Golshifteh and other Two Birthdays

by Zorumbaa

Today, July 10, 2012, we have 3 big huge birthdays. SPAM is 75, Telstar is 50 , and GolShifteh Frahani is……?   WOW, exiting things happing in our small world!

SPAM the most iconic trademark of the Imperialism, Zionism, Freemasons of the British Secret Society of World Rulers, and fringe group belonging to Stokely Carmichael of the Back Panther of my era. SPAM a compressed purple-pinkish slab of delicious pig processed meat designed, produced and marketed by imperialist multinationals, like Hormel Food, just to corrupt the Moslem youths. Avoid this freaking PIG food!

Fifty years ago, the Imperialist, Zionist backward, retarded and corrupted bunch of infidels launch the first news satellite into the orbit. Why? Of course to collect information about the very sensitive and PRIVATE practice of Omat Islam, particularly their practice of Taharat and use of AFTAABEH. Those bastards will do anything to slow down and stop the progress of the MOHEBAT ELAAHI on this earth. It is Telstar 12 now days and every day you can find out what is going on Maydaan Shahyaad, --NO LIES! Do you think capitalism and corrupt ally Zionism can go to Telstar 15?  Go do your Vo-Zoo and repent!

Golshifteh, Oh, Golshifteh! The pride and joy of Iranians, The SYMBOL of IRAN, The FACE of REAL Iran, the IRAN REAL FACE, Happy birthday dear, you are also born the san=me day that SPAM was born. If ADMIN allows the posting, there is an article about this at IC.


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