Islam and Space Flights and Discovery

by Zorumbaa

First human flight was Wright brothers, Wright Flyer 1 on December 17, 1903. Flight lasted only 12 seconds and a total distance of 120 ft. or about 37 meters.

ONLY ABOUT 66 YEARS LATER the first successful manned mission to the MOON took place, Apollo 11 travelled for more than 3 days at the speed of more than 17,000 MPH, covering a distance of 384,400 miles or 238,855 Km. to get to the moon orbit, a short time later, two infidels, two Kafers and non-believer in Islam-Naab-e Mohamadi, start walking on the MOON!! There was NO Macca-Namaa on their compass!! Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin step on the moon on July 20, 1969. Most of you readers were NOT even borne, and that is the irony!!

What have Islamists and Jihadists offered humanity in more than 1400 years? How to enter from GHABAL or DABAR regardless if she wants it or not? Use left foot or right to enter the crap house? How to clean your …., using your left hand and Aftaabeh, and in the absence of water the right kind and sized stone?! Kill –Jihad—everyone who does not believe in your Horri fairy tale with lemon sized PESTAN!? Do you really believe that women are truly equal to men? Do you really believe that Jews and Bahais are created by the same ….allah of yours? And if so they are equal to you?! Or otherwise your allah is ….lets say, not so Aadel? Or there is some other allah/creator/generator hidden somewhere that you don’t dare to admit? What is the problem with you sickos?!


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