Mehregan in Southern California and Kurdish booth

Soraya Fallah
by Soraya Fallah

MEHREGAN 2008: Kurdistan Booth
IRVINE, CA - October 13, 2008 –
Every year the Network of Iranian-American Professionals of Orange County (NIPOC) on behalf of the Southern California based Iranian Community hold a festival in Irvine. The annual Iranian Harvest Festival of Autumn (Mehregan 2008) was held on October 11-12, 2008 at the Orange County Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, CA and this year’s event was dedicated to World Peace.
Though unfortunately NIPOC still continues to call this festival A Persian festival, without the participation of the non Persian attendees and ethnic booths such as the Kurdish, Azari, Baluch,Asirian, Lour and Arab from south of Iran, the festival has no meaning other than a commercial and entertainment event. Due to the fact that NIPOC continuous to call this festival a Persian festival, they have alienated many active members of the ethnic groups of Iran. We hope that NIPOC will choose to properly respect the importance of the fact that Iran is a multi ethnic nation.
This year the Kurdish booth was full of good friends of the Kurds. Hundred of visitors came to see the booth’s display of books about Kurdistan, hand crafts, rugs, Kurdish dolls dressed in traditional clothing, full size beautiful Kurdish clothing for both men and women, and many other crafts that were brought originally from Kurdistan. The volunteers in this booth were from the different cities of the Kurdish region of Iran, and not just from the Kurdistan province. Both days a group dance was performed with joy full traditional music, which is a signature of the Kurds.
Mehregan is a celebration of nature honoring the ancient Goddess Mehr, the spirit of LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, and COMMITMENT.


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Oh! Mehabad!

by Ignorant Reader (not verified) on

Well, that's one "Kurdish" city in West Azarbaijan. We need at least one more city to make it into "cities". How about Bukan? That's also in West Azarbaijan. Well, that's definitely a conflict between Azaris and Kurds.

By the way, Mehabad was picked as the capital of the Republic of Kurdistan in 1946, which was consequently destroyed by the Iranian army in the same year.

News Goffer

Dear Ignorant Iranian

by News Goffer on

(Akheh een ham shod esm shoma entekhab kardin?!  You don't sound ignorant at all!)

I know of at least one Iranian city which has a predominantly Kurdish population and that is Mahabad, which is not located in Kurdistan, but in Western Azerbaijan province.  Perhaps the blog author can shed further light on this.



What does it mean?

by Ignorant Reader (not verified) on

“The volunteers in this booth were from the different cities of the Kurdish region of Iran, and not just from the Kurdistan province.”

I’m confused! What does the above sentence mean?

1. They were from “the” different cities…

A definite article (English the) is used before singular and plural nouns that refer to a particular member of a group:
“The” cat is on ” the” black mat.

So, when it is said that they were from “the” different cities, what is it meant by the ‘definite’ “the”? Has some entities such as a political party decided already what this place definitely is:
“The” Kurdish rigion…not just “the” Kurdish Province?

2. “…of the Kurdish region of Iran, and not just from the Kurdistan Province.” so now it seems like Iran, other than Kurdistan Province, has some other Kurdish region. Where is this Kurdish region? According to some Kurdish separatists Kurdish territory in Iran goes as far as Caspian Sea, so if that’s the case, or not, how is this territory defined? We’ve already had conflicts over this issue, so are we one day going to have another conflict to define this “Kurdish region of Iran”? Are the Kurds, Azaris, and other Iranians going into another conflict to define this Kurdish region?

3. What are these different cities of the Kurdish regions of Iran outside of Kurdistan Province?