, have the capacity to self-correct. In other words have a conscience. Well before there was a Moses, a Jesus, and Muhammad, Aristotle and others formulated and established a very well defined system of ETHICS, not poisoned by religion and dogma and no need for allah as a hidden, untouchable, mysterious GUIDE! Who can argue that Mohammad or Christians are more ethical than Aristotle? The title of Prophet (with a god) vs. Philosopher (without a god) is the only criteria? What are the ethical Principals in Islam? The true equality of man and woman? Burning forever in HELL? Ghesass? Killing a non-believer—another human being? Marring and molesting 7 year old girl? Confiscation, rape, cheating and lying, torture and killings… Are these the ETHICAL STANDARDS that an ethical individual must follow?

Aristotle was NOT a MOSLEM; Christopher Hitchens was NOT a Moslem either, far from it! They were not like millions of robots with no INTERNAL compass, and no pre-installed ethic chips! The brainless (where is the conscious?) and blind followers of illusions and dogma of Islam, Christianity, Aristotle, Hitchens, and atheists, are far superior and ethical than killers, torturers and rapists.

Thanks for Iqbal Latif 18, Jun, 2012 post. Well written and a good encouragement for me to use the key board rather quickly!


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Great Truth In your Great Blog

by Azarbanoo on

I wish in FREE IRAN we would have programs in media which would discussed these kind of issue in order to enlighthen IRANIANS who have last their wisdom to religion of ISLAM.