by Zorumbaa

Leave your Potemkin village and face the reality. For ages your paranoia and habitual tendency and proclivity for hyperbole never has allowed you to have an open mind and understand what tolerance and a civil society means and ought to look like.

Now it is your crippling and dreaded disease of alethophobia that makes you say whatever and do whatever it takes to close all doors and windows again and continue with years of repression and age old suppression of free speech and freedom of thought and expression. Issue a FATWA to KILL a messenger in the name of INSULT to someone’s real or phony beliefs’—you will go to the deep end, JIHAD and killing is the instrument of your command and power.

Yes these are the truth about urban life in the hell that you have created, Swiss cheese like virginity, prostitution—men and women, drugs, colossal embezzlements and thieveries, torture, killings, killer inflation, bankrupt treasury, public hanging of 16-17 year olds, stoning, censorship, police state, barbaric GHESAS, corruption to the extreme, and… Which one of these facts is an INSULT to your Omat’s religious sensitivity? Is your conniption due to use of a name, aka, Naghi?

This is addressed to all apologists and oppressors of the truth and freedom of speech. This is not in personal defense of a person named Najafi. I do not like this type of music, I do not agree with his choice of words, at least some of them. To me it is not a totally euphonious music with high aesthetic value. BUT, he in HIS WAY talks about ugly, naked , and deplorable social, political and cultural environment in his homeland. Regardless of all that, Najafi or anyone else, has the absolute right, to think, believe, say, write, and sing as they see it.

“Intolerance should not be tolerated.” Karl Popper, The Open Society and its Enemies.


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