“Mona Lisa” and the Symbionese Liberation Army


by Zorumbaa

The seeds of HELL ON EARTH were put into Iranian soil at the time of the Constitutional Revolution. Stayed dormant for years, although spreading and growing slowly. It got its first major jolt and heavy duty application of all kind of fertilizers and manure in 1963. As of that day some miscalculations and wrong policy and strategy for modernization and the rest of it empowered the most despised nefarious class of people in Iran, aka, akhoonds, headed by the evil sent by allah who ultimately become the 13th Imam. Finally, confusion within and ineffectiveness of central government and radical change in the direction and objectives of major foreign governments resulted in chaotic and very confused social uprising, headed by the ex-13th Imam and his lackeys in and outside of Iran. The “Average” Iranian middle class in his/her thousand year of brain storming could NOT, and had NO IDEA WHAT SO EVER, what he/she is getting into—the final outcome. The despicable nefarious akhoonds USED the Middle Class, their main and effective instrument of success, used university students, and used opportunists on the left and right of the social-political spectrum in a masterful way. They were all DOUPED, anesthetized, caught in euphoria, and have no freaking idea what is that they REALLY, in a meaningful and definable way, are looking for. Akhoond is the master to invent tools and a master to use it to get to the power position and maintain it. Since 1500 years ago, they have invented their allah, their holly book, their Imams, they have used all of that and  innocent BUT IGNORAT people as nothing but tools and instrument for their own reasons and purpose.

REALITY-Bites: “No my friend, the revolution was never hijacked by the Islamists; because they owned it from the very start and somehow managed to fool millions into doing most, if not all, of the hard work for them,...people like the writer of the piece and our "Mona Lisa" khanoom.”

You are correct, “the revolution was never hijacked by Islamists” Islamists had this dream for decades, trial and error, finally they got it together! Mona Lisa khanoom is NOT an icon, is not a hero, and is one that being a woman in those days gives her advantage to a photo-op. If you can go back in time ask her “what is this thing all about?” I am sure he highly informed response will amaze you! If you cannot go back in time ask her NOW, do you know why you did what you did? How do you FEEL now, thinking for some people is an impossibility.

FARAMARZ: ” Reminds me of when I dressed up as Rambo for Halloween! She doesn't have Mona Lisa's smile, but has Patty Hearst's pose”.

A brain washed psychologically impaired Patty Hearst mesmerized by the “Romanticism” of the Symbionese Liberation Army is an excellent description. LIBERATION is very mesmerizing; when you hear the word you may even kill your mother for it. Just hearing the promise and then it really does not matter, liberation from what to what? Mona Lisa wanted to be liberated and apparently she is somewhere in the land of Capitalists: the enemy of people, and of course forever Grate Satan!

And you NADER VANAKI. Keep your wooden hand gun and practice Clint Eastwood! Well said!




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