M. H. Nakhaee , 85 years old man and Islamic Justice.

by Zorumbaa

In an infamous centuries old manifesto, a cookbook style manual for all Bandeh-Haa, aka, Slaves, there is, let’s call it 114 chapters. Each one with the exception of chapter 9 starts with “in the name of ALL MERCIFULL ….” A deity invented for political expediency and convenience at the time. In these chapters more than 480 times, in different context, all Bandeh-Haa and Abdol-Laah Haa read about Killing, Burning, Jihad, Cutting Limbs, to be Killed (shahadat), Blood, Fire, Pouring Boiling Water on Humans, War, Punishment, Fear, Violence, Destruction, and the HELL awaiting all who don’t think like a good devoted Abdol-Laah! Find out how many times and in what context the word “love”, of course in the language of deity, the ancient Arabic syntax, shows up in all those pages? You will be surprised!

The apologists and members of the ministries of propaganda want others to believe that the name of their ideology stands for “Peace and Submission.” It is for “ Edaalat va Barabary.” >What kind of freaking idiot who is not really insane and brain washed has the audacity to believe this? They are by definition BLIND—Koor, blind by an eerie and fatuous faith that someday they will be rewards with the privilege of ACTUALLY touching and playing with the melon sized white breasts of some Hoori in the promise land—a very powerful magnet for these bumpkins!

>Mutated and degenerated cells, aka, CANCER, does not go away and will not be cured by wishing, hoping, and talking. The only way to get rid of cancer that has infiltrated the body and is spreading is radical surgery.


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Maryam Hojjat

Great Suggestion, I Agree with

by Maryam Hojjat on

Radical Surgery to remove this Filth infiltrated everywhere and concentrated in some area.